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(060) Not built-in with Sensors

Translator: Tseirp

Inherently, only 1 type of magic can be used at a time?

But I can seriously use it normally though? Rather, the same magic can’t be used consecutively due to the cool down time.


It was the 3rd time I’m entering the Goddess statue room as well as the 3rd time I’m seeing Koshmar-sama’s statue including the one in the church.

The Goddess statue was faithful to the original as usual — since I’ve been told it was made by the Goddess-sama themselves, no wonder it could be reproduced so well.


However, how did they make it?

By looking in a mirror — but doing so would make it inverted, did they get other Goddess-sama to create it?

Or … did they make a mold of themselves and pour plaster in?


If there’s a need to mass-produce it then that would be the most efficient.


Well then, I’ll change my jobs to Philanderer and Hunter.

With that, my luck went up considerably.


To qualify the amount of luck, the current luck stat I have is like luckily having the person in front of you alight at the next station when you ride on a crowded train, if it is now, I believe I’m lucky enough to win the stamp sheet for the direct mail delivery of New Year’s postcards.

Someday, I’d like to reach the luck stat to be able to win the delivery for hometowns parcels. (TL: Japan’s hometown parcel is a service that sells and distributes specialty goods)


Incidentally, I’ve heard people ask that won’t hometown parcels be irrelevant to my family, but it’s not true, Miri won it once.

If I remember correctly, that time, we exchanged it for an assortment of Tsukudani (preserved food boiled in soy sauce and mirin).

From then onwards, I noticed a clear distinction between the sense of values of Miri and that of the other children.


Now, if I get to exchange hometown parcels for something else, what would be good?


“It should be rice after all.”


“No, never mind.”


I ended up unintentionally voicing out my thoughts. Since I’ve not been able to eat rice lately. I merely feel that rice is tasty after all.

Since without rice, one would not be able to eat sushi and curry rice.


Although, even if there’s rice, I doubt if this world has the custom of eating raw fish and it looks like it would be quite troublesome to gather the spices if I want to eat curry.


… I’ve ended up over thinking my wants in front of the Goddess statue.


“Well then, shall we pray to Goddess-sama? Incidentally, Haru, what bonus would you like?”


Upon asking Haru, Carol who was beside me spoke out.


“I’ve heard that if you think about the thing you want in front of a Goddess statue, it would become hard to obtain.”


So the theory of greed sensor exists in the Otherworld too huh.

But, it is similar to the “The chances of the toast falling on the side spread with butter is proportional to the price of the carpet” type of theory that is representative of Murphy’s Law.


“Well, it’s probably a myth. Goddess-sama would not be so wicked either.”


It was possible for me to say that.

Taking the example of the crowded train earlier, it is the same reasoning as “I’m feeling helplessly tired. I hope the person in front alights. But just limited to the times when you wish for that, the passenger in front hardly ever stands up.”.

After all, it is actually decided by roulette.


“That’s right. I would like skills for combat use, skills for detection or a sword.”

“What about Carol … ah, you don’t really need to say it if you don’t want to.”


Since, similar to greed sensor, even though a lot of people understand that jinxing is not logical, they are not able to disregard it.

But, it seems like my worries were groundless.


“Let me see. Space magic would be good if we’re talking about convenient skills. Although, it’s quite a rare skill so the chance of obtaining it is almost equal to zero.”

“Eh, what’s that?”


Magic Swordsman was good as well but that’s also a somewhat good name.


“Space magic is literally magic that manipulates space. Instantaneous escape from labyrinths and storage of items in a sub-space has been confirmed.”

“Uwa, that’s quite a cheat.”


Very well, I’ll also aim to acquire Space magic.


Since we’ve already decided on what we should aim for, we lined up before the Goddess statue and offered our prayers.

Then, I was in the pure white space after all.


Even I would get used to this space after coming here for the 4th time.


“It’s been a long time, Koshmar-sama.”


Even after looking at the Goddess-sama in front of my eyes, I no longer think of her as an Orc Goddess.


“As usual, your heart’s voice seems to be leaking out uncontrollably.”


Koshmar-sama stroked her double or even triple chin as she spoke as if she had given up.

Sorry, please pardon what’s said in my heart.


“Erm, I have something I wish to ask Koshmar-sama though.”

“Ah, about your sister?”

“Of course, that too but is my ability to use multiple types of magic consecutively due to the influence of Jobless after all?”

“I guess so. Your attendants Haurvatat and Carol would also be able to use 2 types of magic if they try to do it.”


Koshmar-sama spoke as if she knew about it from the start.


” … Perhaps, the number of magic that can be used at the same time is the same number as the number of jobs set?”

“I believe so. But it is filled with exceptions so I also don’t really know either. You, you severed legs with 「Slash」 right? That is originally impossible as well.”


Now that she mention it, I feel like I’ve heard about that before. The influence of Jobless seems to be surprisingly large.


“If somebody sees it, you can say that it is a skill bestowed from Goddess-sama. Nobody would enquire deeper if you say that. Since there are many unusual skills that are bestowed in labyrinths.”

“Understood. By the way — ”


I asked about the issue that I’ve been anxious about the most, Miri.

Is she doing fine?


“I’ve investigated it. Your younger sister is currently headed towards Mount Fuji.”

“Towards Mount Fuji?”


Isn’t Mount Fuji the place she absolutely did not want to go?

Why at this timing?


“Why in the world?”

