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IS B6C81

Chapter 081: Reincarnation predecessors and what’s possible in Ienith

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning, we did some rounds around the city of Ienith but some issues surfaced.


” … It is difficult with this number of people.”

With us, the various tribal representatives, their aides and the escorts, our numbers could easily form an army company.

“Today, Olga-dono will guide us to the places where the wolf beastmen gather. Tomorrow, Forens-dono, please show us visit the places where the fox beastmen gather in order. Also, please think of a method for the bear tribe and racoon tribe to come to good terms.”

I told them that. Going visiting with such numbers would clearly bring about an adverse effect and I directed Kefin squad to the influential members in the slums where many of the half-borns live in Ienith.

Even though I heard that I could borrow their power to build the Healing District, would they really so conveniently be thankful for it? Such questions were filling my head.


” … It’s true that it would be hard to walk with so many people.”

The bird beastman, Souther-dono, spoke out and the other tribes immediately agreed to my suggestion as long as I agree to visit their own tribe’s locations.


Stepping out of the mansion where we gathered, we headed for the districts where most of the wolf beastman live in.


“There are many single-storied houses huh.”

When I commented on that, Olga-dono replied.

As far as my eyes could see, there weren’t any two-storied buildings, it felt like the sky was nearer.


“Yeah. Including us, the majority of the beastmen typically spend time with their families. Which is why it is mainstream for a great deal inhabitants to live in single-storied houses unless they run a business.”

While laughing, Olga-dono stroked Shiela-chan who was clinging to him.


“I see. Although, we didn’t pass by many people, have they all gone for work?”

After leaving the leader mansion, we arrived at the wolf beastman district in 30 minutes but the number of people outside was extremely small.


“Yes. Generally for the wolf beastmen, most of the males would become guards and patrol around the fields while the females spend their time in the fields while taking care of the children.”

“I see. Does each of the tribes serve different roles?”

“Yes. Our country has the same weather all year round, so the work is split into field work, plowing, mowing, harvesting, processing and lookout against monsters.”


… In my previous world, I heard that mowing the grass was the toughest job for farmers but they can’t complain because monsters might come out if they don’t do it.


“By the way, are there any food that all tribes can’t eat in common?”

” … Oh yeah. There were rumours which spread for a period of time that said that the whole body would itch if vegetables in the leek family were consumed but that is not true.”

That’s right. In this world, even if the dog beastmen and wolf beastmen ate onion or leek, they would be totally fine.

I heard of this from Grulga-san but I asked to confirm just in case.

Judging by the Garba-san and Grulga-san brothers, I have a feeling that an irreversible accident would happen someday.

But thankfully it seemed like it was true this time around.


“Well, there are tribes that consume that raw, but I would never be able to like it to that extent.”

He looked away as he replied. Then what about his favourite food? I wondered but it did not differ from the favourite food of the canines in my previous world.

” … So your favourite food would be cheese after all?”

“Yeah. Exactly. That characteristic smell is irresistible.”

While he smiled, I was taught that cheese which had just begun to slightly ferment was the favourite due to the strong smell.

But I inadvertently laughed when Olga-san slightly trembled and commented that Object X is different.


He said that their potable water was pumped up from wells so I imagined the fantasy-like wells but they were respectable hand-pump wells instead.

” … Who devised this system?”

“I heard it was all devised by Philosopher-sama. To make sure this region would not be bothered by the lack of water, he searched for the water veins underground and had the dwarves make this equipment. But apparently it is commonplace in the other cities and villages to use magic tools.”

” … Is that so.”

No way, even the Philosopher was a reincarnated individual … that’s not funny. Subsequently, it also proves that the Philosopher also spread the method to make the previously mentioned cheese and curry.


After that, I barely listened to Olga-dono’s words as I was finally convinced when it was close to noon that the individuals that either reincarnated or transferred here during an earlier era tried their best to live.

I plan to do the same so I decided to make full use of my knowledge.

