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(055) Carol’s Business Technique

Translator: Tseirp

Carol who has officially taken her first step as a Peddler immediately visited a trade and commerce shop together with me.

Incidentally, I had Haru arrange for a carriage. I passed her a Rare Medal and asked her to exchange it for gold to purchase a carriage.

Haru was at a loss initially because slaves are usually not entrusted such a large sum of gold but I requested it of her after saying that I have complete trust in Haru.


For that reason, I was now only with Carol.

Regardless of she being a daughter of a peddler, her opponent was a veteran trade merchant.

There was a possibility that she might be cheated if I left it all to Carol.


“What can be sold highly in Dakyat?”

“Let me see. Typically, it is said that salt can be sold for a high price in Dakyat. Because although Dakyat use it to salt and dry meat to preserve it, they are a distance away from the sea and the amount of rock salt they mine is not that significant. The salt from the salt late to the east of this town can be sold for a high price.”


Salt trade huh. I heard that it was a trade done around the time of the Age of Explorations.

It’s true that salt is a valuable item for inland regions so maybe we should carry salt? But …


“No, we should abandon salt and go with spice instead.”


“The dry season this year came earlier than previous years so the majority of the trade merchants have already carried salt to Dakyat. However, the dismantling of monster meat for salting has been decided to be done after the horse chasing festival 2 weeks later so due to the situation of surplus of salt in the Dakyat trade warehouses this coming 2 weeks, the most we could do if we carry salt to sell would be to sell it for a cheap price. Conversely, due to the high amount of traders carrying salt during this time, the amount of usually transported spices decreases but the demand for spice is high due to the large amount of spices required for roasting during the horse chasing festival.”


Carol continued her explanation.

I marvelled at her explanation.

Spice was even more relevant in the Age of Exploration. Similar to the East India Company.


“Young lady sure is knowledgeable. That is correct. If you go to sell salt now it would only amount to your travelling expenses. Would pepper and red peppers be alright?”


The trade shop aunt who listened together to Carol’s explanation spoke.


“Yes. Would that be alright, Ichino-sama?”


Of course … or rather, I honestly don’t know if it is the right choice or not.


“How much do you intend to buy?”


I told Carol the gold I had in possession.

About 70000 sense.

So, I told her to would use up to 60000 sense for trading.


Judging by this situation, it looked like we would be purchasing all the spices.


Or so I thought but,


“What is the maximum recommended amount for an individual?”

“Five Danni barrels, 25800 sense.”

“We’ll have that, please. I would also like to purchase iron with the remaining 34200 sense.”

“Would you like ingots? Or ores?”

“Ores, please. I would like to see the contents, though.”

“You have quite a good horse carriage. Coming right up.”


The aunt ordered her subordinate to carry a box of iron ore over.

While examining the iron ores, the aunt presented the price.


“How about 28700 sense for 7 Aigle boxes? I don’t have many of them in stock.”

“I’ve heard reports of the discovery of a new ore vein in the iron mine to the west. You might not have much in stock right now but won’t your warehouses be stocked to the brim from that iron mine?”

“You’ve got me. To think you’ve researched to that extent. How about 28000 sense for 7 boxes?”

“45000 sense in total please.”

“45000 sense … that’s way too cheap no matter what you say.”

“I’ve heard that the iron ores from the new vein have much higher purity compared to the iron ores in stock right now. If that’s the case, won’t the iron ores in stock remain dormant in the warehouse if things don’t go well? It would be more advantageous to sell it here.”

” … I give up. But 50000 sense in total is my limit. End.”


The aunt said as if giving up.

54500 sense became 50000 sense.

4500 sense … it became cheaper by 450000 yen just in this short amount of time.


Carol asked if this was okay? and I silently nodded.

I passed 5 gold coins to Carol.

I thought that the transaction was over but that was not all.


We had to confirm the quality of the spices and the capacity of the barrels as well as whether there were mere stones mixed in within the iron ores.

Incidentally, I asked about everything I didn’t know.


