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(041) Haru’s Roulette

Translator: Tseirp

Personally, I don’t quite know the rules for roulette but I’ll try explaining.

Roulette is made up of holes with the numbers ranging from 1 to 36 in red and black as well as 0 and 00 green holes for a total of 38 holes where the ball can fall into. If the hole the ball falls into is the same as the place you bet on then you can earn a certain amount.

For example, if you bet on red, there’s a 9/19 chance that it hits and the chip amount you bet would be doubled. If the ball falls into the black or green holes then your bet is forfeited.


In cases where you bet on the numbers, if the ball falls on the same number you bet on then you earn 36 times the bet you placed.


In short, it is a game where the bookmaker definitely wins if the game continues normally. Furthermore, professional dealers can control the strength they toss the ball to make it fall to the location he prefers so there’s even less hope for the player to win.

That’s how the rule is supposed to be.


The roulette spun and the ball began to move on the spinning panel … at the same time, Haru moved.

She placed the chips … however, it was not on red or black or odd number or even number.

She placed the chips on 13, 36, 24, 3, and 15, 5 places at once.


“Pl, please stop your bets.”


After the dealer declared so, you can no longer move your chips.

I wonder why did she choose those number?

I looked at the roulette as I thought that and I noticed that the numbers were clumped together.


The numbers on the roulette are assigned in a scattered manner.

And, the numbers 13, 36, 24, 3, and 15 were aligned in sequence on the roulette panel.

In other words, Haru predicted that the ball would fall around the number 24 and then, the ball fell slightly out of her prediction but it did fall into the number 3 hole.


“Ama, amazing, that’s 7 consecutive hits with this.”

“Can she really read the movement of the ball!? The panel is spinning you know!?”

“There’s no way that can be true, that is impossible even for the winged race who boast the best dynamic vision among all the races.”


The clamour from the audience couldn’t stop.

Hey hey, 7 consecutive correct choices?

By selecting 5 numbers, given 36 times profit, it is virtually multiplying her chips by 7 times and that happened 7 times consecutively.


” … Haru.”

“Master, I let you see a disgraceful sight. The shameful behaviour of choosing 5 numbers instead of accurately reading the movement of the ball.”


… What do you mean by shameful behaviour?


” … Incidentally, how many medals do you have right now?”

“Just in case, I didn’t use all the medals for betting and the upper limit for roulette is 1 green medal so I have about 12 red medals. I have some green medals as well.”

” … I see, good job.”


As I pat Haru’s head, I think she slightly overdid it.

If she continues, she would be mistaken for cheating, no, she’s already sufficiently cheating.


“How did master do in the slots?”

“How did you know that I was at the slot machines?”

“Because I could detect master’s scent from the slots corner.”


… Looks like Haru’s nose is in top form today as well.


“About 13 yellow medals.”

“To increase your medals to such an amount just through the slot machines that only rely on luck, as expected of master.”


… No no, I can only hear it as irony when she’s the one saying it.


For now, it seems like we can use the medals to order food so it might be slightly early but maybe we should have our lunch?

Right at the moment I was having that thought,


“Oh my, that roulette play just now was splendid.”


A man with a smile that looked like it was plastered on his face waved his arms greatly as he walked over.


“I am Gorsa, the boss of this casino.”


Shit, was she really mistaken to have cheated?

But we’ve not done anything wrong.

I only used the slots normally and Haru only normally (?) predicted the movement of the roulette ball.


However, perhaps he noticed I was wary, the man shook his head,


“No no, I merely would love to escort the 2 of you to the 2nd floor VIP seats. Originally, it is only a place where a person who had earned 10 black medals can enter but after seeing the skills of miss white wolf, I’d love to have a match with her.”

“I’d like to politely decline.”


I briefly declined.


“Why, could I ask for the reason?”

“We’re amateurs who has just visit the gambling parlour for the first time today. I don’t believe we can win against you, the owner of this shop.”

“No no, I am only the store manager in name …”


What store manager in name only. I can clearly see you know.


【Gambler: Lv39】


Currently, I do not know how and what to do to become a gambler.

However, he is clearly a professional on that path. Neither do I know what skills he possesses.

We wouldn’t notice even if he cheats.


Nevertheless, it’s scary to leave them thinking that we’ve cheated. Since we might get stabbed from behind.


” … Gorsa-san, leaving that aside, I’d like to ask something, is Gorsa-san able to exchange for such an item using your authority?”


I said and chuckled.




“Haru, sorry, your earnings were reduced significantly.”

“Don’t worry, I slightly overdid it as well.”


In the end, we only had 3 red medals and a couple white medals remaining on hand together with 100,000 sense.


The casino owner’s office.

There, we had our meal.

I was eating soft tender meat while Haru was eating tough meat.

They recommended wine as well but of course, I refused. Since it would be disastrous if I let Haru drink.


“I’m sorry for the trouble Gorsa-san, not only did we make you travel multiple round trips for us, you even treat us to lunch.”