The lunch for today was from a shop that provided extremely tasty curry and freshly baked naan.

” … Many of the wolf beastmen are great at cooking but why is that?”

“These are also words left behind by the Philosopher, but he said that we have the way of thinking of cooks due to our better and more sensitive noses compared to humans. Especially the wolf beastmen where there are many devoted types so maybe a lot of them ventured down the path of cooking.”


Philosophers other than Sir Rainstar also taught the method of making soap and apparently there was also talks about creating a hot spring town.

It was great that they taught the method to make soap.

Without that, it can be said that there might not even be the current Ienith. It was the cornerstone of development.

Next, about the hot spring plan, apparently they found the source. However, the smell of sulfur was too overwhelming and it was found that the smell caused monsters to increase their activity so the plan was abandoned.

There were also land reformations, they sent out instructions to mix the field and soil with leaf mulch and to plant lime but it failed and they bought food from other countries for the residents at their own expense.

Now, after spending long years the optimal percentage to mix and plant has been found and is now a state-owned information.


” … So Sir Rainstar wasn’t a perfect superman after all.”

I was slightly relieved and muttered.

He felt like a perfect superman when I read the books but knowing that he had quite the human aspect to him made me feel relieved.


“Have you been troubled with something since awhile ago?”

“I had some things to think about. I’m surprised that Sir Rainstar had an episode of failure.”

Olga-dono was worried and asked because I was silent but laughed after my reply.


Assuming that there are many reincarnated persons living here, I decided to change my focus from developing the city to making the city easier to live in.


The next day, Forens-dono from the fox beastmen which presides over trade guided me to the places where the fox beastmen live.


“In this way, we focus on trading with the adventurers and conduct transactions with the Merchant’s Guild to attract merchants.”

The reason why the Merchant’s Guild was placed in the city seems to be because it is required to attract merchants over. This way, there is no burden on Ienith.

During export of the spices, adding in the intermediary margin for the Merchant’s Guild, the merchants purchase the spices.


Conversely, although merchants also transport goods over, only registered state-owned merchant houses can wholesale those goods to the various shops.


Because of that, there is no price competition between the merchants in this city.


It’s a city that lacks in excitement for the merchants.


“A considerable number of merchants criticized the system when the operations first began. It was like telling the merchants that they cannot polish their skills … Well, even so, almost all of the goods will be purchased in this system so apparently many of the merchants who met failure before were saved by it. Now there is a rumour going around that if you want to consistently make a living then Ienith is the place to be.”

Forens-dono proudly smiled.


Asking in detail, apparently the selling prices for whatever good and where to sell them can be found at the Merchant’s Guild. It is a system possible precisely because it belongs to the country.


“5w2h, no now it is 6w2h.” (TL: 5w2h = what, where, who, why, when, how, how much; 6w2h just adds whom.)

“What are you saying?”

“No, I was just remembering the old times. Oh right, then does the slave dealers work in a similar fashion?”


I remembered my past in my previous life where I was ridiculed for only knowing about 5w1h but there wasn’t a need to talk about it so I changed the topic.

” … No, the slave dealers are different. Because we cannot decide on the prices of the slaves.”

” … The slave dealers do not need to work through the Merchant’s Guild?”

“As long as they register with the country and the Merchant’s Guild and received approval, they can open a slave dealership as a slave dealer. 20% of the net income must be paid to the country and 10% to the Merchant’s Guild. Of course, the slaves who enter the country are inspected so there are no law-breaking slaves in Ienith.”

“I see.”

“Other than that, we also purchase the meat of the monsters defeated by the Adventurer’s Guild for a certain amount of money.”


… Actually, I heard that there was going to be a slave auction so was that supposed to be illegal? I thought and asked but apparently it was legal.

Incidentally, apart from those who were pressured by Shaza to refuse our purchase of goods when we first arrived, all the individuals involved have either been converted into slaves or have their assets confiscated and have to restart from the bottom.


