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GC V1C29

(029) VS Giant Skink

Translator: Tseirp

We once again descended down to the 56th-floor.

Waiting there was a large number of fish lizards that practically covered all the skinks that we should have defeated previously as well as the Giant Skink.

“I’ll start with a pre-emptive strike, 「Slash」!”


My 「Slash」using my double knife hands defeated 2 skinks and next, I tried out a trick that I had thought of just now.


“「Petite Fire」!”


That instant … a fire ball many times larger than my usual one was created.

That can no longer be considered petite! The「Petite Fire」 with that power swallowed 5 fish lizards.


“Master, that magic just now was!?”

“Don’t mind it! Focus on the battle!”


I now have another means to fight with, furthermore, to test another, I took out my sword from my item bag and jumped into the center of the skinks.


“「Rotational Slash」!”


The skilled up 「Rotational Slash」seemed to have a wider effective range and it mowed down 20 skinks in one go.

This one also had greatly increased power as expected.


Great, it’s a success.


What I was doing now was instantly switching my job to Apprentice Magician and Magician when I’m using magic and to Apprentice Swordsman and Swordsman when I’m using my sword.

I had been occasionally training to instantly change jobs but it displayed unexpected power when introduced for the first time in actual combat.


Then, I switched to my Swordsman-orientated jobs (Jobless‧Swordsman‧Apprentice Swordsman‧Pugilist‧Hunter) and slashed at the Giant Skink.

However, it fought back, repelling me with its tongue.

The other skinks were gathering at its feet.


However, it was about time.




My sword attack … sliced off the Giant Skink’s tail.

Shit, my aim was off.


The giant tail violently jumped before it stopped moving.

Then, the Giant Skink grew a new tail.


That regeneration was quick.


The Giant Skink furiously opened its mouth wide and charged at me without caring about trampling on its companions.

… What a stupid fellow, he might have been able to narrowly escape death if he ran away.


I instantly switched to my Magician-orientated jobs (Jobless‧Commoner‧Apprentice Magician‧Magician‧Apprentice Alchemist) and laughed.


“「Petite Fire」!”


The fire ball with power that clearly greatly exceeded that of petite went into the mouth of the Giant Skink and caused an explosion.

There were flying pieces of meat … Then, the remaining fish lizards all ran away simultaneously.

I wanted to chase after them but they scrambled away like spiderlings so I decided it was better to give up.


Damn it, I should have defeated more small fry before I defeated the boss. I was having regrets.


And, what remained was the scale of the Giant Skink, giant meat and 3 pieces of Rare Medals … and also a large amount of experience points.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Commoner skill: 「Stone Throw」 skill has leveled up to 「Throwing」】

【Job: Philanderer is now available】(TL: The word used (遊び人) can either mean a playboy or a person who just likes to play/fool around (Non-sexually))

【Apprentice Magician skill: 「Lightning Magic」 obtained】

【Magician skill: 「Cane Equip」 skill has leveled up to 「Cane Equip II」】

【Magician skill: 「Magical Power Boost」 obtained】

【Magician skill: 「Fire Magic」 skill has leveled up to 「Fire Magic II」】

【Apprentice Alchemist skill: 「Alchemy」 obtained】

【Alchemy: 20 types of recipes obtained】

【Apprentice Alchemist skill: 「Mineral Appraisal」 obtained】

【Pugilist skill: 「Speed Increase (minor)」 obtained】

【Hunter skill: 「Accuracy Correction (minor)」 obtained】

【Peddler skill: 「Food Appraisal」 obtained】

【Skill integration: 「Mineral Appraisal」 and 「Food Appraisal」 integrated into 「Food & Mineral Appraisal」】


Ooh, my head is about to burst.

Looking at the skills in my status, I felt that it was getting in the way considerably.

When I had that thought,


【Title: Skill Maniac obtained】

【Title skill: 「Skill Organization」 obtained】


Skill Description: 「Skill Organization」【Title skill】

Able to transfer skills from the status screen to another screen.

Other people would not be able to see skills in the other screen.


Uwah, somehow I obtained something convenient.

Not only can I organize the skills, other people would not be able to see them. Doesn’t that mean I could conveniently hide skills like my 5th Job Setting?


No, thinking about it in reverse, even if I obtain the skill to see other people’s skills, I would not be able to see through those that hold many skills like me.

Assuming that I will acquire the ability to see other people’s skills, I’ll have to keep that in mind if their actual strength and skills do not match.


For the time being, I’ll move all my skills to the other screen and organize them another time.


“Hey! Rookie! Are you alright!”


Jofre’s voice came just in time from the floor above.

So they got help huh. Although it’s no longer needed.


Just when I had that thought,


“Sorry, we got lost!”

“Guide us to the transfer circle!”


When we heard them say so in a loud voice, Haru and I looked at each other and laughed.




Jofre and Elise were collecting the fallen scales and we were collecting the magic stones and meat.

Was it due to my Luck stat that the magic stones dropped by the fish lizards defeated by me were larger than those defeated by Haru?

If the magic stones of the fish lizards defeated by Haru were about pebble-sized, those defeated by me were about ping-pong ball-sized.

And, the magic stone dropped by the boss skink was about the size of a basketball.

Since a magic stone’s purity is higher the larger its size, I believe that it would sell for quite a considerable price.


“That’s amazing, rookie … well, it’s strange to call you rookie if you can hunt these many fish lizards.”

“Then, how about the reverse of rookie, rookie?” (TL: They only reversed the kanji and katakana lol)

“That’s great! Rookie.”


… No, it should be strange. In a lot of ways.


“Nevertheless, it’s still strange. Since the request was pasted in the guild, it wouldn’t be strange if adventurers apart from us came here as well. But in the end, there was only the adventurer that got eaten?”


Nobody came today as well.


“Ah, that’s because I peeled off and took the request so that others would not intercept the request!”

“As expected of Jofre! Skilled general! Genius!”


… Jofre raised the request and Elise applauded.

As usual, these 2 were …


“Erm, you have to pay a penalty if you peel off the request sheet for a subjugation request without permission.”

“Eh? Really?”


Jofre’s expression went pale when he heard Haru’s words. They really do not think about anything. Of course.


“Well, we collected these many scales. We should not fall into the red. We have the boss skink’s scale as well.”

“Oh, that’s right!”


Looking at Jofre’s rapidly changing expressions like a just weeping crow that was now smiling, I had deeply emotional feelings when I thought that it was time to part with these guys. (TL: The crow thing is most likely an idiom.)

Even though our first encounter was the worst.


Thus, we returned to the surface.

There was only 1 mission remaining.

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