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IS B7C110

Chapter 110: Fleeting Rest

Translator: Tseirp


As I kicked the ground hard while I ran, I began to formulate various hypotheses.

I must have defeated enough ant monsters for even Mario to get 1UP when I fell into that hole.

If that’s the case, then it will be alright once we defeat the monsters that rose up from that hole.

However, assuming that it’s not only a single location where holes appeared, won’t the monsters have multiple entrances and exits like an ants nest?

I thought so and tried looking around as I ran but there weren’t any holes that had opened up.

When I reached the central square, I saw countless holes as well as inhabitants striking down the monsters that climbed up as if a game of whack-a-mole.


“Is everyone safe?”

Everyone was startled when I called out but then Grand-san raised his voice.

“Luciel-dono is back. Crush the holes.”


All the people present cried out in a uniform voice, making one doubt if they were in fact dwarves, as the inhabitants of Rockford threw in chemicals or dropped rocks using magic tools down the holes before finally, Grand-san and Dolan blocked the holes.

However, they left the hole that I fell into as it was.


“Sorry for worrying you all. Nevertheless, why isn’t this hole buried?”


“That’s because if we leave this single location open, magic stones will spring out from here.” (TL: I guess they’re funnelling the ant monsters out a single hole and killing them to get the magic stones.)

I’m relieved that it’s not because someone went in to chase after me.

While feeling relieved, I briefly told them of my experience after I fell underground.


“I see. So, this time, it’s an Earth Dragon huh …”

Lionel’s fighting spirit swelled but I sliced it in two.


“This time, I would have died twice if I had acted wrongly. The first was when I fell into the hole, the second was when I received the breath of the Earth Dragon. Especially the Earth Dragon’s breath … until now, it’s still a mystery why I survived it.”

Nevertheless, Lionel’s clothes have been dirtied here and there so he definitely flew into the hole once but was most likely stopped by Paula’s golem.

Because I can see cracks on the golem’s arm operated by Paula.


“And so? What’s happening underground? Paula and Rician came to my workshop and I tried to jump into the hole to give chase but an earthquake occurred and holes opened up here and there, it was shocking when monsters came pouring out you know?” (Dolan)

Dolan’s complexion was pale due to the earthquake but it seemed like he participated in the battle.

As I cast 「Recover」, I recalled the story the spirits told me so I reiterated it to them.


“I fell quite deep into the depths and was able to see that there was an insane amount of ants thanks to the torchlight. … Now that I think about it, the Earth Spirit mentioned that the Dwarf Kingdom was already in battle with the monsters but do you all know about it?” (Luciel)

“What!?” (Grand/Dolan?)

“The dwarves reside underground but they originally lived in caverns and gradually delved underground to expand their dwellings.” (Dolan/Grand?) (TL: He meant that it’s inevitable they would encounter monsters underground since they are expanding downwards)

Truly the construction of an underground kingdom.

Well, it can be done as long as they have the capacity to do so.

” … Wouldn’t it be better to not do it here?” (Luciel)

“The location where the Earth Dragon and spirits gather is where they consider as the center of the earth.”

“The large number of monsters is a problem but the dwarf race is both stalwart and sturdy. They won’t fall behind to the likes of ant monsters.”

The 2 of them are dwarves as well which might be why they feel that way …

“Since the Earth Dragon is gone, in normal cases with labyrinths, the labyrinth monsters would weaken … but, what would happen if monsters apart from the ants appeared? Especially monsters from the 40th-floor stratum?” (Luciel)

” … Bad.”

“No, the king and his entourage are still around so it should be alright.”

It depends on the number of these ant monsters but there are likely to be dwarves that can’t fight as well.

Taking that into consideration … eh? I’m surprised at myself for wanting to go help without realising.

It must definitely be because I’ve been through a lot.

“Before that, do you mind if I get some rest?”


I had them give me some time to rest and refresh my brain.

From Sir Rainstar to fairies and dragon, to the battle between dwarves and monsters, the thoughts in my brain felt like they were being engulfed in a vortex.

It can’t be helped that my emotions were unstable due to my flustered state.

Since I am definitely not some protagonist of a story.


Dolan and Grand-san exchanged looks and nodded.

“As expected, it’s not like the kingdom would fall immediately.”

“There’s no point in getting flustered without confirming the state they are currently in. This time, I believe Luciel-dono has been through a lot so it would be better to have some rest.”

The 2 of them gave their understanding and the others didn’t disapprove so we decided to return to Dolan’s residence for now.


Since it would be a little late for lunch by the time we reach Dolan’s workshop, I retrieved some food I prepared beforehand from my magic bag for us to eat.


