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(051) Smoke rising toward the ceiling

Translator: Tseirp

The smoke she exhaled formed rings as they floated up and disappeared as if being sucked in by the ceiling as Quince continued to stare at me.

Disposing of the ashes, the accumulated dregs of the shredded tobacco within the pipe, into a pot most likely used as an ashtray, she kept the pipe that had traces of her purple lipstick on it into a metal case and merely sighed.

After my explanation, Quince smoked her pipe as if pondering about something but it looked like she had finished collecting her thoughts,


“The blessing of the Goddess-sama huh … that Torerul-sama rumoured to be a sloth, although it may be words from delusional people, but I can’t imagine her offering to change a person’s job.”


Quince said that as she sequentially looked at me and Haru.

I thought that I could fool everyone with the Goddess’ blessing premise but thinking back, the only people I fooled, apart from Carol, were only the idiot trio.

Thinking about it normally, I guess people would find it strange.


It appears that Carol had returned to her own room. She passed the 10 silver coins or 1000 sense she acquired at the deepest part of the labyrinth to Quince.


“Well, that child certainly seems to no longer be a Temptress … that’s troubling. She was my biggest cash cow after all.”

“You look unexpectedly happy in spite of you saying that.”

“If you can notice it, it means that I still have a long way to go.”


Quince gave a slight smile as she played with the metal case … and gently separated her hand from it.


“So, what do you plan to do? You wish to purchase that child?”

“That depends on that girl herself.”


“As long as it is within 100,000 sense.”

” … Your hand is not something that should be shown so easily … that amount is often only obtainable by cheating in the gambling parlour.”


Quince’s words sounded like an advice.

Normally, if a merchant reveals the money in his possession to the other party … furthermore, to quote a price that is higher than the market price, even I know that there’s a chance the merchant will be ripped-off.


“I didn’t cheat in the gambling parlour. Have you heard of Gorsa-san?”

“I don’t recall you mentioning that you knew Gorsa … well, he told me. That it was the first time he thought that it was enjoyable when competing with someone.”


Quince faced Haru,


“You’re Haurvatat right? I heard that you could be hired by the gambling parlour if your owner dies.”

“Master will not die before me. Since my life is master’s shield.”

“Hahaha, that’s admirable. I wonder what did you do to make a slave become so emotionally attached to you.”


Quince laughed cheerfully and asked as she came closer to my face by leaning forward.


“Maybe you could teach me for future reference for the those who purchase my slaves?”

“I didn’t do anything special in particular.”


That’s right. I didn’t do anything special. It’s just that Haru pledged her loyalty to me. And so, I think of wanting to live up to her loyalty. That’s nothing special either, it’s a matter of course.

Quince chuckled more and more livelier as if finding it entertaining.


“To not do anything special, so that’s the answer huh.”


She once again reached out the hand that she withdrew and opened the metal case to retrieve her pipe.

She clipped the tip of the cut tobacco and lit a fire. Smoke rose toward the ceiling.


Quince inhaled the smoke from the pipe deeply and exhaled the smoke toward the ceiling.


“10,000 sense is enough. Because I can’t justify a price any higher than that for that girl who is a Commoner now. If you consider that girl to be worth the 10,000 sense then please purchase her.”


Quince stared at the floating smoke and sighed.

Her face revealed both joyful as well as lonely expressions.


“Quince-san, maybe you’re not suited to be a slave dealer?”

“I’m aware even if you don’t tell me that.”


“Ha.” She laughed and put up a tough front as she once again looked at the ceiling.

Or rather, Quince has consecutively been pretending to look at the ceiling but she’s most likely thinking about Carol who’s on the 2nd floor.

Thanks to 「Presence Detection」, I know for a fact that her room is directly above this room.


“I’ve mentioned it multiple times but whether or not I buy her depends on Carol’s own decision.”

“It’s alright, that child should have discerning eyes for men.”


Quince looked at me and said with full confidence.


“She’s a child that I brought up after all? Or would you like to wager?”

“Quince-san, don’t you hate gambling?”

“I only hate bets that I will lose.”


I also hate losing so I politely refused.

In the first place, I don’t even have the confidence that I will win that bet after all.




The sun was already sloping downward greatly and the stars were shining in the sky to the west by the time we reached the Adventurers Guild.

When we entered the Adventurers Guild, it was already filled with the smell of alcohol.

I could immediately tell that the adventurers who had received easy money from defeating the wool worms were making merry.

I don’t particularly hate the merry atmosphere but I didn’t really like the smell. Haru is most likely sensitive to the smell as well so I’d prefer to quickly finish our business and go home.

Contrary to the hustle and bustle in the guild, I found the bored-looking receptionist man and greeted him.

It was the same man that helped me yesterday.

As soon as he saw me, a smile floated onto his face and he spoke.


“Hey~ That guy Giraido was making a commotion. Something about you getting a great achievement.” (TL: The adventurer who tried to steal the brown bear Ichinojo was dismantling as well as the one he saved during the wool worm attack)


“The adventurer you caught yesterday. At this point, we could no longer find his other offenses so we had him act as the outer security as punishment and the wool worm herd attacked.”


Ah, so that’s why that guy was at such a place.


“It’s not something that great an achievement. By the way, have they found out the reason why the wool worms came to town?”

“Nope, not yet. However, this period coincides with the wool worm’s breeding season so there’re rumours going around that that is the reason.”


Thank god, seems like they have not found out about the incident with Carol.

I’m relieved.


“I wish to collect Haru and my portion of the reward. Judging by the state of the guild, I believe the payment has already ended?”

“Yeah, a person gets 200 sense on average while a larger amount was paid to those who fought on the surface so you 2 get 700 sense in total. Incidentally, 100 sense within that amount comes from Giraido.”

“From Giraido?”

“As thanks for saving his life.”

“That guy’s life sure is quite cheap.”

“Don’t say that, he’s still a fledgling adventurer after all. A loss of 100 sense from his earnings should be quite a setback for him. That’s just how thankful he is to you.”


The receptionist man said that and,


“Well, poor earnings was the reason why he teamed up with his companions to rob the monsters other people were dismantling but he has learnt from his experience.”

“That’s good if that is the case.”


I received the 7 silver coins. I did pick up a few of the materials and magic stones dropped from the minotaurs I defeated but I did leave the majority of it behind.

I guess it’s fine if I sell them next time.


Well then, let’s leave and go shopping, it was when I thought so and turned heel to leave.

From behind … Haru suddenly hugged me.

Two bulges hit my back and my back muscles tightened.


“Ha, Haru?”

“Master … even if you purchase Carol, please do not throw me away.”

“There’s no way I would throw you away …”

“I’m uneasy. Master has been steadily getting stronger and I feel that you might not need me anymore.”

“There’s no way I won’t need you. Even this time, it was because of Haru that we could successfully rescue Carol … Ah …”


When I turned around, Haru’s eyes were spinning round and round and she was sleeping with a bright red face.

… So she lost to the smell of alcohol in the guild huh.


There should be a limit to how weak you are to alcohol.

Shopping will most likely be impossible like this. It would soon be closing time for the shops as well.

Looks like there’s no choice but to push shopping to tomorrow.




I carried Haru on my back and walked toward the inn.

Of course, I didn’t forget to change one of my jobs to Philanderer. (TL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

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