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Chapter 087: Negotiations with the Hacchi race and the legend of the Philosopher

Translator: Tseirp


Reaching the Hacchi tribe’s settlement, unlike when miasma was drifting about, we now saw the Hacchi tribe people coming out.

“I guess such strong miasma was considerably poisonous.”

Upon muttering that, a number of the Hacchi tribe flew over and replied with smiles on their faces.


“Philosopher-sama, thank you for saving Queen-sama and the village.”

“If Philosopher-sama wasn’t around, I can’t fathom what would have happened to our village.”

“Philosopher-sama is our saviour.”


I was told such things but I wondered why they thought I was a philosopher so I asked them for the reason.

“It’s good that I was able to rescue you all. By the way, why do you all think that I am a philosopher?”


They replied with a mysterious look on their faces.

“In the legends, Philosopher-sama gallantly appears when miasma spreads through the forest and drives away the miasma by releasing bluish white light.”

“When the forest was once again covered in miasma, I was told that the 2nd and 3rd philosopher would appear.”

“Releasing bluish white light like in the legends, clearing the miasma, are you not Philosopher-sama?”


… So it’s completely the fault of Philosopher-san. What 2nd and 3rd philosopher. Is this some stage performance …


” … Unfortunately, I am a healer in training. This time, I came to negotiate with the Hacchi tribe but without Queen-sama it can’t be done right?”

“Eh? If that’s the case, I’ll bring Haniru-sama over.”

One of the Hacchi tribe individuals flew into a beehive above in the sky.


“Nevertheless, why was Queen-sama caught? And why did you all not flee from the forest?”

“There’s no way we can leave Queen-sama behind and run!”

A youth(?) raised his voice and began endlessly talking about how amazing the queen is.


“Please end it there.”

A dignified voice resounded and the queen, the elder from before, and a slightly larger youth appeared.

Immediately, the Hacchi tribe members in front of my eyes smoothly opened a path.


“Philosopher-sama, thank you for saving me and the village.”

The bowing queen had wings clad in magical power different from the other Hacchi tribe members, with the wing emitting a faint light.


“It is an unexpected development but I am glad to be able to save you all.”

“And I heard you wish to negotiate?”

“Yeah. My deduction may be wrong but I believe you all are able to create honey.”

” … Yeah. You are right.”

I’ll first properly explain to them my desire.

“My plan is to …”


I talked about my plan. And asked that they somehow cooperate.

” … I see. However, even if it is Philosopher-sama who saved the village, I cannot give you an immediate answer.”

“I guess so.”

It was a difficult proposal so I did not expect an instant approval.


” … Which is why, please guide my son Haniru and a couple others to Ienith.”

“What do you mean?”

“If we can be convinced that your word is completely trustworthy, I wish to be in your care as well.”

“Thank you.”

A smile naturally spilled from my expression at their unexpected offer to dispatch members to confirm the situation. I thought there was a need to conduct multiple negotiations so this was a really significant step.


“Nevertheless, Philosopher-sama sure thinks of interesting things.”


“Yeah. I imagined that the human race was a lot more arrogant so I was surprised.”

I could easily imagine that something happened between them and humans in the past. I felt that I had to investigate the Hacchi tribe’s history … it was kind of an intuition.


“And so why did Queen-sama turn into that slime? Or why were you captured by it?”

” … About half a month ago during dawn, something was thrown into the forest when a flying dragon flew over. The youths from the village saw that and went to investigate, discovering a broken bottle containing that slime which had begun emitting miasma.”

Half a month ago … about the time we went to the labyrinth huh …

“All physical attacks against that slime were completely ineffective and because we have never seen a nucleus of that colour before, I, the only person who can use magic, attacked it with wind attribute magic but the slime suddenly leaped toward me … I have no recollection of any events after that.”


The Hacchi tribe elder continued the story.

“We tried using fire to attack it and save Queen-sama but the slime used Queen-sama as a shield and we could not attack at all.”

An intelligent slime? Or was it defensive instinct? I looked toward Lionel but he was listening seriously and unusually did not notice my gaze.


“Gradually the slime became larger and that miasma attracted monsters which it began absorbing. Since yesterday, it began giving birth to undead monsters and we could only ask for help from the Spirit-sama of legends.”

