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(026) Let’s go to the intermediate labyrinth for a little bit

Translator: Tseirp

Morning came in the blink of an eye. Morning came because morning came. (TL: It’s most likely a play on words or a pun but I couldn’t really be sure what the meaning was.)

Haru and I had sweat a lot since we were clinging on to each other so we wiped our sweat with a towel before heading to the dining room.

Breakfast was already prepared and the 4 of us gathered to eat.


With the 4 of us gathered, breakfast was bread and milk.

It was, however … If I didn’t move my body I would recall what happened yesterday and become embarrassed.


There’s no helping it. It’s my first step climbing up the stairs to adulthood, yup. I won’t be able to handle it as well as I thought.

Similarly, Haru’s gaze was also slightly lowered.


And, Norn was the one who was the most embarrassed and Margaret-san was for some reason eating with a grin.


“Hey, Ichi-kun, you know, the walls of my boarding house are quite thin.”


I could guess after listening to that single sentence from Margaret-san.

They heard everything … Margaret-san, Norn as well.


Uwa, so embarrassing … Next time, I must seriously consider the time and place.


“You can’t embarrass girls so much. If it’s alright with you, I’ll attentively teach Ichi-kun in great detail before you depart …”

“We won’t be able to make it!”


I’m begging you, please don’t use such an amorous stare. I don’t want to wake up to that.

Norn sent me a lifeboat when I was in trouble.


“That’s right Margaret-san, Oniisan already has Haru as his lover. If he didn’t, then I also would have …”


Norn mumbled and grumbled as she began drinking her milk.

It was embarrassing but also a seriously enjoyable meal.


“So Ichi-kun, what do you intend to do now?”

“For the time being, I plan to dive into the Intermediate Labyrinth in the morning and visit the Adventurers Guild after lunch to sell items for travelling money.”

“The Adventurers Guild huh … don’t do anything reckless.”

” … Yes.”


Margaret-san chided with a smile and I nodded with a wry smile.


Until the end, I still did not have the feeling that I could rival Margaret-san.

Even if my growth cheat became stronger, even if I acquire the strength to defeat the demon lord, people who stand above me will most likely still appear in the future. Actually, I feel sorry for leaving Miri alone in Japan.

In addition, I feel that meeting such people would cause me to experience the true meaning of growth.


“Then, I’ll deliver yesterday’s laundry and the bento by the time the carriage is ready.”

“Thank you for taking care of me until the end.”

“It’s fine, this is all that I am capable of helping with.”


Margaret-san winked at me said that he had something to prepare and left.

Looks like the shop would be temporarily closed today.


We cleaned up the table and headed for the labyrinth that intermediate users head for.

Haru also changed into her combat gear in her own room.


5 minutes later, Haru entered my room after finish changing clothes.


“How is it?”


Upon hearing her ask, I saw Haru’s clothes. I don’t know why the gear was made as a skirt, but it was shorter than her usual skirt that was about knee-length and in exchange, the socks were lengthened. Apparently it was made of a special fabric so it is resilient to damage.


“It suits you extremely well.”

“Thank you.”

“However, if it’s that short … erm, it looks like your underwear can be seen.”

“It’s alright because I’m wearing bloomers under it.”


Haru said and she tucked her skirt up.

Eeeeh, it’s the first time I’ve seen the real thing … but, why does this world have bloomers?


I asked and apparently the lost people who came into this world made it out of interest and it can now be found in the clothes shop of this world.

The Japanese people are really doing whatever they want huh.


However, bloomers that can be seen when the skirt is raised, it somehow gives one an adventurous spirit. Similar to the feeling of an upskort in tennis.


” … Thank you for the meal.”

” … Thank you.”


Both Haru and I said words of thanks. It made me think that we truly are a good combi.

Then, we headed for the Intermediate Labyrinth in Florence.


“It’s surprisingly crowded huh.”


There was a queue like to an attraction in an amusement park. The difference with an amusement park was that unlike queues made up entirely of kids, there were many rugged men there.

While thinking that it would be a hassle to line up there,


“That’s right. Adventurers with more than 3 years of experience can enter the Intermediate Labyrinth. Well, the adventurers who can reach the boss room doesn’t even reach 10% anyway. The labyrinth is deep but there are transfer circles so as long as you are not targeted, you would not be troubled by the monsters. I have been to the Intermediate Labyrinth’s 22nd floor so I can use the transfer circles to the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th floors.”

“There are transfer circles huh.”


They’re most likely something like warp gates that can transfer you instantaneously to another location.

As expected of another world.

If that’s the case then the people in this line was waiting for their turn to use the transfer circle.


Seems like it would take about 1 hour to even enter the labyrinth.

Just as I had that thought,


“Heeey, rookie! Here! Here!”

“Let’s go together!”


There was a voice coming from ahead.

… Jofre and Elise. Those 2 have already been released huh.


“Shall we take them up on their offer?”


Apparently it was common for someone in the party to line up for the labyrinth.

Moreover, the transfer circle can transfer 6 people to the same location together.


“That is certainly better than lining up here.”


I went toward the 2 of them.


“Then, we’ll be in your care.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s said that we should help each other out when there’s trouble and to retaliate with a blow to the left cheek if your left cheek is hit.”


Jofre said while smiling.


” … No, I haven’t heard of that … Is there such a phrase?”

“I’ve also not heard of it before.”


Yup, as expected. The front and back of the sentence had totally different meanings.


“Good company on the road is the shortest cut to hell, right Jofre?”


No way, I don’t want such a journey.

Why is dying the premise of the journey? If there’s going to be death then the 2 of you should die.


“Or rather, don’t you 2 hate me for what I did? I did defeat your boss after all.”

“Hmm? Oh, don’t mind! We’re friends! Moreover, you’re strong.”

“That’s right, we’ll lose out if we’re concerned about such a thing! It’s a given to side with the strong!”


… These 2, even though they are idiots, they are the type that would coil around the strong.

Well, they’re the type that would definitely not lie anyway and it’s a pain to line up so we’ll proceed as 4.


“Then, where shall we move to? I’ll put it out there that I must return by afternoon.”

“Ah, we have plenty of leeway if that’s the case. Since we’re only transferring to the 95th floor and proceeding to the 100th-floor boss room.”


…… Huh?



Author’s Note:


Villager, it’s strange to call them villagers when they live in towns so,

Villager is changed to Commoner.

It can also be tsukkomied that Commoner is not a job but an identification but it can be used as foreshadowing so please pardon me.

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