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Chapter 094: Moving the Hacchi race

Translator: Tseirp


Departing after we had our breakfast, we arrived at the undeveloped forest.


“Fornoir, could you go in?”

I imagined a door and channeled magical power into the Key of the Hermit before turning the key.

A door appeared on the spot and a stable could be seen within it.


As to be expected, I was surprised when I tried using it yesterday.

Apparently, the lesser demons designed various rooms to alleviate stress, it was equipped with rooms for meals, sleep and even massage rooms after exercises.

In the beginning, Fornoir and the other horses were startled but after they found that there wasn’t any problem entering the door, they gradually began to relax.


However, only Fornoir hated entering this stable.

And as expected, it refused this time as well.


” … If that’s the case then I have no choice but to have you come along with me this time, do you swear to not move around on your own?”

Fornoir nodded.


“That’s a smart horse.”

“Maybe it’s a subspecies of a battle horse nya.”

Lionel was impressed while the instant Cathy said those words, Fornoir raised its front legs toward Cathy.

“Calm down Fornoir. Cathy, apologize for treating Fornoir as a monster.”

I was truly flustered.

Fornoir hated being treated as a monster.

A normal horse would not have such a reaction.

However, Fornoir abnormally dislikes such things.


“I meant no offense nya. Please forgive me nya.”


Cathy lowered her head and it looked like it forgave her while saying something like “It can’t be helped!”.

Something similar might happen in the future so I better tell them in advance.


“There might be some who are discontent about me bringing Fornoir along but her ability to scout is quite excellent. It has been proven when I came from Ienith. She’ll definitely not be in the way so don’t worry.” (TL: Oh finally the author says that Fornoir is a female.)


There weren’t any objections but I felt that they only did not voice it out.

I conveyed my trust toward Fornoir quietly and entered the forest.


The line-up for the members that came to the undeveloped forest was the same as the previous time, with the addition of Haniru-dono from the Hacchi tribe.

I was quite lost as to bring Milfeene and the elves along or not but Cathy strongly wished to bring them along and Lionel shouldered the responsibility so I allowed them to accompany us.


Firstly, under Haniru-dono’s guidance, we headed for the Hacchi tribe’s settlement.


“There’s a need for me to give my report so please wait a moment.”

Looking at Haniru-dono and his retinues fly off toward the nest in the air, I spoke to Milfeene and the others.”

“I’ll guide you to the forest … Was it Leshy? Did it appear this time? And did you hear the spirit’s voice?”


“There has not been any voices from Leshy or Spirit-sama this time.”

Rician replied as a representative.

She and Crecia insisted that they do not want their slave crest to be dispelled so they offered to monitor Milfeene, the fairies, and the spirit this time.

I told them to do as they wish.


“Okay. Let me know if anything happens”


This time, the formation was split into 3 groups.

Me, Lionel, Cathy, Haniru-dono, Dolan, and Milfeene were the transplanting squad.

Paula, Rician, and Yarubo squad were the material procurement squad.

Kefin squad and Crecia were the scouting squad.


To be honest, the matter about procuring magic stones was on my mind but I chose to go back to my roots and move with survival as the highest priority.

Blunders would happen if everything is hurried.

There was even a proverb for it so it would be best to proceed each step in order.


“Philosopher-sama, I’ve obtained permission. Today, after choosing the trees to transplant, we wish to move 30 percent of the colony, 40 individuals, is that alright?”

Haniru-dono reported delightedly but there wasn’t any talk about the number of individuals so they decided on it themselves.


“There isn’t any problem regarding the number but as I mentioned before, it isn’t safe?”

“Yes I understand. We wish to have approval to construct the nest in the underground below the Healer’s Guild.”


That was my original plan all along and I intended to tell them that but where would they have built the nest if I refused?

“There’s no problem as long as it doesn’t impair the profits. The increase in population was already expected so be at ease and move. However, please properly convey to them that it would not be an environment in which they would be able to frequently return home.”


It’s imperative that I furnish an environment that can ensure their safety but I still have not decided on how to establish that.

Hopefully, all the Hacchi tribe would want to move.

But I understand that that is impossible.

The ones who will head for Ienith from this forest would only be the relatively younger generation.

Among the individuals that were born and grew up in this forest, many of them wish to remain living here.

