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Chapter 080: Ienith’s prudent management

Translator: Tseirp


Shockingly, without collecting taxes from the residents, the majority of the country’s financial resources came from the export of the specialty spices produced here. Because of such a large bias towards the spice export, I couldn’t help but consider what would happen if the weather was unfavourable as I listened to the explanations.

“I understand that the country’s revenue stems from the periodic transfer of payments from the various guilds and the sale of the spices produced by the country. What about the expenditures?”

If the expenditures are high, I’ll begin by shaving off what I can shave off.


“The expenditures only involves personnel expenses. Also, it’s only once every couple of years, but there would be some expenditure required to develop magic tools that we beastmen can use as well.”


Shiela-chan’s father Ouga-dono answered me after thinking but at that moment I remembered something with an uncomfortable feeling.


” … Do you have a balance of payments report?”

If the expenditures are only labour cost and magic tools … then if the magic tools are not expensive, why would they face losses? I had my doubts.


“Yes. Please wait a minute.”

The person who said that and left his seat was the fox beastman Folence-dono.


The returning Folence-dono handed me a thick ledger but a completely unexpected situation was written within it.


” … Erm? Looking at this ledger, I believe there isn’t any need for me to be involved in managing the country?”

There weren’t any large expenses within the ledger. It was a balance of payments report that showed steady progress over the years.

The yearly final net income was increasing and judging by the significant surplus, they had so much surplus that it was excessive.


“That’s not true. Certainly, there are funds in the national treasury, but it might not remain like that forever. Furthermore, we wish to allow the future generations to challenge the various possibilities of the dreams they may hold. For example, a first beastman healer.”

Ouga-dono said and laughed.


In retrospect, I was approached to become Ienith’s representative, but only as a revered existence of strength and kindness. I realised that I was not given any instructions or funds, and neither was I told to reform the country.


Looking at the country and the beastmen, I wondered if I unconsciously looked down upon them as my face burned red from embarrassment.


They were already running the country splendidly.

Furthermore, they were not living luxuriantly nor satisfied with the current situation, but instead repeatedly stacked up various discussions to allow their future generations to embrace their hopes and dreams.


Taking that into consideration, Gurohara, who was sent by the Empire, had a valid strategy, which was to entice Shaza and the corrupted beastmen to decay Ienith’s internal structure.


While thinking about the dreadfulness of the Elimasia Empire … I was given a summary regarding the tasks that utilizes their unique features, the children’s education grounds, and the effective use of the wide land.


“The fact that you all have been steadily managing Ienith can been understood with just a glance. I don’t have many ideas that I can come up with, but, once again, I will do my best to rebuild Ienith.”

It was for self-satisfaction, but I began by lowering my head.


They were panicking a little but they felt something after I raised my head and they didn’t comment on anything.


“This might be an amateurish thought, but there are a couple of heads present to bounce the idea around so I’ll say it out. Firstly, I wish to build schools. Schools for children to study and schools for adults to study.”

The surrounding air solidified.


” … For adults as well?”

A dog beastman, Sebec-dono, raised his hand.

“Yeah. If you all are literate and are capable of calculations then it would be unnecessary, but the truth is there are some who discover the joy of learning after becoming adults. It would be tough to perform the same task at the same location everyday and people may suffer from the lack of communication.”


“However, does that mean they would not be able to work?”

This time, the cat beastman, Castel-dono, raised his hand and spoke.


“Yes. That is certainly true. Which is why I plan to separate the classes to day and night classes.”

“But I believe there are certain families that consider children as part of their labour force?”

The wolf beastman, Olga-dono, spoke out.


“Yes. In consideration of that, we should purchase the country’s debt slaves. Once they complete the corresponding labour period that pays for their debt, they will be released and if they work seriously, they might even open a new path for themselves. Of course, I only plan to work them humanely.”

“Only debt slaves?”

The one who spoke this time was the bird beastman, Souther-dono.


“Please leave the law-breaking slaves to me. However, it would definitely be difficult to work with war slaves or criminal slaves so I do not plan to purchase them for the country.”

“Who will be in charge of them?”

The rabbit beastman, Ririaldo-dono’s ears were moving round and round as he asked.


“We can leave that to the retired adventurers. I wish to leave the selection up to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“What are you plans for the adult and children tuition fees?”

Forens-dono’s sharp eyes shined.


“I plan to collect tuition fee from the adults but not from the children. Naturally, those with bad behaviour and cannot be calmed down will be expelled from school. Including those who bully half-borns. I thought of deciding on the tuition cost during this discussion.”

After I said that, the various beastman representatives in front of me crossed their hands and began thinking. At that moment, Guruga-dono’s voice rang out.

“What do you plan to teach?”


“I mentioned it earlier, it will be literacy and calculations. I plan to start with those first. I believe those can be learnt without spending much time.”

” … If, that succeeds, then what do you plan to do?”

I laughed and answered Ririaldo-dono’s question.


“In addition to martial arts training and magic studies for the children, it might be good to call members of the various guilds to come give lectures. If that happens, the children’s choice of professions will widen in the future. However, once they discover the world, they might find farm work dull so in the distant future we might need to raise the wages …”

” … I see. So the school will be the place for children’s future and a place for adults to interact.”

Olga-dono’s spoke out once again but he had a somewhat difficult expression.

” … ”

γ€Ž … 』

” … ”

γ€Ž… Are there any ideas to attract adventurers?』


” … There is also the option to create a system to mediate the adventurers who cannot continue staying active in this wide expanse of land due to age, injury, wedding or birth to begin a second life of work here.”


” … You mean for the non-active duty adventurers?”


Well, I guess that’s how everyone would normally think. However, it is usually impossible to continue fighting in the battlefield for life. Adventurers usually wish to retire somewhere where they are not bound to anybody. Even I … ha~.


“We can gather adventurers to advance into the southern undeveloped land by lending them houses for free in exchange for 5-10% of their income. Even if they are retired, as long as they can earn money, people will gather.”

” … How should we in Ienith go about doing that?”

Aren’t we currently discussing that? I thought as I decided to tell everyone my opinion.


“If the healing district that we discussed before is established, I believe adventurers will gather themselves. It is a dangerous job so they would definitely choose a place that is safe.”

Everyone raised a cheer of joy to mention of the healing district. Well, there is peace of mind from the healing magic that can heal most injuries and from the useful medicine of the Herbalist Guild.

Jordo-san is handling the negotiation with that side as well …

The dragonewt beastman Jack-san quietly raised his hand and directed a question to me.


“Are you considering new industries?”

“I have not given it much thought. However, it may be possible that the obstructing trees and cut down lumber from the cultivation of the undeveloped land produces a new industry. If we level the ground after logging and replant the forest, it might become an industry that can lead us into the future.”


” … Development huh.”

They most likely have had bitter experiences.


“I accept any suggestion! I have no intention of implementing these words tyrannically. I may not be able to achieve anything in a year, but I plan to steadily churn out ideas.”

I paused for a moment maintaining my smile. Everybody examined their surroundings and once again began discussing.


“You have all managed this country so splendidly so let us further discuss these ideas. Let’s do some urban planning, such that the residents can live more comfortably with infrastructure upgrades and make it such that the more territorial individuals would want to live here or travel here for leisure.”


After I said that, they gradually begin to smile and point out the issues with the previous suggestions. After surveying Ienith the next day, the talks were progressing.


A smile naturally spilled onto my face as it has been a long time since I used my knowledge from my consultation work. I wish to solve as many problems as possible during my term to create a fine country.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I will continue diligently.


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