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IS B7C109

Chapter 109: Dragons and Spirits’ Beliefs

Translator: Tseirp


As usual, there was a large door before my eyes and the moment I touched it, it began to absorb my magical power.


This time, the door shined a golden-yellow light as a crest gradually appeared and sparkled.

“A sealed door … is it alright to unseal it? How did the Evil God enter?”


Such thoughts went through my head.


“It’s open. To be safe … 「Area Barrier」 … alright, guess I’ll proceed.”

At that point in time, I regretted not having read deeper into why my luck was fluctuating so erratically.


“Looks like it doesn’t lead to stairs.”

Peeking through the opened door, I saw a winding path that continued forward.


I returned the illusionary sword back into the illusionary cane and advanced until the Earth Dragon was captured within my field of vision.

The scales themselves on the Earth Dragon in my sight looked like rocks, giving me an impression of a craggy hill. Black miasma mingled within the Earth Dragon, darker compared to the miasma that was present in the Holy Dragon and Flame Dragon, places where the miasma was the most severe had begun undeadification.

I was beginning to feel slightly relieved after seeing the Earth Dragon remain calm like the Holy Dragon and Flame Dragon but calamity suddenly struck me.

The Earth Dragon’s body started to creak and it began to cry out.


That cry filled my body with dread … I believe that can’t be helped … but things beyond my expectations continued to happen.

The creaking of the Earth Dragon’s body intensified and caused an earthquake along with it.


“Guh, a rampaging dragon … not funny.”

I lowered my posture and weaved a chant as I clenched my illusionary cane but at that instant, the Earth Dragon’s eyes caught sight of me.

The intimidation I felt from those eyes was different from that of the Holy Dragon and the Flame Dragon, hatred was included within it and the mere sight of it caused my body to go rigid and my knees to tremble.


【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】

Nevertheless, I completed the magic circle and invoked 「Sanctuary Circle」.


However, as if indicating that it’s not affected at all, the Earth Dragon inhaled and released a breath attack directed toward me before it was wrapped by the light of the 「Sanctuary Circle」.

Naturally, when the breath was heading my way, I immediately took out a large shield and cleared my mind, channelling magical power in order to invoke a wind barrier, but I did not make it in time.

I was engulfed by the Earth Dragon’s breath.


Pain, hot, cold, numbness … I invoked 「Dispel」, 「Recover」 and 「Extra Heal」 with 「No Chant」 and fell into magical power depletion.

“Ha, ha, ha.” (TL: He’s panting/gasping)

It was tremendously strange as to why I was still alive.

The large shield was petrified and crumbled into pieces.

And, without realising, I had fallen on my back.

Looking at the roof of the cave, I judged that my thoughts weren’t circulating due to my magical power depletion so I took out MP potions to fuel my recovery. But, because it’s been a long time since I experienced magical power depletion and the feeling was extremely unpleasant, I once again reaffirmed with myself that I never want to deplete my magical power ever again.

” … It feels disgusting.”


At that time, a voice resounded in my brain.


《Liberator who unleashes the seal of the Evil God, I praise you for dispelling the curse on me after doing so for the Holy Dragon and the Flame Dragon.》

To me, the voice within my head when I was feeling unpleasant was as discomforting as the daily household noises you hear during a hangover.


” … Has your consciousness returned properly?”

《Yes. As expected, even I didn’t wish to fall to undeadification. I struggled and everything felt annoying. Now, I’m feeling better.》

Thanks to you, I’m the one feeling the worst now!!


” … It was still alright with the Holy Dragon but I feel like I had to struggle a fair amount for the Flame Dragon and you, the Earth Dragon?”

《 … I can’t sleep well when spirits come near me.》

It pushed the blame onto the spirits but the grievance it feels does not seem to be normal.

Eyes that harbour such intense hatred is abnormal after all.

I felt miserable due to magical power depletion but I mustered my strength to ask the Earth Dragon.


“Does the spirits and the dragon race not get along well?”

《We worship the Dragon God-sama while they worship the Spirit King.》

Their races are different so it should be inevitable that the subject of their worship is different.


“Just because of that?”

《Even though dragons is the supreme race, the spirits wish to appear as the underlying principle of the world.》


” … To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me either way.”

《It ought to be a topic that matters to you.》


” … Why?”

