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IS B7C113

Chapter 113: The Strife-laden Dwarf Kingdom

Translator: Tseirp


This time, taking into consideration that the monsters might appear from underground, we decided to not move via horses and walk on foot instead.

Together with the messengers from the Dwarf Kingdom, we formed a 7 men party and departed from Rockford.

“Luciel-sama, I believe that the situation wouldn’t change much even if we rush toward the Dwarf Kingdom now. It would be better if we have our meal first.”

“That’s certainly true.”

Lionel advised so we ended up having our dinner at that spot.

The 2 from the Dwarf Kingdom raised complaints.

But, Grand-san was in agreement with our decision so they could not speak out.

I did not bother to aid the 2 of them at all with the preparation of their meals.


“It sure is dark. It’s clearly different from Rockford.”

“Luciel-dono, there’s no helping it since monsters would be attracted if we illuminated the area with lights. Please use the torchlight.”

Grand-san and the others, as well as the messengers from the Dwarf Kingdom, possess the skill called Night Vision. Grand-san taught me that it was a skill that could ensure a certain degree of vision even among the darkness.

It looks to be a skill that can be nurtured and acquired in dark places and apparently the majority of the dwarves possess it.


“There’s no moonlight tonight but it won’t be a problem if we follow the route set by Kefin.” (Grand)

“That’s right. I believe I won’t get lost with the torchlight.” (Kefin)

“Kefin, I leave the directions to you.” (Luciel)



As though advancing with only 5 men, we left the fake town.


Because the earthquakes had stopped after the Earth Dragon was released, there weren’t any holes that suddenly opened up on the ground.


Due to the combination of Cathy and Kefin detecting monsters, we quickly defeated them.

I held a sense of distrust toward the 2 messengers from the Dwarf Kingdom.

They did not take the lead to guide the way nor did they participate in the battles.

Moreover, due to them acting like it is natural, I could only feel irritated by them.


After walking for a while after that, Kefin called out.

“We’ve arrived. Looks like we are able to enter from here.” (Kefin)

“We’ll lead the way from here.” (Guraios)

“Come along.” (Aresurei)

The 2 dwarves called Guraios and Aresurei took the initiative and walked ahead.

I stood still there and looked at Grand-san.


” … I know what you want to say. I’m terribly sorry but please forgive what has just happened.”

Since Grand-san appealed to me with a quiet voice, I had no choice but to take a deep breath and gratify the 2 of them by following behind them.


The height of the cave leading to the Dwarf Kingdom was about 2 meters tall, similar to the path I took before I met the spirits.

“It does seem like it would be difficult to swing my greatsword here with this ceiling height.” (Lionel)

“You can swing your greatsword to your heart’s content if there’s combat when we reach the defensive line of the Dwarf Kingdom. You have no choice but to use a short sword for anything else though …” (Luciel)

” … It looks like I won’t have a turn this time so I’ll leave it to Cathy and Kefin while I defend Luciel-sama…” (Lionel)

“I’d prefer if you are slightly more enthusiastic about that task.” (Luciel)

The overtly disappointed Lionel only gave me a wry smile.

Even though he would definitely guard me when the need arises, maybe I should try to emulate that unshakable thirst for battle of a battle maniac like him.


As we walked along the winding path, the path split into 2. We could proceed without getting lost but monsters appeared at that point so we stopped.

I looked at Grand-san and kneaded my brow.

“I’ll leave it to you, Cathy. Kefin, you’ll lead the way.” (Luciel)

“Please wait. We will serve as the guides.” (Dwarves)

“Then quickly go ahead and defeat the monsters. For what reason exactly did you 2 travel out for?” (Luciel)

“” ……… “” (Dwarves)

“Grand-san … it’s alright, right?” (Luciel)

“Yeah.” (Grand)


“Let’s go nya.” (Cathy.)

Cathy kicked the ground, kicked the wall and slaughtered the ant monsters.

Kefin passed that by and began leading the way.

“I guess I might as well gather them.”

I followed while collecting the magic stones.


After that, we encountered combat multiple times but they still completely remained as ornaments who only watched from afar.


“It will be the Dwarf Kingdom after we turn this corner.”

The instant Kefin announced that, Aresurei ran ahead alone.

Everyone was at a loss for words. But, I was able to make a conjecture by looking at Grand-san.

” … Don’t tell me, you all are …” (TL: It’ll be explained in the next chapter. Feel free to take a guess though :D)

Just as I said that, a scream echoed out from within the cave.


Cathy and Kefin shoot out like bullets toward the bent path Aresurei went down.

Seeing that, we followed as well and saw the figure of Aresurei getting bitten on the shoulder by an ant.

The ant monster immediately turned into a lump of meat under Cathy’s attack.

“How is he?” (Luciel)

“He’s injured but it’s not life threatening.” (Kefin)

“Ha~. 「Recover」, 「Heal」.” (Luciel)

I cast with 「Chant Termination」 and ordered Kefin to shoulder carry Aresurei.

After that, we arrived at the Dwarf Kingdom almost immediately.


“Now then, it looks like it has become a battle, Lionel, please proceed to the defensive line.”


Lionel’s face showed a momentary grin when I passed him his flame greatsword and a headlight.

“Cathy, cover my surroundings, I’ll first rescue and recover the wounded.”


Cathy was full of smiles as well knowing that she would be following me to a combat area.

“Kefin, escort the 2 messengers back to the king and Grand-dono, please explain to the king that Kefin is my follower.”

“Yes.” (Kefin)

” … Understood.” (Grand)

Kefin nodded while Grand-san lowered his head.

