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IS B6C101

Chapter 101: Completion of the school

Translator: Tseirp


After Garba-san finished announcing the content for his enforcement right, Garba-san and Grulga-san prompted me to return to the Healer’s Guild but I chose to stay.

I felt that I had to see it with my own eyes.

“Well, I don’t think it will be something you will enjoy when you see it though.”

Garba-san said before he took out the list of residents and instructed Grulga-san to have the people who participated in the riot drink Object X.

As expected, there wasn’t enough time to cook so it led to the decision that they would be given the food at a later date.


Immediately beside Grulga-san who was administering Object X, Garba-san explained to me the enforcement right in detail.

” … Because of that, if the other races decide on new patriarchs, the enforcement right would be restored and the wolf beastmen would not fall into an oppressed environment.” (Garba) (TL: I think he meant that once all the races have their patriarch back, it will be back to a voting system so it’s unlikely that an enforcement right taken against them will pass through with majority. Think of it like the United Nations.)

“But if many races collude, there’s the possibility that they can strike down a single race right?” (Luciel)

“That’s right. Usually, approval from the majority of the races is required but criminals do not have that right. That’s why there was a need to gather all the patriarchs.” (Garba) (TL: Meaning he gathered them up to drop them into slavery to prevent them from colluding and passing an enforcement right to Luciel and Garba/Grulga’s disadvantage)

“Were you thinking of using the uproar from the explosion to eliminate the darkness within Ienith in one fell swoop?”

“Yeah. I had ties with the 2 top brass in the Adventurer’s Guild in the past and I only requested for their help yesterday. Though, originally it was supposed to be resolved in a smarter fashion about a month later.”

“Is that so … so even Garba-san misreads the future.”

“Haha. It always happens.”


This time, because there was only a single patriarch, the proposal to forgive the individuals who participated in the riot by having them drink Object X was railroaded and they all lost consciousness after drinking.


37 dragonewts, 217 dog beastmen, 163 cat beastmen, 211 rabbit beastmen, and 349 tiger beastmen fell unconscious after finishing Object X.


This time, the bird beastmen were innocent, most of the fox beastmen were innocent except for a few, the wolf beastmen who joined the riot were given Object X while it was decided that the ones who attacked, including Olga-san who called Garba-san over, would be converted into criminal slaves.


Regarding the dog beastmen, cat beastmen, rabbit beastmen and tiger beastmen representatives and their subordinates, their status will be dropped to criminal slave status and it had been decided that they would be transported to the Labyrinth Nation Grandol. The Labyrinth Nation Grandol is the birthplace of labyrinths and has a number of them, so I think they would be used as fodder during labyrinth captures …


It turns out that the dragonewt representative Jack-dono and his subordinates did not participate in the riot and they influenced the majority of the dragonewts to not participate in the riot. However, because they could not stop all the dragonewts, they were still converted into criminal slaves but their treatment was entrusted to Jasuan-dono.


I asked Olga-san.

” … Is it alright like this?”

Because I understood that this person wanted to improve Ienith in his own way.


“I hate it. But if we are not converted into slaves, it will set a bad example to the other races.”

He said with a smile but I guess he had been regretting since the time he could not stop Shaza.


“Even so, Olga-san has Shiela-chan right? What are you going to do about her?”

” … I requested for Garba and Grulga’s aid with regard to Shiela.  … It’s going to be lonely but this is also my atonement.”

He ended with that and gulped Object X down in one go and fainted.


I looked at the unconscious Olga-san and muttered.

” … It’s quite painful to see someone you know get punished.”


“Yeah. But naivety and kindness are different, those standing above have a corresponding responsibility. Luciel-kun, you have to slightly strengthen your heart more.”

Garba-san clapped my shoulder as he instructed the adventurers to transport the individuals converted into slaves to the slave dealer.

Thus, Ienith’s reform began.



Ienith-style reform was happening.

New representatives for the races were recruited regardless if they were recommended or recommended themselves and candidates with greater popularity were chosen.


The representatives pledged to not commit fraud and not issue instructions to commit fraud.

The takeover for the term of office had ended just in time so it was decided that the term would be 2 years as usual.


And then, Brian-san was chosen to assume the role of the leading representative for the next term.


There was fear that collusions may happen if the current system where only the 8 races made the decisions continued.

A double check system was established to prevent fraud. Also, the 4 races that were expelled were recalled and talks about creating a new city together in the near future happened, it’s a secret that I would rather be involved with that new city instead of this one.


It is exactly 8 months since I assumed the position of leading representative. The school construction plan that I thought of since the beginning of my domestic affairs plan was finally complete.


“Solidification … complete.”

I had Dolan construct the monument to be placed at the entrance of the school building and the construction of the school was complete with the solidification performed by Paula.


“Dolan, Paula, thank you for your hard work! And everyone has worked hard until today. This school building is now complete!!”


