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(057) Night in Gomaki Village

Translator: Tseirp

For me who do not get carsick since young, the side job(alchemy) I had inside the horse carriage was just nice to kill time.

The iron ores turned into iron balls one after the other accompanied by the rise of my Apprentice Alchemist level.


Now I was level 14.

When Apprentice Alchemist reached level 10, I learnt the 「Metal Appraisal」 skill.

The 「Metal Appraisal」 skill also seemed to apply to weapons and armours as well as manufactured equipment so,


【Steel: Alloy of iron and carbon. Produced by an intermediate level alchemist.】


was displayed when I looked at my steel sword. Also, my recipes increased by 5.

I asked to look at the Fire Dragon Fang sword but it could not be appraised due to it not being made of metal and looking at the short sword told me that it was made with iron.


Incidentally, the goblin sword seems to be made of a special metal called goblin iron.


“It’s a magic metal. It seems that metals that continued to bathe in the blood of numerous monsters will mutate. But, those metals rarely appear and the majority of the magic metal in circulation in the world are dropped by monsters within labyrinths. Apparently, if one raises their Alchemist level, they would be able to combine magic metals to create new magic metals. It’s called magic alloy.”

“Oh, Carol sure is knowledgeable … then, is goblin iron a valuable iron?”

“No, the goblin iron rod dropped by hobgoblins is completely made of goblin iron so it is not valuable. It’s said that it is slightly weaker compared to regular iron so pure iron has more value.”

” … Ah, I see.”


That’s a shame.

My MP has dropped below half so I’ll take a rest for now.

I can’t do practice swings in the horse carriage and MP is required to increase my magic proficiency.


“It’ll be great if there are medicine that can easily recover MP.”

“Mana potions are completely bought out so they are extremely valuable.”


Nobles and rich people buy up mana potions.

Since by using mana potions, they would be able to use magic and raise their levels.

Therefore apparently, many first rate Magicians, Practitioners, and Alchemists are sons of rich people.


“Bought out huh … it’s not good to buy out everything.”


I muttered and Haru, while seated at the coachman seat, joined the conversation.


“That’s right. The Adventurer Guild do not purchase materials from people other than adventurers because Merchants bought them all up previously.”


In the past, when the Adventurers Guild wasn’t around, Merchants would individually hire adventurers and harvesters to collect herbs and monster materials.

However, the adventurers, being unaware of the market price, were taken advantage of and they sold quite cheaply.

The Adventurers Guild was established to try to protect such adventurers.

Upon doing so, the Merchants didn’t think so well of that and bought up all the items like potions required by adventurers.

The Merchants sold the items for several times the usual price but none of the adventurers bought the potions, a boycott happened.

At that time, a large outbreak of monsters happened and many adventurers died fighting those monsters.

It was said that there were many that could have been saved if there were potions.


Since then, the Adventurers Guild excluded Merchants and Herbalist that produced potions before eventually, it became such that materials were not purchased from those other than adventurers.


“Though, that was more than 300 years in the past and now, the Adventurers Guild and Herbalist Guild have a friendly relationship so it has been considerably eased. The Adventurers Guild has acquiesced to the loophole of master appointing me as a proxy to sell materials.”


Until now, I’ve only been raising the levels of my combat-based jobs but, if I’m thinking about spending my life without battles, it would be more convenient to raise my production-based jobs instead.


At the very least, danger towards my life doesn’t seem to be likely.

Ah, but Haru seems to prefer a life of combat though.


The carriage continued down the path but the gradient became slightly steeper.

Looks like we entered the mountainous path.


When living in Japan, the mountains gave the feeling of being overgrown by trees but the rocky mountain here only had grass, flowers and short trees growing with no tall trees at all.

I guess Mount Fuji would be like this too.


I recalled that once, my family had a discussion if we should go climb Mount Fuji until the 5th station but Miri was adamant about her hatred towards climbing Mount Fuji so in the end, the Mount Fuji trip was cancelled and it changed to a trip to eat eel at Hamamatsu.


Well, thinking back now, I do agree with Miri’s opinion that Mount Fuji is for viewing and not for climbing but that was the first and last time I saw such a stubborn Miri.


“There is a post village ahead so let’s stay over today and head for the labyrinth tomorrow.”

“Ah, this is Mount Gomaki? Haru, can you see the village?”

“No, I can’t see the village yet. But, we’re approaching the smell of life so we should be able to see it soon.”

“Smell of life?”


Is it different from the smell of humans?


