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IS B6C102

This marks the end of the 6th volume! 😀 It’s pretty much a chapter to tie in the loose ends of the whole arc. Look forward to the start of a brand new arc!

Chapter 102: Respective paths

Translator: Tseirp


For a short period of time, the burnt down building in the healing district was left untouched.

After finding out who burnt down the building, the beastmen who were looking forward to the healing district started a large movement.

I heard of the movement the day after the construction of the school was resumed.

The beastmen set aside free time to begin cleaning up the building that had become charcoal.

They most likely have a lot to think about after this incident … but it looks like they have begun to think about what would be good for the future of Ienith and took action. By the time the school was complete, the burnt healing district had been cleanly converted into a vacant lot.


This time, the country’s treasure was boosted so a budget was properly organized during the Ienith representative meeting for the construction of the healing district and I received the order for the construction.

The construction of the healing district began immediately after the completion of the school building.


Dolan took the helm as the master builder and Baderu’s squad members all became leaders and taught the half-breed beastmen, Dollarstar-san and the other beastmen, construction techniques.

I had them pledge to not conduct any misdeed or obstruct the process as a countermeasure against incidents similar to the previous sabotage, but the beastmen told me that they wish to construct the healing district building together and they did not look down on the half-breed beastmen.


We procured materials from the undeveloped forest, gathered magic stones from the labyrinth that had calmed down and made preparations for the opening of the school.


“We’ve managed to prepare a lot of parchments but I’m glad the development was in time.” (Luciel)

“Luciel-sama’s idea was awesome.” (Paula)

“It was truly an unexpected blind spot.” (Rician)

The collaborators Paula and Rician have completely became rivals and successfully developed the magic sheet and magic pen.


“It can be written on countless times and erased countless times. An excellent item that can also recall words and calculations.” (Luciel)

“With its word recall capability, minstrels can read and write their songs and if calculations can be recalled, people would not be fooled even if they are not merchants.”

“Well, it would be great if it comes to use in that manner.”


I felt that the 2 of them were really close.

Since they were always together.

Is this what they call birds of a feather flock together?


“This time, when the construction is complete, it will be the end of the work that I asked of the 2 of you. So, regarding your path from then on …” (Luciel)

“I will let grandfather decide.” (Paula)

“I will follow where my lifelong rival goes. However … just like Naria-san. I wish to be hired as Luciel-sama’s researcher …” (Rician)

It seemed like Rician had always wanted to tell me that.

“Ask Dolan if you want to be hired as a researcher. I’ve entrusted the recruitment of researchers and engineers to Dolan. If Dolan refuses, I wish to hire Rician as a manager of the fields. I’ll still pay you a salary so I don’t mind if you continue to research on magic tools when you’re free.” (Luciel)

” … You won’t change your mind right?” (Rician)

I was firm until the end so this time, Rician withdrew as well.


“Before you shoulder a person’s life, you must first know yourself well. That’s why I entrust it to an appropriate person instead of myself. I trust and have confidence in Dolan and technique-wise he is more qualified than the clueless me.” (Luciel)

“Trust and have confidence in.” (Rician)

“At first, I was troubled with them going wild. However, I understand that lately, not only are they planning properly, I have confidence in their engineering and they have not gone wild. That’s why I could come to trust them.”

I laughed when I recalled how it was back then.

Paula averted her gaze but it seems like she recalled as well.

“Well then, I want you 2 to help Naria and Dolan. Once that is over, you are free to create what I have given approval for in the list of items you wish to create.”

“Bye.” (Paula)

“If you’ll excuse me.” (Rician)

The 2 of them looked happy when they heard me and ran off.

“I wonder who is the one that doesn’t change their mind …” (Luciel)

I muttered with a wry smile.


That night, I called Dolan to the Healer’s Guild guildmaster room.


“Luciel-sama, you called?”

“Yeah. Please sit.”

I had Dolan sit on the drawn chair, confirmed with him the progress of the construction of the healing district and talked about the future.


“What’s the current progress of the building named as the general clinic in the healing district?”

“Healer’s Guild Jordo-dono and Herbalist Guild Smic-dono had a meeting and all that is left is to finish the interior.”

“I see. Once that is over, my term would end as well. What do you want to do?”

“To accompany Luciel-sama. I can only think of that.”

To be looked at with completely unclouded eyes, I became nervous instead.

” … Don’t you want to return to your hometown, the place where engineers gather?”

“Sheesh … having my workshop explode and forced to become a debt slave … that is not a place for me.”

“I see … to be honest, I wanted you to be my person-in-charge for development there and support me …”

” …… ”

“Would you like to stop being a slave and work as the S-rank healer’s, my person-in-charge of technological development?”

” … I’m grateful.”

“Well then, putting aside if I’ll bring you to Meratoni, would you like to be employed by me?”

“By all means.”

“Thank you. I can dispel Dolan and Paula’s slave contract anytime so please let me know anytime.”

“If that’s the case, I hope to have it done after we return to that city.”

“Okay. I’ll leave everything to you as before.”



Dolan left the room after his task was over.

“Even though it would have been fine if he told me more since it’s his hometown and there’re the graves of his family there.”


Dolan’s son and his son’s wife went mining in the mine but never came back.

For some reason, there was an explosion in the mine and the 2 of them were involved in it.

Within the chaotic surroundings, Dolan could not leave Paula’s side.

Even though the search parties went on for many days, the 2 of them never came back.

I found out about that from the exchanges I had through mail with Grand-san. Also, after finding out that Dolan is with me, Grand-san wanted to construct a new workshop at the place where Dolan’s workshop once stood. (TL: Grand is the weaponsmith dwarf working for the Saint Schull Church Luciel met in Ch42)

During his own expedition, Grand-san found out that something happened to Dolan and he tried various methods to search for them but he could not find them.


