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I’ll try to put in TL notes at parts that I find it harder to link, parts where you need to remember things from earlier chapters or have an idea of the bigger picture. Hope it helps and let me know if you guys want it or would rather not have it. The author’s way of writing really tests my ability to infer >.<‘

Chapter 097: Removal of the Slums

Translator: Tseirp


After we exited from within the labyrinth and returned to the surface, we headed toward the Adventurer’s Guild instead of heading back to the Healer’s Guild.

I had Kefin and the others return first to take care of Fornoir and the horses as well as report that we have returned from the labyrinth.


As usual, upon entering the Adventurer’s Guild, I informed the receptionist and was brought to the guildmaster’s room.


“What can we do for you today?”

Jias-dono spoke before Jasuan-dono who was beside him so I gave a brief reply with what had transpired.


“The labyrinth was rapidly regaining strength … or it might be easier to understand if I say that the labyrinth was in an activated state.”



“And what’s current situation?”

As Jias-dono was in shock, this time, it was Jasuan-dono who leaned forward to ask about the labyrinth in detail.


“I’ll begin explaining from the conclusion, we once again conquered the labyrinth. However, I do not believe that everything was solved with just that.”


“Even though … you’ve conquered the labyrinth once again?”


” … Firstly, within the activated labyrinth, in addition to the previously encountered monsters, there were new undead type monsters mixed within as well.”


” … Please continue.”

I placed the adventurer cards I got from the adventurers in the 50th-floor boss room on the table.


“They entered the 50th-floor boss room where the Red Dragon was … and they were turned into undead.”


” … It doesn’t look like this is some bad joke.”


“I wouldn’t have come all the way here to report if it was. There was a large amount of miasma leaking out of the 50th-floor boss room. I fear that they fell prey to that.”


” … I’ve never heard of such a trap.”


“One of the undead adventurer cursed me and Jasuan-dono to become the sacrifices for the Evil God before I purified him.”


『Wha! Evil God!』

The 2 of them were surprised by the mention of the Evil God.


“Isn’t there any way to calm the labyrinth?”


“I don’t know. However, I was wondering if the large magic stone that appeared after we defeated the boss at the highest floor was the cause for the activation of the labyrinth.”


“You mean the dungeon core?”


“Yeah. That large magic stone can be called the nucleus of the labyrinth. It might be that this happened because they carelessly touched it. It’s not something I am capable of handling so I came to the Adventurer’s Guild to discuss with the 2 of you.”


” … So you came to give heads up?”


“Yes. Adventurers live by fighting so I cannot stop them. That’s why I leave it up to the discretion of you 2.”

For a short moment after I said that, the room was dominated by silence.


It was Jias-dono who broke the silence.

” … Thank you for the information. We cannot come up with an immediate answer for this incident. We might have to consult Luciel-sama when the time comes so thank you in advance.”


“Understood. Let us pray that the labyrinth will decrease in activity.”

“Yes. We will deliver it to the Healer’s Guild if we receive any information about changes to the labyrinth.”


To be honest, it was not a suggestion that I appreciate but I properly accepted it for now.

“Thank you. I look forward to working with you.”


Thus, the conversation regarding the activation of the labyrinth ended and we returned to the Healer’s Guild.


Underneath the Healer’s Guild, under Dolan’s guidance, Baderu squad was constructing prefabricated dwellings.


“This is?”

“The priest knights told me that they would suffice for security during the day so they lend them to me.”

“That’s good. I was feeling bad to have left it all to Dolan alone.”

“Don’t say that. It is boring to only construct the same thing but you do allow me to make that specific item.”

” … Don’t overwork yourself. There is a possibility that we would not be able to collect magic stones in the future so I hope that you will not waste any.”

” … I will handle it carefully.”


Later, after I checked on Dolan’s progress, I returned to the guildmaster’s room and contacted the Pope with the communication bead.


『I understand your point. I will investigate about the Evil God here as well. Also, I trust that you will send honey over once it can be produced in Ienith.』

“Of course.”


After cutting the communication, I sighed.

“To think that the Pope would mention honey every time, it might be a considerably rare good.”

Thinking about that, I began writing a letter to find out about the prices of honey and sugar.


After then, we explored the undeveloped forest and the Labyrinth of Astray every week.

While investigating the ecology of the undeveloped forest, we procured materials and searched for new types of monsters. Also, relieved that the labyrinth was beginning to calm down, I committed my strength in securing magic stones.


