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IS B7C111

Chapter 111: Line of Compromise

Translator: Tseirp


I was able to get some good rest but it did not resolve my worries.

That is to be expected though …

As soon as I opened my eyes while thinking about that, I met gazes with something.


I pushed the face of the being in front of my eyes away with all my might.

A lukewarm wind grazed my palm the moment I touched the face.


“That hurts. I wonder if this is the whip of love … if it is then my tension is building up fo~”

“This spine-chilling sensation and that ‘fo~’ expression … Toretto-san?”

The face was way too up close until I couldn’t even notice that it was a middle-aged man’s face with makeup on.

Moreover, there wasn’t even 10cm distance in between us … he didn’t do anything right?


“That’s right. It’s alright if you go back to sleep. This time around, I’ll get what I want. I was so close just now …”

Looks like I haven’t been violated.


Even now my heart was still thumping violently as if on a rampage.

After taking in a deep breath, I decided to ask Toretto-san.

“I’d like to politely decline. Nevertheless, why did Toretto-san come here?”

“Cause I sensed an interesting odor … just kidding. I heard from the church headquarters that Luciel-kun was bringing his companions toward Rockford so I came.”

“Really? I’m thankful for that. To be honest, I’ve suffered a breath from the Earth Dragon and was on the brink of death so I’m worried about the maintenance for my armor and robe.”

“Okay~, they have the automatic repair function so I believe it should be fine but I’ll take a look later.”

“Thank you.”

“Then change out of your clothes and pass me your armor.”



After changing using the transformation mirror Dresser, I handed 1 full set of armor from Dresser to Toretto-san.

“I’ll be doing the maintenance at Paula-chan’s workshop so stop by later. My heart’s dancing from touching good armor after such a long time fo~”

I was planning to walk to the underground workshop together but Toretto-san briskly walked out of the room.

“Just like a hurricane … If Toretto-san becomes Paula’s magical tool manufacturing mentor, even with Paula’s taciturn nature, I feel like she’ll be able to understand his knowledge regarding magical tools.”


I laughed, and once again sat down on the bed to organize my thoughts on the current situation.


Having the knowledge that the dragons are suffering, I do wish to release them all but that is not realistic.

Since they are all located at the very end of labyrinths after all.


Nevertheless, thinking of the Earth Dragon that is able to shake a location 2 days travel away, I can feel the threat of the Earth Dragon with that alone.

Of course, the breath is dangerous as well but if the earthquakes continued indefinitely, it would invigorate the ant monster like what happened this time and cause an extraordinary amount of damage.


… Giving that a thought, this time, I happened to release the dragon first, if I assume that this is a labyrinth, the monsters in the various boss rooms should still be alive.

“If it’s an existence like a queen ant-like monster that produces the ant monsters … this place is no longer safe …”


Regardless of this place being the location they were converted into slaves, knowing the effort put in for me by Dolan and the others, even if I can be thick-skinned and act as if nothing is wrong, it won’t be able to sit well within me if I ignore the situation. I was sick of being indecisive.


Due to the blessing I received this time around, I’ve acquired Earth-type attribute but as expected, since I don’t have spellbooks, it looks like it will be some time before I can experience this blessing.

Magician’s Guild … as well as the city in the air, I can imagine a bright future where I hope to go there but, in the end, I came to the conclusion that I will not be able to proceed without strengthening my foothold.


“I’ll only be going around in circles if I attempt to think deeper into it. If that’s the case, it’ll be alright if I just let everyone do the fighting and provide healing assistance from within a safe zone.”

After praying for the arrival of peaceful days, I descended down to the workshops.


When I arrived underground, Kefin was there but I did not see Cathy around.

“Kefin, how is the outside situation?”

“Luciel-sama, are you already alright?”


“That’s relieving. Currently, the ant monsters are coming out of the remaining hole but it’s only from a single location and the number of holes has not increased after that. Because of that, although the number of ant monsters that have appeared is high, they did not come out at the same time so it’s not to a troubling level.”

” … For example, if a thousand ant monsters surround Lionel and the others, do you have confidence that they’ll win?”

” … Assuming that there’s sufficient space, that they can receive healing even if the opponents all attack at the same time and that their equipment doesn’t break, I believe that they would somehow make it.”