“The smell of burning firewood, the smell of toasting bread, the scent of people living their lives.”


So it is something like that.

Haru’s nose is truly great.


Just as she described, we were able to see the village before long.

Unlike Florence or Belasra, it was a really small village apparently called the Gomaki Village with about 20 residents.

Looks like they used the name of the mountain as it is.


The national boundary of Dakyat was to the southeast, the national boundary of Korat was to the southwest, since it seems like it would take around 2 days to travel to either country, travellers and Peddlers who are aiming for either country would stay over here.

Which means, tomorrow we will be heading towards the labyrinth and returning to stay and the day after tomorrow we would likely be camping out.


At the village entrance, horse carriages were lined up in columns. Looks like it is a caravan aiming for Florence.

Since the goods were loaded on the carriages, they most likely stopped there without stopping at the stables.


There was a stable so we entrusted the horse to them.

I’ve still not thought of a name for the horse.


For the time being, Haru reminded the horse to not go wild and the 3 of us alighted from the horse carriage.

Incidentally, the lodging fee for horse carriage until the morning of the day after tomorrow was 10 sense and the lodging fee for horses is determined by the race of the horse, the fee for white horse … we found out that they are called arc horse after all this time … is 50 sense (including feed).

It was 60 sense in total, I handed over 6 bundles of 10 copper coins and received the deposit receipt.


“Nevertheless, it sure is a splendid horse. It’s a huge difference from the gluttonous slow donkey this morning.”


The brown-haired uncle who was looking at our white horse divulged his thoughts.


“Slow donkey?”

“Yeah, this morning an odd pair of man and woman visited and entrusted it here. Even though it was small, it was a slow donkey that really could eat well. They left the village in the afternoon but half of the straws in my stable was already eaten up. That put me at a great deficit.”


It’s Jofre and Elise without a doubt.

They continued their journey yesterday without staying over at the inn huh?


They sure are indescribably tough.


But, even during such a bitter journey, they would definitely still be smiling.


“By the way, did they say where they were headed to?”

“No idea, they did say that they were heading south.”

“I see.”


I had a hunch that we would meet again but looks like we would really meet them soon.

Well, we’ll be spending a day here so I don’t think that we would catch up to them immediately.


“By the way, are there any specialties here?”

“Yeah, the stew made of goat milk and wheat flour is exquisite. If you go to the inn, they would make you eat it even if you hate it.”

“I see, thank you very much.”


Goat milk stew.

Yup, what comes to mind during a journey would be to properly taste specialties.


Even though it’s called a post village, it sure is a small village.

There was only 1 inn.


There were horses that looked like they were entrusted by others as well in the stable so there most likely would be other customers as well.


“Welcome, for 3? We can also prepare the barn for slaves, what would you like?”


The aunt called out with a smile.

Haru’s slave collar was hidden by the scarf but Carol’s slave collar was in full view.

I could immediately tell that the aunt didn’t have any ill will. Asking that might be common practice in this world.


“No, please prepare a normal room. All of us will have the same meal too.”

“Alright. Which room would you like? A double room? Or would you like to set up beds in the large room? Unfortunately, the single rooms are filled up.”


Apparently, the double room price was 30 sense and it cost 5 sense per person in the large room. However, it seemed like there were currently 7 people using it so it was in a considerably cramped situation.

The payment for meals was separate, 7 sense for dinner and 3 sense for breakfast.


“Are we unable to have 2 double room?”

“Sorry. There is only 1 double room remaining. A large group of merchants came in.”


The caravan that stopped at their carriages at the village entrance huh.

They have assigned guards but they all won’t be able to sleep in the carriages.


Well, they most likely want to sleep in a bed once in a while.


There’s no choice, we borrowed the double room and headed to the room for now.

Although other people cannot use the item bag, I would be troubled if it was stolen so I carried it on my body … well then, what to do now.


“Well then, Carol will sleep beside the bed so Haru-san and Ichino-sama please use the bed. Since Haru-san would be tired from driving the carriage for the whole day today.”

“No, Carol has a smaller build so Carol should use the bed with master. I believe it will be more comfortable for master that way.”

“Then, we’ll take both into consideration and I’ll sleep beside the bed while you 2 girls use the bed …”

“”That will not do.””


Yup, I knew they would definitely say that.

Even so, how can a guy sleep on the bed while letting a girl sleep on the floor?


“We, well, let’s think about it as we eat our dinner. A good idea might pop up.”


I said that and the 3 of us headed towards the canteen for dinner.