I thrust my fist up and cheers welled up.


Not only Dolan and Paula, I understood that a lot of the residents who spent 10 days constructing the school building had a lot of expectations for it.


For a couple of days after that, there was a lot of aftermaths to be dealt with.

Among them was, as a result of exposure of the professional honey-making race, the Hacchi race, there were many who thought that it was a new industry in Ienith.


However, when the Hacchi tribe representative Haniru-dono gave a single statement, the turmoil converged all at once.

“We produce honey here because it is the residence of our saviour Luciel-sama. In accordance with that agreement, the Hacchi tribe report directly to Luciel-sama. If you tell us to give a profit to Ienith, we will leave.”

” … Kuma~!? That won’t do kuma! If you hurt the Hacchi race, we will adamantly fight to the last man kuma.”

Brian-dono enlarged and cried out and the bird beastmen were their allies as well so that incident ended.

The fox beastmen were reluctant until the end but apparently they have begun to explore their own new business.


Thanks to that mess and the aftermath to deal with, the plans were slightly delayed and we finally celebrated the completion of the school’s construction today.

From requests of parents who wish to have their children attend since the beginning of the construction of the school, the school was expected to welcome about 300 students.

However, since there were many who were unaware of the construction of the school and that it was a school that anybody could attend before Garba-san’s speech, there was a possibility that the number would swell to a maximum of 1600 individuals just counting children alone.

Therefore, once they pass the curriculum of the basic course, they are allowed to freely choose the electives in the fields they want to learn.

Because knowledge differs among the adults, we decided to proceed with a 2-day course on the same topic, followed by a rest day and subsequently, another 2-day course with a different topic.


I thought of beginning by teaching literacy involving reading and writing characters as well as simple arithmetic.

Firstly, literacy will begin with writing their own names, their family names, names of things they usually know, before they advance until letter writing.

Regarding arithmetic, it would be sufficient if they are able to do the basic 4 fundamental rules of arithmetic. (TL: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)


For the elective courses, I invited lecturers from the Herbalist Guild to talk about herbalism and I’ve received approval from Jordo-san for disciples with suitable Holy attribute magic from the Healer’s Guild to teach.

I did think about having the other attributes as well, but because they would at the very least still possess some degree of attack magic and considering that the school would not be able to cope with it, I decided to refrain from teaching other attributes for the time being. (TL: And so in the future, Ienith becomes the capital of healers and herbalist lol)


I believe that the content to be taught will have to gradually be more diverse in the future but that would be up to Ienith.


Apart from studying, I thought of having recreation classes like martial arts training or jumping rope at the schoolyard but I’ll leave that decision to the headmaster.


“The first task would be the open recruitment of students and the corresponding interviews. I look forward to it, Headmistress Naria.”

“Certainly, Luciel-sama.”

“You can stop addressing me with -sama already. Since I have already released Naria-san from your slave contract.”

I said with a smiled.

” …You appointed such a major role to me despite my incompetence and moreover, Luciel-sama, you even dispelled my slave contract.”

“That’s because the person I can entrust the role of headmaster to must have an excellent personality, possess extensive knowledge and have the ability to impart that knowledge … the only person who fulfils that is Naria.”

“I am not so excellent.”

“Don’t be humble. Jordo-san can already use 「Dispel」 now so when the slaves under the care of the Healer’s Guild reach an employable level, please let Jordo-san know and you can choose to either let them work at the Healer’s Guild or at the school.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Headmistress Naria, I believe it would be extremely difficult but I leave the teachers and students in your hands.”

” … Lionel-sama also requested for me to strengthen the foundation of this land as Luciel-sama’s land so I will do my very best.”

“Thank you.”


I appointed her as the headmistress in the guildmaster’s room.

When Lionel, Cathy and I were gathered, I called Naria over.

“Naria, I’ll release you from the slave contract.” (Luciel)

“Please wait a moment.” (Naria)

Going with the flow, I continued to speak.

“Apparently, in the Elimasia Empire, there was a renowned General Sen’oni who was peerless under the heavens and tore through the battlefields.

I heard his name was Lionel‧Grust‧Elfense.

One day, General Sen’oni was poisoned by his allies at a camp away from the battlefield.

They exploited that brief opening to cut his legs.

Then, the cat with the nickname Shun’ei, the cat beastwoman Cathia appeared and protected General Sen’oni.

However, that action was reprimanded by the emperor and she was accused of running from the battlefield.

Apparently, that was the official reason, but the truth was that there were rumours abound that the Empire conducting human experimentations and there were demons entering and exiting the empire and the general who was looking into it was framed.

There was a woman named Lunaria who found out that Lionel and Cathia were dropped into slavery due to treason.

Lunaria had served the Elfense family for a very long time.

