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Chapter 085: Guidance of the Spirits and Revelations

Translator: Tseirp


Returning to the undeveloped forest and resuming our search, we were not caught up in any other events and the procurement of materials proceeded smoothly.

『Zazazudon』 The sound of trees falling echoed into the forest.

“No other monsters appear even with this amount of noise huh. Maybe it was the mandrake’s cry that called the monsters.”


“That might be so.”

Rician reacted to my mutterings and replied.
“How is it? Do you still feel or hear the call that you mentioned before the break?”

“Yeah. However, the range is fairly wide so I can’t pinpoint it.”

I directed my gaze at Milfeene and Crecia but they both shook their heads as well.


“I see. Please continue to select the trees and focus on the voice.”



Such conversations went by as our work proceeded. We soon reached the location we had the battle before the break but I began to doubt my eyes due to the sight that was spread across my vision.


” … There wasn’t these many before right?”

” … Maybe fairies or spirits are pulling a prank on us.”

“Now’s not the time to say such carefree things nya. It’s safer to leave this place nya.”


Cathy could not hide her surprise at the mandrakes that number above 10.

Seems like their cry is a little painful on beastmen like Cathy.


“Relax Cathy. Mandrakes are vegetables so they can be stored in the magic bag.”

“Nya? Didn’t you mention that living organisms cannot be placed into the magic bag nya?”

“They are a kind of herb after all. Furthermore, if that doesn’t work, I can deploy Sanctuary Circle which would be able to prevent us from falling into a state of panic so it is going to be fine.”

“Luciel-sama sure is working hard nya.”

Like that, just in case, I had them stand down and ordered them to shoulder me and retreat if I lose consciousness.


“Guess I’ll give it a try.”

I concentrated on placing the mandrake into the magic bag.

” … Too easy.”

The collection of the mandrake ended with a breeze while I was still dumbfounded.

” … There wasn’t any problem.”

I turned back and told the others but the 3 elves were concentrated on a single point and didn’t reply.


“What’s wrong?”

I followed their line of sight but did not see anything nor feel the presence of anything.


” …… It’s a fairy.”

“Leshy … the forest guide …” (TL: Leshy is a forest spirit in Slavic folklore.)

“It’s the first time I’ve seen one but it sure is large.”

“It’s telling us to follow.”

” … 《I have confirmed your strength previously, although I think you are crafty in terms of wisdom … you have to thank your luck for bringing along people who can see my form.》 That’s what it said.”


I looked at Lionel and the others but it indeed could only be seen by the 3 of them.

However, normally it’s unlikely that a fairy would speak to us.

As long as we don’t get caught up in some unique circumstance … I pondered before telling Rician and the others that we would follow the spirit called Leshy.


” … This might have been the fairy that called out to you all. However, let’s proceed while being vigilant.”



We advanced while staying vigilant of the backs of the 3 people that can see the fairy.

“This is too fantasy-like.”

Grass and trees twist and bent their shape, creating a road that was originally not there.

Without encountering any monsters, the sounds of birds and insects gradually disappeared, leaving only the sound of trees swaying in the wind.


“It seems like we’ve arrived.”

“Leshy instructed us to wait for a while before his figure disappeared.”

“Nevertheless, what a beautiful spring.”


The 3 of them were guided to a mysterious and beautiful spring.

If I had a camera with me, I believe I would have definitely clicked the shutter countless times.

If monsters don’t appear, it might a good place to live in.


” … I have a dangerous feeling about moving around nya.”

“There have been anecdotes that say that forest fairies love to pull pranks and mislead people such that they can’t leave the forest so it’s better to be wary.”

Cathy and Lionel did not release their vigilance of the surroundings.

I nodded and looked at the beautiful and mysterious spring.


A couple of minutes later, the 3 elves headed toward the spring and began kneeling down.

“What’s the matter?”


There was no reply from them but they seemed to be saying something, like there was a soundproof barrier stretched across the area? I totally could not hear anything.

“Would it have been better if I brought along Dolan and Paula as well?”

I asked Lionel and Cathy if it would have been better to bring along Dolan who can hear the voices of spirits.


“Dolan-dono can hear the voice of the earth spirits but he mentioned that he can’t see them so it wouldn’t be much different from us.”

“There might even be compatibility problems if we brought them, causing it to mislead us nya.”

Their judgement on not bringing the dwarf combi was not mistaken … I thought so.


Looking at the 3 people in a kneeling position, a voice suddenly echoed in my head.

《Human who received the blessing of dragons. It is still too early for you to come here.》

” … What do you mean?”

