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(048) The Right to Pursue Happiness

Translator: Tseirp

I was back beside the Goddess statue at the back of the boss room.

Changes occurred to all the members that were dedicating prayers.

Rare medals appeared in front of Jofre and Elise, 10 silver coins in front of Carol and a sponge in front of Oregeru.


I spoke,


“Haru, do you know about Lifestyle magic?”


I tried asking Haru but she didn’t reply.

Instead, Oregaru replied.


“Lifestyle magic are magic necessary in terms of livelihood. If I remember correctly, you would be able to use purification (clean) magic at the beginning. It’s likely to be magic that cleans your surroundings.”

” … I see … it won’t be helpful for our escape … oh right, Jofre, could you lend me the Friendship Ring? Also, I’d like some monster-repelling incense as well if you have them.”

“Ah, sure. As thanks for the food.”


Jofre bent down, extracted the Friendship Ring and incense that releases an odour that monsters dislike from his shoulder bag and passed them to me.

With these …


“Haru … can I have a moment?”

” ……… !? Ah, yes, what is it?”


Haru was deep in thought about something but she was shocked when I tapped her shoulder and she asked me what I wanted.


“Please wear this Friendship Ring. Carol and I will exit the boss room first and attract the enemies. Five minutes after I leave, please lead everyone to escape to the 23rd floor.”

“But master, that’s dangerous. I’ll be the decoy …”

“No, I’m the only person here capable of doing so. Haru, please believe in me. Jofre, Elise, please carry that old man there using Centaur. Oregeru is a noble after all so he might reward you if you escort him up to the surface.”

“Ah, understood, we’ll properly transport the reward goods until the surface!” (Jofre)

“We’ll complete the task even if it breaks us.” (Elise)


The item to be transported is not the reward good but Sebastan though. But the mud ship that Elise mentioned is not wrong at all. It was a mud ship that makes the mud ship of the racoon dog in Kachi-kachi Yama pale in comparison. (TL: Had to look that one up lol. It’s an old Japanese folklore. The phrase Elise used can be literally translated as “Leave the task to me for I am willing to ride a mud ship for it.”. As for the Kachi-kachi Yama racoon dog folklore, it’s about a racoon dog that was invited out by a rabbit to go fishing. The racoon dog was greedy and selected the larger mud ship made by the rabbit because it seemed like it could hold more fishes while the rabbit rode the smaller wooden ship. In the end the racoon dog’s mud ship disintegrated and it drowned. That’s just the last part of the whole story but it’s where the MC was referencing to. I think he’s implying that Elise and Jofre were being motivated by greed. You can read the whole story by googling Kachi-kachi Yama.)


“Carol, ride on my back! We’ll breakthrough using force!”

” … Yes.”


Carol hesitated and her facial expression darkened for a moment before she nodded and rode on my back, wrapping her arms around my neck.

So light … just like Miri.


“Well then, let’s go.”


I crossed the boss room and opened the door with a kick.

The place there … had turned into a minotaur’s lair.


… But …




I kicked with my feet and shouted out Slash.

A vertical vacuum blade extended out, 2 minotaurs were annihilated while another 1 suffered from a mortal injury.


A path opened up at the same time.


As expected, thanks to the considerable rise in level just now, my attack power has increased.


“Hold on to me tightly!”


The minotaurs were hesitating with their attacks, they know that the damage will extend to Carol if they attack me.

It didn’t feel good to use Carol as a shield but this was my chance.


It can work if it’s like this.


I kicked the minotaur with a single leg that was collapsed at the stairs as if hunkering down (The one I cut down before I entered the boss room) and kneed the minotaurs on the stairs in their chin, causing them to tumble down. Avoiding the falling minotaurs, I weaved left and right to dodge the subsequent minotaurs and broke through in one go.


We safely arrived at the 24th floor.

However, even here, minotaurs were overflowing from the left and right.


We’ll reach the stairs to the 23rd floor if we go left. The frequency of appearance of minotaurs will decrease if we climb to the 23rd floor but that will cause the 23rd floor to no longer be a safe zone.


If that’s the case, I began moving towards the right.


“Keep your head low!”


I cried out as I used the space between the 2 horns on a minotaur’s head as footholds to jump horizontally and move ahead.


We barely cleared the ceiling, if Carol raised her head ever so slightly or if I had jumped even a slightest bit higher, Carol wouldn’t have emerged safe and sound.

After kicking across 3 minotaur heads, I successfully dropped down to a place devoid of anyone.


Since we’ve reached here, the only thing left to do is to escape.

After letting loose a roundhouse kick Slash directed behind to keep them back, I started running on the 24th floor.


【Ichinojo Level up】


Most likely because I’ve reached a certain distance from the minotaurs chasing from behind, combat had ended and the level up call came.


【Philanderer skill: 「Dexterity UP (minor)」 obtained】


Geh, I left it as Philanderer. I’m happy that I acquired a skill that looks convenient but I’m surprised that I could defeat the minotaurs with a single blow. It seems like Apprentice Swordsman won’t be able to level up anymore so I swapped Philanderer with Hammer-user.


“Erm …”

“What is it?”

“Please leave Carol behind and escape! It’s impossible for you to be able to escape on your own, let alone while being burdened by Carol.”

“Is that so? You’ve been watching right? If push comes to shove, I can forcibly break through.”

“The minotaurs until now were bewildered but in a short moment they will come to snatch Carol away by force. When that time comes, you won’t be able to escape safely.”

