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IS B7C106

Chapter 106: The banquet after returning

Translator: Tseirp


Paula entered the workshop.

Dolan didn’t enter … without entering, he touched the workshop, touched the entrance, and sat down on the spot.

“What’s wrong, Dolan?” (Luciel)

“What exactly should I do to repay Luciel-sama and elder brother Grand?” (Dolan)

Something glimmered in Dolan’s eyes.

Seems like the surprise was a great success.

Grand-san smiled delightedly as he looked at Dolan.


“From today on, I’ll propose plenty of ideas for things I want to be made so please help me actualize each and every one of them.” (Luciel)

“I’ve been working with that intention all along. However, this is too much of a foul play.” (Dolan)

Dolan could no longer hide his tears.


“Luciel-dono informed me that Dolan was alive and well. I knew that someday you would return. It’s natural to put in the effort for my fellow junior disciple.” (Grand)

“Elder brother Grand!”

The 2 of them gave each other solid hugs.

I missed the chance to speak under the heavy atmosphere but Grand-san noticed it.


After making sure, I spoke to Dolan.

“Look, if you don’t do in, Rician can’t go in too. She’ll be staying here from today onward after all.”

I looked over at Rician and she was looking uncomfortable.

“Sorry. Come along then.” (Dolan)

Thus, we intruded? on Dolan and the other’s home and workshop.


The second floor was built as their living space while there were 3 workshops constructed in the basement.

“The above ground building looked normal but this basement … I don’t understand.”


The reason why I muttered so was not only because of the size of the workshop.


The size was about 2 times that of the workshop in Ienith, but it was made of semi-transparent glass-like materials that allowed one to guess what is inside and the glass was engraved with numerous magic circles.

“Engraved with sound-proof, vibration-proof, dust-proof, antiseptic and fire-proof magic circles, the walls were made from diamond and Adamantite to allow one to see what’s inside in the unlikely event of an emergency. With this, there will no longer be a chance that the workshop gets blown up.” (Grand)

Just by looking, I could tell that it cost an amazing amount of gold so I was convinced.


“This place won’t shake even if an earthquake comes. Because we’ve completely immobilized the ground underneath.” (Grand)

Grand-san’s motivations were overflowing.

However, he implied that the mistake that caused Dolan’s workshop to explode was influenced by the earthquake after all.


Paula and Rician both had booths that allowed them to peek at each other so they exchanged eye contact that showed their rivalry as well as their feelings of pouring everything they have into joint development.


Then, Lionel and Cathy who have been keeping silent since we arrived at Rockford spoke.

“Luciel-sama, I wish to request for the master on the apex of the blacksmithing world, Grand-dono, and Dolan-dono to construct armor jointly but …” (Lionel)

“We understand that it is an impertinent request as slaves nya but we still wish to ask you nya.” (Cathy)

Was Grand-san famous even in the Empire?

As expected~, while thinking so, I accepted their request.

“I’m willing to dispel your slave contracts anytime so the 2 of you can be considered as slave (provisional) … Grand-san. I’d like to request of you to create armor for the 3 slaves here, is it alright?” (Luciel)

“Even for me as well?” (Kefin)

“You plan to serve as my strength right?” (Luciel)

Kefin was flustered but it’s better to increase our combat strength if we have the choice.


“I agree since it is Luciel-dono’s request. However, I won’t be giving you a discount okay. Also, it’s time to maintain Luciel-dono’s armor as well.” (Grand)

“Thank you. I’m willing to pay as long as it is within my means.” (Luciel)

“Understood. Dolan, you think you can do it?” (Grand)

“I’ll strike my heart and soul into it!! I accept this request. Elder brother Grand, please lend me your strength.” (Dolan)

“Leave it to me.” (Grand)


Thus, it looked like they were going to begin crafting the armor immediately … but, Grand-san’s next words caused the place to go silent.

“So then, what materials should we craft them with? Monster materials? Or with Mithril, Adamantite or Orichalcum?” (Grand)

“Do you have them in stock?” (Luciel)

“What are you talking about? You brought it with you right?” (Grand)

” …… ” (Luciel)

What does he mean?

He directed his gaze at me but looks like we’ll have to go to the mines.

… Even though we finally arrived at a safe land with a small party … I could not fire up my motivation to risk my life for the sake of fabricating armor.

As if they perceived my thoughts, 『Gashi Gashi』, Lionel and Cathy grabbed my shoulders.

“Luciel-sama, I won’t ask for any more selfish requests, so shall we go to the mines?” (Lionel)

“Luciel-sama, I’ll devote myself to serving you so please nya.” (Cathy)

“Yup, no way.” (Luciel)

I turned them down with a smile.

Who would want to go to a mine where some earth dragon or land dragon sleeps!


” … Is it alright to make the equipment for the 3 of them with the purified dragon scales and bones I passed to you previously to make the illusionary cane?” (Luciel)


“Yeah. Of course. That’s also quite an amazing material so I’ll have to show my skill.” (Grand)


“I just don’t want to go to the mine. It will definitely take quite some time right?” (Luciel)


“If it’s for the 3 of them … it will take at least 3 months. At most half a year.” (Grand)

The 3 of them were surprised to hear about the material but it was gathering dust in my magic bag either way so it was more meaningful to use them to save some time and effort.

Moreover, it reduced the risk to our lives.