Then, in the blink of an eye, it was time for the monthly meeting.

“This time, I will be facilitating the meeting.”

Ririaldo-dono was the facilitator for this time’s meeting.


The meeting progressed smoothly without any particular problem.


“Next, would be the issue raised by Luciel-dono … the problem about the wages. Forens-dono.”

“Due to the considerable disparity in wages between each race, races who exploited money by mixing in true and false reports were found. The increase or decrease in salary is still in discussion while the races that performed fraud will be asked to return the stolen money or will face sanctions.”

“Yo … you will not disclose the races involved?”

“If this incident is leaked out to the public, it will cause great chaos. Which is why, I leave it to the representatives to either individually return the money or risk being shaved off from the next monthly meeting.”

Said Forens-dono.

This person, he might try to confuse you during business negotiations, but he would most likely never ever commit fraud.

He has a forcefulness that makes one feel that way.


“Th … then next up would be the Healing District which would also be by Forens-dono.”

“Yes. Regarding the Healing District, the Tiger beastmen and Dragonewts have proposed to shave off some of their land as well as some of my Fox beastmen land and build it on the resulting vacant land. Discussion about employment will be done next.”

“Do you have any comments?”

Ririaldo-san looked at me and asked and I shook my head.

That’s because I heard of it from Forens-dono beforehand.


“Well then, this is regarding the question raised by Luciel-dono the previous time, about the rumors of the cliff to the west of Ienith. Souther-dono.”

“I apologize but we could not find the adventurer in question. We would like to continue investigating.”

“Any questions?”

I shook my head.


“Finally, regarding the progress of the slums district, Luciel-dono.”

Their gazes gathered on me.

Their eyes told me that they would immediately bite if I lied about the progress.

It was those kind of gazes.

I laughed and told them what could be said now.

“Yes. Currently, the progress rate is 30%. If the slum residents join the construction of the Healing District, we would be able to dismantle the slums in one go.”

“Even if you mention breaking the slums down, there isn’t any evidence of it happening.”

“Even if they are half-breeds, they are still precious residents of Ienith right?”

“I absolutely do not see any way we can establish relations with them.”

Well, I did expect dissatisfaction.


“I see. Please follow me out to the garden for a while.”

Nobody stopped my sudden move to exit to the garden and we exited the mansion.


“Currently, we are building the dwellings for the adventurers.”

I took out the building from my magic bag.

“This is the building prepared for the adventurers.”

I said and the representatives’ eyes were all wide in shock staring at the extracted building.

As might be expected, they did not think that such a huge item could be placed into the magic bag.


“We are currently constructing buildings similar to this as well as the school so I hope that the doubt is cleared.”

I smiled and there weren’t any complaints.

They may have wanted to pick on the newbie whose work had not progressed at all but people are weak towards visible results.

Even if there was only one house constructed, the stronger the impact at the time of revealing it, the more people will believe in it.

Until the next monthly meeting, what conditions should I employ the half-breed beastmen from the slums with?

Keeping in mind the possibility of receiving interference, intimidation or blackmail, I began formulating a strategy. (TL: tl;dr. The pure-breeds discriminate against the half-breeds and the half-breeds end up staying in the slums. Luciel wants to help them and plans to hire them.)



But, 2 months passed with nothing like that happening at all.

I heard from the boss of the slums district, Dollarstar-san, that they were properly receiving their wages and that unlike before, they have proper rest days as well so I was perplexed.


“It’s best to be careful. Times like this is the sign of something to come.”

“I understand. By the way, how is that proceeding along?” (TL: Most likely the talk about relocating the slum residents)

“It’s done. I finished all the preparations.”

“Okay. By the time you return today, the slums district would have disappeared.”

” … What’s this? I didn’t think that I would feel attached to such a place.”

“It is best to finely break down everything when you determine that the item is no longer needed.”

“I’ll entrust it to you. S-rank healer Luciel-sama.”

“Yes. I’ll do my best.”

Almost all of the slum district residents, including Dollarstar-san, moved toward the healing district.

The only people remaining were Kefin and the others who were guiding us, on this day, with Dolan’s earth manipulation, Paula’s 5 meter-class golem and my purification magic and magic bag, the slums district disappeared.

There were some among the slum district residents who broke down crying.

While almost all the non-slum district residents were stunned when they looked at the scene.

There were also many who feared me for executing the action determined within the representative meeting without hesitation.

The next day, the sight that made the eyes of the people who fear me jump out of their sockets was the sight of former slum residents beginning to live in their new houses with smiles on their faces.