While thinking that Grand-san will have to play a disadvantageous role, we started to move out.


As the dwarves were fighting with the monsters, Lionel introduced himself and joined in the battle.

“I am Lionel, the retainer of Saint Schull’s Church S-rank healer Luciel-sama. I come to assist the dwarves.”

With a swing of his greatsword, a few ant monsters were sent flying as they burned.


“Lionel looks like he’s having fun.” (Luciel)

“He told me that he’s been wanting to fight since we were in Ienith nya.” (Cathy)

“Anyway, let’s look for any injured people.”

” … There nya. Wounded soldiers are being carried there nya.”

“I’m surprised you can see that despite how dim it is in here.”

“There are many among the cat beastmen who possess the Night Vision skill as well nya.”

I chased after Cathy directly toward the building she mentioned where the dwarf soldiers were being carried to.


The interior of the building was bright so I could see a lot of wounded people inside.

Nobody looked toward us nor did they seem to be interested but I felt that it was convenient for us too.

“I am Luciel, the owner of Dolan-dono and S-rank healer of Saint Schull’s Church. I was begged by all means by Dolan-dono so I’ve come to heal you all. Where are the ones that are the most wounded?”

Once I said that, the dwarves all faced here simultaneously.

Some of them showed glimpses of anger but they most likely determined that treatment came first and called out to me.

“This guy here is the most injured.”

When I rushed over, I saw a dwarf on death’s bed, bleeding from his shoulder, flank and leg.

“As expected of a dwarf, praised for their sturdiness. 「High Heal」.”

Under my 「Chant Termination」 「High Heal」, his gouged out shoulder rose up and began to heal perfectly.

“Since he’s lost quite a lot of blood, he should be able to move about soon after he gets a proper meal.”

I heard the gasps from the round-eyed dwarves who witnessed that spectacle.


I immediately announced before they got out of control.

“Please move all the heavily injured people within a 3-meter radius around me. Then, those who are able to move on their own, please enter yourself. I will heal everyone. If you wish to thank someone for this, thank Dolan. Now then, where’s the next heavily injured person?”

After a total of 3 「Area High Heal」, all of the dwarves in the building could once again pick up their weapons so I sent them off with a 「Area Barrier」.

“Someone please guide me to a place where there are injured people.” (Luciel)

” … I’ll guide you.”

It was the dwarf who informed me of the first heavily wounded person.

“Okay. If there’s a life to be saved, it’s my job to do so.” (Luciel)

“I’ll be in-charge of maintaining vigilance nya.” (Cathy)


Immediately after leaving the building, the dwarf spoke.

” … Is Dolan-san healthy?”

“Yeah. He’s back in shape and I’m having him craft various items.”

When I said that, the dwarf turned around and made to grab at me.

However, before he could do so, Cathy’s rapier was pointed at the dwarf’s neck. (TL: It’s lit. translated as a thin sword so I took the liberty to use ‘rapier’, don’t know of any other thin swords.)

“What a load of crap … Dolan-san has already lost both his arms.”

“If it’s Dolan’s 2 arms, I’ve already properly healed them. Paula is also happily developing magical tools every day.”

After I said that with a smile, the dwarf was momentarily befuddled before he slapped himself and spoke while glaring at me.

“To sink your poisonous fangs into Paula-chan in addition to Dolan-san …”

“Like I’ve said I have not done anything like that. Furthermore, the both of them are no longer slaves.”


“That’s true nya. Currently, Grand-dono is on the way to the dwarf king, you can find out about it later nya.”

“Gr, Grand-sama?! Excuse my rudeness.”

“Leave the apologies for later, I’d rather go to where the wounded who are currently in distress are?”

“This way.”

Cathy and I exchanged laughs at the dwarf who suddenly became gallant and his guiding manner professional as we followed after him.


From there, I was led to multiple other buildings and I healed the people with injuries.

When there were no longer any more wounded people within the buildings, the dwarf who was guiding us finally spoke.


“I am terribly sorry for the late introduction. I am Randall, the leader of the defence here.”

“Okay, nice to meet you. Well then, let’s go to the battle zone next.”

“Are we still able to continue? Isn’t the king waiting?”

” … It doesn’t matter what the king is doing, the front lines are where the danger is greatest so the treatment of the wounded takes priority.”

” … Ye … Yes, sir.”

Randall-san’s demeanour has been steadily changing so he’s most likely a person who feels strongly for his companions.

Following him, I went around the places where they were struggling in battle to provide healing and Cathy came back to report that all the front lines were pushing outward.


“The healed dwarves joined the battle so the tide was completely reversed nya. Furthermore, Lionel-sama is there …”

I understood what she meant before she said anymore … or rather, it was made known to me.

“Gahaha. This is not enough, more, come at me more.”

Hearing Lionel’s loud laughter, I could deduce the situation.


“I’ll set healing there as the last stop … once I’ve finished treatment, could you guide me to the king?”

“Yes. Leave it to me.”

In that manner, I applied healing magic and 「Area Barrier」 on all the forces and converged with Lionel.

By the time he returned to guarding me, Lionel was smiling from the chance he had to vent his feelings.

I ignored such a Lionel and after getting rid of the odour of ants and the burnt smell with purification magic, I spoke to the dwarves in the front lines.

” … Everyone, please work hard without overextending yourselves like my retainer here. Randall-dono, please lead the way.”

“Eh, ah, yes. This way.”

Randall-san was quite considerably shocked by the mountain-like pile of ant monster corpses but he was shaken awake by my words and began guiding us to the building where the dwarf king awaits.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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