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(025) Last night in Florence

Translator: Tseirp

The moment I woke up … I saw the statue of the Goddess Koshmar.

It was really faithfully reproduced.

“Master, congratulations.”


Haru bowed.


“Eh? What?”

“Since an item did not appear, it means that you acquired a skill?”


Oh, so that’s what she meant.


“For a period of time, 10 people obtained scourers in succession so I was worried.”

“Yes, I acquired a skill to grasp the common language used. I no longer need to have somebody write or read on my behalf so it’s convenient.”

“I see. My work has unfortunately decreased.”


Haru’s tail somehow looked a little disappointed. She must hate to feel that she has no use.

Lately, I’ve been looking at her tail instead of her face.


“No, as I have said, I’m a person from another world so I don’t know anything about this world at all. Although it also applies to combat strength, I have high expectations for Haru’s knowledge as well.”

“Yes, I will devote myself whole-heartedly to do my best.”


I’m confident that I used the correct words just now judging by her tail shaking energetically.

Then, after we exited the boss room, the door to the boss room closed.


“Well then, let’s go back … one or two monsters might appear on the way back anyway.”


I want to level up my Pugilist so I wish to defeat any enemies that I come across.

Before I forgot, I switched Hunter back into Swordsman and ascended the stairs.


It was already night by the time we exited the labyrinth. The gatekeeper was not the man yesterday nor Norn, but an uncle I’ve never seen before, so we merely passed by with a nod.


What we encountered within the labyrinth were 3 spiders about the size of a mouse, small spider, 1 red slime, 3 giant bats, and 2 goblins.

Haru defeated a giant bat and a small spider while I defeated the rest.

As a result, Pugilist rose to Lv5 and I acquired the 【Fist Attack】 and 【Physical Attack Strengthening (minor)】 skill.

Jobless only rose 1 level to Lv56, Apprentice Magician rose to Lv14 and Swordsman rose to Lv13 but there were no new skills learned.

Growth speed had clearly dropped. It might be because they are all higher jobs but even the Apprentice Magician job was hard to level up.


“It’s late. Shall we return to Margaret-san’s place?”


I wonder if there’s dinner. She did mention that she’ll put some aside so I wonder if it’s alright if we return without buying anything.


“It’s roughly about 7 in the night so the shops are just about to close.”

“You can tell the time?”

“I can tell using the position of the sun during the day and the position of the moon and stars during the night.”

“That’s amazing.”


I could only tell that it wasn’t late night yet as there were still people on the main street.

As we were walking toward the direction of Margaret-san’s shop, the shops were really starting to close.


“Margaret-san, we’re back.”

“Ara, Ichi-kun, Haru-chan … fufufu, looks like it went well judging by your looks.”

“Yes, we dived into the labyrinth slightly.”

“Eh … Did you go in that attire? Ichi-kun is fine but isn’t Haru-chan in everyday wear?”


Margaret-san said with a shock.

Hmm, should I buy armor? I’ve asked her but she told me that it looked like it would be difficult to move in so she felt that it would be better with what she had on.


“It’s easier to move with what I have now.”

“That won’t do, you’re a girl so you have to clearly differentiate between work clothes and everyday wear.”


… Are Margaret-san’s work clothes and everyday wear different? I’m not interested so I totally did not notice.

He has shorts and shirt on now but normally he has a frilly skirt … no, I’ve got to stop thinking about it. I’m going to get nauseous.

I see, so I’ve been unconsciously averting my eyes.


“Ichi-kun, isn’t this where you show a man’s reliability?”

” … Yes, erm, then please make Haru some battle clothes for about 100 sense …”

“It would cost slightly more for battle clothes.”

“If that’s the case then 1000 sense is also alright. I’ll entrust it to you.”

“Yes, thanks Ichi-kun … fufufu, Haru-chan, I’ll choose clothes that would fit you perfectly.”

“Erm, I’m actually alright the way I am now … erm …”


Haru was dragged by Margaret-san into the shop.

Yup, it was impossible to stop Margaret-san once she reached that stage.