《Because of the destiny of mutual attraction between the holder of blessings from the Gods, dragons, and spirits and the priestess/shrine maiden.》

In other words, my partner?

Mutual attraction, meaning love at first sight?

Or does it refer to being drawn toward the other party?

… But I don’t have the confidence of getting back onto my own feet just because it’s said to have been decided by the Dragon God and Spirit King … in the first place, why does it have to be me?


” … The spirits said the same thing as well but … why me? There are plenty of local heroes or, even better, heroes that exist as vessels right?”

《Eventually, when the gears of your wheel of fates meet, you will naturally understand and you will become the Philosopher.》

I’m totally lost.

Aren’t there other reincarnated individuals other than myself?


” … But I don’t want to be embroiled in something as troublesome as being the Philosopher? My goal is to find somewhere to live peacefully.”

《As reward for withstanding my attack and defeating me in a single hit, I gift you with my blessing as well as the fortune scattered about here.》

Ignored once again huh … I guess I’ll have to grasp this chance to ask my questions.


” … I’ll gratefully accept the treasures. Please tell me this one thing, can’t the Chief God Kuraiya suppress the Evil God?”

《The Evil God does not directly show his movements because he is capable of manipulating the demon race, so the Chief God probably won’t be able to take notice.》


“I don’t have such capabilities.”

《I just hope that you will save my suffering brethren, just like how you saved the Holy Dragon, the Flame Dragon and myself.》


” … If the opportunity presents itself.”

《The gears of fate have already begun to spin.》


“Please stop it if you can.”

《The path that lies ahead for you with the Blessing of the Earth Spirits is merely deplorable earth magic but show me that you can weather through the difficulties.》


“What do you mean? I’ll be able to use earth magic?”


“Kukuku. You, what’s your name?”

The Earth Dragon ignored my words and stopped communicating with its mind.


It seemed like it was already facing difficulty maintaining its body.

I didn’t really reap much from this encounter but it was useless to ask about anything else and I could not formulate any thoughts due to the unpleasant feeling I’ve been experiencing.


” … Luciel.”

“Luciel, hold up that cane made from the Holy Dragon’s fang in front of me.”


“Like this?”

Just like how it was with the Flame Dragon, without giving me a reply, golden-yellow light was sucked into the illusionary cane.


“Luciel, I pray that you will grow into a splendid Philosopher. I’ve also fulfilled my promise … Rafi … ru … na…”

With those words, the Earth Dragon’s body undulated before it became petrified and crumbled.


I imagined that fangs and scales would remain where the Earth Dragon once stood similar to what happened with the Holy Dragon, but instead, various lumps of ores appeared and among the ores were multiple previous gems that I had never seen before.

Apart from that, as usual, there was a large magic stone and treasure chest with a small jewel housed within it.

The next instant, once again, the necklace glowed and flew out from within the magic bag, the jewel snapped onto the necklace and the glow subsided.


” … There are 6 remaining jewels. Nevertheless, I still don’t feel like going to collect them.”

I’ve still yet to understand why I survived that breath attack.

I was prepared for death when I was swallowed by the breath.


“I wonder why do dragons always possess treasures.”

Except for the large magic stone, I purified the various magic tool-like items, coins, weapons and armours scattered about the room and picked them up before I leaped into the magic circle and my view was dyed with the dazzling light.


『Ping』 【Title: Blessing of the Earth Dragon acquired】

『Ping』 【Title: Dragon Destroyer acquired】


Sounds resounded inside my brain and when the light subsided, I had returned to the entrance to Rockford.


” … I unexpectedly released the dragon and obtained the spirits’ blessing but I totally can’t decide if my luck is good or bad.”

Since everyone is most likely worried about me, I decided to return to the place I fell into the hole.


Just like how Paula did it when we first visited the town, I touched the wall and the verification was successful. The ordinary appearance of the town of Rockford appeared before me but it was wrapped in hustle and bustle unlike when we first arrived.


“Is it because of the ant monsters? I guess so … if the hole at the town square is not sealed, monsters would come pouring out.”

I whipped my body that had just recovered from magical power depletion into motion and headed directly for the central square.

I felt like I saw Paula’s golem at the central square for a split second so everyone is definitely gathered there.

Believing it was so, I began running.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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