As the population increases, this system would begin to reach its limit. While thinking about that, I listened intently to Forens-san’s words.


From the next day onward, I was informed of their special features by each of the tribes and on the 9th day, I finally met the racoon beastmen.


“Luciel-sama, this is the racoon beastman Warabisu-dono.”

Olga-dono introduced me to a racoon ornament. No, but it was moving so it was indeed a beastman.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Luciel. For a year, I will take up the role of the temporary representative for Ienith.”

“I’ll … be in your care pu~. I am Warabisu, the tentative representative for the racoon beastmen pu~.”

He spoke in a slow manner which makes one feel exhausted but these people are actually more attentive.

” …  Please let me know if you have anything troubling you.”

“Understood pu~. Come closer and I’ll give you this pu~.”

After saying that, he took out a necklace made of gold.

“It looks well crafted. It could be mistaken for the real thing.”

Olga-dono glared at me when I said that.

“So Olga told you pu~.”

However, that wasn’t the reason why I found out.

“No, it wasn’t Olga-san. I was taught that the present given by racoon beastmen during the first meeting would be a fake item.”

” … Who is that person pu~.”

“A wolf beastman called Garba-san, but you would not know him even if I say his name right?”

However, the moment Garba-san’s name was mentioned, Warabisu-dono’s face immediately turned blue.

” … I’m sorry pu~. Please forgive me for my rudeness pu~. Which is why please do not tell this to Garba-sama pu~.”

The previously slow speech completely changed … what happened Garba-san?


“I understand. Then if you know Garba-san you would so know Grulga-san … eh?”

Warabisu-dono had fainted before I was aware.


” … I had no idea you were acquaintances with those 2.”

Olga-dono smiled nostalgically.

“Yeah. In the town of Meratoni in the Saint Schull Allied Nations, they were working as staff of the Adventurer’s Guild. Grulga-san was the one who made me drink Object X and Garba-san was the one who taught me dismantling and the way to remove my presence … I’m very indebted to them.”

” … So Grulga-san have not given up on his pursuit?”

“Of what?”

“The pursuit of secretly using that as seasoning.”

” … Don’t tell me.”

“Yeah. Warabisu-dono is the same age with Grulga-dono so he was forced to eat those food cooked with that.”


So he had his inquisitive mind since long ago … If that’s the case then why was he frightened by Garba-san then?

“I can understand his reaction from remembering about Grulga-san and Object X, but what about Garba-san?”


“Garba-dono was said to be the child prodigy of Ienith as he grew up and was really popular. However, his preaching could hollow out a person’s heart regardless of age and sex so it was an implicit rule to never anger Garba-dono.”

The slightly sweating and smiling Olga-san must have also angered him before.

That was the feeling I got.


“Erm, what should we do with Warabisu-dono?”

“If you bring that close he would wake up.”

He plugged his nose and laughed.


“Warabisu-san, if you don’t wake up I’ll have you drink Object X.”

“Good morning pu~.”

He woke up in the blink of an eye.


“It’s alright. If you prank me I’ll just have you drink Object X together with me.”

When I said that and grinned, he desperately began talking about the value of existence of the racoon beastmen.


Their hands were dextrous so woodworking, sewing, crafting, and manufacturing were their forte and they were the only beastmen who can use magic.


“The racoon beastmen only excel in such business so even the legendary family was born after the racoon beastmen’s guidance pu~. I was charged with the Toretto legendary family pu~.”

“Eh? Really? I was also an acquaintance of Toretto-san. This robe was also made by him. I’ll let Toretto-san know that I met Warabisu-san the next time we meet.”

“You, you are acquainted?”

“Yeah. He’s a great man who also gave me magic tools. Well, although his personality is slightly too strong.”

He said that he would cooperate if anything comes up later pu~ and left.


“Seems like a tribe that is competent apart from exaggerating their words and their pranks.”

“Yeah. That is true.”


While having such silly talks, the points to be improved for the internal affairs was gradually being constructed in my mind.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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