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GC V1C24

(024) Goddess’s worry

Translator: Tseirp

An empty space. This was the second time I’ve been here.

Also, it’s the second time I’m meeting the orc … no, Koshmar-sama.


“What a rude child.”

It’s also been a long time since my heart was read. Even though I properly corrected myself.


“It’s been a long time Koshmar-sama. I’ve been enjoying the second life Koshmar-sama gave me.”

“Hmph, then it’s alright. Good grief, to keep saying orc orc just by looking at my physique.”


The fat … plump Koshmar-sama seems to dislike the voice in my heart.


“To begin with, your world was initially configured such that plump women were more beautiful but I let my guard down for a 100 years and suddenly smart-looking women were appreciated instead. Other than those who were sensitive to my power, humans began liking lean individuals.”


… So the fat fetishism in the world was due to the influence of Koshmar-sama huh. Lately, I’ve heard of chubby girls becoming models so her power might be becoming stronger.


“Also, needless to say, I’m plump because I like to be so. I’m a Goddess so I can freely change my figure okay.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right … wait, I did not go through the trouble of recalling only your consciousness here for such conversations. Do you know why I called you?”


Ah, I do have one guess.

Or rather, that’s the only thing I can think of.


“Is it because I have 2 blessings?”


I don’t remember deceiving them but it’s true that normally a person can only obtain 1 blessing but I received 2.

Looks like I have no choice but to obediently return the 1/20 required experience points. Or so I thought.



” … No, that doesn’t matter anymore.”


Koshmar-sama’s reply was outside my expectations.


“Since that incident was clearly a mistake on our side.”

” … Then, what is this about?”

“It’s Jobless. The Jobless skill.”

“Ah, Jobless skill, it’s been a great help.”

” … It’s troubling that it’s been a great help to you.”


She gave a grand sigh and shook her head.

The meat on her chin swayed with a 『purupuru』 … she said that she’s plump because she likes it but I think that it would be easier to move if she was lean.


“The conversation about my physique is over already.”


Shit, my heart was read.

I stood at attention at Koshmar-sama’s scolding.


“In the first place, I don’t remember setting a skill for Jobless. A job with no benefit at all, that’s Jobless. Despite that, second job? third job? apart from that, job change that should not be possible without intervention from Goddesses? Seriously, isn’t that a skill that surpasses divine revelations?”

“Eh? So this was a bugged technique after all?”

“Of course. Good grief … Even though you, the criminal himself, can make an educated guess, how many hundreds of years do you think it takes to intervene with the system?”


Koshmar-sama switched to bitching mode and was grumbling under her breath.

Ah, looks like it’s not easy being a Goddess as well. Even though I thought she could do anything?


“In any case, you can’t tell anybody about your Jobless skill. If the Jobless skill gets out, the world’s power balance would definitely crumble … But even if I say it like that, this is a request, not an order. Since you also will have companions that you would want to confide this secret with.”


Koshmar-sama looked into my eyes and said. She most likely saw through my heart that there was no way I could keep quiet about it toward Haru forever.


” … I understand.”


I never intended to spread this information in the first place and it is foolish to make Goddess-sama an enemy.


“Well then, the reward I’ll gift to you for clearing the dungeon will be … it’s being prepared so please wait for it.”

“Being prepared?”

“Yeah, the skill is chosen at random. Roulette, lottery or darts, which would you prefer?”

“Ehh? The skills are chosen like that?”

“Yeah, it was decided by Torerul. It’s troublesome to think about it each and every time so it’s appropriate.”


That child Goddess, what does she think human lives are?


“Incidentally, roulette and lottery give average skills while darts have the greatest gamble. The consolation prize is a scourer after all.”



Looking at the dart targets prepared, there was a large scourer in the middle while the surrounding had various skill names and item names.

I thought that it would stay stationary but looks like there was a spinning gimmick.

Also, for some reason, it was all written in Japanese. It was most likely replaced for my sake.


“So what do you want? Choose the one that you think is special.”

“Would Goddess-sama be the one throwing the darts?”

“That’s right. I’ve been getting better lately, I seem to hit something apart from the scourer 2 times out of 3.”


So it’s a scourer once every 3 times.


“I’ll go with what Goddess-sama recommends.”

“So indecisive. Then, I’ll perform it with the roulette. Change your job from Swordsman to Hunter.”


“The Luck value for Hunter is higher right? The Luck stat affects things like this as well.”


Ah, is that so.

I changed from Swordsman to Hunter just as she said.


Then, Goddess-sama brought over a splendid roulette that looks like it could fit in an authentic Las Vegas casino.

The roulette was black and red, with 2 places that were green, instead of numbers, skill names were in the black and item names were in the red, with “Scourer” written in the green.

There’re scourers here as well? So it doesn’t change that you would get a scourer if you miss in this world and in Japan as well. (TL: It’s kind of like a participation prize for lucky draws.)


“I’ll spin it then.”


The spinning roulette and the tossed ball … the ball gradually dropped down.

So nerve-wracking. Apart from the scourer from losing, there were also items like potion and steel swords that was similar to losing.

At any rate, I want a skill.


… After a while, the ball was about to fall down, it would be green if this continues!


Or so I thought but it suddenly fell down and it entered the black in front.




I inadvertently made a guts pose. And so, the skill name is … hmm?


【Title: Labyrinth conqueror obtained】

【Clear reward skill: 「Grasp of common language」 obtained】


Grasp of common language … ?


“Grasp of common language huh. It’s a skill that allows you to read and write in this world’s common language.”


Just as I was about to use skill description to check, Goddess-sama told me herself.


“Uwah, a useful skill that is way too convenient.”

“It’s originally a loss. With some effort, it can be achieved without the skill. Well, it would come in handy in this world that has poor literacy rate. Just with the ability to write words, the kind of work you can do would increase.”

“I’ll cherish it.”

“Well then, it’s about time you return. Not a single second would have passed in the original world. Also, the labyrinth in the town of Belasra in the south is managed by Torerul. Go there if it’s alright with you. If you wish to meet me once again, you can meet me after you clear the labyrinth in the Gomaki mountain further south. You don’t possess any connection with the other Goddesses so you would not be able to meet them.”

“Understood, thank you very much … Erm, I have a single question I wish to ask, do you know if my sister is doing alright?”



Koshmar-sama hesitated for a moment.


“I understand, I’ll help you investigate before the next time we meet.”

“Thank you.”


After saying my thanks, my consciousness was once again sucked into the darkness.

Just as I thought, Shit, I forgot to correct my name.




Koshmar’s complexion paled after Ichinojo disappeared.


She recalled that when she first met him, he said that his sister would transfer schools if this continued.

His heart had the same thought as well but many people who were desperate to come back to life often mistake false settings as facts. The Goddess’s power is not a lie detector nor is it omnipotent.

That was why Koshmar thought that the words Ichinojo said were similar to that. The reason was …


” … That kid shouldn’t have a sister …”


It might just be her imagination, but it must be investigated immediately. She thought so and called to convene the other Goddesses.


TL: The author dropped a bomb there >.<!

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