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Chapter 114: Treatment of Slaves

Translator: Tseirp


Regarding the place I was led to where the dwarf king lived, rather than call it a home, it was more fitting to call it a temple.

It was a building with that kind of structure.

It was a construct that was reminiscent of the European temples from the memories of my previous life, so much so that I wished to have a camera to take a commemorative shot of it.

We were guided as it is to enter the building.

However, the lack of a door made me recall a strong sense of discomfort so I asked about it.

“Why isn’t there a door in this building?” (TL: As in there’s an entrance but no door to block it)

“To protect the residents who can’t fight. There’s a directive saying that they can flee here anytime.”

” … What happens if the ones fighting outside now are rendered incapable of combat and the monsters appear when they are fleeing toward here?”

” … We’ll most likely be trapped.”

Looks like he felt the danger I sensed.


” … What about the king, his retainers and the king’s soldiers?”

“The ones currently fighting are the king’s soldiers and I am also one of them. … The king will most likely also fight till the bitter end.”

The number of people is unexpectedly small for a kingdom, or maybe the population is low because a substantial amount of them engage in combat professions, so I thought.


“We’ll think about it when the time comes … Before that, could you guide me to where the injured general citizens are?”

” … Yes, sir. This way.”


I prioritized treating the wounded over going to the place the dwarf king was waiting.

Then, the place we moved to had many wounded individuals but …


There weren’t any dwarves present, instead, there were many humans as well as other races.

In addition, slave crests were affixed to their arms, chests, forehead or necks.

So this is how slaves are like in this world … I thought vaguely.

The fact that there are slaves who don’t wish for recovery means there are those who wish to pass away like this, it was that kind of slaves.


” … Is everyone here a slave?”

“Yeah. They are the slaves who were used to hold back the ant monsters at all fronts initially. These slaves can use magic so once their magical power has recovered, they will be made to return to the front lines to continue fighting.”

” … But there are those who appear to suffer from severe injuries as well though? Won’t they become incapable of moving once they lose too much blood?”

“That’s right. But, since it is an emergency situation, it is less objectionable for the slaves to be killed compared to our compatriots being killed.”

” …… ”

Randall-san’s answer was not wrong.

I would most likely do the same thing and if my position was different, I would have likely answered the same way.


I felt a chill in my body as I was pondering about that.

Then, I felt 2 warm touches on my back.


When I realized it, Lionel and Cathy were supporting me.


“This is the typical treatment of slaves.”

“The typical mindset nya.”

They smiled but also looked somewhat sad.

Perhaps, the 2 of them were thinking what if they were in their position and suffered that kind of treatment …


“I will treat them but I would like to stop them from having to return to the front lines immediately. I will be speaking with the dwarf king after this but there is a possibility that they will be used as chess pieces as a result.”

” … Understood. Well, I’ll be accompanying you and they have slave contracts so they can’t leave here. So there won’t be any problems.”

“Then, I’ll immediately heal them.”

When I approached the slaves, the slaves termed as general citizens stared at me with expressions frightened to despair. I applied healing magic on the slaves while acting like I didn’t mind it.”


Regardless of gender, there were many who suffered deep injuries.

However, apparently healing magic had been applied on the slaves to the extent of closing their wounds, by the time I finished applying my magic, all of them touched the places where they were injured countless times and confirmed it by tapping the wound locations.


When I thought that I have treated everyone, I confirmed a few slaves who were allowed to sleep on beds as if being given better treatment compared to the other slaves.

” … These slaves are?”

“They should be the slaves who are capable of using healing magic if I remember correctly.”

… That completely makes me believe that they are related to the church though?

“Since when were these people obtained?”

“Perhaps the slave dealer who bought Dolan-san expanded, he came here almost a year ago and slaves who could use healing magic were valuable so …”

” … What’s wrong? They’re valuable so?”

“The dwarf king’s son decided to buy them.”

” ……… I see. What these people need is rest. Are there any other wounded people? Are there no beastmen slaves who can’t use magic?”

” … There are no longer any remaining.”

” … I see … Well then, could you guide me to where the dwarf king is?”

While clenching both my fists, I forcibly smiled and squeezed out my voice.

“Ye, yes.”

For some reason, Randall-san looked at me with dread and immediately starting moving.

As the slaves noticed that I was about to leave the room, they conveyed words of appreciation.

But, I walked off without responding to their words.

Lionel and Cathy spoke to me as I walked while looking at that back of Randall-san.

” … Shall I do the negotiations?” (Lionel)

“It will become complicated if you are that angry nya.” (Cathy)

” … No, it’s alright. But, is it alright if I feel like crushing the Dwarf Kingdom?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. For such a thing to occur while the outside world is unaware … it sure is typical.” (Lionel)

” … I’ll also have to reflect on the treatment of slaves nya.” (Cathy)

“The past you 2 have is in the past. Furthermore, it might just be me who is abnormal.”

As I smiled listlessly, we had apparently arrived at a location that looked like an audience hall.


“This is the room where visitors will pass through. If Grand-sama is around, he should be here.”

When the door was opened, for some reason, it was a strange situation whereby Grand-san was defending Kefin from the dwarves.


” … What’s this? Would anyone explain what’s happening to me?”


Kefin faced me and knelt with his head bowed.

He was armed with a sword as usual but he did not unsheathe it.

Grand-san who was behind Kefin looked like he was about to speak out before he held his tongue.

“I’m still looking for an explanation as to what is the cause of this situation?”


“That slave could not protect me so he’s being chastised.”

Aresurei said without a single look of shyness.

My anger reached the apex but I spoke.

“And so, who’s the dwarf king.”

