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Chapter 105: The hometown of researchers and engineers

Translator: Tseirp


The town said to be the gathering place for researchers and engineers gave me the feeling of a cosy place.

Instead of a city, it certainly gave a stronger impression as a town so, on a whole, it was small in size.

Rockford was the final stop on the highway.

I found that the town was built on a wide empty land surrounded by mountains.

“It’s called Rockford so I imagined a more rocky place but it’s surprisingly normal.”

We’ve arrived at the town so I housed Fornoir and the horses in the Hermit’s stable and stored the carriage in my magic bag before slowly surveying the cityscape.


The dwellings felt like they were built with bricks and concrete and there were no buildings made of wood.

In addition, contrary to the place where engineers and researchers gather, there weren’t any visible large workshops that leave such an impression.


“That’s because this town is a dummy. I believe you have not seen anybody around right?”

Dolan mentioned so I once again looked around the town of Rockford and it certainly was a ghost town without anybody living in it.


“This way.”

Paula looked like she was feeling nostalgic and was walking ahead.

“Watch ou?! Ha?”

Paula looked like she was going to slam into a wall as she was looking over here so I inadvertently called out but Paula … didn’t slam into the wall and her body was swallowed into the wall instead.


“Illusion?” (Luciel)

“That’s right. It’s the effect of a magic tool created to hide the people from foreign enemies by expertly using the refraction of light. This place is full of oddballs but there are also many who are chased by various entities …” (Dolan)

“It’s amazing nya.” (Cathy)

“It’s a glimpse of the technology that was the reason why the Empire failed their attempted attack on this place.” (Lionel)

“Gahaha. This is just the beginning.” (Dolan)

Under the guidance of the abnormally high-tensioned Dolan due to the praises to his own town, we also stepped into the wall.

It was a pretty amazing otherworld version of projection mapping that could display a fake wall despite it being daytime now.


“Wouldn’t one be able to do anything with such technological capabilities?”

Nobody heard my murmurings.


What awaited us after we were swallowed by the wall were … golems.

“I’d like to be spared from being forced to fight with these though…” (Luciel)

“A new golem would rise at the same time you destroy one so it’s a waste of time.” (Dolan)

Paula was waiting for us in front of a golem.

“Hurry.” (Paula)

With her delighted expression, Paula looked like a child proud of her own home.

“Paula, it’s the first time we’re here?”

Rician chided her as we continued to walk forward. The golem began to move and spoke.


【Answer the riddle if you wish to pass through here】

Seems like we could pass if we answer the question.

I was looking forward to it slightly.

【Name the technique where one circle and clutch their arms around the waist of their opponent from behind, throw them backward, and form a bridge while maintaining the clutch on their opponent.】


“German Suplex.” (Paula)

【The road shall open】


” … What’s with that question just now?” (Luciel)

“The founder who made this made it such that the questions come from the selected genre but there are a lot of strange genres. Furthermore, if you try to forcibly pass through, the golems would attack.” (Dolan)

” … Then just now?” (Luciel)

“Most likely a question on the techniques from professional wrestling. Paula played with the golems a lot so before I knew it, she had memorised them.” (Dolan)

There are professional wrestling techniques in this world? In the first place, I didn’t learn any professional wrestling techniques when I was studying Taijutsu under Instructor Broad.

“Incidentally, what happens when you’re wrong?” (Luciel)

“Nothing in particular.” (Dolan)

“Nothing?” (Luciel)

“You’ll understand when we continue on ahead.” (Dolan)

” … Incidentally, what are the other questions?” (Luciel)

“There are scientific questions like the temperature for water to vaporise or the definition of water vapor explosion. There are also questions like the kind of ores attainable from the mines or extremely difficult calculation questions appear if you choose mathematics.” (Dolan)

” … Who was the founder of this place?” (Luciel)

“It ought to be Sir Rainstar. Apparently, he stayed here for a couple of years and developed various things.

I heard he gathered engineers and researchers who could not resist trying to figure out what they can do with their own techniques.

Rockford was built by those people holding various kinds of techniques.

This place being called the hometown of researchers and engineers only happened after then.” (Dolan)


” … It sounds outrageous, in many ways.” (Luciel)

“If you ask me, I think Luciel-sama is similar too. Since you’re still so young, I have a premonition that you will become a heavyweight that surpasses Sir Rainstar.” (Dolan)

Dolan walked on ahead as he said so and laughed.

” … I should make a magic tool that somehow manages to transform me into another person.” (Luciel)

I made a new resolution and chased after the backs of everyone.


After passing the golems, there was a large door with a small door on its right.

