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Chapter 122: Future Dreams and Goals

Translator: Tseirp

Upon entering the entrance of Rockford, the fake city, I received the scouting report from Cathy that there weren’t any irregularities so we entered the interior.

“It would be great if this location wasn’t harmed …”

Lionel said apprehensively but Rockford was completely fine.

That is if not for the traces of destruction in the center of the town, but there wasn’t any location where land subsidence occurred.

We could confirm that Paula’s golem was moving about in the central square. We moved towards there while feeling relieved.


However, we came upon the situation where there were a large amount of ant corpses remaining in the central square and there was intense fighting due to multiple newly opened holes.

“Everyone, are you alright? We’ve returned. If there are any injured, I’ll heal them immediately.”

The moment I called out from outside the square, the 5-meter class golem disappeared and Paula collapsed.


Before we could rush over, Dolan supported Paula.

“We’re saved. Luciel-sama, please help us plug the holes.”

Dolan looked over and conveyed his request.

It was obvious that it would be better to close up the holes since the central square was clearly riddled with holes so I immediately helped.

“Alright then, Lionel and others will exterminate the monsters coming out from the hole. Grand-san, could you cooperate with Dolan to bury the holes together?”


Grand-san sought permission for the use of the magic stones.

“Luciel-dono, would it be alright if we used the magic stones?”

“Yes. Since it doesn’t appear that it would cost that many, the stones from that mountain-like pile of ants … no, I acknowledge the use of the magic stones we extracted from the ant monsters we had collected.”



The filling of the holes didn’t take that much time but perhaps it was because of the fatigue accumulated from defending overnight, it felt like Rician and Dolan, as well as the people participating in the battle in the city were trying their best to remain afoot.


“We will take over this situation so everyone please return home for now, have your meals and rest. Please sound out if there are any wounded individuals.”

After I announced that, a couple of people came over to request for treatment of injuries while the others conveyed their thanks and returned to their respective workshops.


“Dolan, what about your meals?”

“I ate the meal you left for me so I’m alright.”

“I see. What about Toretto-san?”

“Toretto does not have a combat profession so he’s disassembling the monsters.”

He’s most likely extracting magic stones or converting them into items that can be used for protective gear.

“Understood. Please take your time to rest.”

Dolan bowed and returned to his workshop while giving a piggyback ride to Paula.

Rician also left following them.


“Grand-san, please do the measurements for Lionel and the other’s weapons and armors.”

“Luciel-dono is not returning?”

“Yes. I wish to remain here for a while longer to organize my thoughts before returning. Lionel, Cathy and Kefin, you guys can go back as well.”

Grand-san nodded in acknowledgement and chased after Dolan but the 3 others had a discussion and it appeared that it was decided that Lionel would remain by my side.


After watching Cathy and Kefin head toward Dolan’s workshop, Lionel spoke to me first.

“We don’t think that you would fall into a hole again but just in case.”

” … I didn’t take into consideration such a thing though …”

I thought that I would be fine on my own but I felt embarrassed the moment I said that so I turned my gaze to the square.


“It is natural for a person of Luciel-sama’s position to have a retainer by his side. You have to get used to it someday.”

“Is that so … but I can’t really accustom myself to it.”

“You’ll get used to it once 10 years passes.”

Ten years is a long time and it was hard just trying to think about it.

Was it egotistical of me to think that I would have dispelled Lionel and Cathy’s slave contract by then and properly have them as my retinue?


While viewing the square, I talked to Lionel about our plans hereafter.

“I’ll ask since this is the opportunity to do so. There might come a time where we have to go to the Empire but would you be alright?”

” … If I would still be in the form of a slave, I believe I would be able to control my feelings. However, if my slave contract is dispelled, to be honest, I find it difficult to answer.”

” … I see. The plan hereafter would be to bring along Dolan to the Dwarf Kingdom and after that, go to the Meratoni town. Depending on the situation, I think I’ll have to consider going to Saint Schull’s church but the problem would be what comes after that.”

“Is Luciel-sama able to decide on your own where you would like to go?”

” Yeah, tentatively if nothing crops up. For me, it would be the Independent Magic City Nelldal? I’d like to try going there. I might become capable of using magic and isn’t a country floating in mid air amazing?”

“I see. However, if I am correct, the only way to enter that country would be to either ride on the dragon cages of the Empire, climb up the labyrinths in the Labyrinth Nation Grandol or request of the representatives of each country for an invitation from Nelldal right?”


“Yeah. I’ve never been there before but I’ve heard of that a long time ago.”

“I see. Well, I plan to spend a couple of months in Meratoni assembling everybody’s equipment. And return to the basics for a while and get trained by Instructor Broad. Furthermore, I’d like to see the battle between Lionel and Instructor Broad.”

“It feels like it would be endlessly enjoyable with Luciel-sama around.”

Lionel was rejoicing with his eyes shining.


“And so, for Estia’s case, do you really not remember anything?”

” … Rather than having lost my memory, it feels more like my memory was diluted.”

