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IS B6C93

Chapter 093: Herbalist Guild guildmaster

Translator: Tseirp


When we returned to the Healer’s Guild after the monthly meeting, there was a message from the Adventurer’s Guild’s Jasuan-dono.

“I’m sorry but I would have to trouble you to visit the Herbalist Guild tomorrow at noon. That was the message he conveyed.”

I heard the report from a female slave.

Perhaps it was due to Naria’s teaching or due to her original education, I felt that I could give the female slave full passing marks as a receptionist.


“I see. Please continue to work hard under Naria.”

She happily bowed after I said that.


My heart softened a little looking at that and I headed down to the underground.


“Is the underground 3rd floor completed already?”

“Not yet.”

Dolan appeared when I muttered that as I saw the large and wide space.


“You’ve been seriously working very well lately.”

I conveyed words of appreciation to Dolan.

He really accomplished such a major undertaking with just Paula, I can seriously bow down to him.


“What are you saying, it’s giving me goose bumps. Luciel-sama was the one who came up with such grand ideas, I merely possess the strength to realise it. That’s all there is to it.”

Dolan also doesn’t waver huh … I thought as I checked on the progress.


” … I see. Then what about the school and the houses for the adventurers?”

“Since they would all be the same, once we complete one house, all the other houses could be constructed based on it so it would be done quickly. However, magic stones and wood are insufficient, as stated in the report.”

“Development of that is postponed for the time being.”

” … That’s regrettable. That made my spirit boil the most.”

Dolan sighed as he shook his head.


“Luciel … sama. The analysis has been completed.” Paula called out.

“Don’t say it like you analysed it all by yourself. Luciel-sama, I led and completed the analysis of the items you acquired in the labyrinth.” Rician interrupted our conversation.

” … Firstly, the bracelet.” Paula ignored Rician and passed to me the bracelet I acquired from a treasure box in the 47th floor of the labyrinth.


“It is an item that would be activated when the user channels magical power into it and says the magic word. A wind barrier would form with the weaver in the center and it can guard against fire and ice magic as well as breath attacks.”

…… Barrier?

” …Perhaps, if that is activated, even the Red Dragon’s breath would be?”

” … The barrier might break for all we know.”

Paula said while diverting her eyes.


“Luciel-sama, what is this Red Dragon you speak of?”

“The item inside the 50th floor treasure chest is the Key of the Hermit.”

Paula ignored Rician and handed me the key I acquired in the 50th floor.


“How is this used and what effects does it have?”

“If you channel magical power into the key and imagine an invisible door as you turn the key, you would be able to create a building within the space.”

…… It’s a cheat item different from what I had thought.

I thought that it was a key that could open anything but it’s a cheat item in a different sense.

“Does it mean that even if I set off on a journey I would be safe with this key?”

” …… ”

Paula hesitated.

“That key is from a low rank lesser magic series of the Key of the Hermit series so people cannot enter the space.”

Rician described on behalf of Paula.

While thinking that those 2 were a surprisingly good combination, I was momentarily disappointed at the fact that people could not enter but doesn’t it mean that I could journey without exposing Fornoir and the horses to danger?

“Would Fornoir and the horses be alright?”

” … Yeah. However, it is still a lesser magic key so it’s more logical to sell it for a high price? You can sell it for a high price even in auctions.”

Rician emphasized her point but she is most likely hoping for funding or magic stones for development after all.

I’ve heard that that was the cause as to why she became a slave.

“I feel that I have a need for it so I don’t have any intention of selling it.”

Rician kept quiet after I explicitly told her my intention.


“Regarding this book you entrusted to me, I could not decipher it.”

Evidently, I would need to consign it to an institution that deciphers words and ancient characters but as long as I have no idea what is written in it, it would remain within my magic bag.


After that, after spending time to talk about magic tools that would supply the fields with water and other magic tools that would make work more convenient, I explained to them that we would be heading to the forest in the morning the day after tomorrow.