A large pot of stew was already prepared. Only a small amount of vegetables was used as ingredients and there was no meat at all.

Most likely they usually make a large portion and the remaining portion would be eaten by themselves and the villagers.

However, she mentioned that a large group came in today so there most likely won’t be much leftover.


The stew had a very rich taste and it was more delicious compared to a stew made with cow milk but the bread that came along was so tough that it was impossible to eat it without soaking it in the stew.


Hmm, but it would be better if there was meat.


So I thought as we finished our meal and returned to our room.


And so, I realised too late that we didn’t solve the problem at all.


Who should sleep on the bed?

The 2 of them preferred if only I slept on the bed and they slept on the floor, they suggested the worst solution.


To let the 2 girls sleep on the floor while the man slept on the bed, my gentleman’s heart would crumble.


Even so, I have no idea how to suggest that I sleep on the floor instead.


Actually, I have a fear of beds … but, I’ve been sleeping in beds the whole time I travelled with Haru.

To order the 2 of them to sleep in the bed as their master … I dislike having to use an order to forcibly compel them to do so.


That’s right, in the first place, we shouldn’t have the different position of master and slave.


“The 2 of you, would you like to stop being my slaves?”


I suggested to the 2 of them who were saying this and that.

At that instant … their faces paled.

Carol even became full of tears.


” … Master, I, I intend to follow master for life. Please allow me to be beside you by any means.”

“Carol too! Carol wants to continue living together with Ichino-sama like this. Carol don’t want to separate from Ichino-sama.”


Eh, eeh!?

Shit, I said it wrongly.


“Wa, wait. When I asked if you want to stop being slaves, I only meant to remove the slave collars and instead of master and slave relationship, become companions of equal standings. I’m not asking you to leave me.”


I hastily corrected myself.

Seriously … I summarized my words too much.


The words by the inn lady just now were the reason why I asked if they want to stop being slaves.

Until now, I still couldn’t get used to the custom of this world to deprecate slaves. To be honest, it was to the extent of feeling irritated to the words said by the aunt. Since that’s the case, I thought that it would be easier on me if I released them from slavery sooner.


Although the expressions on the 2 of them eased with my correction, in the end, they rejected my suggestion.


“I take pride in becoming master’s slave. This collar can be called my sword of loyalty. Please maintain how it is now.”

“Carol too. Carol has received a lot of happiness from Ichino-sama. I cannot remove this collar without having returned this kindness.”


Such good kids. Damn it.

This world is wrong for changing such good kids into slaves.

I want to release them from slavery!


Even though I think that way, how should I resolve this dilemma where they reject my offer to release them from slavery.”


Also, the problem still has not been resolved.

Who would sleep on the bed, who would sleep on the floor?


There’s no way I can allow the 2 of them who just shown how much confidence they have in me to sleep on the floor.


“The 3 of us might as well just sleep together … or not hah.”


When I said that …


“That’s true … the bed looks slightly wider compared to a regular double bed.”

“Carol also have a small frame so … I can sleep if there’s a small amount of space.”


… Eh? Seriously?


The 3 of us sleeping together?


“”As long as master (Ichino-sama) is alright with it…””

” … Let’s sleep together then.”


We ended up adopting my suggestion.


At night … with Haru to the left, Carol to the right, the dream 3 people bed was complete but … naturally, I could not easily fall asleep.

Carol was hugging my arm as a hug pillow, Haru occasionally let out sexy breathing and her distinct female aroma stimulated my ear and nasal cavity causing me to get excited.

But, with Carol beside, I could not gonyogonyo with Haru and could only spend the night in a half-dead state of a snake.


The sun still has not risen.


Author’s note:

Without noticing, bookmarks have exceeded 20000.

Rating would soon reach 1000 people so I’m extremely happy.


I don’t know how many people have arrived here apart from the 20000 people but from here on, flirting will occur from time to time.


What I want to say is, in the first volume, the protagonist Ichinojo said that he felt like he became a God due to the large amounts of prayer mails. Now, he’s also being sent tons of prayer mails.


I’ll show you a few examples.


“Fall off.” (TL: You know what it’s referring to … the male organ lol.)



What indescribably refreshing messages right?

Messages that seem as if it would truly make him a God or a star in the sky.

(They are real messages that I received. Thank you very much for your comments.)


Well then, until the next time.

Look forward with your straw effigies and spikes!


TL: I look forward to all you readers continuing to enjoy and read this wonderful novel too! As well as to reading all your great comments the first thing I wake up 🙂

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