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GC V1C16

(016) Haru’s answer

Translator: Tseirp

“Lun-chaaaaaan! Thank god, really thank god.”

“Ouch, it hurts … Margaret-san.”

Margaret-san hugged Norn. I could even hear the creaking sound of her bones from where I was.

However, looks like Margaret-san was really worried.

He was crying while looking very happy.


Margaret-san, delighted with the reunion, ran towards me.


“Margaret-san, I’m sorry. I, unfortunately, broke the sword from Margaret-san.”


I held out the sword that was cleanly split in 2 to Margaret.


“It’s okay, Ichi-kun protected Lun-chan after all. That would be the desire of him and the sword. Also, I believe Lun-chan said it as well but I would also like to thank you once again. Seriously thank you!”


He said that and hugged me! His face approached! He pressed his cheeks against mine!

Ouchhhhhh, I’m going to break! His chest, his chest is so thick! It feels like his chest is packed with something, is it packed with something like iron balls? The beard, the beard hurts!


After I was released from my mere 10 seconds of hell … I fell flat on my knees and hands on the ground.


What the hell. If Margaret-san really went all out, I believe he could easily defeat the bandit.

I totally could not shake him off.


“Are you okay, Oniisan. Margaret-san is originally a pugilist so he has plenty of body strengthening type skills.”

“Mou Lun-chan, don’t say unnecessary things. Now I am only a tailor.”


Tailor? Don’t you mean cyborg? (TL: It’s a pun lol. Tailor/seamstress = Saihoshi; Cyborg = Saibogu.)

I thought as I looked at Margaret-san’s job.


【Tailor: Lv38】


Well, it’s true. Wait, isn’t it way too high leveled?

I believe even production jobs would have an increase in status when they level up and in addition to his body strengthening skill … that’s amazing.


“Fufufu, you are Haru-chan right. I heard about you from Ichi-kun. Thank you for helping Lun-chan as well.”

“No, I did not …”

“Nnn, you’re cute. To the extent that I want to have you as my younger sister.”


“Margaret-san, the age difference would not work … ouch, it hurts Margaret-san.”


Due to Norn’s unnecessary words, Margaret constricted her.

I saw another aspect of Norn’s character. Rather, Margaret-san, how old are you?


“Haru-chan please have dinner with us. I grilled too much meat anyway.”

“Accept it. The portion is a lot but it’s extremely delicious … although it is admirably just meat.”


The portion was too much even for 3 people.


“Erm, but I am a slave.”

“I know?”

“Normally, slaves are given designated meals. I can get it from the slave trading posts.”

“Is that so? But Margaret-san’s food looks more decent.”

“If the trading post provided good quality food, the purchased slaves would not be able to endure poor treatment. Which is why, we sleep above stone pavements, have vegetable scraps and tough bread for meals with the occasional meat scraps but most of the time it is only water. However, it is to the extent that our skin colour does not look bad for the sake of appearances …”

” … Margaret-san does not mind about Haru being a slave right?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Let’s eat together.”


Margaret-san said and sent winks over. Chills ran through my spine.

Then, Margaret-san and Norn both entered the shop.


“You’ve heard them. If Haru wasn’t around, I would definitely not be able to save Norn. I would not have been able to find that hidden passage on my own.”


Also … I think I will tell her what I want to say now.


“Hey, Haru. What do you think of me? Do you think that I am now stronger than Haru?”

“Yes, master could defeat the bandit that I would not be able to defeat. I think you are stronger than me.”

“Then … Haru, you are saying, that I am a person stronger than you are.”


I said that, looked at her pupil … her golden pupils, and continued.


“I wish to redeem Haru.”


Silence passed between the 2 of us.

In the vacant town, I awaited her answer.


Then, tears began to streak down Haru’s eyes.


Eh? What’s the meaning of those tears?

Then, Haru spoke.


“I am extremely happy, master.”

“Eh? Then …”

“However, I believe master knows but there is a noble that wishes to redeem me. He is a noble that greatly contributed to the Adventurers Guild, so master will suffer harm as well if you buy me. That’s why … ”

“No, I have no intention of entering the Adventurers Guild. Which was why I previously borrowed Haru to exchange with the Adventurers Guild. Ah … but if we do that, something might happen when Haru goes to exchange items with the Adventurers Guild.”

“Yes. I think he will not pressure us openly but the exchange valuation may become lower and I fear that master will shun me and try to let go of me.”


And Haru continued.


“I don’t want to be hated by master. Which is why I appreciate the feelings but …”

“I will somehow manage! It’s alright, even if the valuation for the magic stones drop to half, it would be fine if I just gather twice the amount of magic stones, and even if I don’t have money, we can survive by hunting animals outside … Ah, but I would cause Haru to live such a life.”

“No, the white wolf race do not live in towns and is a race that wanders. However, master is a Hume … you might not be able to endure that kind of life …”

“Hey, Haru. What I want to know now is what you want to do. The noble’s power, considerations towards me, does not matter.”

“I …”


Haru hesitated and said with a murmur.


“I, want to be together with master … if it is alright with you.”


Large beads of tears streamed down her face.

I cherished the meaning of those tears … and realised that I caused her to cry twice.


“I’m asking as well. Please travel with me.”


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