Lunaria planned to purchase Lionel and Cathia from the slave dealer but she was entrapped by them and by the time she woke up, they were on a carriage heading toward Ienith.” (Luciel)

Naria looked at Lionel and Cathy and silently nodded.


“Just like how Naria teach the slaves under the care of the Healer’s Guild, I would like Naria to teach the people who enter the new school that has been completed in Ienith as the headmistress.” (Luciel)

“Lunaria … you have served the Elfense family well. From now on, become Naria and spend your time doing what you enjoy, nurturing personnel. If you do so, this land will become the foothold of Luciel-sama and I can travel in peace.” (Lionel)

“Leave the 2 of them to me nya. I will work to cover for Naria’s portion nya.” (Cathy)

” … So it’s already been decided …” (Naria)

“Instead of His Imperial Majesty, the Prime Minister … many of the other nobles had suspicious movements.

Perhaps, the demon race is really involved as well.

I also think that joke of a prophecy from the spirits was not completely fake.

When the time comes, this place will be important to allow people we trust to gather.” (Lionel)


… To be reminded of the Spirit’s prophecy that I had forgotten with much trouble … and it’s the first time I heard about demons related to the empire? I swore in my heart to never set foot into the empire.


“Understood. Therefore … please, please, return safe and well.” (Naria)

” … Understood.” (Lionel)

Lionel and Naria stared at each other.

Perhaps it was originally a forbidden love due to the difference in standing … or rather it felt like it was building up even further …


“Ah~ I’m sorry to interrupt your loving gaze but you will still be here until the construction of the school is complete and my term in Ienith ends though?” (Luciel)

The 2 of them gave a blank look and began laughing after that but I guess they were trying to hide their embarrassment.


The next day, in front of everyone from the Healer’s Guild, I released Naria’s slave contract.

Then, we agreed to a contract for her appointment as the new headmistress of Ienith’s school.

Thus, after my first time dispelling my slave contract, I declared.


“Thus, Naria is the first slave to ascend from slavery.

Due to her personality and her achievements so far, I will appoint her as the headmistress of the newly constructed school.

In the future, when I am dispelling slave contracts or when I am allocating work, if you wish to have your slave contract dispelled under your own will, please come to discuss with me directly.”


When I was climbing the stairs, Naria-san’s cheerful expression from the voices of the slaves congratulating her left an impression on me.


“It’s been a month since then … it looks like Naria has fully prepared herself for the task.”


Entrusting Naria-san with the school, with this, the majority of the goals have been reached.


The daily production of the honey factory constructed together with the Hacchi tribe have not increased but it produced a sense of a premium item and sold for a high price and the place to sell it at has been decided as well.


The cotton planted in the fields are growing well and every day the fox beastmen were frantically developing clothes like underwear and towels using cotton.


The fox beastman Forens-san told me that those clothes were requested for by various locations.


Apparently, the fox beastman Forens-san was confused and went out of control when he saw the Hacchi tribe during the riot.


His rampage happened 5 minutes before we reached the location but it was decided that he would also be turned into a slave for that.

I felt that it was way too pitiful so I purchased him.


He loves money, loves doing business and is a serious person who will never conduct any illegal business so I entrusted the work of a head clerk to him.


He’s now working hard for the sake of his wife and I told him that I would remove his slave contract if he produces a successor to the role but he said that he do not want to transfer such an incredible workplace to anyone.


I reluctantly set it such that his slave contract would be dispelled 10 years later and I gave him an order that if there was no successor by then, he will spend the next 10 years nurturing a successor but I was surprised when he prostrated to receive my order …


Speaking of slaves, Olga-san was purchased by Garba-san and Warabis-dono was purchased by Grulga-san.

Garba-san was currently investigating various things together with Olga-san.

Apparently, he took charge of Shiela-chan and Olga-san shed tears of joy.


Grulga-san went ahead and returned to Meratoni first.

He left a strong impression on me when Grulga-san looked delighted as he told me that he was going to get along with Warabis-dono to research cooking with Object X.

Warabis-dono had fainted whenever I met them so they left without him leaving any impression on me.


I heard that the executions of the Ienith elders who were the culprit of the incident were gradually being conducted.

It seemed that the new representative of the respective races brought their bodies back to their tribes.


Garba-san refused me in advance saying that he does not want to show me that.

“Luciel-kun’s job is to heal people, so there is no need for you to see that. However … if there is an afterlife, I hope that you pray for the happiness of the ones who lost their lives.”

Garba-san asked that of me.

Garba-san nominated Kefin to attend in my place so, without a doubt, the executions were being performed.


“All that’s left is, as long as the general hospital at the healing district is completed and the attraction of adventurers is entrusted to the new representatives, my work in Ienith would finally end … I’ll stay sharp and persist until the end.”

As I recalled the various events that occurred in Ienith, I braced myself knowing that I would be thrown off my feet whenever I let my guard down.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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