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Hi guys, I’ll most likely pause my translation of LD here for now. Sorry for bringing this story to you guys and stopping the translations but I was informed that Saigo from saigotranslation contacted the author and the author did not give his approval so I’ll be putting the translation for this series on hiatus until further notice. Sorry orz.


Chapter 003

Translator: Tseirp


A month passed since Tsutomu requested for Garm to escort him and to impart knowledge to him. During that time, Tsutomu once again lost himself in this game world as he studied under Garm.

He learnt topographical information of the Labyrinth City such as where the public safety was bad and where it was good and was introduced to shops lined with good products. The placement of the shops was mostly the same as in the game but the game was played with third person view so he was thankful for the guidance. In addition, there were many shops that were not there in the game lined up along the streets.


Tsutomu was taught a wide variety of knowledge by Garm such as common sense and equipment. Thanks to that, within a month, inclusive of his living expenses and compensation for the request, he had to pay one large magic stone of the highest quality but Tsutomu was not especially concerned.


The catkin that appraised his black cane recognized that he could obtain a minimum of 20 large magic stones of the highest quality for it and after he obtained the appraisal certificate from the catkin, he followed her recommendation and passed it to her to display it in the guild-organized auction.


It fished a final price of 32 large magic stone of highest quality. The guild collected one large magic stone as handling fee but he still had 30 large magic stones of the highest quality on hand. Converting it to G, he would get about 30 million G. It was a large sum enough to live a modest life in this world for about 20-30 years.


However, Tsutomu did not give up on returning to his original world. Most of his friends were only friends because he had a use for them and it was mutual so there’s no problem there but he felt sorry for his parents. Even if there is no desire to return, he still held the desire to be capable of returning.


Dungeon conquest. The hope that he would be able to return if he conquered the dungeon. Tsutomu came to this world by receiving an invitation from the Gods. Then, there was the talk about the Gods managing this dungeon. It could be linked together easily.


Tsutomu held that desire within his heart and considered how to use the 30 million G with conquering the dungeon as his aim.


Currently, the highest floor reached was the 59th floor. It seems like that record had not moved since half a year ago. The quickest shortcut, if his aim was the 100th floor, would be to join the clan that achieved the record of highest floor reached, which was also proposed by Garm.


However, Tsutomu knew about the existence of the back dungeon. Thinking that if it is required to conquer the back dungeon as well when he returns to his original world, Tsutomu determined that it would be better to establish his own clan.


Clans could be established with 1 million G. The problem of G was easily cleared but he also had to gather a party of 3 including himself to set up the clan.


That 2 party members. Tsutomu’s first goal was to gather the basic tank and attacker to establish his clan. In any case, he would have to solicit members to achieve that goal.


However, Tsutomu’s nickname was currently being spread within the guild, causing him to fall into a situation where it was practically impossible to solicit people…


“Hey, lucky boy. Are you being taken out for a walk by Garm today as well?”

“How nice~ The rich have such luxurious equipment! Come split some of that money~”

“Let’s make a party together lucky boy! But the reward would be equally split~! Gyahahahah!!”


Such jeers came flying within the guild-furnished canteen. Garm who was sitting beside Tsutomu had already run out of glares and averted his gaze while clicking his tongue at the explorers with a red face since during the day.


Exactly as what was said by the explorers, Tsutomu’s equipment experienced a huge change from a month ago. A pure white robe tinged with a faint light and a similarly white pants wrapped in pale light. Elongated containers containing green recovery potions hung on his specially made belt coiled around his waist.


Carried on his shoulder was the expensive magic bag with the largest carrying capacity but smallest external size along with crime prevention functionality. Stored within it were various kinds of equipment and items.


Tsutomu, who spent 20 large magic stones of the highest quality on renewing his equipment, ignored the words from the explorers and followed behind Garm.


The person who obtained the highest ranked treasure chest that unusually appeared on the 1st floor. Coupled with the hype driven by the appraisal catkin at the auction, the news spread to the guild within the blink of an eye. Now, even after Tsutomu exits the guild, he was still pointed at and called lucky boy. The reason was that the monitors installed by the Gods in the city were the sole newspaper reporter and information agency.


The monitors that God displays the individuals within the dungeon was not only present within the guild but tens of them were also installed in the city square. Except for the magic stones, within the city that had culture close to the middle ages, the greatest leisure was looking at the dungeon delivered by the Gods.


