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Chapter 002

Translator: Tseirp




Tsutomu fell face first onto a wooden floor and gave out a noise like a crushed frog. Boisterous sounds entered his ears and without even realizing it, he was wearing a set of shabby pale brown clothes.

Tsutomu groped his own body and sighed a breath of relief when he confirmed that he still had his hands. When he was in the midst of confirming that there weren’t any abnormalities in his body, the man standing beside him grabbed his collar and forcibly picked him up.


“Fumu, seems like it is the first time you’re experiencing returning after death. Can you stand on your own?”

“Ye, yes.”


The soldier-like man was dressed in top grade indigo clothes with a golden star badge attached to his chest. Getting picked up by him with a truly serious expression, Tsutomu supported himself with the black cane that he dropped and somehow managed to stand up.


Tsutomu had an average height of about 170cm but after standing up he found that the man was close to 190cm. He was in a mental state similar to when he was spoken to by the police.


“You, where’s your status card?”

“Sta, status card?”

” … You’re a diver huh.”


The tall man suspiciously narrowed his eyes at him and Tsutomu shrunk away in fear. The man stared at Tsutomu and spat out a sigh.


“This is the dungeon made by the Gods. Everybody have the right to step into the dungeon. … However, I can only imagine that you are an orphan. And that cane. Where did you get that?”

” Erm …”

” … Looks like your memory is still cloudy. However, if you don’t possess a status card but carried that cane to dive into the dungeon, there would have been rumors about you. I guess it’s not your original equipment. However, I don’t believe there is anybody stupid enough to drop such a splendid cane at the grasslands. Which means perhaps that is an object from a treasure chest. Do you remember the color of the treasure chest?”

“… Erm. It was glittering and shining like this. As if it repelled the light of the sun.”


Under the rapid interrogation, Tsutomu replied without really understanding the situation. The black cane Tsutomu was holding on to was the highest ranking cane originally made from a rare drop obtained from the ancient city at the 90th floor. When Tsutomu described the characteristic of the treasure chest that gave out that rare drop, excitement surfaced on the man’s expression.


“That’s … precisely the type that gives out gifts from the Gods! You have excellent luck!”


Tsutomu gave a fake smile when the man suddenly began slapping his shoulder and he could finally look around the place. Dragonewts with closely packed red scales on their hands and feet. Beastmen with ears and tails of various animal characteristics nimbly moving about. The man delightfully slapping his shoulder had black dog ears pinned on his head and a black tail wagged left and right.


Of course, he also saw many ordinary humans. Individuals ogling at the reception desk ladies and individuals maintaining their armor. And there were also many ordinary people asking about their conditions in Tsutomu’s surroundings.


“Oops, sorry. I was too excessively high in spirit. Shall we quickly go and get that appraised?”

“Ah, yes.”


Tsutomu was slightly scared by the curious and restless gazes drawn on him but he walked as if he was led by the dog man. In the meantime, Tsutomu looked as far as possible into the surrounding scenery. Each and every person he saw was fantastical. Elves with sharp ears and blonde hair. Rugged old men with primary school kid’s height. There were even people with feathers.


And the buildings were slightly alien. The building themselves were mostly regular wooden structures. However, the place that Tsutomu probably came out from had a pitch black door, as if it cut through space itself.


As Tsutomu was looking, the black door suddenly opened. 5 individuals wearing the same clothes as him were spat out and slammed onto the floor. Then, similar to what happened to Tsutomu, staff dressed in indigo clothes called out to them and they left the building.


What caught his eye was the existence of completely fantasy-like electronic monitors that floated in the middle of the air. Projected on the hologram-like floating monitor was the image of a faction of individuals battling goblins.


“We’ve arrived. Please enter here.”


Without waiting for a reply, he was pushed into the private room. Behind the counter sat an indigo-dressed catkin that was leaning on an elbow in boredom. Then, as if woken up from laziness by seeing Tsutomu and the dog man, with a look of admiration, she called out.


“It’s rare for the shrewd puppy-chan to come here.”

“I also don’t want to see the sight of you but for now appraise this guy here. I don’t know if it’s the whim of the gods but he picked that up in his dive.”

” … Is that a cane? Let me see let me see!”


The catkin’s cat ears stood erect and her almond-shaped pupil narrowed as she ascertained the cane that Tsutomu handed over. Mumumu, the catkin recited in a soft voice as she channeled magical power into the cane and spoke out in shock.


” … I believe this is an item with the greatest value among all the items I have appraised.”


“Because I have insufficient skill level I could only see the chant abbreviation effect… I believe it most likely has other effects. Moreover the magical power conductivity. The rate of increase is easily of the highest level. It has considerable value with just this feature. 10 large magic stones of the highest quality … no! There seems to be also an additional 2 large fire magic stones! Ah, this is the price as of now! It is sacrilegious to use such a simple appraisal to appraise it so why don’t I make it free of charge?”

