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Chapter 089: Relationship between honey and the Bear beastmen

Translator: Tseirp


The next day, I passed my magic stones to Dolan and Paula and asked them to continue digging the underground 3rd floor.

“I wish to make an entrance from the other side as well but I have not received their pledge so I can’t do that yet. Please clean up the compartments while I discuss with Haniru-dono here.”

“Understood. I’ll continue digging.”

“I’ll compact the walls.”

I’ve forgotten that the 2 of them usually do not speak much. Then, I noticed the 3 elves.


“Crecia, Rician, Milfeene, listen to Haniru-dono’s opinion, discuss about where and what type of seeds to sow and write them down on a piece of parchment for me to see later.”



This morning, the 3 of them pledged to me.

With that, I can bind them to a certain extent but if it is hopeless then it can’t be helped, I would just not involve myself with them if that happens again so I don’t really mind it.


This time, the pledge established joint responsibility.

If any of them commit something, all 3 of them will be sold as slaves together.


There’s a chance that they would immediately return even if their slave contracts are dispelled and if they lose their memories about meeting us, if spirits are involved then there’s a chance they will be returned to us as well.

Ability-wise, I believe they are necessary personnel for the orchard, honey, and mead distillery.


Last night, while talking about the spirits and the elves’ special characteristics with Lionel and Cathy, I decided on how to handle them.

Cathy told me that she confirmed the situation about their slave status with Rician and was told that only people with strong faith in spirits can dispel the slave contract.

“When I firmly had a talk with them, they properly told me nya~”

She said with a smile but her eyes weren’t laughing.

It’s definitely because Lionel got hurt … but isn’t she over thinking it?


Going by that criteria, Milfeene is an elf of age above 200 so I guess her faith would be considerably strong.

Humans worship the Chief God Kuraiya to use magic and similarly they beseech spirits to use spirit magic so their devotion should be strong to a large extent as well.


They gave priority to the revelation from the spirit that nears godhood which they always had faith in compared to me who only became their master for 10 days.

I guess that can’t be helped.


Surely if Cathy was ordered by Lionel as well, a similar situation would occur and I can easily imagine who she would prioritize between me and Lionel.


Well, since the situation changes depending on whether she is convinced or if I sense something, the situations will never be equal …


Even though I thought I no longer need to think about these things after coming to this world …


It’s a secret that I felt nostalgia toward my life in Meratoni when I was thinking about this.


The next morning, when I told the 3 of them, Crecia looked like she was about to cry, Rician glared at Milfeene and Milfeene apologized with a deep bow.

I told the 3 of them that this was coercion and as of now they can still discard the slave contract but the 3 of them still rejected.

Thus, I now had 3 people with slave crests that would automatically dispel if they conduct any harmful activities against me, my plan or the Healer’s Guild.

Once a day, Cathy and Naria would be in-charge of checking their slave crest and I stopped devoting time to this matter.


“Naria, please continue to teach the slaves literacy and general knowledge.”


Naria asked “How about Luciel-sama joined as well?” but I don’t have such time.


“Kefin squad will patrol around the guild’s perimeters while Yarubo squad and Baderu squad, I ask that you flush out the opposition without overexerting yourselves.”


That was a really good answer.

While praying from my heart that they can successfully rehabilitate, I called out to Lionel and Cathy and departed.


“Lionel, Cathy, we’ll first go visit the bear beastmen.”


After calling out to Jordo-san, we left the Healer’s Guild.


Although we came to meet with the bear beastmen, there were a number of tiger beastmen present as well.


“Good morning.”

Seeming as if they did not notice me, the tiger beastmen gave a surprised nod and left as if they were running away.


“I wonder what that was about?”

“That’s a slightly disturbing sign.”

“Today is Yarubo squad’s turn to keep track of them so it’s fine nya.”

Lionel showed that he was thinking while beside him Cathy answered with a laugh.


“Did you notice something?”

“When I investigated the centaur tribe slightly, I found that the tiger beastmen are involved nya.”

Since that was investigated within the span of yesterday, Cathy is outrageously talented after all.

” … Please report something like that as well.”

Cathy laughed and averted her gaze.

I was somehow healed by that comical action.

” … I’ll keep that in mind nya.”


“Ha~. Well then, let’s ask what the tiger beastmen came here for and begin the negotiations.”

I knocked on the house that the tiger beastmen were in and the door was banged opened with an amazing momentum that was then stopped by Lionel.

“As I … ugh!?”

There was a bang and this time, the sound of something hard hitting the door was heard, before Lionel slowly opened the door, greeted by the sight of a bear beastman holding onto his head.


“Are you Brian-dono?”

It was hard to distinguish between them.

While taking note of a surprising side of Lionel, I applied 「Heal」 and 「Recover」.


The recovered Brian-dono woke up and gave an embarrassed look when he noticed us and invited us into the house.


“Were you in the middle of something?”

” … Our tribe is small in numbers so we have various things to do.”

Brian-dono smiled weakly.


“I see. If it’s alright with you, maybe you can give me your trust and confide in me?”

