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(046) Mysterious presence at the back of the boss room

Translator: Tseirp

After ensuring that everyone had descended the stairs, I followed suit.

I defeated 10 minotaurs but it didn’t look like the numbers decreased at all. The number of reinforcements surpassed it.

Furthermore, there were minotaurs approaching from the opposite direction so I would suffer a pincer attack if I had remained there.

I quickly descended the stairs.


… Wait, the minotaurs are chasing me down the stairs!

Seriously? Even though labyrinth monsters usually don’t move to different floors … no, this just shows how potent Carol’s ability is.


Stepping onto the 25th floor, it was a wide room with a boss room at the back.


“Everyone, enter the boss room! 「Slash」!”


I aimed for the right foot of the minotaur behind me and released a 「Slash」.

The minotaur that lost its right foot collapsed in the middle of the stairs, blocking the path of the minotaurs behind.


With Haru and Sebastan in the lead, Oregeru and Carol followed behind and entered the boss room.

Then, the boss room began to close.


… Make ittttt!


I slipped through the closing door with a dive.

It was by the distance of a hair, my mantle would have definitely been caught by the door if I had worn a mantle.


With this, the minotaurs won’t be able to chase us … eh?


“The boss is a minotaur as well?”


Within the room with a high ceiling, there was a 5 meter tall golden furred huge minotaur.

It snorted wildly as it looked toward here … no, rather than toward here, it looked downward toward Carol.

Carol’s skill is effective toward this guy as well?


“It’s a King Minotaur.”

“Is it strong?”

” … Yes.”

” … Then, I’ll defeat it … the boss room won’t open even if we defeat it right?”

“Yes, unless we open the door from within, the door will not open until the time for the boss to reappear. It’s a system where, at that time, if all the members leave the boss room, tentatively close the door and reopen it, the boss will be there again.”


So it’s a mechanism that disallows a monopoly of the boss by remaining inside.

Or rather, it’s about time I defeat the boss so that I can catch my breath in peace.

I’ve been fighting all the way so I’ve most likely accumulated quite a lot of experience points.


I believe I’ll be able to somehow deal with the minotaur horde if I become stronger.


… Nevertheless, since just now, Oregeru have been glaring at me all the time … I guess the fact that I’m Haru’s owner has been exposed.


Looks like there’ll be trouble even if we escape from the labyrinth.

Nevertheless, for now, I should defeat the King Minotaur.


Firstly, I’ll put some distance between me and the others before I attack … it happened while I was having that thought.


Oregeru rushed the King Minotaur on his own.

Wielding the bladeless gold sword.


“Ready yourself, King Minotaur! I, Oregeru Robutti, heir to/eldest son of Sir Eric Robutti of the Kingdom of Arundel, will be your opponent!”


That shitty idiotic aristocrat! What is he thinking!?

Oregeru’s sword … struck the King Minotaur’s weak point, its shin … it didn’t pierce or slash, it merely struck.

Even though it was its weak point. The King Minotaur glared at Oregeru and swung the huge axe that it was wielding toward Oregeru.




Despite his leg injury, Sebastan moved at an unimaginable speed to stand in front of Oregeru and received the axe with his back.




Oregeru called the name of his butler … but Sebastan did not reply.

Even if he lives, it is clearly a severe injury.

Intending to deal the final blow to the 2 of them, the King Minotaur once again raised its axe.




My 「Slash」 struck the King Minotaur’s arm, preventing the follow-up attack. Blood was overflowing from the King Minotaur’s arm.

We’ll have to quickly treat … I’ll conclude the battle now!


I made a large leap from the side and sent out a kick at full strength toward its temporal region.

The gigantic body of the King Minotaur collapsed sideways.


Then, I pulled out a sword from my item bag and used it to pierce the neck of the King Minotaur.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Jobless skill: 「2nd Job Setting II」 obtained】

【Swordsman skill: 「Swordsmanship Strengthening (small)」has skilled up to「Swordsmanship Strengthening (medium)」】

【Apprentice Swordsman skill: 「Sword Deterioration Prevention」 obtained】

【There are no further levels for Apprentice Swordsman】

【Title: Peak of Apprentice Swordsman obtained】

【Pugilist skill: 「Physical Attack Strengthening (minor)」has skilled up to「Physical Attack Strengthening (small)」】

【Hunter skill: 「Presence Detection」has skilled up to「Presence Detection II」】

【Job: Dismantler is now available】


A lot of it piqued my interest but as of now, Sebastan’s treatment takes precedence.


“Sebastan, Sebastan, hang in there!”


Oregeru was shaking Sebastan’s body but that would cause his condition to worsen!


“Move, I’ll treat him! 「Petite Heal」!”


After sending Oregeru flying, I changed my jobs to Jobless, Apprentice Magician, Magician, Apprentice Alchemist and Apprentice Practitioner, jobs with high magic defence and began treatment.

The wound gradually sealed but Sebastan’s complexion was pale.


Even though it’s a game-like world, it’s not a game so just sealing the wound won’t make everything okay.

He clearly lacks blood.


“We’ve got to take him to the hospital for blood transfusion …”


But, how?

Who will carry Sebastan?


If Haru or I carry him, the combat personnel will be reduced. I don’t know if we will be able to escape if we do so.


“Carol will be the decoy. Everyone, please escape when Carol attracts the monsters away.” (Carol)


I guess that’s the only option. With Carol’s ability, the monsters shouldn’t attack her.

If that’s the case, after we escape separately …


” … no.”


But, Oregeru said that.


“With the Temptress skill, the Temptress will not be attacked … that’s because the monsters view the Temptress as an attractive opposite sex. In the beginning, the monsters will encircle her, followed by courtship. Then, ultimately, the monsters will attack her … If this was above ground, the sun would rise before that could happen but this is a labyrinth, before she can escape to the surface, she would be dragged to their den.”

“Then, how about if Carol and I escape first? If we do so … hmm?”


I looked toward the back of the boss room.

There was a door.


“Hey, that’s the room where the Goddess statue lies right?”


I asked to confirm before continuing.


“I sense the presence of 3 individuals … is there somebody else here?”

“That can’t be. If there’s somebody in the Goddess room, the boss won’t appear.”

” … But, there’s clearly 3 presences. Perhaps, there’s another entrance? If that’s the case, we might be able to escape from there …”


I held on to a sliver of hope, but, while remaining vigilant, the door to the Goddess statue opened.


The ones there were …


” … Why the heck are you all here.”


The individuals there were Jofre and Elise, as well as the donkey they purchased.

The 2 people and 1 animal were carefreely dozing off in front of the Goddess statue.


Even though there’s no other entrance to the Goddess statue room … they, why … no, how did they come here?

At the very least, they shouldn’t be a match for a King Minotaur.

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