“To what extent?”

“As if it was something I heard or didn’t heard of a couple of years ago, like having a vague recollection of it.”

“Did you recall when we met her outside?”

“I felt that I would not have recognized her if I did not look carefully.”

“More of forgetting instead of an illusion or hallucination huh?”

“I felt that there were recognition inhibition and concealment effects intermixed. Because it closely resembles Kefin’s Ninjutsu, I think that I might not forget if I get used to it …”

“I see … what do you think about her?”


” … If she is an Empire infiltrator, it is plausible that she entered by becoming a slave. However, by managing a person that they can’t recognize, she would not arouse the suspicion of being related to the Empire.”

“It’d be good if we are able to see through her acting but since it involves Spirits, it is unnecessarily bad.”

“It’s true that I don’t see her as a bad person so I won’t stop you if you make her your retainer but vigilance would be necessary in that case.”

” … It’s not my own intuition but it’s a mystery why Fornoir didn’t harbor any hostility toward her.”

“Luciel-sama’s horse?”

“Yeah. I’ve heard that animals are multiple times more intuitive compared to humans.

I’ve heard that human’s intuition is decided by their memories but animal’s intuition comes from survival instinct.

Fornoir approached on her own without disliking it. I think that it might be because she didn’t feel any malicious intent.”

“How great would it be if we had a magic tool to speak with animals.”

“To the extent that I would like to seriously have it constructed.”


Just like that, we conversed about various topics, had some light bouts after that and performed some magical power manipulation to kill time.


“This time, we should be able to extract a considerable amount of magic stones from the monster corpses we collected. I wish to use those to aim for the completion of that. The priority would go to the equipment first but I’d like Dolan to decide on what to proceed on after that.”

“Understood. Paula will consolidate the magic stones while Rician will assign attributes to the magic stone.”

” … Alright …”

“Then, once we’re done, can we develop new items?”

“Of course. I’ll be helping with the dismantling from tomorrow onward since it seems like it would be a considerable amount of magic stones and will be immense work but work hard.”


Grand-san was surprised when I said that but I ignored it as I made dinner and mandated that everyone go to bed earlier today.

After dinner, I returned to my room and conveyed the facts I newly discovered to the Pope-sama through the magic communication bead.


《… We have not been able to confirm the records. But, I would like you to bring Estia along to Saint Schull’s church headquarters.》

“I think that won’t be a problem but would it be alright?”

《You’ve already dispelled the slave crest right? Moreover, since Fornoir didn’t exhibit any hostility, there won’t be any problems … and I am curious as well.》

“Understood. I’ll return to the church headquarters temporarily before I go to Meratoni.”

《I think that it’ll be troublesome but please do so.》


I ended with my reply and cut the communication.


All the darkness is connected to the Empire.

It didn’t seem like Lionel is particularly bothered about going there and it’s not like we’re going there this instant.

We’ll have to meet with Estia once more in order to find out more about the details.


Just as I had thought that I was over with it in Ienith, I was embroiled in the Dwarf Kingdom incident, I sure am short of luck lately. It’s not to the extent of suffering mentally but I do want to have the occasional opportunity to relax …


I’m tangled up with the Evil God due to the dragon seals, the Spirits are moving about freely and uncontrolled, and I’m swayed by my retinue’s feelings …

While feeling disappointed that although the blessings have a meaning in some manner, it had resulted in the narrowing my choices, I practiced my routine magical power manipulation and continuous chanting before going to sleep.


The next day onward, everyone was planned to carry out their assigned work be it monster dismantling and magic stone extraction or other work but it also became that Toretto-san would be helping to dismantle.


“To think that Toretto-san would finish dismantling a whole body at the same speed as me extracting a single magic stone, I’ve lost confidence in many different ways.”

Toretto-san laughed and replied to my wry smile.

“There’s no way I would lose to Luciel-kun who’s a novice fledgling to a work that I have done countless times since I was young. If you ever exceed me in this work, I’ll transcend you in sex.”

” … I’m alright with not exceeding. I apologize. Please forgive me. Well then, let’s get to work.”


My mental strength was completely destroyed and I replied monotonously while concentrating on the dismantling work.

I was thanked by everyone as I applied purification magic to the dismantling grounds every 30 minutes. Thus, I preoccupied myself with the dismantling work.

While carrying on with the dismantling work, I realised something.

“Rician is capable of using Spirit magic right?”

“Yes. My specialty is Wind Spirit magic.”

” … Incidentally, what happens if you use Earth Spirit magic?”

“I’ve never tried it before. But, it should rob me of a considerable amount of magical power. The amount of magical power used depends on the compatibility with the Spirits.”

“I see. By the way, are you able to use Light Spirit magic as well?”

“If you tell me the spell image, I believe I will be able to use it. Since the magic stone attribute bestowal I’m doing now is done by requesting the Spirits after all.”

If that’s the case, it’s no wonder Estia’s magical power was depleted at one go just by using healing magic via Light Spirit magic.