“No, it’s a great help to me so there’s no problem but is it really alright?”

“Yeah, it helps me greatly as well.”


He prepared items with high liquidity for the 12 red medals … or rather he made an exception and prepared items with a 100% conversion ratio.

I converted that to gold at the gold exchange next to the casino (it was actually through the back).

It was worth 1.2 million sense, 120 gold coins or a substantial 120 million yen and I exchanged that amount for medals.

Thus, it became 9 red medals.

I then immediately exchanged that for items and converted it into gold.

Then, I once again exchanged and converted.

By repeating that process, I was left with 3 red medals and a couple  white medals.


If I do so, the gambling parlour won’t profit and only the tax they have to pay increases, but as this is a state-owned gambling parlour, the more tax they contribute, the greater the support they get from the country (in terms of law and regulations instead of financially) so it is better than simply letting me take an item and leave.


That is pretty much the proposal that the gambling parlour accepted from me.

So, why did I do such a thing?

The answer is even simpler.


It was to drastically raise my Commoner level.


Now, my Commoner level has been raised to an unbelievable Lv72.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Commoner skill: 「Yell」 obtained】

【Job: Magic Journalist is now available】

【Job: Apprentice Practitioner is now available】

【Commoner skill: 「Yell」  skill has leveled up to 「Yell II」】


Like this.

「Yell」  is a skill that raises the status of my companions when I use it.

However, the user will not be able to use magic when he is in the midst of using the skill.


Job: Magic Journalist【Commoner Lv50】

By consuming MP, the user can create documents using magic.

Those documents will possess special powers.

Unique experience points acquisition condition: Creating contract documents


Job: Apprentice Practitioner【Commoner Lv60】

The user is able to use simple healing magic.

A job with a significant gain in magic defence stat.

Unique experience points acquisition condition: Using healing magic.


The Magic Journalist seems interesting as well. Listening to Haru’s explanations, it sounds like this world’s version of a judicial scrivener. (TL: Judicial scrivener is a legal profession in Japan and South Korea. Judicial scriveners assist clients in commercial and real estate registration procedures and in the preparation of documents for litigation.)

Apparently, it is a job with reasonably high income.


Apprentice Practitioner is the exclusive profession for healing magic.

A healer job similar to white magicians or monks. (TL: I think he’s referring to game professions not those really present in the world)


In this world, the low-grade potions are sold at reasonably cheap prices but there are very little of those capable of using healing magic which give instantaneous effects so treatment fees seem to be crazily expensive.


“Even so, to think that you can really achieve 100% hits … so roulette has such a flaw huh?” (Ichinojo)


Using a small-scale reserve roulette inside the office, I tried to test Haru and she completely hit every time by relying on the 5 number strategy.


“No, I’m still far from perfect, I still have to rely on 5 numbers. If it’s the person who taught me this method, he would be able to hit with a single number just by relying on the dealer’s hand and finger movement.” (Haru)

“That’s frightening. I would not want to have such a person as my opponent … well then, Haru-sama, shall we have one last round?” (Gorsa)

“Yes.” (Haru)


Gorsa threw the ball.

After Haru called out the 5 numbers she predicted, it happened. The ball suddenly jumped and fell onto the 00 position opposite of Haru’s predicted zone.


“Looks like the last match belong to me. I don’t know about your circumstances but do enjoy your gambles.” (Gorsa)

” … I got to see something interesting in the end. Thank you.” (Haru)


Haru said her thanks.

I guess this was Gorsa’s gratitude as well as warning.


A warning from Gorsa saying that if you’re thinking of earning money through gambling, someday the ball will jump and you will lose everything.

And then, to teach us that was Gorsa’s way of conveying his gratitude.


I thanked him for the meal and left the office.


“Well then, shall we exchange for some items and head for the labyrinth? Haru, what would you like to exchange?”

“No, it is originally master’s money so please use it for yourself, master. This scarf I received from master is sufficient for me.”

” … Though I knew Haru would definitely say that …”


Even though the money is credited to the account under my name, it was earned by Miri so I won’t use it.

It’s the same reasoning.


This money was earned by Haru so I believe Haru should use it.

However, if it’s like this, Haru would never use it.


If so, then the solution is simple.


Just continue to stare at the item list at the item exchange counter,


“Excuse me, this please.”


I pointed at the item within the catalogue and handed over 3 red medals.

The female receptionist appeared with the item.


A brooch adorned with a green jewel.

Named as the Wind Brooch, it not only possesses resistance toward wind-attribute attacks, it also has the effect of increasing speed.


” … Haru, I will be relying on you from now onward as well.”


I attached the brooch to Haru’s chest.


As I said that, I was disgusted with myself for presenting Haru with a present using the money she earned.

But, Haru’s delighted expression … no, looking at the tail’s movement below her skirt, the loathing I had toward myself became better.

That’s how it felt.


“Thank you, master … even in exchange for my life, I will definitely meet master’s expectations.”


Like I’ve said, Haru always gives such exaggerated replies.

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