Also, the dominant clan’s 1st string Black Mage, a woman called Alma, was popular among the city’s people due to her blessed looks. When she defeated the 60th-floor boss Fire Dragon while wielding the black cane that she successfully bid for in the auction, she harmoniously said to her friends.


“I’m really thankful for that lucky boy! Thanks to him we can finally break the 50th-floor wall.”


Within the dungeon under the complete jurisdiction of the Gods, the core clan member of the clan could make a statement when the highest reached floor is updated. And then, with that strangely amusing post on the news, along with the useless efforts from the explorers envious of the enormous G earned by Tsutomu, Tsutomu’s face was spread within the city.


(I wonder if this is how the person who draws the grand prize in a lottery feels …)


The lucky boy trapped within the guild by jealousy and contempt. The majority of the people within the city called him that. Regardless of whether the city’s inhabitants harboured any malicious intent, Tsutomu was fed up.


However, there wasn’t just misfortune. The guild heavily watched the dishonourable nickname attached to Tsutomu and to conceal the nickname, had Garm escort him and form his party member. Also, Amy, the catkin who pointlessly spread rumours about him at the auction was also pulled in to escort him and form his party member and was loaned out by the guild for free.


“Sorry. Tsutomu.”


Garm’s black dog ears folded down as he apologized to Tsutomu for the lucky boy jeers he received within the guild but Tsutomu’s white robe flapped as he waved his hand saying that it was alright.


“If I did not become lucky boy, I might have partied with those despicable people at the 1st floor. I’m a lucky person to be able to form a party with Garm-san and Amy-san.”

” … It’s my heartfelt thoughts that it is good that Tsutomu does not let the nickname affect you much.”


Garm returned a serious expression at the small voice and detached attitude of Tsutomu that was contrary to his expectation and lined up at the reception.


“Nevertheless, is Amy still not here. It’s already been 10 minutes past the appointed time.”


Garm resentfully clicked his tongue as he looked at the time displayed on the monitor. Tsutomu had a wry grin as he looked around the guild.


“She generally comes at around this timing. For this whole week.”

“I wonder if she knows whose fault is it exactly that caused this commotion. In the first place tracing back to the origin, for Tsutomu who was bestowed with luck by the Gods to fall into such stigma, the principal culprit was her. Originally, she would not be able to complain if her seat as a guild staff was taken away but thanks to Tsutomu’s kindness her punishment was reduced to such a degree. A person who cannot decently clear such a light punishment does not have the qualifications to be a staff of the guild at the entrance of the dungeon managed by the Gods. Tsutomu. It is still not too late. You can … ”

“Yes~! Please immediately stop the plans to restructure me!”


Shuba! Amy who flew out from behind placed her hand onto Garm’s shoulder and flipped over. Then, she landed on the opposite side of Garm, sandwiching Tsutomu in between. Tsutomu felt slightly disappointed as he would have been able to see if not for the indigo pants.


“You, how many times do you need to be late before you are satisfied!”

“Unlike puppy-chan the leisurely gatekeeper, I have my appraisal work to do~! I’m a busy person~! Ah, Tsutomu. Sorry for coming late!”


He totally could not see any traces of her repenting with her tongue stuck out but after seeing her come late for 2 weeks consecutively, Tsutomu was conversely impressed and replied with the same words.


“Please don’t be late the next time.”

“Yes~! Ah, that place seems like it is empty, there! Let’s go let’s go!”


Amy went toward the middle-aged man with shaven hair that was unpopular among the explorers as Garm chased after her with complaints. Tsutomu followed the 2 of them.


“Uncle! Make my status card!” (TL: She shortened status card to staca)

“Shut up you idiot. Hurry up and spit out your saliva!”

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“Oh, Garm. Thank you for your hardship with Amy today as well. Tsutomu also.”

“Ahahah …”


With a smile on his face that could make dungeon monsters flee, the man patted Tsutomu’s head as Tsutomu dripped his saliva on the white paper he took out. Amy and Garm also did the same on similar paper that was handed to them.


The receptionist man took the small slips of paper and inserted them into the large machine equipped with magic stone behind him. Upon doing so, 3 cards were extracted from the massive status card behind the counter and placed on the counter.


“Uwa. Spitting. So disgusting.”