“This guy went diving you know. Do you think he has money?”

“Oh right … However, my skill level might increase if I appraise this, mumumu …. Hey you! I’m fine if you pay at a later date, so do you mind leaving it with me!? As it is now a single medium-sized magic stone of medium quality is enough!”


The white-haired catkin leaned over the counter with her body. Even though she offered to accept a middle-sized magic stone, Tsutomu had a vague expression of dissatisfaction and looked up at the dog man without thinking. “Hrmm” The dog man mumbled and scratched his chin before crouching down slightly to meet Tsutomu’s sight.


“This person is disgusting but her skill in appraisal is the best. A middle-sized magic stone for appraisal fee is an unprecedented price for this person.”

“There was an unnecessary word added in there, very well! How about it~? It’s usually a large magic stone for this elder sister’s appraisal~?”

“However, I can tell you that even though she said she allows deferred payment, she would only wait for half a day. In other words, it might be better if you just sell this cane right now.”

“Hey~! Which side are you on puppy-chan~! I’m a guild staff! The same guild staff as you~! Benefiting the guild should be your top priority~!”


The dog man ignored the catkin slapping the counter as she boo-ed him and continued talking.


“That cane is probably an item of the highest rank. If you use that, you might be able to surpass the 50th-floor wall and obtain enormous fame and fortune. Do you still wish to sell that cane?”

” …… ”


Tsutomu pondered. That this might not be a dream but reality. The pain that he had never felt before when he was hit by the breath of that Festering Ancient Dragon. And now the dog man staring at him with a serious expression. Tsutomu could not assert that this was a dream.


If it’s not a dream and instead reality, then he should make a realistic choice. If it turns out to be a dream then he can laugh it off. Tsutomu took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. A couple of seconds passed. Then, opening his narrowed eyes, he calmed down and spoke with his head.


“I’ll sell it.”


The creation process was extremely tough but the cane was not all there was to the current him. Even with the cane, it is meaningless without armor or tools. Tsutomu decided that gold takes precedence.


” … I see. If that is the conclusion you reached after thinking about it then it’s fine.”


The dog man looked at the decisive expression on Tsutomu and stood up, gesturing instructions to the catkin to appraise the item. The catkin only said that she was waiting for it and held on to the cane, her supple white tail swaying as she retreated to the back of the counter.


“The appraisal would take a couple of hours. You should take the time to create your status card. Even if you do not dive into the dungeon, it is a necessary item to entrust your G. (TL: G most likely = gold)

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”


The 2 of them left the private room and headed for the counter that was crowded with various people. Tsutomu felt the glances from when he passed them by and from afar. It seemed like he was somehow bathed in attention and Tsutomu’s pleasant expression turned stiff.


Then, they walked to the edge of the counter without anybody and the dog man pressed his hand onto the counter and leaped onto the opposite side. He laughed at the startled look on Tsutomu.


“Well then, welcome. To the guild reception of the dungeon managed by the Gods. We welcome you. Well then, I’ll create your status card now, is that alright?”

“Yes. Please.”

“The fee will be a 100,000 G but … I’ll pay first. Later I’ll subtract it from the sale price of the cane, is that alright?”


“Then, please place your body fluid on this card.”


The dog man slid a pure white cutting board-like object over the counter and began rummaging below the counter.


“Body fluid …?”

“Basically blood or saliva.”

“Ah, okay.”


The dog man came out from below the counter and handed over a thin needle-like object but Tsutomu dripped the saliva he accumulated onto the status card on the counter. When that happened, the status card emitted a white light. It was not a dazzling light that pierced the eye but a gentle light. When it subsided, the dog man wiped the saliva off with a handkerchief and looked.


“Kyotani Tsutomu … Ooo. LUK and MND are the same huh. Job is White Mage. Well, it’s a good status for a Lv1.”


Tsutomu tightly gripped the status card with both his hand after the dog man evaluated and passed it to him.


Kyotani Tsutomu


Lv 1

STR (Offensive Power) D-

DEX (Dexterity) D-

VIT (Robustness) D-

AGI (Agility) D-

MND (Mental Strength) D

LUK (Luck) D


Job White Mage

Skill Heal


(White Mage huh. That means it is my main account huh.)


Was it because it was his main account that accepted the god’s invitation item? Tsutomu thought as he placed the status card on the counter.


“Next time, please entrust that to the reception before entering the dungeon. Divers still receive the God’s gift but the God’s rule will not be applied to you.” (TL: Diver = People who enter the dungeon without status cards)

“Erm God’s gift? Rule?”

“Even if you die within the dungeon, you will be revived at that black door. You’ve already experienced that yourself. That is the God’s gift. However, other than the equipment with the greatest value, everything else would be trapped in the dungeon.”