The people around me were surprised at my sudden speech but now was not the time to bother about it.


《After some time, you will understand the meaning of it.》

” … Am I able to come here again?”

《If you are able to come to this forest again I will guide you.》

” … Able to?”

《As long as you have a strong will to overcome fate, you will be able to come here.》

“That is way too abstract. Please answer properly.”

But there was no reply.


The 3 elves were walking towards us.


“Are you alright?”

” … Looks like I would not be able to live my life in peace.”

When I said that, Cathy laughed and replied.

“That’s nothing new.”

” … Well, that’s true up until now.”

As usual, thinking back to all the chaotic environments I’ve been in, I was convinced that it couldn’t be helped that I was wary of it all being a prank and I brushed off my indecision.


“Luciel-sama, if we push onward from here to the back of the forest, there would apparently be an Elf country.”

“However, Spirit-sama said that it was not the time to do so yet.”

Looking at the forest, I was shocked to find out that there would be an Elf country and I was curious about why it was so caught up in saying that it was not time yet.


“And so why is Crecia crying?”

Since just now Crecia did not say a word and had tears flowing.

” … Spirit-sama taught me that I’m a child that was wished to be born. That I could not be born if a human and elf did not truly love each other.”

She said with a delighted expression. I could guess that half borns were discriminated against.

“I see, that’s great.”



“And so how do we proceed to the returning path?”

“We can return if we proceed that way but … there is a settlement of the Hacchi race if we proceed this way and Spirit-sama said that he want us to go this way.”

Hacchi race? Reading my expression, Milfeene began explaining.

“It’s a race that lives by gathering nectar from flowers and trees. Spirit-sama also mentioned that the Hacchi race would be beneficial to Luciel-sama as well.” (TL: It’s basically bee race but they used katakana instead of hiragana.)

… Spirit-sama … huh. I am curious how far into the future it can peak but if the Hacchi race = bees then my plan would be able to speed forward. There’s no way I can miss such an opportunity.

” … The sun will set soon. If we can return here then we should go back and if it’s impossible, split the party and meet up with Kefin and the others. Are you able to return here again?”

Of course, that question was directed at the 3 elves.

” … I’m sorry but it seems impossible.”

Milfeene announced as the representative.

If that’s the case then the problem would be the people returning, at least 1 of the 3 elves must return. And the escort … there’s no helping it then.

“Cathy, Yarubo squad, Rician and Crecia, please return.”

I retrieved the magic bag from my magic rucksack and passed it to Cathy. (TL: Basically the first magic bag he had while the magic rucksack is the one he got from the Pope.)

“Inside are camping tools including tents. Cathy will be the leader in charge of the camp.”

“Muu~ I wanted to go together with you nya~”

“Dividing the 2 with high ability in this party, Lionel, and Cathy, would raise the probability of both side living, so give it up.”

“I understand nya.”

“Everyone please proceed to prepare for camp and if we do not return by noon tomorrow, please return to the city first and come up with a plan.”



Thus, with only me, Lionel, and Milfeene left, Cathy and the others departed towards the outside of the forest.


“Well then, why exactly must we go to the Hacchi race village?”

“Indeed. What did the spirit tell you?”

Lionel lined up his sword at Milfeene. Even though she was currently under a slave contract, she was only ordered to not cause harm or detriment to me and those related to the church.

Which was why it was possible for her to lie.

It was great that I realised the lie this time by looking at Crecia’s expression but I thought that it was better to think of a solution for a situation where Lionel and Cathy were not around.


“Lionel … it’s alright to not point your sword. Milfeene, please tell me.”

Milfeene was stiff with a contemplative expression on her face for a while before she started speaking.

” … So our lie was exposed. The truth is, Spirit-sama said that lately the miasma around the Hacchi race settlements have thickened and at this rate, they would be annihilated within a few days. He also said that if it was Luciel-sama, he could save them.”

“That’s why you lied huh … Ha~ … there’ll be punishment later. … Lionel, why are your eyes shining like that?”

“Because it seems like strong foes would appear due to the miasma.”

“Don’t plant a flag. After we purify the miasma and interact with them, we’ll quickly return. Milfeene will lead the way.”

Unlike before, Lionel perceived that there might be a battle with strong monsters so he was selfishly getting carried away.

Thinking that monsters would not appear if I purify the miasma, I agreed to Milfeene’s proposal.

” … Thank you Luciel-sama.”


After performing a deep bow, Milfeene gallantly began walking in the lead.

While maintaining vigilance on the surroundings, Lionel and I followed Milfeene’s guidance and advanced into the forest.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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