“Does lucky boy still can’t endure pain~?”


Such soft voices came flying from Tsutomu’s side. The ill-bred party lining up beside him laughed until their lips protruded out while the other lined up parties whispered among their companions and scoffed at Tsutomu’s actions.


Similar to when he registered for his status card, the receptionists requested for explorers’ body fluids. There are 2 main purposes. Since it was time-consuming to manually manipulate the massive status card, with magic stone as the driving force, the labour was simplified. The other purpose was to use the body fluids to organize parties using the status cards.


It was basically offered that the body fluids could be either blood or saliva, but the trend among explorers was that those who submitted saliva were cowards who fear the pain of needles. Tsutomu heard of such trends ahead of time from Garm.


However, Tsutomu felt that it was wasteful to pierce his finger every time he enters the dungeon and he would rather not experience the pain. Tsutomu always felt that he could not understand why the explorers felt proud as they cut their own palms and show the blood to the beautiful reception ladies.


Also, they would have to use a potion or bother a healer to tend to them so he will definitely not become a healer for such a party. It’s not like there weren’t any complaints about the current situation but Tsutomu was thankful for the luck of forming a party with Garm and Amy.


While placating Amy who was complaining to the party lining up beside them, Tsutomu looked at his own status card that turned from white to yellowish green. Even though his level was raised to 9, there weren’t any changes in his status. However, Tsutomu secretly made a guts pose after seeing his level.


Garm’s and Amy’s status cards were blue. The colour of the status card indicates the highest floor the individual has been to. Tsutomu’s was the symbolic yellow-green colour of the first-floor grasslands. Garm’s and Amy’s represented the blue sea of the beach. In other words, they have already reached the 40th floor before.


“Those insects seriously makes me angry …”

“I’ve said it many times but it’s alright if you don’t join us?”

“If that’s the case then wouldn’t I be of the same opinion as those insects~!? No way!”


Amy’s pink lips thinned and her white tail stood up as Garm placed the status card on the reception while he glared at her.


“Then don’t complain and shut up.”

“Yes yes faithful dog-san is the greatest~. He doesn’t say a word of complaint as he waits! He’s so obedient that I want to puke my guts out!”

” … Looks like you would not understand without experiencing pain once.”

“It’s amazing how you 2 can continue bickering like that without feeling weary. To the point that I’m afraid that you 2 would break the rule within the dungeon.”


The receptionist man sighed as if he had given up and threw the papers with saliva on them into a red lantern placed on the reception.


“Hey, the party application is complete. Is splitting the reward to 3 equal parts alright?”

“Yes. That’s fine.”

“If your status cards have been updated then hurry up and leave. Especially Amy, you’re a nuisance.”

“At any rate, nobody lines up here anyway! Peh~! Baldy!”


Amy stuck her tongue out and cried out as she ran toward the entrance of the dungeon. After bowing to the receptionist man who had a blue vein popping on his forehead, Garm and Tsutomu chased after Amy.


The dungeon’s entrance had magic circles that were about the width of 5 people lined-up side-by-side. It was installed at 5 locations in a row.


Explorers entered those magic circles in succession, leaving behind light particles after entering. That was already a familiar sight to Tsutomu but he was made fun of by Amy because he was scared when he first used the magic circle.


It quickly reached their turn so Tsutomu immediately entered the magic circle. While humming nya nya, Amy’s hand was gripped by Tsutomu and she stared at him.


“Eh? Is it alright to hold hands already?”

“Yes. I’ll hold on to Garm-san as well. The worst case would be Amy-san flying off to another place but if I have Garm around then I’ll be fine. Bye bye Amy-san.”


Tsutomu grinned as he held on to Garm’s hand and Amy’s white cat ears twitched under her anxiety.


“Hm, hmph! I don’t care about Tsutomu anymore!!”

“Even though you said that, you’re still holding onto my hands huh Amy-san.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Today will be an intensive training at the grasslands as well! Look forward to it!”


Tsutomu unconsciously snorted when she forcibly grabbed onto his hand midway through but Amy extended a claw and began scratching the hand she was holding on to. Ouchhhhh, Tsutomu’s expression distorted as he called out.


“Transfer to the 1st floor!”


Like the other explorers, Tsutomu and the 2 others disappeared from the guild, leaving behind light particles.


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