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GC V2C49

(049) The Centaur who wishes to eat carrots

Translator: Tseirp

I ran while shouldering Carol.

My footsteps resounded across the labyrinth.

“Look … at Carol’s … status?”

“Yeah, take a look.”

“But, Carol’s status is …”

“Doesn’t matter just take a look!”


I pressed with my voice and Carol reluctantly muttered “Status open” softly.

I have no eyes on the back of my head. Which is why I had no idea what expression she had on.


But, the hands around my neck weakened momentarily so I rotated my left hand to support her rear and grasped her hands with my right hand. It’s definitely not for the sake of groping her. It’s emergency measures. I’m definitely not enjoying the sensation of her butt … the public eye would most likely look to me as if I’m making excuses and call me a lolicon, it does feel good to a certain extent but I have to say it beforehand that this is absolutely emergency measures.


“Carol, hold on properly!”

“Ah, yes!”

“I believe you understand after seeing it but you have lost all your power as a Temptress so there’s a chance we will be attacked by minotaurs.”

” … Erm, why has my job become Commoner!?”

“It’s the blessings of the Goddess.”


I lied with a smile. Or rather, the reason why I found out about the secret of Jobless skills was because of the Growth Cheat blessings from both the Goddesses so it’s not a complete lie altogether.


“Just now, when I prayed to the Goddess Torerul-sama, I met the Goddess-sama. I discussed Carol’s job with her and she told me that she would turn your job back to Commoner after 15 minutes.”


Since I’ve come all this way, I might as well openly lie about it. Even though I lived with the belief of being stubbornly honest and on a path of sincerity when I was in Japan.


” … Eh? With Torerul-sama!?”

“Yeah, properly thank her at the statue in the square after we return to town.”


I willingly conceded my achievement to the Goddess-sama,


“Carol! What do you want to be?”


“What do you want to be? Job-wise. You can change jobs since you’ve become a Commoner.”

” … Carol … want to be a Peddler! Just like papa and mama! Then, I want to become a first-rate Merchant just like what papa and mama wanted to be!”

“That’s great! Feels like it can work!”

“I can?”

“You can! I (still currently jobless) say so! Without a doubt!”


Within my heart, I tsukkomi-ed myself with “Only I don’t have the right to say words like that”.

Since I have not escaped from being Jobless until now.


“If that’s the case, we’ll have to raise your Commoner level up to 10! Hang on to me tightly!”


I said so as I turned a corner.

In front of our eyes was a minotaur with its back facing us.


“I’ll be sending minotaurs flying with kicks until we reach the stairs!”


I further increased my running speed. The minotaur was just ahead.

While kicking the minotaur, I said to Carol.


“Carol! Live! Live and find happiness! I will also become happy!”


I felt that … Carol gave a small nod behind me.




By the time we reached the 23rd floor, I had defeated 3 minotaurs and Carol’s Commoner job reached Lv10.

As expected, it will be hard to use the Goddess-sama excuse if her job changes to Peddler here.


Then, when we returned to the stairs leading to the 23rd floor and ascended it, Haru and the others were waiting for us.


“Master, I’m glad that you are safe.”

“Well, it was easy. I’ll tell everyone beforehand, thanks to Torerul-sama’s blessing, Carol’s job was changed to Commoner just now. At the same time, her unique skill has disappeared so there’s no worry that the monsters will gather.”


I weaved a lie as if it was a matter of course.

Everyone looked like they believed the words ‘Goddess’s blessing’ but it seemed like only Haru noticed the truth.


“Leaving that aside, let’s quickly return to town. We’ll have to quickly treat Sebastan … we’ll use the monster-repelling incense to return.”


I lit the monster-repelling incense and ascended the labyrinth.

Carol also dismounted from my back.


” … Haru, what’s wrong? Your complexion does not look good, is the skill from the roulette the reason?”

“N, no. The skill I obtained was the 「Forgery Appraisal」 skill that allows me to identify if an item is counterfeit or genuine.”


I see … it might not be attractive to Haru but it’s quite a useful skill.


Then, the reason why Haru’s acting strange is something else?

What is it exactly?


” … Master switched Carol from Temptress after master ascended to the 24th floor right?”

“Yeah, that’s right?”

“That monster-repelling incense is also a genuine item …”

“Yeah, it looks genuine.”

” … Then why wasn’t that Centaur-san attracted due to Carol-san’s skill? Furthermore, it doesn’t look like it hates the monster-repelling incense. Centaur-san is a slow donkey … they are easily attached to humans but they should still be listed as monsters.”


… That seems to be true after she mentioned it.

Centaur was the only one who did not approach Carol.

Why was it exactly?


I looked at Centaur and,


“Oi, Centaur, it’s not that way!”

“No Centaur, you can’t just eat grass.”


Centaur was ignoring the directions from Jofre and Elise and was wholeheartedly eating the grass growing within the labyrinth.

Its action does not even spell out the M in mysterious.


“Isn’t it just because its nose is clogged up?”

“… That might be true.”


We stopped thinking about Centaur anymore than that.

It won’t be a problem even if we leave it alone.

No, no amount of time would be enough if we let it wander on its own.


I took out a goblin staff, string, and carrot from my item bag and did some handicraft. The final product was a staff that extends ahead of Centaur’s head with a carrot dangling from above. It was easy to move the staff left to right.


Centaur began to move forward in attempt to eat the carrot dangling in front of it.

Great, it’s successful.


This is absolutely not animal cruelty, it is dangerous to remain in the labyrinth so it’s an emergency measure.

While thinking of excuses for animal welfare organizations, we aimed to leave the labyrinth.

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