“It’s Ichinojo.”


I said.


“My name is Ichinojo. Please remember it.”

” … Ichinojo-san, I’m Carol.”

“Why do you wish to die? Dying is scary you know?” (TL: MC, the only person who can actually contest to that xD)


Because I’ve died once. I’d rather not experience that a second time. Though, I’m still going to die one day.

As we were having that conversation, a single minotaur appeared from ahead.

Did it happen to respawn nearby to make up for the minotaur I defeated just now?

If it’s just one, I attacked with a foot Slash and the minotaur sank into the ground.


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Hammer-user skill: 「Hammer Equip」 obtained】

【Job: Apprentice Blacksmith is now available】

【Hammer-user skill: 「Concussive Strike」 obtained】(TL: Literal translation is ‘Crown of the head Strike’ but that’s a bit too clunky so I changed it)


Oh, I’m curious about a lot of them but of course, they’ll have to wait till later.

I continued running as I waited for Carol’s reply.


“Carol’s parents were killed by monsters.”

” … I see, but that’s not unusual in this world … or perhaps.”

“Yes, it was during the night the day Carol’s ability awakened.”


So her parents died because of her own skill.

That’s … painful.


“Carol’s parents were Peddlers. They borrowed gold from the Merchants Guild and conducted business. They were killed and the goods were damaged so Carol became a slave because Carol could not repay the loan. But, I still believe it is my punishment. But, I can no longer endure it. To hurt somebody else due to Carol’s ability.”

” … Oh, Carol, I’ve not told Haru about this but both my parents are dead too. Due to an accident. When I was in high school … ah, no, when I was still going to school. I was also the cause of that accident.”


That’s because, the day my parents died was my sister’s birthday. (TL: There’s definitely going to be more to this story from Miri’s side later)

Father, mother and I decided to surprise Miri.

During the time I brought Miri out to play, my parents drove to the neighbouring town to buy a cake that Miri mentioned she wanted to eat previously.

As mother went to collect the cake, the plan was for father to go to the bookshop near the cake shop to buy a steam engine technical book that Miri wanted. Those plans were all made by me.


Then, along the way, my parents met with an accident and passed away.

That day, it should have been the best day for Miri but it became the worst day.


After that, I immediately dropped out of high school.

I believed that I did not deserve happiness. If I did not suggest the surprise party, my parents would not have died. That was what I thought.


But, Miri was angry when she found out that I had dropped out of school. Of course, I had no regrets but Miri was extremely angry and told me off.


“My little sister taught me that in my country, the most important law among the many laws was the constitution whereby, as long as it is not by unlawful means, everyone has the right to pursue happiness. It was from my sister who was still this young you know?”


I showed Carol Miri’s height at that time, about my waist height.


I still remember the words that Miri said at that time.

It was the exact clause of the 13th article in The Japanese Constitution.


All of the people shall be respected as individuals. Their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall, to the extent that it does not interfere with the public welfare, be the supreme consideration in legislation and in other governmental affairs.


I began with that.

Interfering with the public welfare, in other words, as long as you do not inconvenience those around you, but considering that Carol’s ability does cause trouble for those around her, I adjusted it to as long as she does not use it for evil means.


Until now, the only articles from The Japanese Constitution that I remember are Article 13 and the first line of Article 27. That’s how deep the impression of Article 13 was left in me.


Because it was so unbelievable that my little sister who was still in primary school could fluently recite that clause from The Japanese Constitution. After that, I reread that clause countless times.


Incidentally, the first line in Article 27 is something fairly simple.


All people shall have the right and the obligation to work.


It was an obligation that I could not fulfil. Until now, I am still repenting for only pursuing the right but neglecting the obligation. It doesn’t matter right now though.


“Therefore, it’s alright for Onii to become happy. You’re not a person who should not be allowed to pursue happiness, that’s what my sister said to me. Carol’s parents would definitely say the same thing … If you still think that you should not be allowed to be happy …”


I smiled showing my teeth and said.


“I’ll forcibly make you happy. Carol, put this ring on any finger you like.”


I passed the Friendship Ring to Carol on my back and let her put it on.


“Status open, Carol.” (TL: Carol’s name is slightly weird, Ichinojo calls herキャロ (lit: Kyaro) but the others like Oregeru calls her キャロル (lit: Kyaroru). The way Ichinojo calls her is like a nickname, since the name listed in her status page is Kyaroru.)


I confirmed Carol’s status.


Name:CarolRace:Half Mini-hume
Job:Temptress Lv1
Phy Atk:4Phy Def:8
Mag Atk:6Mag Def:5
Slave CollarHemp ClothesLeather Shoes
【Unique Skill】
「Captivating Fragrance of the Moon」
【Acquired Titles】
「Labyrinth Conqueror」
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv3Temptress Lv1


Alright, party setting is done.

Then, I asked Carol to do something.


“Carol, look at your own status! This is Carol’s first step to happiness!”


Author’s note:

Comments, evaluations, reviews, bookmarks, they are all very encouraging. My tension was raised super high up this morning when I saw the number of evaluators reach 777.

Thank you very much.

I am truly sorry that I can’t reply every single comment.

Within all that, the 2nd volume is finally nearing its end, Miri and the Goddess are doing various work behind the scenes but I wonder how it will play out? Even I do not know myself.

I’d like to enjoy a slow life in the 3rd volume as well.

Maybe it’s impossible, Growth Cheat is the exact opposite of slow after all.

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