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IS B6C82

Chapter 082: Luciel’s scheme

Translator: Tseirp


I stiffened when I looked at the bear beastman, Brian-dono, in front of me.


“Nice to meet you, I am the bear beastman Brian. I may look like this but I still have strength.”

With a bitter voice he flexed his bicep and laughed as he introduced himself.

My heart was screaming to me that his figure was way too cute.

(Aren’t you a teddy bear~!)

There are bear monsters in this world.

Red Grizzly, Blood Grizzly, Hell Grizzly and the likes had appearances that are exactly like bears.


Grulga-san is a wolf beastman but because of his physique he was called the cooking bear.


And now actually meeting the bear beastmen for the first time, they were fluffy people about 70cm in height.


” … Nice to meet you, I’m Luciel. It’s only for a year, but I will be the representative for Ienith. I will do my best to assist if you have any troubles.”

While exchanging a handshake, I tried asking about his appearance.


” … It is the first time I’ve met bear beastmen but do all of you have such physiques?”


“Yeah. However, this is a temporary form.”

Upon saying that, Brian-dono was enveloped in light and transformed into a huge bear.


“This is my original form.”

I was convinced looking at his appearance … it was then that the guide today,  the bird beastman Souther-dono, laughed as he informed me.


“Brian-dono, you don’t need to lie to this person.”



When I asked that, Brian-dono returned to his original cute form and spoke.


“Actually, this form is my true form. In the past, due to our cuteness, many of the rabbit beastmen and us were forcibly kidnapped to become slaves. Which is why, as countermeasures, we have a rule to activate our magical power when people from outside countries are present.”


He informed me.


Certainly, just looking at their appearance, their calming presence and cute movements would most likely cause them to be treated as pet animals.

I could easily imagine it.


“That’s tough. So do you have anything troubling you?”

” … Is it possible to import honey? I understand it is a luxury good but we want to have that.”

With those cute eyes looking at me, even if I took into consideration that Brian-dono is a man, I could only think that it can’t be helped.

” … I’ll take it into consideration. So what does the bear beastmen usually do?”

“We cultivate medicinal herbs and work together with the dragonewt tribe to expand the city.”

So their strength and dexterity are high? I thought about that as we finished our meeting.


That night, under Kefin’s guidance, I wanted to meet face-to-face with the slum’s boss.


“So the reason why S-rank healer-sama came here is to ask if residents of the slums are really content with only getting work? You came to ask about that?”


“Yeah. I believe it would be fine until the Healing District is completed but I cannot guarantee your livelihood after that. There are a lot of people living here as well so is there any methods available?”

The human and fox beastman half-born, Dollarstar, stared at me before shaking his head and saying.


“Listen S-rank healer-sama, there is no equality in this world. Do you, the person who converted my subordinates Kefin and the others into slaves, understand? Do you understand my feelings when I see my subordinates act more lively as slaves under you?”


It was easy to understand after thinking for a bit.

There shouldn’t be that many shadowy organizations in Ienith.

I looked at Kefin and spoke.


“I honestly don’t understand. However, if you think of them as family then I guess you would hate me enough to want to kill me.”


“And I’m doing work for someone like you. Now you talk about what’s ahead, are you here to pick a fight with us who do our best to survive day to day!”

Anger shown through Dollarstar’s eyes and I could interpret that there are various other conflicts.


I slowly shook my head and slightly mixed some changes to my words.


“I was refused when I offered to release them from their slave position. He, they want to create a city and school that even half-borns would not avoid. What do you think about that?”


” … ”

He stared at Kefin’s face dumbfounded.


“Even if the Healing District is completed, the people in Ienith would definitely not change their impression of the residents of the slums.”


” … If you say anymore worthless crap I’ll kill you even if I die.”

… So scary. A grudge shrouded over those eyes.

“It is a proposal from me, but do you want to start a new business with me? I will provide the capital.”


“New business?”


“Yes. As I said earlier, I will provide the funds. However I believe it is a job with high risks.”


” … What do you intend to have us do?”


“I want you to …… ” (TL: He didn’t pause, the author hid it *suspense~* but easily deduced >_<“)


” … Seriously?”


“Yes. Even that Sir Rainstar failed and it is useless but it is worth trying. If it succeeds within the year of my term, I will work to have it formally accepted as a state-owned business.”

Even if it is useless to try, I believe it is good as long as it succeeds someday.


” … Why? Why do you go to such extents?”


“I believe that even if you do not have the choice of where to be born in, everyone have the right to be happy. If half-borns are treated with contempt then I only plan to create an environment where they are called hybrid beastmen.”


As I smiled and said those words, I snorted at my own smugness in my heart.

I could not bring myself to say that I could not say those words when my half-born senpais were struggling and that if I could save them just slightly then I believe it would definitely help myself.


” … Please.”

Dollarstar-san lowered his head and decided to trust me and knead the plan together with me for the new business.


The next day, during the meeting with the leaders, the discussion for the schools to be built after the Healing District was completed and for the first shot at attracting the adventurers, the adventurers house, was conducted.


“We will construct schools within the Healing District and adventurers houses for middle to high rank adventurers in Ienith. So the adventurers will gather and spread into the forest and enter the undeveloped land.”


“Even though it is good for the Healing District, we do not have sufficient materials to build the schools.”


“Moreover, we cannot move the people currently working on the present projects.”


“We do not plan to use the money from the national treasury to direct the movement into the undeveloped land.”

Just like that, there were many negative opinions but no matter the world, there would always be negative voices whenever the already established system is renewed or reconstructed.

On a public front they look like they are taking Ienith into consideration but I believe their real intention is to keep the current system.


“Yes. Which is why I intend to set off towards the undeveloped forest and retrieve wood. I understood that we do not have the manpower when you all showed me the city.


” … So where would the school be built?”


“I intend to build it where the slums currently is. Ah, the same for the residences for the adventurers. I have currently asked the residents from the slums to do some high risk work so the slums will definitely be reborn.”


When I said that, many of the people’s eyes changed. And then their opinions also began to change.


“If you can say it so confidently then I am in favour of the plan.”


“Yes. The money will be spent for the Healing District and other than labour cost, if you say that there would not be any material cost then there’s no problem.”


“So is it agreeable that I am responsible for the slums?”

There weren’t any objections.


Now, if I create work possible for the retired adventurers, then I believe a new wind will blow upon Ienith.


I pray that it will be a good thing for the people who live in Ienith.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

My delusional power was enhanced by writing the Rainstar book.


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