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(052) Finding one’s own worth

Translator: Tseirp

Philanderer level rose by 7 and I obtained a skill called 「Card Equip」.

Cards as in like those playing cards?

I thought to myself that there sure are unusual skills as well.

Why was it that yesterday it only rose by 5 levels and after I defeated the minotaur it became Lv10, but it rose all at once by 7 today? Well, that’s because I’ve improved.


After we woke up in the morning, the 2 of us did practice swings together.

Perhaps due to the pre-breakfast training, my Swordsman job has reached a considerably high level and my level didn’t rise even after a 30-minute training.

A 400 times multiplier would make it 200 hours, it was to the extent of having 5-hour training a day for 40 days so it’s impossible after all huh. As expected, it can’t beat the experience gained from actual combat.


Normally, one would wish to enter a bath after working up a sweat but obviously, there isn’t such a thing here.

However, I have a secret weapon.


「Clean」! (TL: It’s written with the kanji for purification but the reading for clean)


I applied the 「Clean」, lifestyle magic I memorized, on myself.

The moment I did that, my body was wrapped in bubbles and the next instant, the sticky feeling of being sweaty was wonderfully removed.

I found out that this purification was effective on the human body last night as well. After using 「Clean」 to wash the sheets soiled due to certain reasons, I thought of using 「Clean」 to wash us who had a large amount of sweat due to the same reasons and it was successful when I used it.


It seems like it washes the clothes along with the body.

It feels extremely pleasant.


After the cool-down time of 30 seconds, I used it on Haru as well.

Just with that, the heat from her body cools, her sweat completely disappears and her white hair, ears, and even until the tip of her tail, became beautiful as if they went through treatment. I’m falling in love all over again.


I’ve obtained a seriously convenient skill.

Originally, it does not show such amazing effects … apparently, it is to the extent to wiping with a dry towel but the effect I get is most likely because I change to magic-specialised jobs to raise my magic attack when I use purification.

Looking at the magic list, 「Clean」 has proficiency and level as well so I intend to use it every time. It only uses 1 MP anyway.


When we first entered the room, items like the sheets were yellowed but now they were pure white. While thinking that the inn might even be grateful toward me for such a perfect job as we had our breakfast, the owner of the inn,


“As much as possible, please try to keep it down at night.”


warned me. Haru’s tail limped down from embarrassment.

I was also embarrassed, it felt like my face was on fire.


But, it can’t be helped. Once Carol becomes our companion, we will not be able to do what we’ve been doing until now.


I set Philanderer to Apprentice Blacksmith and we headed toward the slave trading post.

At the slave trading post, instead of Quince, Carol was sweeping the floor.


Carol noticed me and bowed,


“Good morning, Ichinojo-sama.”


greeting me with a smile. That expression, an energetic … and age-corresponding smile that I would not imagine coming from a girl who wished to die a day before yesterday … but, for some reason, the expression on Haru beside me was grim.


I recalled the words she said when we left the guild yesterday.


『Master … please do not throw me away even if you purchase Carol.』


How uncharacteristic of Haru … but, I felt that it might be words from Haru’s true feelings.

I cherish Haru dearly.

Dear to the extent that it was difficult to say if Haru or my little sister that I left in Japan was more dear.

To the extent that if I’m told that I would die if I don’t choose either of their lives, I would, without any hesitation, not make a choice. Of course, not forgetting the choice that I will seek for a solution to save everyone without choosing either of the choices, at the very least, the 2 of them are both irreplaceable precious existences to me.


However, to be honest, I can slightly understand Haru’s anxiety.


It’s said that, typically, affection is spread out more the greater the number of recipients.

But, as companions, I want to hope that it can become a strong bond if the number increases.


“Morning, Carol. Is Quince-san in?”

“Yes, Quince-sama is waiting inside.”

“I see, could Carol come along too?”

“Yes … allow me to accompany you.”


When I entered the slave trading post, Quince-san was seated on a chair knitted from the bark of a tree and was blowing on her pipe.


“Good morning, Quince-san.”

“Morning. So, have you heard of it from Carol?”

“No, not yet.”

“I see. Then, Carol, say it yourself. Alright?”



Carol faced me with a smile,


“Ichinojo-sama, firstly, for saving me twice as well as discussing with the Goddess-sama about my job and restoring my job to Commoner, I would like to once again sincerely thank you.”


Carol gave a deep bow.

Then, she faced up with her smile still on and said.


“Also, I am extremely happy that Ichinojo-sama mentioned that he wants to purchase me.”

“Then …”


You’re willing to come with me?

As I was about to say that …




Carol shook her head.


“I am extremely happy with the sentiment. But, I can’t follow Ichinojo-sama.”

” … I see.”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”


Carol lowered her head.

If that is what Carol has decided on, I will respect her will.

As I thought so.


“Carol-san, is that for the sake of master?”


Beside me, Haru asked with a serious face.

For my sake?


“Carol-san, you thought of it right? That with losing your ability as a Temptress, there is no value for a mere Commoner like you to follow master.”

“That …”

“I’ve also had similar thoughts. If I have merit to master who is strong to the extent that he doesn’t require my protection.”


After Haru said that,


“But, I thought. If there’s no value, then it is fine to just work hard until you have value. It’s easy to escape by thinking that you are a slave who doesn’t befit master. However, that is an act of breaking down your own self-worth.”

“My worth …”

“Quince-san mentioned. To master, she would like master to purchase Carol-san if he could see your worth. But, before that, it won’t do if Carol-san can’t see your own worth. Is Carol-san really unable to be useful to master?”

“What I’m capable of … I …”


After Carol spoke a little and faltered,


“Until today, I have been studying about many towns!”


she cried out.


“The specialty products of each land, their situation, what’s tasty, what’s taboo. What race of people are there, what item can be sold for a high price, what is the job that has the most people. For the day I become a Peddler, every night, I have continued to study alone in my room!”

“That’s amazing … that is an ability that I definitely don’t possess. I intend to look around the world from now on. For now, I’m aiming for Mallegory but, to be honest, it’s vague as to how we should get there. I have not bought a map as well.”


I’m not flattering her. For now, since Mallegory is to the southeast, I plan to aim southward but as to how we should get there, I seriously don’t know.


“If that’s the case, I can guide you! Ichinojo-sama, Carol … please buy Carol!”

“Of course.”


To my reply, Quince quietly stood up and began preparing the documents for her purchase.


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