Kefin replied while choosing his words.

Well, it was as I had guessed.

Either they desire to especially travel to the jaws of death or seek death within the battlefield, those are just about the 2 choices of battle maniacs.


“It’ll depend on the situation. Furthermore, the dwarven race appears stalwart and robust but I’ve heard that many of them have stubborn personalities.

As long as there are no requests, as soon as the measurements are done, I plan to go to the city of Meratoni with everyone.”

“I’ll follow you no matter where you go.”

I was slightly pleased by the resolve reflected in Kefin’s eyes as he said that.


“I’ll have this talk with Dolan and the others. To gather information … I might have you visit the Dwarf Kingdom.”

“I’m the right man for the job. It’s alright. I won’t make a blunder.”

Kefin laughed as he opened the door to Dolan’s workshop.


“Mind if I interrupt for a moment?”

When I entered the workshop, the 3 of them stopped what they were doing and looked over.


“Ooo, are you already alright?” (Grand/Lionel)

“Yeah. When I woke up, Toretto-san’s face was approaching mine closely so I received various mental damages but the ill feeling from magical power depletion is gone.” (Luciel)

” … I see. Luciel-sama, you knew Toretto?” (Dolan)

“Yeah. The robe I’ve always worn was made by Toretto-san.” (Luciel)

” … In the past, he was a regular fox beastman but … Paula got emotionally attached to him so it was alright but …” (Dolan)

Dolan cast’s his eyes down with a dark expression.

” … Luciel-sama, um, I’ve given that man responsibility for the armors but is it alright?” (Lionel)

“There’s no problem with respect to his skill. Compensation-wise, I’ll pay if it’s money but if it’s to do with the body, you’ll have to deal with it yourself.” (Luciel)

I told him with a grin.

Lionel had a speechless expression but I ignored it and conveyed the talk I had with Kefin just now to them.


” … And so, please keep in mind that we will be leaving here as soon as the measurements are complete.”

” … Thank you Luciel-dono. Dolan, we should write a letter to the king.”

“Yes, elder brother Grand. As expected of Luciel-sama. From now on, I’ll do my best with all sincerity as well.”

Dolan said as he bowed before he began to write a letter with Grand-san.


“Luciel-sama, the interior of the hole was not that wide right?” (Lionel)

“The height was about 2 meters. You might not be able to swing a greatsword there.” (Luciel)

Lionel was brimming with the urge to go to battle and seemed to be simulating combat in his mind.


After the 2 people writing the letter finished, they lectured Kefin about the method to enter the Dwarven Kingdom.


“Kefin, don’t overdo it. You task is to return alive so think of delivering the letter as secondary. Also, magical power authentication … and it would be good if you listen to a couple of the answers to those golems.” (Luciel)

“I’ve already done the magical power authentication but … that’s right, it would be difficult to enter and exit if I can’t answer a couple of the questions.” (Kefin)

“Well then, Kefin, I’ll entrust this to you.”



I moved from Dolan’s workshop to Paula and Rician’s workshop.


“Paula, Rician. I’d like to ask you 2 to develop magical tools that can illuminate darkness similar to the torchlight.” (Luciel)

“No magic stones.” (Paula)

“Furthermore, aren’t there already about 10 torchlights?” (Rician)

“… Sorry, I mixed up the order of the story.

We might possibly venture out to defeat the monsters coming out from the central square.

Also, I’ll pull out magic stones from the ant monsters that I have not finished dismantling. I’ll pass you 2 those so please make do with them somehow.” (Luciel)

“Understood.” (Paula)

“I understand.” (Rician)

The 2 of them nodded.


“And so? What should I do?” (Toretto)

“There’s a possibility that we’ll be going into combat so thank you in advance for the equipment maintenance.” (Luciel)

“Alright~ it’s boring but I’ll let it slide this time.” (Toretto)

“There are various ores at that workshop there so please use those. I’ll pay you the maintenance fees later.” (Luciel)

“That’s fine. Leave it to me then.” (Toretto)

“Thank you.” (Luciel)


Thus, I’ve given instructions to everyone and I suddenly had free time so, since there’s a chance we’ll need a large amount of food if we go into battle, I began cooking.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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