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IS B6C79

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Book 6: Ienith’s Internal Affairs and the Crawling Darkness

Chapter 079: Finding out Ienith’s current situation

Translator: Tseirp


Within Ienith’s Healer’s Guild, I requested the oldest healer, Mark-san, to be my substitute as the person-in-charge but he firmly refused and gave me easily understandable reasons.

“Jordo may be young but he has greater unifying ability than me. The healers, including me, recommend Jordo as Luciel-dono’s successor.”

” … Would you all devote yourself and support him like you have done for me until now?”

“Yes. We have not told Jordo, but to allow the Healer’s Guild to take root in this land, the most important factor is to manage it for the long term, regardless of the changing of the Healer’s Guild guildmaster.”

“I see. Understood. Well then, I wish that you will assist Jordo-san in the future.”

“Yes! Luciel-sama.”

He left the guildmaster room with a smile.


The next day, I appointed Jordo-san as the Healer’s Guild’s assistant guildmaster.


“I will entrust the management of the Healer’s Guild to you from today onwards. As soon as the new Healer’s Guild is completed within the Healer’s District, you will become the Healer’s Guild guildmaster in that Healer’s Guild.”

Jordo-san who was standing in front of me showed me a bewildered expression.

“This is a consensus from the healers. In addition, we have obtained approval from the Pope and I believe the notification will arrive soon so I wish you all the best.”

” … Why did you choose me?”

“Your youth and unifying ability. To be honest, I followed seniority and asked Mark-san but he neatly turned me down and gave me an explanation. Moreover, for me, it would be easier to converse if it is Jordo-san.”

” … Ha~ I understand. I accept.”

“Thank you. Well, we are both middle management roles who have no right to decline so let’s both work hard.”

I extended my right hand as I laughed and Jordo-san also extended his right hand and we exchanged a firm handshake.


For the following 10 days after we returned from the labyrinth, such movement of personnel occurred and there were a couple of matters that I had decided upon.

Firstly, I formed the criminal slaves into Kefin squad, Yarubo squad, and Baderu squad and assigned them to be in charge of escorting.

The escort target to defend was me and the Healer’s Guild. I would have 2 squads of escorts and the Healer’s Guild would have 1 squad of escort reside within the guild.

To put it simply, other than defending the Healer’s Guild once every 3 days, they would be by my side.


Lionel and Cathy would act as my escort and training partner while Naria would, as much as possible, be in charge of the food and chores in the Healing District.

Dolan and Paula are to analyse the items we obtained in the labyrinth and I have requested for them to make the items I want but it seems like they are struggling with that so they are obedient for now.


Hearing a knock on the door, I descended the stairs together with Kefin who came up to call me, discovering Kefin’s squad, Baderu’s squad, and Lionel and Cathy waiting. Gathering the leaders, we headed for the mansion.


” … Why do I sense eyes of fear and respect?”

What awaited me when I left the Healer’s Guild were that kind of stares.


“It seems like after you made Jasuan-dono drink that, they are afraid of you.”

Kefin told me.


” … But he woke up soon after we left right?”

“He was trembling after he heard S-rank-sama’s name so it conveyed to the others that something happened.”

” … I have a really bad feeling.”

“If I remember correctly, your new nickname was …”

“Ah~ Not listening not listening. This conversation is over!”

I slightly covered my ears and quickly walked ahead. The squad leaders gathered and headed for the mansion.

Even though they were laughing at the sight of me, they still firmly acted as my escorts.


The mansion gate guards greeted us as we entered and the entourage of the respective representatives of each tribe welcomed us.

Incidentally, there was the trembling Jasuan-dono with Jias-dono beside him supporting him.

Seeing him, I wonder if I was a little too severe? Although I had that thought, I consider it a legitimate punishment so I disregarded that thought and addressed the representatives of the respective tribes.


“Thank you for coming out to greet us. The Pope have told me to do my best for Ienith so I will accept the role of representative. I am incompetent and an amateur to urban development so without your help I would not be able to achieve anything. Which is why, please cooperate with me to once again make Ienith prosper.”