“That’s why, do not do things like pulling an all-nighter tomorrow night.”


After telling them that, I conveyed the same contents to Haniru of the Hacchi tribe and subsequently went for training.



The next day, me, Lionel and Cathy together with Jasuan-dono, the 4 of us came to the Herbalist Guild.

“I have not heard about the fine details yet but how did the other party react?”

“He immediately consented the moment I took out Luciel-sama’s name. I was wary due to the Gurohara incident but apparently he have been wanting to meet Luciel-sama.”

“Is that so … and until when would Jasuan-dono continue adding -sama to my name? I won’t force you to drink Object X without any reason alright.”

“No, Luciel-sama’s force can only be referred to as such. If possible please allow me to continue doing so.”

” … Please don’t do so as much as possible. And definitely do not do it in public.”

“I will be careful.”


After entering the Herbalist Guild, instead of heading straight to the guildmaster’s room, we were brought to the underground workshop.

Because of the smell that stung our noses, I passed nose plugs to Lionel and Cathy before entering the workshop.

Jasuan-dono was affected by the smell but he laughed that the pungent odour was weaker than Object X so he had no problem.


“Thank you for coming.”

The person inside the workshop noticed us and the racoon beastman greeted us with a grin.

“Smic-dono, can’t you do something about this smell?”

“It’s because I’m in the middle of compounding. Sorry.”

“As I informed you previously … Luciel-sa,-dono, this is the Herbalist Guild’s guildmaster Smic-dono. Smic-dono, this is Luciel-dono.”

… Why did he correct and repeat himself? Oh well it doesn’t matter. Jais-dono had been mediating for us until now so I’ll start by introduce myself.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Luciel, an S-rank healer. Thank you for making time for us today.”


“I’ve heard about Luciel-sama often. I’m Smic, the head of the Herbalist Guild.”

“We are able to treat wounds with magic but we cannot cure illness so I would be pleased if the Herbalist Guild would be a part of the healing district as well.”

“Thank you. By the way, what is this healing district?”

I could only see a racoon figurine when he tilted his head in doubt but I kept my presence of mind and replied.

” … Have you met with Jordo from the Healer’s Guild?”

“I have not. It’s my job to make medicine in this Herbalist Guild so I delegate all other work to the vice-guildmaster. This time, the person-in-charge was sent by the Herbalist Guild so please rest easy.”

This person has not learnt from experience at all. Furthermore, he is the type that would completely do what he himself wants to do and abandon the Herbalist Guild’s profits.

It would be fine if he was a researcher but is the Herbalist Guild seriously alright?

“To put it simply, let us unite the Healer’s Guild and Herbalist Guild and create a place that can treat patients with injuries and illness.”

“Hou, that promising. Well, by the way, I heard from my nephew Warabis that Luciel-dono is an acquaintance of  Garba and Grulga?”

Is that so.

He is Warabis-dono’s … but he does not end his sentances with “Fu~”.

So it wasn’t a racial thing huh.


“Yeah. I was in their care tremendously in the town of Meratoni in the Saint Schull Allied Nations.”

“So you are aware of Object X?”

“Yes. It was originally a pill called God’s Grief made by Philosopher-sama but Object X began after the pill was refined by magic tools into a liquid form right?”

“Luciel-dono is so knowledgeable. That’s right. I am currently creating that.”


To think he was creating that, so he’s a mad scientist, no, a mad herbalist?

I’ll give an ordinary reaction for the time being.

” … Ooo~”


“I’m thinking that I would be able to dispel my long-standing grudge toward them by letting them eat the God’s Grief made by me.”

Smic-dono then issued a request to Jasuan-dono.

“Jasuan-dono, I’m sorry but I require fresh mandrakes. I’m offering 1 white gold coin per mandrake so I wish to put out a request to collect mandrakes that have last cried within 5 hours.”

“I’m sure I told you that I would not accept such a request. What do you intend to do if the monsters come to invade us?”

” … Why do you have a grudge toward Garba-san and Grulga-san?”

