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GC V1C21

(021) Small medal

Translator: Tseirp

200 years ago. The coronation of demon lord Familis‧Raritei. The southern continent, Twaobal was placed under the rule of the demon race.

The Altal lake within Twaobal was considered by the demon race and by this world’s largest religious faction, the Lakont church, a holy land so war broke out for sovereignty over the Altal lake.

After a long extended war, 12 years ago, 4 heroes subjugated the demon lord Familis‧Raritei, chased the demon race to the south of Twaobal and reclaimed Altal lake.

Haru mentioned that one of the 4 heroes was the magic engineer Daijiro.

Now that I think about it, that notebook was also written 12 years ago.


Was it because after defeating the demon lord, he was revered as a hero and had too much gold to spend?


I arbitrarily expected that he received the power of instantaneous movement from the goddess and raked in gold with trade cheats but reality was the complete opposite of what I had imagined.

It is often said that the truth is stranger than fiction.


Incidentally, the Magic City Mallegory that Daijiro-san lives in is apparently the capital of Twaobal.


“Ooo, I see. 「Slash」 … so hard.”

Looking at the green gel-shaped monster in front of my eyes, I muttered wearily.

4th-floor enemy, slime.

I’m supposed to have become considerably stronger but why can’t I defeat something like this.


“「Slash!」 Yes, physical attacks are less effective on slimes and it would cause your specialized weapon to rust if you cut them with your weapon. It is more effective to keep a distance and continue attacking with 「Slash」.”


For the time being, slimes move slowly so there was no danger of getting defeated by them.

However, there’s the problem with MP and a possibility of a pincer attack so I want to defeat them properly.


Using 「Slash」 once again after 10 seconds from the previous 「Slash」, the slime was defeated.

I dealt the final blow by chance but thanks to that I obtained a large amount of experience.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Apprentice Magician skill: 「Fire Magic」 obtained】


Lumberjack became Lv8 and Apprentice Magician rose to Lv5.


Fire magic … magic … the long awaited magic is hereeeeee!


Stop being so high spirited, me.

Magic is quintessential when talking about otherworlds after all.


At that moment, I recalled an entry in Daijiro-san’s notebook.


【Within this world’s abilities, there is magic. The magic that all Earthlings yearn for. Simple magic like Fire Magic can be learnt by an Apprentice Magician at Lv5. After acquiring magic, call out magic list open in your mind. The useable magic should be displayed on it. Incidentally, healing magic can only be obtained by reaching Commoner Lv60 and becoming an Apprentice Practitioner, it can’t be obtained half-heartedly.】


Or so it said. Thus,


“Magic list open.”


I murmured.


Petite Fire Lv1 Consumption: MP3


” … Sounds so weak, Petite Fire … is it fine to even mutter it?”


In fear of automatically invoking the magic by chanting the magic spell’s name, for the time being, I faced somewhere with no one else and stretched my hand forward.

Then, thinking in my mind that I want to use the magic, I tried saying Petite Fire.


Thereupon, a small ball of fire flew out of my palm and crashed into the wall. It disappeared without even leaving any burn marks.


【Ichinojo Level up】


Oh, level up. Seems like Apprentice Magicians accumulate experience by using magic. It leveled up to Lv6.


“Master, was that magic?”


Haru asked, holding on to an agar-like item, the dried magic stone of a slime.


“Yeah … it would be a lot easier to deal with slimes if we have magic.”

“Yes, that level of power should be enough to defeat a slime with a single hit. Is master a Magic Swordsman?”

“Eh? No, I’m not.”

“Usually, the strength of a Swordsman’s magic is low while Magicians have virtually no physical strength. Those who can do both are either Magic Swordsmen, Magicians who acquire many body strengthening skills or conversely Swordsmen who acquire many magic strengthening skills.”

“Hmm, well, think of it as a job that is similar to Magic Swordsman.”


I was thinking of leaving the explanation about Jobless until slightly later. Since I just hate to say “I’m Jobless”.

It’s like answering “I’m Jobless” when asked during a matchmaking session, anybody would hate it. It’s the same as that.


“Come to think of it, swords are prohibited during battle at the guild arena, but is magic allowed?”

“It is not prohibited but jeers would come flying from the audience watching the fight at the arena.”

“They would certainly not look upon it kindly huh.”


I murmured as I took the agar-like magic stone and stored it in the item bag.


It’s like going to watch a professional boxing match and seeing one of them prepare a crossbow.


Also, using Petite Fire once did not level up my magic at all.

Apparently, leveling up magic does not require experience points but something called proficiency so it seems like it is unrelated to my growth cheat.


“I heard that magicians require a large amount of gold to achieve success. Magicians will grow just by casting a lot of spells but the main cost is the expensive mana potions needed to recover MP.”

“I see … Maybe I should just become an Alchemist and make my own mana potions.”

“Herbalists are the ones that are capable of making mana potions, not Alchemists. Even within Herbalists, only the high-level individuals are capable of making them. Which is why it is so expensive.”


Incidentally, to become a Herbalist, one have to reach level 5 as a Farmer, unlock the Harvester job and reach level 10 as a Harvester to unlock it.

Alchemist is unlocked when a person reached level 10 as an Apprentice Magician and level 20 as an Apprentice Alchemist.


Incidentally, Herbalists compound medicine and the likes.

Alchemists refine ores into metal and combine them to make alloys.


“I wonder if it is a slime over there.”


Using Presence Detection, I felt a presence at a location slightly away from us.

Looks like there are only 3 types of monsters on this floor, slimes, giant bats, and goblins. Since entering the 4th floor, the effect of the monster-repelling incense has dissipated and the number of enemies increased.


“Yes, it smells like a slime.”

“Very well, I’ll immediately try to defeat it.”


Running over, what I saw was … a golden slime.


” …… ”

” …… ”


Our eyes met.


Well then, I’ll first try chanting for 「Petite Fire」.


“Erm, master, that slime is!?”



Haru was shocked and I raised my voice.

However, the slime evaporated … and was easily defeated.


【Ichinojo Level up】


Jobless reached Lv54, Swordsman Lv7, and Lumberjack leveled up to Lv9.

And …


【Title: Rare Hunter obtained】

【Title skill: Luck UP (minor) obtained】


Ooo, first title GET. (TL: GET was in English)

That’s lucky. Looking at my status, my Luck increased by 10%.


“Master, that’s a Rare medal.”

“Rare medal?”


The golden slime dropped a magic stone along with a medal.

Looks like this is called a Rare medal.


“What’s a Rare medal?”

“Rare medals are items dropped by rare monsters without fail and Monster Tamers feed them to companions that they have tamed to give them a power-up.”

“That sounds like a useful item.”

“It is an extremely rare item and a single Rare medal can sell for 30000 sense. It’s an item that one is unlikely to see once in a lifetime at a low-level labyrinth like the Beginner’s Labyrinth.”

“30000 coins!? That’s lucky. Unfortunately, the experience points for the rare monster was the same as a regular slime.”


Putting aside the feelings of feeding monsters the inorganic medal, looking at the small golden medal, I was suddenly curious and asked.


“If I gather a lot of these Rare medals, is there a king that would exchange them for rare items?”

“It is an expensive and highly useful item so if you gather a lot of them I believe any king would exchange them for items.”

“Hmm … I guess that’s true.”


It was a strange question.


For the time being, I stored the Rare medal in the item bag and continued the labyrinth exploration.

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