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GC V3C59

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(059) Exploration of the Labyrinth in the Mountains (Sequel)

Translator: Tseirp

“So Ichino-sama is a Wanderer and obtained the blessing for 20x experience point acquisition huh …”


After I finished explaining to Carol, she said so as if ruminating on my explanation.

Wanderer — in other words, people from another world.

It seems like Carol doesn’t have a feeling of repulsion in particular towards that.


“Did you not notice it when your Commoner level reached until 10 in one go when I was defeating a lot of minotaurs?”

“At that time, Carol was excited about the job change so Carol did not think about it deeply.”

“Yeah well, my tension was crazily high that time as well.”


While reflecting on the event that happened just the day before yesterday, I looked at the mucus that was dropped.

Although it had formed a purple jelly-like substance, I definitely do not want to consider touching it.


“I definitely do not want to touch this with my bare hands.”

“It’s poison mucus after all. Harvesters will obtain a skill to pick it up with their bare hands when they level up but it is impossible for Carol at the moment.”


Haru explained. Poison mucus. It sounds bad just from the name.

I am told that apparently, among the skills for Harvesters, there is one called 「Hazardous Material Harvesting」.

It appears to be a skill that allows for the safe harvesting of dangerous dropped items or during regular harvesting.


“Incidentally, what would happen if a person touches it directly without having the skill?”

“Upon direct contact, the poison will permeate through the skin causing the poisoned status. Once afflicted with the poisoned status, the only option would be to use medicine that can treat poison or for an Apprentice Practitioner to use 「Cure」 to treat it. Here, a person would have to immediately return to the village if they are attacked by poison.”

“Ah, so it’s a poison that can be treated with the magic 「Cure」 huh.”


Even though it’s a magic that I just learnt, it seems like it would be immediately useful judging by the situation here.


I sat on the floor, opened my item bag, took out the empty bottle from the time I drank the potion previously and placed it on the floor.

Then, I stretched my arms out.


“Master, what!?”


Haru cried out but I scooped the poison mucus with both my hands and flowed it into the empty bottle.

Harvesting complete.


Then, my hands felt numb.


Looking closely, my hands had turned purple. If this is the poison condition then it is quite bad.


“We have to treat it quickly! Let’s return to the village!”

“Don’t panic, 「Cure」!”


My hands were wrapped in a pale yellow light.


【Ichinojo Level up】


Due to using Healing magic, my Apprentice Practitioner level also increased, becoming level 11.

Treatment was also a success.


I treated it immediately so my HP did not drop at all.

I properly capped the bottle and placed it into my item bag.


“Master, please don’t be so reckless.”

“It’s not reckless. Rather, if I don’t test it out here, it would definitely be troublesome if we get poisoned deep in the labyrinth and find out that it can’t be treated.”

“If that’s the case, then at least command me to do so.”



I glossed over it with a laugh.

If I have to make Haru do something like that, I would not even decide to pick up the poison mucus in the first place.


“Well, this time, it was an experiment so I promise to not do something so reckless the next time.”

“Absolutely don’t, okay.”


Yup, but I can’t promise that though.


Carol’s job — I changed it to Harvester from Farmer and,

we began walking toward the end of the labyrinth.


Along the way, we defeated spider monsters with long legs, a Tsuchinoko-like snake monster as well as scorpion-like monsters.


“There sure are a lot of poisonous monsters.”


The spider thread, snake fang, and scorpion stinger were items that could be touched with bare hands so 「Cure」 didn’t get a chance.

Of course, there were also a lot of non-poisonous monsters so we’ve accumulated a decent amount of experience points.


Incidentally, most of the items were picked up by me. Since I was the only person who could place items into the item bag, the items would have to exchange hands if Haru or Carol picked them up.

The 2 of them most likely understand but it looked like giving me the job of picking up items pained them.


By the way, leveling up has been proceeding quite smoothly.

Firstly, I acquired the 「Light magic」 skill after reaching Apprentice Magician Lv35 and the 「Darkness magic」 skill after reaching Lv40 where the counter stopped for Apprentice Magician. Peak of Apprentice Magician title GET. I seriously don’t know the meaning of these titles.


Magician became Lv25 and 「Lightning magic」 became 「Lightning magic II」, with both Magician and Swordsman level reaching above Lv25, I acquired the job that tickles the heart of chuunibyous, Magic Swordsman. Apprentice Alchemist reached Lv20, I acquired recipes and furthermore obtained the Alchemist job.

Apprentice Practitioner rose to Lv16 and I acquired the skill 「Mace Equip」.


Lastly — no, actually, according to order it should be mentioned first but — Jobless level rose to Lv75.


For the time being, I switched Apprentice Magician to Alchemist and I reached the boss room.


“All thanks to Haru.”


I said with a smile.

A considerable time was shortened for us to reach the highest floor.


“There were a lot of poisonous monsters in this labyrinth so the smell was unique as well.”


That’s right, Haru guided us to the place where she smelled the monsters that she has not sensed before.

Then, the majority of those smells were from other floors — in other words, they were monsters from higher floors.


“It looks like this boss is a 3-headed snake.”

“3-headed snake huh …”


Even until the end, it’s a monster that is likely to be poisonous.


“It can apparently spit out poisonous breath from its mouth so if we defeat it in a short time from a far away location — no, it doesn’t matter to master.”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter to Ichino-sama.”

“I would prefer if you guys stopped using words like it doesn’t matter to me though.”


I said with a weary tone as I opened the door to the boss room.


It was quite a spacious room. There was a single one of it in the center.

A giant snake.

The torso split around the middle in 3, with 3 faces and mouths open.

It had a ferocious look on its face.


3-headed snake — it’s as if it is a hydra.

Although, hydras have 9 heads.

If it’s not a hydra then, King Ghidorah?

Though it doesn’t have wings and this one’s colour is purple instead of gold.


The 3-headed snake opened its jaws wide.

A purple gas could be seen within the mouth.


It seems like it intends to spit poison breath all of a sudden.


“「Fire」! 「Wind」!”


I released Flame magic and Wind magic at the same time.

The wind became a tornado and engulfed the flames, becoming a fiery tornado that swallowed the 3-headed snake while blowing away the spat out poison breath.


Then —


【Ichinojo Level up】

【Apprentice Practitioner skill: 「Magic Defence Strengthening (minor)」 obtained】

【Job: Practitioner is now available】

【Alchemist skill: 「Alchemy」has skilled up to「Alchemy II」】

【Recipe obtained】


… Certainly, Haru and Carol’s strategies didn’t matter.

The 3-headed snake disappeared and left a large magic stone and even though it’s a purple snake, it left golden snake skin.

Was it actually King Ghidorah after all?


“It was really over in an instant …”

” … Is it really alright for Carol to even receive experience points like this?”


The 2 of them were amazed.

Well, I’ve also been thinking if it was really alright to grow so easily.

For now, I stored the snake skin and magic stone in the item bag.


“Even so, as expected of Ichino-sama. Is that the skill of Jobless?”

“Yeah, it’s thanks to Jobless.”


It’s because of Jobless that I’ve reached my current strength.

Yup, Jobless banzai! Jobless is the greatest! I said that lifelessly.


“So it is really due to that. Since normally, a person can only use a single type of magic at a time after all.”


— Eh?


Carol, what did you just say?


Just as I had that thought, the back of the boss room — the door continuing to the Goddess statue opened.

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