I entered the shop and even though I wanted to perk my ears up to listen to the sounds within the changing room, I continued further into the shop.

When I reached the dining table, Norn was setting the table.


“Welcome back, Oniisan. I see that you’ve succeeded in purchasing Haru-san.”

“I’m back, Norn-san. Yup, thank you.”


Should I help? I asked but Norn shook her head and said “I have nothing to do since I’m off-duty for today so please let me do it.”.

Hence, I drew water into a bucket from the well and carried it back to my room and removed my armor.


The size was perfect and it’s light so it doesn’t obstruct me when worn but taking it off still gave a sense of liberation.

Taking off my shirt, I wet the towel with the bucket of water and wrung it before I wiped my sweat. It felt good but something was still unsatisfactory.

After all, I still want to take a shower.


Should I bathe with the water from the well?

No, it would definitely be cold at this time.


Clenching my teeth as I endured the feeling to sneeze without actually sneezing, I put on a new shirt and maintained my armor.

I hardly received any damage but there were fine scratches, most likely from when the previous owner had it. Putting aside the steel sword, as thanks to Margaret-san’s partner, I gently polished the armor before I heard Norn’s voice calling from below that dinner was ready.


By the time I came down, Margaret-san and Haru were already seated and Norn was placing food in front of my seat beside Haru.

When I asked Margaret-san about the price for the clothes, he replied that it was 700 sense but Haru pestered him if that was really the real price and he responded with 750 sense, so I handed him 800 sense in the end. Any extra could be for the boarding fee anyway.

He said that it was too much but I forcibly gave it to him so he tightly accepted the 8 silver coins.


Then, I sat down. Today’s meal was grilled fish and sautéed potatoes.


There were knives and forks placed and in the center was a jar of butter.


“Well then, let’s eat.”


We began our meal with Margaret’s offer.

It looked like the butter was prepared for spreading onto the potatoes so I copied Norn and Margaret-san and used a butter knife to apply the butter onto the potato before eating.

Apparently, butter was a moderately luxurious food material so Haru was holding back at the start but under Margaret’s recommendation, she scooped up a very small quantity and applied it to the potato before eating.


“By the way Oniisan, until when do you intend to stay in this town?”

“Hmm, I was thinking that it’s about time I head for the town of Belasra in the south.”


I was curious since I was implicitly recommended to meet with Torerul.


“If it’s Belasra, then there would be a carriage leaving here tomorrow in the evening, the next one would be one week later. It’s possible to walk there but it would take about 3 days.”

” … Eh, is that so. Then we might leave with the carriage tomorrow … Haru, are you alright with that?”

“Yes, the path master walks is the path I walk.”


Ku, that’s a splendid line.


“I see … it’s going to become lonely. It’s alright to come back anytime okay. Also, I’ll be making a bento so I’ll deliver it to you at the carriage.”

“Thank you.”


Thus, for me, the last night I’ll be in Florence continued on. No, it’s not the last, I’ll definitely come back to visit.

I swore.

Before that, there was something that I must do in this town.


Returning to my room, I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

Because the lamp was extinguished, the only source of light was the moonlight coming in from the window, but it was still moderately bright.


After laying there for a while, there was a knock on the door.


” … Master, are you asleep?”


It was Haru. I told her that I was still awake and she opened the door and entered.

The white hair illuminated by the moonlight was beautiful and wondrous.


” … Erm, master … It’s about what happened in front of the boss room.”

“Ah … ah.”

“I lost consciousness after I got you to touch my stomach … the continuation to that … I wish to continue from there here.”

“Con, continue?”


Haru said with a captivating voice.


“The oath of loyalty … erm … please stroke … my stomach. If it is master’s desire, then the continuation as well …”

“The continuation … is?”

“The pledge between man and woman … the white wolf race can only conceive on a full moon night so there wouldn’t be any problems today.”


… Is it alright?



Am I going to graduate from my virginity?



Author’s Note:

It’s a man’s shame to not eat what was offered to him.

… What happens after that belongs to the nocturne section (Lie)

(TL: The nocturne section in Syosetu is the 18+ section for males.)


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