The dog man pointed at the place Tsutomu face planted as he explained. Tsutomu shuddered as he recalled the breath of the Festering Ancient Dragon but the dog man continued talking without minding it.


“There is only 1 God’s rule. – One shall not hold malicious intent and kill others.”


“In essence, you should not kill others within the dungeon. In cases where people killed people, the murderer will not be allowed to ever enter this dungeon. The weight of being forsaken by the Gods is greater than death. Absolutely do not do it.”

“Ye, yes.”


He brought his face closer and the intimidated Tsutomu shrunk away like when he faced the Festering Ancient Dragon.


“However, if you do not register for a status card, the Gods will not recognize you as a human. You would be treated the same as any monster in the dungeon, a diver. Even if a diver is killed in the dungeon, it would not incur the God’s rule.”

“In other words …”

“When a diver is killed by people, they will turn into particles similar to monsters and there would almost not be any evidence. There are also idiots who enjoy killing divers. From next time onward, make sure you bring your status card along to the reception. If you do so, you would not be murdered. Worst case scenario is that you are murdered but you would be revived there.”

” … Understood.”


The dog man deemed it was alright with Tsutomu’s reply and he held on to Tsutomu’s status card.


“That would be all for accountability. Is there anything you would like to ask?”


The dog man said as he swept away a slightly long black hair and Tsutomu raised his hand after thinking for awhile.


” … Then, is it alright if I have a few questions?”


“Firstly, about the God’s rule. Is it not violated if the person is not killed? Such as inflicting pain or intentionally guiding monsters to crash with others?”

“Ooo. You are so young but your insides are so sinister.”


“Why thank you” Tsutomu replied as the dog man pondered and folded his arms.


“Unfortunately, as long as a life is not deprived, the God’s rule would not be applicable. In addition, attacks that hold no malicious intent such as a misfired spell would not raise the rule. Even if you died under such attacks, the God’s rule would not be applied and you would be revived at that black door. However, regarding guiding monsters … ”

“Ah, would that trigger the rule?”


The dog man seemed like he had trouble saying the words and he shook his head.


“Guiding monsters does not violate the God’s rule. However, about that previously mentioned case and rare drops, there are many idiots who do not think of the consequences and clash with each other.”

” … Because of that huh.”

“Yeah. That’s correct.”


Tsutomu pointed at the monitors that floated about when they reached the building and the dog man silently nodded.


“That is an item that God displays the parties that are within the dungeon. Though, it basically shows the party that has the furthest conquering progress or parties that are waging battles. Just within this building alone, there are about 50 of them installed. If that previously mentioned actions are caught by somebody …”

“They would lose credibility. Nobody would willingly enter such parties. They would also suffer retaliations.”

“That’s right. Which is why at the very least those who belong to clans would not clash with others. If they did, their clan’s reputation and popularity would fall and they would naturally be expelled from the clan. All of the clans strictly impart that to their members.”

“I see … Ah, then is it alright if I ask another 2 more questions?”



Tsutomu took note of his surroundings before speaking in a soft voice.


“I wish to hire something like escorts but are there such schemes within the guild? If such schemes are available, I would like to hire you if it is possible.”

” … Houhou. It’s surprising for a person who did not know about status cards to know about that.”

“It’s easy to infer after seeing that.”


The guild staff dressed in indigo uniform and the individuals who exit the black door. Tsutomu noticed since before that most of them left the guild together with the guild staffs or queued together at the guild reception.


Those that exited the black door mostly only have a single weapon or armor and wore the same outfit as Tsutomu as they were spat out. In addition to the guild staffs that guide them until the outside of the guild. Tsutomu felt doubtful as to why they guided them to the entrance of the guild, not to mention guiding them until the reception area.


However, hearing about the diver hunting from the dog man, he could infer that the public safety here was not as good. He could immediately imagine the malicious look garnered outside by appearing with such thin attires.


“Also, if it is possible I would like a tutorial … do you understand what I mean if I say that? I would be thankful to learn the basics of conquering the dungeon and the common sense in the dungeon. It’s, it’s because of that. I’m an orphan so I don’t know the common sense.”

“Umu, certainly there are no such systems, but guild staffs can personally accept requests. I understand the contents of your request. I’ll accept your request.”

“Thank you. I have one last question.”

“Umu, I’m slightly looking forward to your remaining question. I can answer most of your inquiries.”


The dog man pounded his trained chest as Tsutomu threw his last question at him.


“Please tell me your name.”

” … I’m Garm. Best regards from now on. Kyotani Tsutomu-dono.”

“Ah, Tsutomu is fine.”


Tsutomu’s narrow eyes further narrowed and a smile appeared on his expression as he saw Garm let loose a slightly poisonous air.


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