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Chapter 088: Luciel’s underground domestic affairs plan

Translator: Tseirp


After arriving at Ienith, we returned to the Healer’s Guild.

On the way back, Kefin and the others directed the way to Dollarstar-san’s place and we shared our progress status and exchanged information.

“We’re back. Did anything out of the ordinary happen?”

Jordo-san shook his head and as I checked their progress, I asked Lionel to stay behind and told the others that they were free to spend their time.

Yarubo squad headed for the underground 4th floor while Dolan, Paula, and Rician headed for the underground 3rd floor.

Cathy, Milfeene and Crecia headed for the canteen.


Me, Lionel and Haniru’s group moved to the underground 1st floor.


“This is the basement. I plan to make it similar to how it is here.”

The impact was so great that they, the retinue with Haniru-san included, stood there dumbfounded with their mouths agape.

“I was surprised as well when I saw it for the first time. I could not imagine that there would be an empty space underground.


” … Unbelievable. The air here is clean and if the number of trees is increased, I feel it can be comparable to a forest.”

The retinue all nodded their heads as well.


“I have given an explanation along the way to this Healer’s Guild but this is my dwelling. It is intended such that we would have no trouble accommodating people no matter the number.”

“Seriously amazing. However, how do you intend to sell it?”

“I have already received approval for that. However, I have no idea what the other party thinks about it though …”

I smiled and slowly advanced my plan.


“I intend to invite the bear beastmen who are knowledgeable about plants into this plan but I do not know the Hacchi tribe well enough so I only intend to do so if you have no problem with it.”

The honey-loving bear beastmen would definitely get on board with the plan if I invited them.

However, the Hacchi tribe is indispensable in this plan so it was difficult to draw the line.


“There are no problems. However, wouldn’t it be too confined with this amount of area?”

“Yes. Construction has already begun. I plan to have the depth to be about similar to the underground 3rd floor here and convert the whole slum district into a pseudo-space to plant flower gardens and fruit-bearing trees.”


That was not the only thought in my head.

I’ve examined a botanical illustration book but plants like sugar beet or sugarcane does not exist.


The Elimasia Empire and the Rubruk Kingdom are the only 2 countries that export sugar but all information about the manufacturing method and the ingredient have been completely shut out.


Currently, Ienith was growing spices and medicinal herbs.

I won’t say that it is bad and I hope that they continue.

My intent when I thought of the new business plan was to aid the weak.

Of course, I do not intend to offer this opportunity for free.

That’s right, it must come with a pledge. (TL: I’m starting to think that what he means by pledges are the written agreements people sign to seal business deals … not sure yet, but it fits his salaryman background. The kanji can also be translated as written oath.)

Anybody who talks about it, writes anything regarding it, finds any means to transmit the information, or takes any illegal actions would be forcibly severed from the plan.

Moreover, I specified that the person who reveals it will be forced to drink Object X.

Even in the case that it was threatened out of them, they would also be severed from the plan but they would not be forced to drink Object X.


“So the underground is to be constructed into an orchard and flower garden to allow us to create honey. I see, it looks like it would be interesting, for thoughts about the distribution of profits to only be considered later on.”

I was confident that Haniru-dono was greatly interested.


While chiming in to show I was paying attention, I was thinking that the person who holds the right to make the decision was the queen but, currently the person-in-charge was Haniru-dono so I pitched my closing sales pitch. (TL: Pretty much a sales pitch to sway buyers on the fence to actually decide to buy, usually by asking a question like “How would you like to pay, credit card or cash?” so that they instinctively think that they want to buy it. Or that is what I got from reading up online.)

“So if it is up to Haniru-dono, when would you be able to start?”


“Hmm. The beginning would be a testing stage so would it be alright if I plant the few flower seeds that we brought along?”


Haniru-dono had an eager personality, more so that I had imagined.

If this works out well, all that remain would be some minor fine tuning.


“Yes. We have the elves that are familiar with plants and dwarves that are knowledgeable about soil so leave the management to us.”

The truth be told, it was not like I did not have any concerns. This time, I learnt that there are irregular existences like the Spirit as well as the ability to dispel slave contracts.

Even if they agree to work with me here, I feel that I have to enforce a slightly stronger oath.

I plan to assign the elf girls to this city.