” … I am aware that Luciel-dono is currently the representative for Ienith. However, this is a problem between tribes so please understand.”

Does he not realize that by saying so he had already completely revealed their relations with the tiger beastmen?


“I see. Then I’ll return for today.”

I smiled and said to Brian-dono.

” … Was there something you wished to talk about?”

“There was, but without an established relationship of trust, the talk about hone … the talk can’t be done without trust.”

I once again smiled and stood up, but Brian-dono’s flustered voice resounded across the house.

“Ho, hone, you mean it’s a talk about honey?”

“Shh~. This is a confidential talk, we can talk about it after we further strengthen our relationship of trust.”

I stopped him with an index finger placed in front of my nose before I checked left and right and said with a soft voice.

“What is it about?”


While pretending to be worried, I took out a small 100ml bottle and stopped right before I passed it to Brian-dono.

“This is honey. If you feel like trusting me, please come visit the Healer’s Guild.”

After saying that, this time, I handed it over to Brian-dono.


Brian-dono trembled as he took the lid off the bottle, dripped the honey on his hand and licked.

Brian-dono who began trembling violently made sure to cap the bottle before flying out of the door.


The next moment, with light emitting out of his body accompanied by a 『Bofun』 sound, Brian-dono became giant.

Then, “Kuma!”, he gave out an amazing roar.


” … Doesn’t he seem larger compared to before?”

“So there are various types of beastmen as well huh …”

“I was surprised nya~!?”

While listening to the surprised remarks from the original two, I thought “Wouldn’t this make it obvious that he just ate honey?” but decided to give him a warning after his giant form ends.


About 5 minutes later, the wolf beastmen and dragonewt guards came to investigate but they were convinced by my explanation that I gave him some leftover honey and left.

That caused me to facepalm as it indicated that this happened every time.


His body returned back to his small size 30 minutes after his transformation.

Now stood Brian-dono who had finally returned to his original … or a size smaller than before due to the fact that he was prostrating on the ground.


By the way, it seems like the person who spread the usage of dogeza was Philosopher-sama so I’ve already concluded that Philosopher-sama was a reincarnated individual as well as a Japanese.


“I did not expect such a transformation due to the honey but I am not angry as well so please raise your head.”


“What are you saying. That was the first time I’ve ever tasted honey that is of such high quality, with not one bit of impurities … or rather, with such condensed magical power. If one is a bear beastmen, it is natural to pledge allegiance.”

So that honey was of finest quality huh…

It was great that I helped the bee tribe.

After such exchanges, when I asked about the previous tiger beastmen, he began speaking unreservedly.


“Ienith has a total of 10 beastmen races but there originally was 14 races.”

“What were the 4 races?”

“Cow beastmen, horse beastmen, monkey beastmen and elephant beastmen. They were expelled from Ienith due to various reasons.”

” … When I first heard of this country, I heard that there were individuals who do not want to bind themselves to this city as well as races that want to flaunt their territories in the wide Ienith land?”

Brian-dono shook his head and spoke.

“They were driven out due to the race having too few numbers or from repeated battles. Nobody wants to make a village or settlement where monsters roam about freely.”

” … Then, the tiger beastmen that were previously here?”

“We were told to not cooperate with Luciel-dono, wholesale herbs to the Herbalist Guild as we have done up until now, and to not let this be known to the other races.”

“And if the secret is out?”

“We would most likely be harassed by the centaurs.”

Including Shaza, they are seriously without hope.

Unlike the dragonewt tribe, they do not have any deviousness. Ah, let’s go visit the Adventurer’s Guild after this.


“I understand. I will send a subordinate tomorrow night, follow that person and come to the Healer’s Guild. I’ll have you all pledge once there but I do not intend to do anything detrimental to the bear beastmen.”

“Luciel-dono, no, Luciel-sama, please take care of the bear beastmen.”

I guess he had been under enormous pressure.

Brian-dono once again said with a deep bow.

“Let us both work hard together.”


We were seen off by Brian-dono as we headed for the Adventurer’s Guild.




“What do you mean?”

“There’s no problem with Brian-dono, but they are without a doubt rough. Once they have a taste of power they would not be able to let it go.”

Lionel said with a heavy nod.


“There’s a chance that you might need to condemn them nya.”

Cathy was grinning but today I somehow felt that her mood was bad.


” … Please give me a break from that … There’s a high risk that they would topple the power balance.”

“If it is similar to what happened to the original Adventurer’s Labyrinth Nation’s capital Grandol, it is just a question of sooner or later.”

“Luciel-sama just do what you plan to do nya. Lionel-sama and I will support you nya.”

“Yeah. I’m counting on you two.”


When I said that, the 2 of them exchanged gazes and spoke while laughing.

“I suddenly feel itchy all over.”

” … I’ve been surprised the second time for today nya~.”


I felt gratitude toward the 2 of them, especially after yesterday.

“Come on! Let’s go.”

We began walking toward the Adventurer’s Guild with the usual formation, with me right in the middle, Lionel walking ahead and Cathy protecting the rear.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

TL’s Note:

Companion goals? Hahaha


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