“For the time being, she’s doing fine if you are worried.”


Well, I won’t think like “Why would you go to Mount Fuji even though you have a cold!”.

Perhaps she intends to scatter my ashes into the crater of Mount Fuji?

I’m certainly dead on that side after all.


I wonder if that won’t turn into a problem.


Even so, ashes to Mount Fuji huh.


I inadvertently laughed.


“Sorry, it reminded me of a tale from the past.”


Noticing Koshmar-sama in front of me, I unconsciously made an excuse.

But, my heart has most likely been read either way.


“Ah, even though I say a tale from the past, it’s not about when I was a child, it’s a fairy tale. It’s something that began a long time ago. But, that tale is probably more famous for starting with once upon a time.”


【Once upon a time, there was an old man who harvests bamboo. He went into the woods and hills to collect bamboo and used them to make various articles.】


It begins with such a sentence and is currently the oldest story in Japan in existence.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

I wonder if the illustration book of Princess Kaguya is more famous?

The ending of that story was that the immortal medicine received from Princess Kaguya was burned at the top of the mountain. Which was why Mount Immortal became Mount Fuji. (TL: Immortal = Fushi)

That was the punch line.


I wasn’t really laughing at the irony of scattering the ashes of the dead in the place where the immortal medicine was burned in the fairy tale.


In the originally drawn illustration book for The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter — I laughed when I recalled about Princess Kaguya.

As far as I can remember, that Miri only read books regarding Princess Kaguya. Furthermore, various types of books on Princess Kaguya.

So, I asked.

Do you like Princess Kaguya?


When I ask that, Miri will always reply.


“I hate her.”


Even though she says she hate her, she continues to read.

Hating it is definitely a lie and she obviously actually likes her.

During middle school, I thought to myself that she actually has attributes for a tsundere.


“In the end, it was a story from when you were young. So, what do you want to do? You don’t need the reward for clearing the labyrinth?”

“Need! Please give me!”


When I said that, roulette, lottery box, and darts appeared.


And for the 3rd time, I stared at the roulette.


“You plan to do it with the roulette?”

“Is Space magic not available among these choices?”

“No. If Space magic could be acquired with the probability of 1/34, the world would be filled with Space magic users.”


The words for Space magic wasn’t present at the darts as well.


” … Then for the lottery box, I just place my hand in?”

“Correct. Do you plan to use the lottery box?”

” … Yes.”


Lottery huh.


It was a wooden box of height, width, and depth of about 30cm, with a hole opened up that was covered by an unnatural Darkness making it impossible to see the inside.


I did not know what was the probability of acquiring Space Magic.

It was precisely a Gacha without a probability and prize giveaway list.


“Then, play in the order from Carol’s portion.”

“Eh? Is it alright for me to draw for all 3 portions?”

“It’s alright. You raised your luck stat for that reason right?”


I’m thankful but that consequently made my responsibility heavier.

Since Carol’s previous time was a questionable 1000 sense.


“Alright, I’m drawing.”


I inserted my hand into the box.

It’s a small box so I’d reach the bottom immediately, or so I thought. But —


The box is deep!


I plunged in with a lot of force so I entered all the way up to my shoulder.

Isn’t this Space Magic?


It felt like — there were small balls dancing around within the box.


I pulled out a ball from there.


— 「Decipher」?


That was written on the ball.

It was a black ball with white words.

It’s likely to be a skill.


“It’s a skill that decrypts ancient texts.”

” … Another questionable one …. sorry, Carol.”

“It’s a skill that scholars desperately desire though.”


Koshmar-sama followed up but since we weren’t scholars …

Next would be Haru’s portion.


I put my hand into the box.


Hn~, if it’s a combat skill, well it will somehow work out.

Roar, my luck stat!


I pulled out a ball.

Then, a red ball appeared.


” … Wind Bow.”

“Ooo, you’ve won. Wind Bow is a bow that does not require arrows. When you pull the bowstring, you can release a wind arrow.”


So it’s a magic bow huh. It’s without a doubt a rare item but to not get a combat skill or even a sword.

Is my luck stat really working?


“I’ll put this out there, the Wind Bow is a rare item that sells for 8 gold coins if you sell it.”


… Multiple times more than Rare Medals huh.

It certainly is a win.

In general.


Very well, lastly it would be me.


I plunged my hand into the box.

This time around — I want Space Magic! If that’s impossible, at least a sword that I can transfer to Haru!


I concentrated on all the nerves at the tip of my finger.

I can see! I can see it!


The scattered balls almost like sparkling stars in the space-like limitless expanse.

From within those, the glowing ball — I gripped the shining ball and pulled my hand out of the box.


【Lifestyle Magic】


……… Eh?


【Title: 「Labyrinth Conqueror II」has ranked up to「Labyrinth Conqueror III」】

【Clear reward skill: 「Lifestyle Magic」 has ranked up to「Lifestyle Magic II」】


I tilted my head at the unexpected result as Koshmar said,


“You luck is great. Lifestyle Magic can only be acquired through clear reward so there aren’t many who learned until Lifestyle Magic II.”

“Erm, Goddess-sama, I want to ask just 1 thing.”


I gingerly tried to ask Koshmar-sama but Koshmar-sama read my heart and replied me beforehand.

Apparently, there isn’t a greed sensor.


Author’s note:

All members won. Rather, they were all big hits.

Since a miss would be a sponge.

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