Originally, I was supposed to have them stay underground for about 3 months.

However, there was a person who disputed that decision.

That person was Naria.


“It will take a considerably long time to change the populace’s impression once it has been sullied. If you do that, no matter how much planning you say you’re going to do after that, Luciel-sama’s bad reputation would be spread throughout the lands.”

“That might be so, but if we concern ourselves with that then wouldn’t the plan not work?”

“No, rather than spread bad rumors about Luciel-sama who rebuilt the slums district, there should be more races that want to become your ally and benefit as well.”

“But, then there might be people who are not convinced …”

“There would be, I believe. However, Luciel-sama did not say a single word of lie right?”

” … Yeah.”

“Then it’s alright. This could only be achieved because it is Luciel-sama anyway. Even if there is a backlash, as long as there is an even greater benefit, people will want to become your ally.”

Naria gave a lonely expression at the end of it but it only stayed for a split second before she looked over and nodded. (TL: Most likely it reminded her of the betrayal Lionel faced.)


The next day, I was called to an urgent representatives meeting.


There, the 8 races were gathered and the barrage began.

“Luciel-dono, what is the meaning of that! Why are the slum residents living there!?”

Unusually, the first person to fire the shot was the dragonewt Jack-dono.

He is friendly to the fact that I am a strong individual and possess divine protection but he has a strong prejudice towards race.


“That’s right. Didn’t you say that you would remove the slums district?”

The next to speak was a tiger beastman but they should not have the right to speak in the first place, as expected, he still butted in.


“What are you thinking, to let half-breed beastmen live in such splendid buildings.”

Seemed like the dog beastman Sebec-dono could not bear with the fact that the half-breed beastmen were living in a better house than the one he was living in.


“Isn’t this a fraud! You said that it was to attract adventurers.”

The cat beastman Kyasral-dono was the same as Sebec-dono.

However, in his case, the words he said and the thoughts he had were reversed, he was appealing towards me for something but I could not understand.


“We would like to hear what were you thinking to do such a thing.”

The rabbit beastman Ririaldo-dono snorted.

There’s no helping it if he resents me when the fact that I have been making plans behind the scenes since I became a representative comes to light.


However, within that concentrated barrage, there were questions thrown in.

“Luciel-dono, can that be created so easily?”

“Perhaps, from my observation, you took the whole city into consideration?”

” … No way?! Is that why the bear beastmen are so spirited lately …”

The questions came from the wolf beastman Olga-dono, the fox beastman Forens-dono and the bear beastman-loving Souther-dono.


I slowly raised my gripped right fist and spoke as I raised my index finger.

“Firstly, I promised to crush the slums district. I have crushed the dirty slums district and it has now become a beautiful cityscape.”

Looking at everyone, I raised my middle finger to form a peace sign and continued.

“Secondly, with relation to attracting adventurers, I attracted individuals from the slums district who possess the strength to become adventurers. Without the slums and with a place to live in with improved security, it should become even easier to attract more people.”

“That is just a play on words. Why did you give the likes of half-breed beastmen new homes.”

“That is a different topic. 2 months ago, didn’t I say that the half-breed beastmen are precious residents as well? From now on, I intend to make a splendid city that is easy to live in.”

I talked from beginning to end with a smile pasted on my face.

This time, I properly role-played the situation beforehand and thought of the content of several questions that would be asked so I was calm.

Then, Forens-dono spoke.

“Luciel-sama, was that the reason why you purchased the slums district?”

“No, it’s not. Or rather, it wasn’t, until you all were so uncooperative, so I did what I could within the scope that I was capable of.”

It looked like the opposing faction wanted to speak but Forens-dono made a move quicker.

The amazing aspect of him was his ability to make a profit and to make preliminary calculations, if it wasn’t profitable he could listen to the story well and make prompt decisions.


” … The school doesn’t seem to be complete yet?”

“That is currently under construction.”

“I see. I can hardly wait.”

As usual, Olga-dono’s mind was totally filled with Shiela-chan.


“Why is it that you have a good relationship with the bear beastmen lately?”

“Their race have a low population and are tired. So I merely offered them treatment and food.”

Food by the name of honey.

“I see. Food huh …”


Souther-dono was lost in thought with that and although the individuals who verbally attacked during the representative meeting were not convinced, since they could not think of a plan to improve it, the topic was left open.


This time, I must definitely prepare to face interference.

I thought about that as I was returning from the leaders mansion.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.



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