“All that’s left is Kefin and the others huh.”

I returned to my room arms crossed as I was troubled and practiced magic circle chants before I went to bed.


Incidentally, I had the elf Milfeene work in the factory and I had already dispelled her slave contract.

Milfeene looked uneasy after Naria-san was appointed as headmistress so I called her to the guildmaster room and she told me about the instructions from the water spirit.

I listened to the talk regarding the spirit priestess but I wondered why she suddenly revealed it and asked her, apparently she could no longer resist the pricks of her conscience.

“Even though that happened, nothing changed and I continued receiving contact from the spirit. As expected, it is impossible to continue keeping silent about it.” (Milfeene)

I could not believe her words but she properly does her work, she could aid in the growth of the plants using spirit magic and her compatibility with the Hacchi tribe was good so I had her stay.

She was moved to tears.

“Thank you. Even though Spirit-sama told me to find the spirit priestess, I don’t have such special abilities …”

Evidently, she was bad with fighting and she was completely taken to this environment where she could occasionally receive delicious honey.


Next, the half-elf Crecia apparently admires Naria-san and she requested to become a teacher in the school.

Naria also vouched for Crecia so when I hired her as the school’s teacher, I dispelled her slave contract and once again signed another contract, this time, an employment contract with her as a teacher.

The truth was, if only Crecia wasn’t flustered in battle, she would do well as a combatant with her forte in archery and dual sword technique as she harbors a strong admiration for Sir Rainstar.

Her ability is … far above mine so she’s very strong.

Even though my status was higher, I was miserably steamrolled countless times so I decided to stop looking at status.

There, Crecia taught me the harshness of reality and cleared my misunderstanding thinking that I had become stronger because my level went up.

After that day I experienced actual combat, I understood the teachings Instructor Broad drilled into my head and it’s a secret that the amount I trained increased after that.


I think that the 2 of them wished to grasp newfound happiness in Ienith from then on.


The next day, when I interviewed Kefin and the others, apart from Kefin, they declared that they wanted to remain in Ienith.

Furthermore, including Kefin, they all wanted to remain as slaves.


“I wish to follow Luciel-sama but the others want to remain in Ienith.

Hereafter, it is still not yet known if this country will really become better.

Which is why they wish to protect this underground factory and the school that Luciel-sama laid down until that day arrives.

Moreover, if criminal slaves such as ourselves are released so easily, there would definitely be people who will develop an antipathy towards Luciel-sama.

Therefore, we all thought that it will be better if our slave contracts are dispelled after we have worked for another 5 years or 10 years.” (Kefin)


Seeing Kefin and the others put so much thought into it compared to myself, I was reminded of how naive I am and I accepted their proposal.

However, they requested that I remain as their owner.

The reason was that as my slaves, they would not be hassled by the adventurers.

At a later date, I found out from Jasuan-dono that I was at the top of the list of people to definitely not be at odds with and as my slaves are my property, it was true that they would be protected so I remained as their owner.


The general clinic in the healing district formed from the combination of the Healer’s Guild and Herbalist Guild was completed.

The first floor was equipped with the general reception and treatment rooms.

The second floor was made such that one can peruse books on healing and herbalism.

The third floor became a cafeteria and it was designed such that the public could not enter from here onwards.

The fourth floor was the residential space for men and the fifth floor was the residential space for women.

Also, the basement was designed to be a compounding room for herbs and they came up with a solution to prevent smoke from leaking out of the basement like what happened the previous time.

I was forced to assume the position of the first generation chairman of the clinic for only a day and there was when I first found out that Jordo-san is a person who does not like to stand out.


I felt as if the next few months passed in the blink of an eye.

I was currently giving a speech for the opening of the school.


“Hi, I am the S-rank healer Luciel.

I am pleased that Ienith’s school could open on such a great day blessed with fine weather.

I’m deeply thankful for you all founders who dedicated much effort toward the completion of the school.

And for all students of the maiden class, congratulations.

The trigger that sparked the thought of establishing this school was the conflict between races as well as the discrimination toward the half-breed beastmen.

People are not born to equal standings.

However, I believe that everyone has an equal right to learn.

What I want to convey to the 8 races, is my wish that through learning here, you will broaden your own possibilities and greater your chance to become an inventor, a herbalist, a merchant or anything you want to be.

And, through studying here, I hope that you all will cultivate your thinking and propel Ienith forward in the future.

For you all who took the initiative to clean up the burnt down healing district, you all who took action to make Ienith a better place, I believe my hope will definitely come true.


A year has passed since I first came to Ienith, I apologize for being blunt but I don’t have good memories of Ienith.

The targetting of my life since the first day I arrive, interference at our healer demonstration, conquering of the labyrinth.

The variety of interference I received after my appointment as representative, the numerous cases of fraud that continued to appear the more I tried to solve them.

A perfect example would be the Ienith massive riot.


If the completion of this school brings all of you even a slight bit of happiness, it will be my happiest memory of Ienith.

As I pray for that to come true, I will end my speech.

Congratulations to everyone for enrolling into the school.”


That night after I finished my speech at the ceremony, I was scolded so fiercely by Naria-san that my feet shook but I won’t talk about that.


The morning the next day, before sunrise, with me riding Fornoir, Lionel riding another horse beside me and finally Kefin acting as coachman for the carriage, we departed from Ienith.

Within the carriage was Cathy, Dolan, Paula and Rician and we first headed for Dolan and Paula’s hometown.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Thus, the 6th volume is finally complete.


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