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Chapter 086: Saving the Hacchi race covered by miasma

Translator: Tseirp


“Seems like they are in quite a pinch.”

“Luciel-sama now’s not the time to be in such a carefree mood.”

Milfeene shot an amazingly terrifying look at me and I began applying purification.

“Erm, yes. I’ll start purifying then. Lionel, I’ll leave the lookout to you.”


We’ve reached the Hacchi tribe’s settlement that was at a distance of about 10 minutes away from the location we parted with Cathy and the others.

… With multiple large beehives hanging down from the trees, it was undoubtedly the Hacchi tribe’s settlement.

However, there were no signs of the Hacchi tribe. A thick layer of miasma to the extent that it was visible to the naked eye covered our surroundings so I applied purification.


The thick purple miasma was gradually purified by the magic spell.

“If we don’t do something about the principle cause of the miasma, there is a high chance that Luciel-sama’s magical power would be depleted.” Lionel shared his concerns about me.

I was aware of that as well but I could not identify the location of the cause of this.


“Milfeene, could you ask the fairies or spirits if they know the source of where this miasma is generated from?”

Milfeene shook her head and answered.

“Fairies and spirits would not approach a place with such strong miasma like this.”

Milfeene answered but I noticed that she was looking pale from the strong miasma so I passed her my robe.

“I see … I’m a bit late at passing this to you but wear this robe for now.”

“Thank you.”

As Milfeene put on the robe, I gave out orders.


“Lionel, please protect me. Milfeene, call out to the Hacchi tribe and if any of them come out, gather information from them.”

At my command, Lionel answered with a smile while Milfeene replied with a bow.

“As usual right.”

“Understood. If I come across any information I’ll return here immediately.”


I applied purification magic on the Hacchi tribe’s hive.

Initially, I speculated that the miasma came from below and floated upward like vapour but squatting down, I did not see any traces of mist from the miasma.

The remaining choices were from the trees or the air so I walked toward where the miasma was concentrated as I continued purifying … “Ha!” I suddenly heard Lionel’s voice accompanied by the swing of his greatsword.


“What’s … wrong? What is this monster?”

“Well then, seems like it’s going to get fun.”

Lionel readied his large shield and greatsword, indicating to me that there would be further battles.

The monster that Lionel cut down earlier was a dog-sized fly that was a half-decomposed undead monster with a greenish appearance.


“The only person having fun here is you, Lionel. Here they come.”

Immediately after I set up an Area Barrier, similar monsters flew at us and I released purification magic at that direction, revealing an extremely large slime that seemed to give birth to various monsters.


” … Slimes should be much cuter though? That is clearly a boss-class. Lionel, do your best to defend against it.”

“You don’t have to panic, I’ll defeat them all. The opponents may be undead but it is a fairly worthy battlefield. I, Lionel, am Luciel-sama’s shield.”

So he’s saying he definitely wants to be pushed forward.

It’s good that Cathy and the others weren’t around to tsukkomi him…


“I’ll be targeted when I’m applying purification so I’ll leave them to you.”

Chanting at the created monsters, I released countless purification magic that killed the undead, leaving only their body.

Thanks to the purification magic, the slime that formed many monsters would gradually grow smaller … wait it doesn’t?


“Hey hey, by theory shouldn’t that thing become smaller?”

The extremely large slime produced miasma and by sucking in that miasma as if sucking in air, it began performing something like photosynthesis and I felt it was gradually becoming bigger.

The monsters were increasing and Lionel was cutting them down happily but if this battle continued like this, my magical power would be depleted.


“Lionel, I leave all the monsters to you.”

Without listening for Lionel’s reply, I channelled magical power into the illusionary cane and began chanting.


【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】


As soon as the magic circle appeared around the extremely large slime, the monsters all jumped towards me all together but I trust that Lionel would not let enemies approach me.

Even in the off-chance he gets bitten, I told him that I would be able to regenerate any lost flesh so I activated the 「Sanctuary Circle」. The bluish white glow from the slime was joined with a red spiral and the slime was completely defeated.

“High Heal.”

I immediately used chant termination to apply healing magic on Lionel and cast purification magic on the remaining monsters.


Lionel did not let a single monster pass him but in exchange, he had wounds all over his body.

“You seriously overdid it. 「Recover」, 「Dispel」, 「Extra Heal」.

“Kukuku. I’m grateful. I was overflowing with quite a bit of fighting spirit.”