There was a significant change within my heart these 10 days.


In the beginning, I was reluctant, to begin with, I didn’t have a complete grasp of the situation so there was no need for me to butt in.

It should originally be done by Shiela-chan’s father and the representative from the 8 races.

Then, Kefin and the others who grew up in the back alleys of the city told me the information they have gathered.

In addition, I realised that I have Lionel, who I believe had authority in a distant country, at my side, so I aimed to rely on him.


The Flame Dragon also told me to trust others and let others depend on me … Since I would not be fighting with monsters during my term, I was mildly optimistic about my new target, to challenge something fresh.

There would not be much change with just a single year and it could prevent me from doing anything reckless.

After thinking it though, instead of unease, a feeling of excitement was beginning to sprout within me.


Also, within these 10 days, the most eventful incident was the increase of slaves.

Gurohara confessed about another infiltrator from the Empire.


That happened when I had the conversation with Lionel and the others about the future.


Jasuan-dono came running to the Healer’s Guild asking for help.

Apparently the slave dealer who I purchased Lionel and the others from was the infiltrator.


We proceeded to the slave dealer and safeguarded the slaves.


When I was thinking about that, a voice called out to me.

“Luciel-dono, I’ll be in your care.”

γ€ŽWe’ll be in your care.』

Because the representatives bowed down, I approached each of them and after exchanging handshakes, it came to a conclusion.


“I am sorry but because I do not know much about this city, please instruct me about everything.”


I will first make a summary of the overview of the country and the current policies in place they’ve detailed to me.


There seem to be 10 beastmen races living in Ienith, the capital of the Free City-States of Ienith. Currently, the Bear beastmen and Racoon beastmen were not present because apparently their numbers are too few so they are not included in the meetings.

It was explained to me that they are still citizens so if they have any requests they can hold a discussion.


The total population of the capital Ienith is roughly 6 thousand.

That number equals the population of the Holy Capital Schull or Meratoni so it didn’t feel like much for the sole city of the country.

When I asked about it, I was told that the more territorial individuals created their own villages.


I felt that managing that would be tricky as I received the explanation regarding the land next.

From the description, the border was larger than I had expected. I could only judge by viewing the map, but the land boasts an area twice the size of the Saint Schull Allied Nations.

However, they also supplemented that a large half of it is unsuitable living environment as it is made up of cliffs, mountains, and undeveloped forests.

Looking at the map, located to the East is the Principality of Blange, to the Northeast is the Labyrinth Nation Grandol, and to the North is the Saint Schull Allied Nations.

I was told that the country earns foreign currency through trade with these 3 countries.


I was also told that located to the West is a mountain range and beyond that spreads the open sea.

However, because nobody has been there to confirm that, it was a blank zone.


The source of income for the residents living in Ienith seems to overwhelmingly be from trading with the Adventurer’s Guild.

Apparently, because they can enter undeveloped areas by all means to hunt rare monsters, adventurers find it easy to have their base of activity here, second only to Grandol.

Apart from that, the residents either work in the field, become an adventurer themselves or register in guilds if they have the talent.


As for the food situation, there are plenty of wheat grown for individual consumption in the fields, but apart from that, spices such as herbs and red peppers are commonly grown in order to earn foreign currency. Thanks to the climate, they grow well and at a reasonable amount so a stable supply of export is achieved.

I believe it has nothing to do with the fact that beastmen live in Ienith, but I heard that there isn’t a culture of eating vegetables and they are mostly oriented towards and prefer to eat monster meat.


Following that, the current policies in place were terrible.

The majority are focused towards attracting adventurers and cultivation methods for spices, and there was completely no discussion about improving the lives of the residents.


Writing down the important points, problematic points and points of interest on a piece of parchment, I sighed at the thought of the various hardships I will have to go through for the coming year.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I’m guilty of trivial mistakes right out of the gate in the 6th volume.

I can only laugh wryly (>w<).

This would be the only chapter for today. Sorry.


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