Paula ignored them and walked toward the right side wall instead of the doors in front. The moment she placed her hand on the wall, the wall emitted a pale light and split open.

“This is?” (Luciel)

“Magical power authentication. If you do not register your magical power in advance, it will cost you considerable effort to enter.” (Dolan)

… I’m shocked by the gimmicks we’ve encountered until now, but then how did Dolan become a slave?

“Dolan, how did you become a slave? Where did you encounter the slave traders in the first place?” (Luciel)

” … The request was from the king of the dwarf race of the underground kingdom … I’d prefer if you do not ask any more than that if possible.” (Dolan)

“Okay. Rather, so there’s an underground kingdom where dwarves live huh?” (Luciel)

“The elves have their country so it’s said that, not to be outdone, the dwarves also built a kingdom underground.” (Dolan)

“I see. Shall we go?” (Luciel)


We entered through the wall that Paula opened before it shut.


After advancing forward, a town … a city precisely split into districts spread out ahead.


“So other than workshops, there are fields and pastures as well. Moreover, there’s even a sun …” (Luciel)

“The people who live here are almost all engineers or researchers who own workshops.

However, since they are living, they naturally get hungry too.

There are different approaches like purchasing slaves for the sake of managing the fields and pastures or having their own disciples manage them.” (Dolan)

“Even so, I’m surprised the food can suffice.” (Luciel)

“That’s because the Adventurer’s Guild transport monster meat over once a week and it’s possible to borrow food during emergencies.

We don’t just always remain in this town, if we go out to search for disciples, we also partake on some requests. That’s why it doesn’t feel like it’s inconvenient for living.” (Dolan)

“Home is where the heart is huh.” (Luciel)

“First of all, I’ll have to serve as an apprentice under someone in order to construct my workshop.” (Dolan)

Dolan smiled weakly but it seems like he has a goal in mind.


Also, unlike the fake town, although seldom, we still passed by people and they called out when they noticed Dolan and Paula.

“Isn’t that Dolan!”

“Paula-chan is here as well.”

“He, hey Dolan has his arms.”

“Perhaps Dolan is going to smith again?”

Those voices asked but Dolan ignored all of them.

No, rather, he was stunned after he saw the man standing ahead.

“Elder brother Grand.” (Dolan)

“Long time no see, Dolan. Also, you may have been a junior disciple once but I’m younger so please stop calling me elder brother.” (Grand) (TL: They were both disciples under the same master)

Paula was hugging onto Grand-san and crying.

Although he completely treated all the surrounding people as air, Grand-san separated himself from Paula and slowly approached me before bowing down.

“Luciel-dono, thank you for saving Dolan and Paula.” (Grand)

“Please raise your head. It’s really just a coincidence that I found Dolan and Paula.

They became my slaves solely because Dolan looked like he has the capability so it’s really just by chance.

Furthermore, I want to believe that it could help me repay Grand-san slightly for gifting me the Illusionary Cane.” (Luciel)

After I said so, Grand-san patted my shoulder and smiled.

“I’m glad I really worked hard that time.” (Grand)

“I agree. Well then, could you give us a tour?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. Everyone, please follow me.” (Grand)


We followed after Grand-san.

A look of distress slowly surfaced on Dolan’s face and Paula’s gait gradually became heavier.

However, after they saw that, they both bolted ahead.


“Is it exactly the same as before?” (Dolan)

“No, the rooms increased for that lady elf there so it’s wider than before. Well, I did reproduce the shape and the location.” (Grand)

“I will pay for the cost.” (Dolan)

“No, please allow me to shoulder this. Since Dolan became a slave because you were forced to do the impossible when I wasn’t around.” (Grand)

… The Dwarf Kingdom huh.

I’m interested but I shouldn’t thrust my head in too deep.

” … Then let’s split it equally. Since I plan to have Dolan and others create various things from now on.” (Luciel)

” … It somehow sounds interesting.” (Grand)

“Please ask Dolan about it. How much is it?” (Luciel)

“It’s 8 white gold coins but do you have enough?” (Grand)

“I’ve earned quite a sum even though I’m like this. Moreover, I pretty much only used the gold for food.” (Luciel)

As I said so and smiled, I took out 8 white gold coins from my magic bag and passed them to Grand-san.

” … I wasn’t wrong to think that your concept of money is warped.” (Grand)

“Yeah. Oh right. Could I request of you to do some weapon maintenance?” (Luciel)

“Sure. Leave it to me.” (Grand)

Thus, we headed toward Dolan and Paula’s workshops.


At that time, I was unaware that Lionel and Cathy hardened their determination for a certain matter.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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