While feeling the responsibility of taking along the younger generation, I motivated myself to definitely make it a success and we resumed our activities.


The Hacchi tribe chose the tree, Milfeene talked to the trees, Dolan dug the soil and I collected them into the magic bag.


If Fornoir reacted to something, Kefin squad would move out and either Cathy or Lionel would accompany them.


Fornoir’s scouting ability was proven and everyone admitted that it was excellent.


Nothing particularly eventful happened apart from that, although I felt slightly letdown, we completed our objective of harvesting the fruit trees and flowers.

“Well then, even though it might be slightly cramped, could the Hacchi tribe please ride in the carriage.”


I had the Hacchi tribe ride in the carriage and we departed for Ienith.


After coming to an agreement to the sale and purchase of produce and food, there wasn’t any problem with the Hacchi tribe that came along.

However, I was told various insects would approach the sweet honey, even though they are one as well.

A voice called out from my side when such a fatherly gag was going through my mind.


“This time, it is still before evening so I don’t feel any gazes nya.”

“It would be good if this situation continued for long.”

“So, what do you intend to do tomorrow?”


“I intend to acquire magic stones from tomorrow onward so we’ll dive into the labyrinth. For the time being, I plan to use half a day but in case the labyrinth was conquered and the number of monsters decreased, we’ll stay over in the labyrinth.”

“That’s great. Then I’ll have to remember to tell Naria to prepare the food.”

“This time, there’s a map so it would be great if Luciel-sama tries fighting as well nya.”

“If such a situation arises.”


We had that conversation on the way back to Ienith.


I thought of the water spirit that nobody mentioned.

I recalled that when we previously came to the undeveloped forest, it said that originally I would not be able to come here.


This time, we did not come into contact with it and it might be that it is difficult to encounter it, but in the end, without finding any answers, I arrived at Ienith.


We moved with the carriage directly to the underground 1st floor.

With this, the fact that we brought the Hacchi tribe along should not be discovered immediately.

“Thank you for enduring the journey, everyone from the Hacchi tribe. This is currently the underground 1st floor but we would be moving to the underground 3rd floor now so could you all please follow me?”

The Hacchi tribe was shocked at the sudden sight of a sky underground and there were some who were suspecting if they were fooled.

“Everyone would be even more shocked when you reach the underground 3rd floor.”

Thanks to Haniru-dono’s words, they somehow followed my lead.


“This will be everyone’s workplace and living quarters.”

I said after leading them to the underground 3rd floor.

Each and every one of them had a dazed look.

I guess it’s normal to have such a reaction to a pseudo-sun underground together with fields.


“From now on, we will transplant the fruit trees and sow the seeds in the fields according to a planned schedule so let us all work together to create an environment that everyone can work at ease.”

The Hacchi tribe members were united in imagining how they would transplant the fruit trees from then on to create their own oasis.

Then, with my nickname remaining as Philosopher-sama, they all opened their mouths and spoke with one voice.

『Philosopher-sama, please take care of the Hacchi tribe.』

“Yes. Let’s work hard.”

With a relaxed mood, we began transplanting.


Dolan transplanted the trees while Milfeene applied spirit magic to the trees to maintain their state.

A large amount of soil from the forest was placed in the magic bag as well so the tree transplantation went smoothly and Dolan returned to his own workshop.


” … Even though Dolan did such a splendid work, his motivation would not rise with such a small amount of magic stones.”

70 percent of the magic stones we acquired from the monsters we defeated in the undeveloped forest today was given to Dolan but I’m sure Dolan would not be satisfied with an amount of magic stones that did not reach 3 digits.

“Grandfather’s mood is good when he goes to his workshop without saying a word.”

Paula reacted to my mutterings but looks like she was unsatisfied instead.


“Too many of the things that Paula and Rician want to develop are too exaggerated. First, think of items that are convenient for everyone.”

“I understand.”

Rician suddenly appeared behind me and left with Paula to her workshop.


“Those 2 seem to have a good friendship going.”


While watching the rejoicing Hacci tribe, I thought of the plan to acquire the magic stones that we would need in the future from the labyrinth tomorrow.


The next day, I headed for the Labyrinth of Astray that the Flame Dragon was in, but there was when I first came into contact with the shadow of the Evil God.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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