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GC V1C31

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(031) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

We left the Adventurers Guild.

After confirming that there wasn’t anybody following us, I sighed.

Then, we headed toward the stable close to the town gate.

Apparently, we could get onto the stagecoaches here and there was an empty carriage that was currently under maintenance.

It didn’t even have a canopy. It’s more like a cart than a carriage.


“Oh, roo …”

“My name is Ichinojo, Jofre.”

“Oh I see, Jo then. Jo buddy.”


It was a nickname that sounded like I was going to burn out.

My real name in Japan was Ichinosuke so that was the first time I was called by such a nickname.


Also, he arbitrarily made me his friend.


Then, Jofre took out the bag containing the coins and gave me today’s report.


“We made a killing. With exactly 100 sheets of scales, we got 800 sense.”

“Furthermore, the large scale became 5000 sense. They said that it would serve as a catalyst for magical experiments.”

“It’s 5800 sense in total.”

“If you multiply it, it would be 4 million sense!”

“Then, it is 4 million 5800 sense in total!”


Even though there’s no reason to multiply it and there’s no need to further total that up as well.

Rather than that, their mental arithmetic sure is fast. Are they actually smart?


“However, we were fined 500 sense for peeling off the request sheet from the guild.”

“Isn’t that great. You have 5300 sense remaining.”

“Well, we had to pay our fine of 4100 sense for our thefts so we have 1200 sense remaining.”

“We can live for a year with this amount.”


1200 sense … 120,000 yen for a year huh.

It seems like it was virtually all copper coins inside the bag. Looks like it was 100 copper coins and 11 silver coins.

If there’re 12 months in a year in this world, the idiot-couple can live a realistic life using 10,000 yen a month … that’s amazing.


“Thank you, Jo! I’m grateful to have met you!”

“Thank you, Jo! Let’s have a beer or something to drink together the next time we meet! Haru as well!”


While thinking that it’s not a good idea to let Haru drink alcohol, I felt the weight on my shoulder disappear.

I ended up thinking that it was good that I met these 2 people.


“Well, we ended using all 1200 sense already.”

“All of it!?”

“Yeah, we bought a horse and plan to go on a journey.”


Since their way of life is daring, their shopping is daring as well.

Oh well … the horse sure is pitiful to have been bought by them.


“Customer, for 1200 sense, would this one be alright?”

“Yeah, that is the best horse that is worthy of me. Its coat is extremely pretty. Although it can’t compare to Elise.”

“Such a cool horse. Although, it falls short of Jofre though.”






I unconsciously released a knife hand toward the 2 that were hugging.


Most likely the horse that the owner of the stable brought was neighing to itself.

Small body and short legs, no matter how I look at it, that is a donkey.


“See you next time, Jo!”

“See you next time, Jo!”


The 2 of them rode on a single donkey and slowly rode away … or not, it began eating grass.


They really gave me laughter until the very end.


The maintenance for the carriage ended. I paid the fare and we rode the carriage.

The fare was 120 for 2 people. Several other people got onto the carriage and silently sat down.





Slightly before it was time for departure, Margaret-san and Norn came running.

In Margaret-san’s hand was a lunch bag while in Norn’s hand was a metal cylinder.


“This is the promised bento~ I made portions for 2.”

“Oniisan, I brought the soup. Haru-san, have some during the journey as well.”

“Thank you, Margaret-san, Norn-san. We will definitely return so please treat us to a meal when that time comes. Since I’ll bring back souvenirs.”

“Thank you, Margaret-sama, Norn-sama. I swear on the name of the white wolf tribe that I will not forget the favours I received from the 2 of you for life.”


Haru’s words sure are exaggerated every time.

However, I really thought that it was great that I met the 2 of them.


Then, the carriage began moving.

I continued waving until I could no longer see the figures of the 2 of them.


~First book      Haurvatat Arc     End~


End of book status page (Physical strength-specialization)


Job:Jobless Lv62 (10↑)Pugilist Lv18Swordsman Lv19 (15↑)
Apprentice Swordsman Lv28 (3↑)Hunter Lv25
HP:376/376 (10+102+135+81+48) (x1.1) (273↑)
MP:72/72 (8+9+15+19+21)    (19↑)
Phy Atk:469 (9+151+124+82+61) (x1.1) (380↑)
Phy Def:410 (7+102+140+89+55) (x1.1) (338↑)
Mag Atk:88 (4+14+20+19+31) (45↑)
Mag Def:89 (3+16+25+23+34) (44↑)
Speed:436 (4+139+92+99+102) (x1.1) (394↑)
Luck:66 (10+10+10+10+20) (x1.1) (26↑)
Cotton ClothesHide ShoesIron Light ArmorSteel Sword
「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (small)」
【Acquired Titles】
「Rare Hunter」 「Labyrinth Conqueror」 「Skill Maniac」
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv31Farmer Lv1Hunter Lv25Lumberjack Lv14
Apprentice Swordsman Lv28Apprentice Magician Lv26Peddler Lv6Apprentice Spearman Lv1
Swordsman Lv19Archer Lv1Axe-user Lv1Hammer-user Lv1
Apprentice Alchemist Lv6Magician Lv9Pugilist Lv18Philanderer Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points
〇 Organized Skills
Status Up

「HP Strengthening (minor)」「Physical Attack Strengthening (minor) 」「Physical Defence Strengthening (minor) 」「Speed Strengthening (minor)」「Accuracy Correction (minor)」「Luck Strengthening (minor)」「Fist Attack」(Don’t ask me why this is here)


「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Cane Equip」「Axe Equip」


「Fire Magic II」「Water Magic」「Earth Magic」「Wind Magic」「Lightning Magic」

Combat skills

「Throwing」「Presence Detection」

Production skills

「Logging II」「Dismantling II」「Alchemy」


「Skill Description」「Job Appraisal II」「Food and Mineral Appraisal」


「5th Job Setting」「Job Modification」「Skill Organization」


〇 Magic
Petite Fire: Lv1

Petite Water: Lv1

Petite Wind: Lv1

Petite Stone: Lv1

Petite Thunder: Lv1

Fire: Lv1


Author’s Note:

The 1st book ends here.

I noticed that I received the prestigious award of reaching 1st place in the weekly rankings. Thank you very much to everyone who bookmarked and left a review.

I don’t think anyone noticed but the 6 Goddesses and beastman as first slave setting were taken from my incomplete work “Peerless time beginning from a kiss”. There might be similar settings that appear here as well but please look to it kindly.

I’ll do my best in various ways for the 2nd book’s protagonist.

(TL: Putting this here since everyone is confused. Protagonist = either the leading character or a major character in a novel. The novel will still continue in Ichinojo’s point of view and he will remain as the main leading character. Each volume just introduces a new protagonist into the story. First volume was Haru and second volume will be Carol going by the volume titles.)

(TL2: And the sword equip skill is not missing. It is at the view-able skills section of his status page. He kept all the relevant skills to the job he wants to portray himself as in the view-able status page and hid all the other skills in the organized skill section in the other hidden status page he has.)

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