The armor was for the 3 of them so I had predicted the time required and it wasn’t a problem to me.


“Alright. I plan to visit the town of Meratoni once my armor maintenance and their measurements for their armors are done but would it be alright?” (Luciel)

I can get some training done in half a year after all, and I hope for some wonderful encounters instead of brutal encounters.


“Yeah. No problem. Rather than that, today is the welcoming party for Dolan and Paula so I’ll have you accompany me to drink today Luciel-dono.” (Grand)


“Sure. I don’t have any strong liquor but I have some specially made mead so I’d like it if you have a taste.” (Luciel)


“It’s fine as long as it has alcohol. All the better if it tastes good. Strong alcoholic drinks are good but I also welcome liquor that I rarely get to drink.” (Grand)


“I’m glad that’s the case. Also, would it be alright to dispel Dolan and Paula’s slave contracts during the event?” (Luciel)


“Yeah. Of course.” (Grand)


“Please wait a moment, if the dwarf king finds out …” (Dolan)


“Don’t worry. I’ve already had an audience with the dwarf king regarding this matter.

You no longer have to worry about it.

Either way, the dwarf king regrets his decision in the first place.

To allow your promise that he can descend you into a slave or whatnot if you can’t present the strongest sword to him.” (Grand)


“A promise is a promise … I did not think that Paula would get caught up in it too.” (Dolan)


“Stop giving strange promises that will cause you regret in the future.” (Grand)


“Elder brother … I’ll bear that in mind from now on and I plan to create the ideas that Luciel-sama comes up with.” (Dolan)


“Tsk, showing off such a delighted expression. You’ll make me want to jump on board as well.” (Grand)


“So I’ll dispel it tonight?” (Luciel)


“Yeah. Thank you.” (Dolan)

Dolan lowered his head to me.


During dusk that is reproduced in the town of Rockford, for the sake of celebrating the return of Dolan and Paula, the researchers and engineers who finished their work gathered at the town square.


“Gentlemen, thank you for gathering here.

This town’s Strong Arm Engineer Dolan and the golem-loving girl Paula have returned.” (Grand)

The people cheered and various words were tossed to the 2 people.


“The 2 of them are currently slaves … but I will now dispel their slave contracts.” (Luciel)

I applied 「Dispel」 on the 2 of them.

“With this, the dispelling of the slave contract is complete.” (Luciel)

I told Grand-san and Grand-san gave a large nod.


“The person who had just dispelled their slave contracts is Luciel-dono, the S-rank healer from Saint Schull’s church. He had humanely purchased the 2 of them and protected them.” (Grand)

The inhabitants were at a loss at what reaction they should give after hearing him say the 2 of them were purchased and protected.

“He was a gentle lord that never once beaten or used us. Also, never once reached his hand toward Paula … worthless.” (Dolan)

『Gan!』 With a soft drum, Paula whacked Dolan’s head as if it was a stand-up comedy tsukkomi.


I smiled when I saw that while the inhabitants roared with laughter.

Looks like their sketch comedy started since long ago.


“I’ve returned. Please take care of me.” (Paula)

Everyone sent cheers over reminiscent of those sent toward idols as Paula cutely bowed to me.


She grew up here since young.

And as an Engineer, Paula must have been raised with love by everyone.


“Everyone in the crowd, I’ve caused you all a lot of troubles. I’ll be in your care from today onward as well.” (Paula)

This time, they replied with a warm applause.

“Today is a good day as well. With Luciel-dono around, I won’t be surprised if we drink too much and get a hangover for 2 days!”


“To celebrate Dolan and Paula’s return, cheers!”



Thus, the banquet began.


“I lamented when I heard that Dolan and Paula became slaves.

Which was why … I complained to the dwarf king and the gods.

The dwarf king was feeling considerably depressed.

Why didn’t you ask for my help?” (Grand)

As Grand-san and Dolan … -san began drinking, Grand-san began preaching. (TL: He’s not used to addressing Dolan with -san)

“My bad.” (Dolan)

“I tried to look for clues to the whereabouts of you 2 … but in the end, time passed but I couldn’t find you.

At that time, a letter arrived from the Healer’s church S-rank healer Luciel-dono here.

He mentioned that he had secured the 2 of you, regenerated Dolan’s arms and requested me to construct a place that you 2 can return to.

Do you understand how happy I was?” (Grand)

“Thank you, Uncle Grand.” (Paula)

“Mm. Paula didn’t do anything wrong after all.” (Grand)

Grand-san who had completely became a good-natured old man was patting Paula as he continued his preaching toward Dolan.


“Luciel-dono mentioned that I shouldn’t reveal it to anyone else so even I was wounded by the strange look everyone gave me when I was reconstructing the workshop.” (Grand)

Grand-san who should be quite capable of holding his liquor suddenly tipped his head back to drink and the spilled alcohol almost reached me.

“Elder brother Grand, thank you.” (Dolan)

Dolan … -san faced Grand-san and thanked him by lowering his head.

“Damn it! Don’t say it anymore. But, I’ll have you accompany me to the very end today.” (Grand)

“I believe Elder brother Grand will be the first to collapse so leave it to me to look after you.” (Dolan)

“Bring it on, I’ll make you collapse.” (Grand)


Thus, the 2 of them began their drinking game and Dolan-san and Paula’s welcoming banquet continued deep into the night.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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