“This is the Dwarf Kingdom! Regardless of your affiliation with the church, you are in no way a person in a high position.”

Paying no heed to Aresurei’s words, I conveyed my will to everyone to return to Rockford.

” … If the dwarf king is not around, I don’t care about anything else. Kefin, you did well to endure that. Let’s go back. …… Grand-san, to think the day I would be disappointed in you would come …”

The dwarf king called out when I had turned my heel.


“Wait, I am Rockwell, the dwarven king.”

“We’re going back, everyone.”

I ignored the dwarf king’s words and did not change my posture to leave the area, causing the indignant Aresurei to shout.

“That rudeness is an insult to father, don’t let them escape.”

I immediately issued instructions to Lionel and the others.

“Lionel, Cathy, Kefin, I’ve had it, show them our ability.”



No matter how stalwart and sturdy the dwarves are, it is all according to others. That does not apply to everyone.

With a swing of Lionel’s flame greatsword, the dwarves’ shields were dissolved and they were sent flying.

Cathy pierced their four limbs with her rapier.

Kefin was apparently considerably angry, he appeared behind Aresurei and cut off both his arms.


It didn’t even take 20 seconds before everything ended.

“Dwarf Kingdom … wouldn’t it be better if such a kingdom is crushed?”

I told Rockwell who was sitting on the throne.



King Rockwell descended from the throne and prostrated on the ground.

“Please save this kingdom.”

“I am not a saintly gentleman. Who would lend their strength to a king who can’t stop his idiotic son from running wild due to his arrogance?

This time, I only came because of requests from Dolan and Grand-san.

Moreover, the war situation will also most likely change if you, as the dwarf king, moved to the front lines.”

“My body is aged as you can see. It’s impossible.”

“It seems to be so, given you have to camouflage it with that robe. Furthermore, your son most likely called for me because he wished for a pretext to punish me.”

The surroundings were wrapped in silence.


The prostrating King Rockwell trembled and began laughing heartily.

“Kukuku, gahaha. I see, so this is the man who became the S-rank healer … how did you realise that it was a camouflage?”

“Because of Aresurei’s concern towards you. Rather, not only Aresurei but all the dwarves including Grand-san.”

” … I see, I missed out that point.”

“Well then, please do your best for whatever it is to come.”

When I once again intended to leave, an earth wall appeared. However, Lionel demolished that earth wall in an instant.


“No no, won’t you usually not want to leave after knowing that?”

King Rockwell impatiently spoke to me.

” …… ”


“I’m really sorry. I won’t lie anymore and I’ll even pledge to not betray you if you help us.”

“Since the spirits might be able to dispel the pledge right? Furthermore, I’m thinking that it would be better to crush the Dwarf Kingdom who’s trying to pick a fight with the church.”

” … What do you mean?”

“Aren’t there illegal slaves among the slaves?”

“Like a king would manage slaves!”

While thinking that is quite spirited, I still answered even though I was feeling slightly irritated.

” … Humans capable of casting healing magic are those who have joined the Healer’s Guild. Of course, it is not strange to see healers become slaves. However, those who wear those robes are only people from the church headquarters.”

“Explain it to me in an easier to understand manner.”

“The Saint Schull’s Church will not go to war unless they are invaded. In addition, I have not heard any word of them going to war lately. Now, why are 5 healers who should belong in the church headquarters forced to cast healing magic until they suffer from magical power depletion here?”

“Those who know something about it, speak up.” (Rockwell)

That voice contained quite a fair amount of fury.


The next person who spoke was Randall-san.

“With, with all due respect. About a year ago a slave dealer visited us and we were instructed to purchase them.”

“Who did?”

“Guraios-sama, Aresurei-sama and their supporters were the ones who gave the instruction to purchase. However, we were told that the slave purchase was all budgeted by the king.”


“What’s the meaning of this, Rockwell?”

Grand-san glared at King Rockwell as he asked.

“Grand, do not doubt me. I swear to the spirit-sama that I’m innocent.”


《Well, it’s true that he didn’t know.》

《Rockwell is merely a muscle brain after all.》

《He was brainwashed by the slave dealer to use slaves.》

《Idiotic face, it’s alright if you rip them off a lot, please help just this one time.》

《There will be countless others as well but we’ll also be troubled if the dwarf race disappears.》

《If this place disappears, Rockford will be in danger next time.》


To be able to hear the voices of the spirits here, I could tell that the spirits value their followers …


“What if I withdrew from here?” (Luciel)


《Um~ Rockwell might be able to survive but everyone else will be annihilated.》

《There a high chance that Rockwell would die as well.》

《Once that happens, the underground will collapse.》

《Idiotic face, this time, it all rests on your magnanimity.》

《Rockwell will properly pay you for the compensation.》

《Everyone apart from Rockwell is weaker than Luciel so please.》


“Can King Rockwell and the other dwarves hear this too?”


“I have 5 conditions to save this kingdom. Transfer of the specified slaves, transfer of the magic stones from the monsters defeated here, Rockwell’s personal oath of allegiance to not betray me for a lifetime, thorough disciplining of his sons and Dolan’s pardon.”

The spirits disappeared after hearing that.


Lionel and the other 2 looked at me with dubious expressions but the dwarves all looked at me with astonished expressions.

“Gahaha, interesting. Alright, in exchange, add in the treatment of these guys here as well.”

” … Fine. From now onward, King Rockwell will be affiliated with me. Swear to the Earth Spirits that you will spare no effort to wipe out the underground monsters.”

“As long as the Dwarf Kingdom is led by me, I swear to the Earth Spirit-samas that we are affiliated under Luciel-dono.”


Thus, we formed a coalition with the dwarves and head to battle with the ants.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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