” … The job I obtained when I turned an adult was Herbalist. However, I did not shut myself in like this to create medicine. One day, my nephew Warabis angered the 2 of them and I stepped in when Grulga fed him food made with Object X.”

It’s amazing that he stepped in front of those 2 when they were angry.

“When I asked about why they were bullying Warabis, apparently Warabis sold personal belongings reportedly belonging to them to the children that admired them. Apparently there really were real personal belongings among the items.”

” … Isn’t it normal to be angered by that?”

“Yes. Even though the racoon beastmen is a race who loves to play pranks, that kind of act is unforgivable. Warabis fainted after eating the food from Grulga.”

Grulga-san and Garba-san were also mischievous to retaliate against a prank with Object X.

The reason why this region hates Object X should be the work of Grulga-san.

I listened to Smic-dono’s words.

“Grulga declared that he would forgive Warabis if he ate the same amount of dishes as the number of people he harmed so I also ate for Warabis’s sake.”

” … That was nice of you.”

“Well, I couldn’t just go home after butting in like that. In the end I could not finish it but the 2 of them still forgave him and promised to never do such a thing to Warabis.”

” … There has not been a reason to have such a grudge on the 2 of them up until this point?”

“The problem started from then. The girlfriend I had at that time dumped me because of the smell, this workplace also ordered me to make medicine in the underground workshop because of the smell and the smell of medication could no longer be removed from my body.”

Uwah~ It’s a completely unjustified resentment.

“Then shouldn’t you blame Warabis-dono … ? Warabis-dono was the one who angered them to begin with and the 2 of them did not tell Smic-dono to eat the cooking made with Object X right?”

” …… They did not say? … In fact, it felt like they wanted to stop me … However, if that’s the case then I would not be able to rationalize what I’ve been doing all this time …”



I applied purification magic and the smell ingrained into Smic-dono’s body was removed.

“It would be good if it is slightly more ventilated but are there anything in this room that would react to magic?”

“Eh? There aren’t any such item.”

I channelled magical power into purification magic at once and the smell was completely blown away.

“As expected of Luciel-sa, -dono. The smell is completely removed.”

Jasuan-dono joyfully said but I glared at him for a brief moment and his face turned blue.

He had an expression that appealed to pardon him from Object X.

He seemed to be reflecting so I talked to Smic-dono.

“Regardless of your motivation, Smic-dono have been constantly formulating medicine. That should be a work that is more laborious and difficult than chanting magic. I can see that by looking at you.”

” … Luciel-dono.”

“Also, thinking about it normally, it would be impossible to force Garba-san and Grulga-san to drink that. It would definitely end up with Smic-dono drinking it yourself.”

I gently warned Smic-dono who’s breathing was gradually becoming quicker.

“It’s alright. Smic-dono realized it before you made a bad decision. Moreover, the time Smic-dono spent in formulating and tweaking dosage will definitely not be in vain. That skill can help a lot of people in the future so let us work hard together.”

” …… ”

He said a soft “Yes.” that only I could hear.


Then, after Smic-dono settled down, he once again requested Jasuan-dono for mandrakes.

“With mandrakes, I should be able to create high class potions that can recover injuries and magical power at the same time.”

I looked at Lionel and Cathy and they both nodded so it seems like they judged that it was alright.

“If so, then here.”

I took out the mandrake that Kefin plucked from my magic bag.

“This, this is?”

“A mandrake that have not cried past an hour. I’m passing it to you as a sign of us making acquaintance.”


“Please properly listen to the matter regarding the healing district from now on.”

“Yes. However, please let me compound this first. Let me meet again soon.”

He held the mandrake I passed to him with an excited expression and disappeared into the back.


We all had a bitter smile as we looked at that and decided that there was nothing to achieve here now so we left.


I don’t know if there was hostile gazes when we came out from the basement but I felt that Cathy laughed.

Thus, the conversation with Smic-dono ended with a good harvest and I set my mind toward the material procurement tomorrow.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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