Praying to spirits instead of praying to gods huh.

Looks like the faith in spirits in this world is considerably strong as well.

Rather, if the Philosopher is a reincarnated individual as well, the Philosopher’s words … it would be better to read his biography as well.

Ah, I should pay attention to the conversation.

“And so, like in the legends we arrived … so that was the situation. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing that Queen-sama didn’t dissolve.”


“It was thanks to this.”

Queen-sama said and showed me an amulet that I saw somewhere before.

” … That is?

“The amulet of the water spirit. It is an amulet that is passed down to successive generations of queens.”

The queen caringly stroked the amulet and pasted it on her body.

Looking at the amulet gradually disappear, I realised that I was completely manipulated by the spirit this time.

” … I see.”

I couldn’t help but reply with a monotonous reply.


Seems like this time, the water spirit wanted to save the kin that was devoted to it.


… However, if that slime was left alone, it would have surely become larger and there would be a high possibility of this forest and Ienith falling into a dangerous crisis … thinking about it that way, maybe it was good that I was manipulated by the spirit this time.


It was smoothly defeated during its early stages but if it had reached the stage of covering the forest with miasma, my plan of attracting adventurers would have been all for naught.

Moreover, because I saved the Hacchi tribe this time, I had the chance to contact them so I guess it is good fortune.

That’s right. There’s no use thinking about it negatively for these kind of situations.

I’ll consider this as … the guidance of Great Luck-sensei.

I felt slightly more at ease thinking about it.


“Would you be staying for the day?”

The queen said that but looking up and imagining how I would sleep, I could not muster the courage to stay.

“Even though you offered, my companions are waiting so I will have to reject your offer this time.”

I rejected with a smile.

“I see. Then please take this gift.”


The queen turned around and passed me a barrel that looked like it could fit 30 litres, filled with crystal-like yellow globes.

“Housed in this barrel is honey. If you place this honey globe into a container about the same size as this barrel filled with water, after one night it would become mead so I hope you would enjoy it.”

Seems like there are various methods to make alcohol in this world.

“I will gladly accept it. Would it be alright if I call for Haniru-dono and his retinue at a later date?”

“No, we will be accompanying you.”

“Is that alright?”

“Yes. Since it is a great chance to see the outside world.”


I guess they have already anticipated various patterns after listening to the negotiation. Seems like they have said their farewells as well.

“Understood. I will take care of your son and his retinue. We will regularly return to this forest so I promise to bring them along every time.”

“Thank you.”


Thus, we left the Hacchi tribe’s settlement.


“So it was actually so near?”

After walking for less than 10 minutes from the Hacchi tribe’s settlement, we exited the forest and saw everyone.


“Preparation for dinner will be complete soon nya.”

Lionel made eye contact and Cathy immediately tried to pull my hand but I stopped her and decided to introduce the Hacchi tribe members and my squad.

“Please think of them as delegations of the Hacchi tribe. They will play a crucial role in my plans so I hope you all firmly protect them as well. Haniru-dono and retinue, these are my slaves but also my subordinates. We will be in your care.”

After that, dinner was already prepared after all so by the time we all had our fill, the evening sun was already sinking across the horizon.


“It will quickly drop into total darkness so everyone proceed with caution.”


To be safe, I applied 「Area Barrier」 on everyone before we began setting off.


The attached light on the carriage lighted up the road, allowing us to easily spot far away enemies. It was a magic tool that I had Paula make but its usefulness was immediately achieved.

There was the risk of having our position known to enemies but it was constructed so that we would not be caught paralyzed by sudden ambushes.


“Seems like they are only monitoring us from a distance.”

“I see.”

Through the reports, I knew that there were opposition factions and understood that they might prey on us when we were outside the city.

In the reports from Dollarstar, he advised that there were people who were not amused by the fact that I did not act obediently as Ienith’s representative.


“They are of the Centaur (horse beastmen) race while at that side are monsters nya.”

“I pray that there isn’t going to be a raid.”

“Today should be a wait-and-see situation. From tomorrow onward there might be attacks.”

“Everyone, just don’t die instantly.”


Thus while thinking that today they were only confirming the hostile forces and that it might get rough from tomorrow onward, I was glad that we returned safely to Ienith.


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