“The measurements for the equipment for the 3 of them are not done yet right?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. It will take at least 3 days. It would have finished earlier if Toretto was around though.” (Grand)

“Oh yeah, when I released the Earth Dragon, it dropped ores instead of fangs and scales so Dolan, could you take a look at them after your meal? There’s quite a variety of ores and magic tool-like items so I believe there should be some useable ones.” (Luciel)

“Ooo, I’m looking forward to that.” (Dolan)

“The output from the mines have been slow lately so your luck is quite good.” (Grand)

“It depends on the individual if it is a worthy gain in exchange for battling a dragon, but for me, I would rather not.” (Luciel)

“Oh right, Luciel-dono. It’s alright if you talk to me as you usually do. After all, we’re comrades who have shared drinks together.” (Grand)

” … I’m grateful for your words. I’m finding it a little hard to change the habit I acquired in Ienith.”

“Gahaha. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what ores you obtained.”


Just as Dolan and Grand-san were beginning to get hyped, I unexpectedly felt something strike my side.

“Ouch!? Don’t poke my side. What’s wrong Paula? Rician also?”

“If you found magic tools underground, I’d like to borrow them.” (Paula)

“Under present circumstances, we don’t even have magic stones so there isn’t much we can do.” (Rician)

“Alright. But don’t disassemble them.” (Luciel)

“I promise.” (Paula)

“I won’t disassemble them to the point that they can’t be restored.” (Rician)


…… Is it really alright to hand them over?

I pondered, but since there were items that I could not understand what function they served as magic tools, I decided to entrust it to them in the end.


Maybe they were being considerate of my feelings, but nothing was said about the dwarf kingdom nor about the dwarf race.


After we finished our meal, we first headed for Dolan’s workshop.

Then, I began to retrieve the ores from my magic bag, placing them in order as the expressions of the 2 of them hardened.

“Firstly, these most likely fall into the category of jewels.”

Upon aligning the ores neatly, it felt curiously like an ore display corner in a museum.

I felt faint traces of magical power from some of them so I was hoping that they were good items.

Then, for the items that can’t be placed on the table, I arranged them on the cleared floor space but Dolan and Grand-san were already at a loss for words.

They’ve been holding their breath since I began arranging the ores so it had become slightly amusing.


“These are the souvenirs left behind by the Earth Dragon.” (Luciel)

” … Luciel-dono, you really don’t recognize them?” (Dolan)

“Yeah. I’m an amateur after all.” (Luciel)

” … After completing the equipment for Lionel-dono and the others, I can already see the completion of that. It would need a lot of magic stones later but it should reach an operational level.” (Dolan) (TL: Is he really making a Gundam?)

“Really?” (Luciel)

“Yes, really.” (Dolan)

“My tension is seriously rising up from hearing that.” (Luciel)

” … What are you guys making? Let me help too.” (Grand)

“I’ll leave it to Dolan to decide on the subcontracting fee. It looks like you’ll enjoy it so please make it cheaper if possible.” (Luciel)

I said that before leaving the workshop.


“Kefin, you’re on the first watch?”

“Yeah. I’ve fought the ant monsters when we were on the way here as well but I’ll defeat them without letting my guard down.”

“Wear this.”

I passed him a robe.

“This robe shouldn’t disintegrate even against the strongest dissolving liquid.”

“Thank you. Well then, I’ll begin my watch.”

Kefin disappeared like a fog.

“Looks like he is keeping to my words to constantly use ninjutsu.”

Kefin, after he decided to tag along with me … I trained him until he would not die even during tough fights.

I could not peek at other people’s proficiency but while making various guesses, I judged that he could be taught.

I believe that he would be able to become an existence that can protect me.


After seeing Kefin off, I headed toward Paula’s booth when I noticed that at some point in time, a door that allowed passage between Paula and Rician’s rooms had been installed.

“When was this built?”

“I can make something like this in an instant.”

“Leaving this aside, the magic tools.”

Their eyes gave the feeling of children wanting their toys so I calmly took out the magic tools and equipment.


When I finished taking out everything, immediately, the 2 of them peacefully (?) began to analyse the items.

As if I totally did not exist …


As expected, it felt slightly hurtful so I quietly mumbled.

“I’ll hold on to the magic tools and such in the future seeing as these kids can’t even say a word of appreciation.”


“Sorry. Once I finish analysis, I’ll work hard again.” (Paula)

“I apologize. I will do my best for Luciel-sama.” (Rician)

It looks like the 2 of them heard my quiet mumblings.


“It’s good to compete but do properly greet and reply others.”


“I understand.”


Saying anything else would only serve as self-satisfaction so I returned to the room I stayed in yesterday and took out my Angel’s Pillow to take a nap.


Without knowing that my heart would pound the next time I opened my eyes, I fell into slumber.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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