Once the field is set I would not need them anymore and the Pope also told me that it’s alright to release them from slavery and hire them for the Healer’s Guild when I go on a journey.

Well, I intend to leave that decision up to the 3 of them.


” … Now that you mentioned it, why are those forest people … the elves, slaves to Philosopher-sama?”

“A certain slave dealer fled and the Healer’s Guild took them in when they were on the verge of dying. They told me that they would prefer to remain as slaves so they maintained their status. I believe their desire to remain as slaves may be due to the good treatment or because I am their saviour, but I intend to release them whenever they wish for it.”

I looked at Lionel but he lightly smiled as usual.


“I see. Then why did you not allow the elf slaves to fight?”

Haniru-dono asked with a serious look but I did not have a clear answer.


” … Hmm~ That’s a difficult question to answer but I decided that they would be in the way during combat. I do not wish to fight alongside those that I do not trust. Lionel here is one that I already trust to the extent of offering to dispel his slave contract. Though, he always refuses it.”


“But I thought it would be harsh on a human to be a slave?”

He made it sound like there exist certain criteria to handle human slaves.


I answered honestly with a smile.

“Basically, I do not understand the way to handle slaves. There was no guide to slavery and I do not comprehend the talks about slaves getting complacent if they are given bed and food.”


” … I see.”


“I do not bother to save criminal slaves but I believe that nobody wants to become a slave. If fate brings me to slaves, I prefer to see faces with expressions showing that they are trying their best compared to faces with looks of despair. Although Lionel always say that I am too naive.”


If I set off for a journey at this moment, I believe I would only bring along Lionel and Cathy.

Everything left unattended here should be fine with Jordo-san around and if they refuse then I can always forcefully dispel the slave contract.

Of course, I’ll pay them but what comes next would be entirely up to themselves.


“You really resemble Philosopher-sama in the story.”

Haniru said as he laughed.


After briefly explaining the underground to them, I invited them to the guildmaster’s room to discuss the plan’s schedule, the seeds of the flowers and fruits to plant and the selection of the fruit trees present in the forest.



“Milfeene, are you aware that you could have been killed by Luciel-sama and Lionel-sama?”

Cathy spoke to Milfeene and Crecia.


“There’s no way I’d be killed … Spirit-sama revealed that it was all for the sake of Luciel-sama.”

She looked at Milfeene with a chilling gaze … and shifted her gaze to Crecia.


“Hiii, wha, what is it?”

“Why didn’t you say that you lied? Rician who is not here is also guilty as well.”


Crecia immediately began speaking from the fear.

“Because we were told that it as for Luciel-sama’s sake.”

“By the Spirit?”

“Yes. Moreover, he said that Luciel-sama would be able to easily command the situation.”

“Lionel-sama was hurt to such a serious extent. Like hell it was easy!”


Cathy was angry with herself all the way.

And regretted the fact that it would have been better if she headed to the Hacchi tribe’s settlement as well then.

The faith in Spirits is thin within cat beastmen like Cathy.

Cathy carefully observed Crecia but she did not see any signs that she lied.


However, she intuitively knew that Milfeene was still hiding something.

“Milfeene, the current you is not a slave right? Why did you become Luciel-sama’s slave? With you capabilities, you can sufficiently earn a living as an adventurer.”


Milfeene’s expression did not reveal anything under Cathy’s questioning as she answered with a single sentence.

” … I cannot say.”


Cathy directed a sharp gaze at Milfeene and further questioned.

“Is that also influenced by the Spirit?”


” …… I cannot say.”

Cathy noticed the look of resolve on Milfeene’s face when she raised her head.


Which was why Cathy gave a warning.

“Is it family? Or a revelation from the Spirit? … So it’s the revelation from the Spirit … huh. That’s good. If you undertook the actions this time due to your family being held hostage or something, I would have killed you. But there will not be a second time.”

Cathy said before leaving the canteen.


“Was Cathy-san always such a frightening person?”

Receiving the gaze different from the usual friendly and absentminded Cathy, Crecia was trembling but Milfeene was quivering even more.


The content of the revelation to Milfeene from the Water Spirit was to facilitate the chance meeting between Luciel and the girl holding the title of Dragon God Priestess and the blessing of the Spirit King.

Milfeene, who was told by the Spirit that it was unnecessary to speak to others about it, was on the verge of crying but she could only search for the girl who possesses the Spirit King’s Blessing.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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