Lionel had a sharp laceration beside one eye and his body was discoloured by the effects of petrification and poison status afflictions.

Thankfully my healing magic could treat his body’s wounds and abnormal status.


“I’m thankful that you did not let any monsters by but I would be seriously troubled if Lionel died so absolutely don’t die.”

“Oo. I’ve exhausted my retainer luck.”

“Ha~ you’re definitely not reflecting on your actions.”

Lionel had a grin as he continued looking toward the location where the slime was.


“The number of monster corpses is amazing. The miasma …”

“The miasma have gradually thinned as well.”

The origin of the miasma was that slime after all.


“Yeah. And so, that slime … but I don’t think it’s a slime?”

“What a coincidence. I feel that way too.”


Reluctantly, I retrieved the mountain of undead monsters into my magic bag and applied purification magic at places where the miasma was still thick before getting down to business.


” … 「Purification」 「Dispel」 「Recover」 「High Heal」.”

Something tumbled in front of my eyes … a 50cm tall girl(?) with a bee-like appearance collapsed and I cast healing magic on her.



Then, a group of bees came rushing over.

Within them an elderly(?) bee with a beard holding a spear called out to me.

“Philosopher-sama~ Is Queen-sama, is Queen-sama alright?”

“Erm yes. This individual is alive. Rather, what do you mean by Philosopher-sama?”

“Everyone, our Queen-sama is alright. Let’s immediately carry Queen-sama to the hive. Philosopher-sama, please allow us to move Queen-sama first.”

“Ye … yes, go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Small bee-like individuals about 20cm in height carefully carried the queen in their arms and flew toward the direction of the beehive together.


“So Luciel-sama is alright … I’m sorry.”

Milfeene came over and fell to her knees and bowed after confirming our condition.

Right. For some reason, she began with a dogeza.


“And? Why did you suddenly prostrate on the ground?”

” … Because I did something unforgivable. I currently do not possess the slave crest.”

There’s no slave crest?

“Spirit-sama removed my slave crest and asked me to save this village.”

Aren’t this world’s dragons and spirits too egocentric?

” …… And what’s the compensation?”

Accepting to do this should come with some compensation. But if she had malicious intent then Lionel and Cathy would have noticed.

“This spirit amulet. He wanted me to pass this to Luciel-sama when you have saved the Hacchi tribe.”

So it’s that kind of development? Milfeene passed me the amulet while remaining in her seiza position and once again bowed down after that.


” … Milfeene, you can decide if you want to be independent or return to being a slave. If you return to being a slave I would give you punishment so think about it well. And so, you’re listening anyway right, spirit?”


《Forgive that girl. I can only dispel the slave crest of those with strong faith in me.》


He was listening as expected. I looked at the sky and spoke.


“If that’s the case, then you could have spoken to me directly.”


《If I did that then you would have headed over with large numbers. If you did that then your companions would have fallen into confusion and cut each other.》


Even so, he could have said something. I wanted to say that but … he did have a point. Regardless of how many companions I bring along, even Lionel received such extensive wounds.


” … And so, what is this amulet?”


After I asked that, a mechanical voice echoed in my brain.

《Obtained the blessing of the water spirit》


Even here huh. There are blessings to be acquired here as well huh.

” … What is the blessing of the water spirit?”


《You will understand when you obtain the water dragon’s blessing.》

I heard an amused voice from somewhere.


” … This amulet is?”


《Something that allows you to traverse this forest without getting lost. Don’t lose it.》


” … When do I return here?”


《I can’t answer that. However, you will face despair. If you have the strong determination to stand up after that, you will be able to visit this place once again.》

Despair? What does he mean by standing up after that? I was uneasy with the vague words used by the spirit.


“What do you mean by despair! Hey, hey!”

However, no matter how many times I called out the spirit never replied.


“Luciel-sama, whether if we are going to the Hacchi tribe settlement or returning, we need to hurry or the sun will set.”

Lionel warned me.


” … Yeah. Milfeene, what do you want.”

“Please allow me to return to being a slave.”

“Ha~ why is everyone so particular with being a slave.”

“A slave for Luciel-sama does not have to live like a typical slave and sometimes it is easier to move with the identity of a slave.”

A smile floated on Lionel’s face as he told me.

“She’s no longer lying.”


I breathed a sigh looking at Milfeene rejoice at becoming a slave.

Then, while considering the contents of the negotiation with the Hacchi tribe later, I began walking toward the settlement.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I secretly released the 2nd chapter.  


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