Apparently, she heard of the iron ore information last week when she was shopping. She told me that mini hume is a race that specialises in information gathering due to their excellent hearing and she fully inherited that blood. Incidentally, I was amazed when she told me that the information regarding the purity of the iron ores was something she made up on the spot.


Danni barrels and Aigle boxes were the names of the barrel and boxes. They were standardized products so the capacity can be determined that way.


The maximum recommended amount for an individual was the weight allowed for an individual Peddler to purchase. Hoarding behaviour is allowed but you would be glared at by the other peddlers so it is said to be a recommendation.


The reason for buying iron was because iron is required for the production of weapons and armor due to the continued skirmishes by Dakyat and carrying iron ores instead of ingots is because the iron-making technology in Dakyat was more advanced so selling iron ores would be more profitable.

However, due to cheap price that does not justify the heavy weight due to the impurities contained within iron ores, iron ores are seldom transported other than by large caravans. It seems like she chose to go with iron ores due to my item bag.


The word “End” that the aunt said was a declaration of intent that she would absolutely not lower the price any further no matter what so saying that was equivalent to pressing the peddler as to buy or not buy at that price.


By the way, there was apparently slightly more room for negotiations for the price of the spices but she focused on only the iron ores and did not pursue the spices because her parents taught her that a skilled peddler may point out all the fine details but it was the typical model of a despised peddler.


I was in awe.

I had intended to support Carol but not only was there completely no need for it, I just merely stood there.

I ended up thinking that it might have been better if I just followed Haru instead.


After all the prepared barrels and boxes were carried to the back of the shop, I stored them in my item bag after checking that no one was looking.


It took longer than expected so Haru should have finished buying the carriage.

With this rhythm, it might have been better to leave it to Carol to buy the carriage too. If it’s her, she might be able to buy the carriage at a cheap price.


While thinking that, we headed toward the stables to the west of town.


Then … what we saw there was an extremely splendid horse carriage.


Haru was brushing the white horse that was pulling that carriage.


According to Carol, 1 Rare Medal was 30000 sense.

If 30000 sense is used to buy a horse carriage and a horse, she said that it would be a horse carriage that would barely sit 3 people.

We planned that Haru and I would take turns to sit at the coachman seat and there would not be a need to load the goods so we thought that it would be more than enough space but, the carriage there was large enough to seat 10 people and the white horse was a fine horse.


In other words, it was obvious that this carriage was not our carriage.


“Master, thank you for waiting.”

“Haru, have you bought the carriage.”

“Yes. It is this carriage.”


Apparently, this carriage was our carriage.



“Oh, are you Haurvatat-san’s master?”


The person who came and said that was a 【Monster Handler Lv8】 man.

I see, horses are more or less monsters as well. It is a suitable occupation for a ranch owner.


“Yes, erm about this carriage …”

“Excuse me. This white horse is an unruly horse of this ranch and I had thought that it would never become attached to anybody and I would have no choice but to slaughter it. However, as soon as Haurvatat-san came, this white horse lowered its head in submission. Even I was moved by that appearance.”

” … I see.”

“Furthermore, Haurvatat is not a Monster Handler. In other words, this white horse instinctively recognized Haurvatat-sama as its master. I think this is fate so I decided to give this horse to Haurvatat-san.”

” … I see.”


I have realised that all I’ve been saying since a while ago was “I see.”


“I heard that you were looking for a horse carriage as well so I had my acquaintance prepare a suitable carriage for this horse.”


It seems like because the budget for the horse was lifted, the carriage became quite considerably splendid. Moreover, to have requested it from an acquaintance’s shop meant that friendship discount has been applied as well.


While brushing the horse, Haru asked “Master, how should we name this horse?”


I’m feeling dejected.


My companions are too excellent until I have no place to shine.

In addition to that … I do not want to control such a large horse. As a person who was kicked by a horse and died.


But … looking at Haru wagging her tail as she brushed the horse, I have no choice but to buy it. Furthermore, it’s not likely that I will die if I get kicked by a horse with my current stats.


” … Er, we’ll think of its name gradually, well done, Haru.”


I praised Haru with an awkward smile.

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