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Invincible Saint Official Art

Below is the official art for the first volume of Invincible Saint light novel! 🙂 Nice to see how the author imagines the character 😀 The Fanarts I got are actually quite accurate too!

Thanks Hobey for finding the image and letting me know 🙂

Invincible Saint Official Art


IS B7C112


GC V2C43


  1. nero raregroove

    That were meratoni adventurer guild right ?

    • Yeap. The bunny girl should be Nanaera, the older guy in the middle is Broad and the white haired youth is Luciel. I wonder who the people in the background are

  2. will there ever be romance in this novel?

  3. Namey mc Namename

    Really wish he added Grulga & Garba aswell. Oh welp a nice find indeed

  4. Arashi

    Oooh, that looks nice. Thanks!

  5. Fricking Luciel is handsome as damn….

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