“If Paula and Rician are assembled together, would there be nothing you 2 won’t be able to bestow?”

“There’s no way it would be so convenient. Light and Darkness can’t be done even with a significant amount of magical power, so depending on the case, items might be required for the bestowal of attributes. Something like Holy Water would be required for Darkness magic stones.”

“That sure is troublesome.”

“Yes. That is why I very much look up to Sir Rainstar. To him who possess the aptitude to every attribute, the thought that he would be able to create various kinds of magic stone makes me envious.”

“I see.”


“If it’s Luciel-chan, he’s definitely going to become the Philosopher someday. Why don’t we develop various things together when that time comes?” (Toretto)

“Luciel, I won’t mind getting married to you if that day comes.” (Rician)

“That’s a good idea. I’ll be a candidate too.” (Paula)

“Paula and Rician sure prioritise worldly desires.” (Toretto)

I could only laugh to that.

While inserting in intervals for meal breaks and tea breaks, the dismantling work continued for a long time.


” … It sure is hard doing this the whole day.”

“It won’t be easy no matter what job it is.”

“With setbacks, patience, and effort, you’ll finally reach the starting point.”

“Even though it’s not something I like, it isn’t something I can’t do. But, even with the talent, without pride and the passion for creating new things, you won’t last long.”


In my situation, it would be magic practice? Or … if it is something that I seriously dedicated myself to … then it would be the 2 years I spent in Meratoni.

Now that I think about it, I couldn’t even afford the time to think during that 2 years time …

If I was not called to the headquarters, I wonder what would I have become?


“For Luciel it would be helping others?”

Paula asked without batting an eyelid but I could not answer immediately.

The reason was because I realised that it didn’t feel like myself.


” … I worked hard and desperately trained in martial arts and Holy attribute magic because I didn’t want to die. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I want to help if there is a life to be helped but it’s not like I’m thinking of saving everyone.”

“It’s natural for you to be uncertain at your age. It’s not to the extent of Luciel-chan but even for me, with my legendary lineage, I have been troubled for decades as to whether to continue down the road of manufacturing or to utilize this technique I have to start new ideas, even now, I’m still mulling over it.”


Even though Toretto-san has been carrying such a burden, he always doesn’t look like he’s troubled.

Nevertheless, to have been troubled for a few decades means, if he is the same as the racoon dog beastman Warabis-san …

Even without saying anything, I felt like I would have to be prepared to lose something important if I say any further so I switched my thoughts as Paula began talking.

“Magic engineer. My goal is to reach magic tool production level X. The next goal would be to create something better than Master Toretto.”

“Me too, as a pioneer, my goal is to develop new magic tools.”

After Paula, Rician answered proudly as well.

… Because the 2 of them have goals, they are able to push forward?

Why is it that I feel a sense of jealousy when I look at them?

Because they have a goal? Or because they understood it themselves?


“My goal … huh.”

“Isn’t Luciel-chan’s goal to create a peaceful nation or to make a world where nobody gets hurt?”

“To discover talents?”

“Isn’t it world reformation?”

“Every one of you, I don’t have such lofty aspirations. I only want to not face any danger to my life and devote myself to something … medicine or magic tool creation may be interesting.”

“You’re still young so it’s fine if you try out various things. However, everything starts out sweet but it’s a fact that most will turn out arduous so you shouldn’t give up okay.”

So even if I think it’s going well, in the end, I would hit a wall but the point lies in what I do when that time comes.

Goals and dreams huh …

“Luciel as a disciple … interesting.”

“If it’s Luciel-san, he’ll definitely get tons of magic stones …”

The 2 of them were once again overflowing with worldly desires.


“That’s right. It’s a bit pitiful to only have dying of old age as my long-term goal.”

After I said that, the instant I thought that Toretto-san disappeared, I was suddenly hugged.

“To think that you were so ill. From now on, come into my world …”

I had goosebumps all over my body together with the chills but Paula and Rician helped me.


“I will not hand over Luciel.”

“Please don’t entice Luciel-san down your path. Master Toretto will just end up forming a suspicious group.”

“Oh dear, then what would the 2 of you do?”

“I will work hard to develop magic tools until I die.”

“The human race’s lifespan is short so I will be together with Luciel-san until he dies of old age. Since my rival buddy is here as well.”

If somebody else hears that, it would be heard as a reverse marriage proposal though.

“Thank you. For now, I’ll try to think of mid-term goals and dreams.”


It was a full 3 days after before we finished dismantling the enormous amount of ants.


From the next day onward, I began training in parallel magic circle chants.

I would like to quickly set my mid-term goals but I felt that it was likely that I would be confronted by something that I won’t be able to recover from if I continue to postpone what I lack.


After Lionel and Cathy’s measurements were over and laughing when Toretto-san drew closer to Kefin during his measurement, 10 days passed in the blink of an eye.


“Well then, we’ll be departing now, everyone okay?”


Dolan was nervous.

Well, it’s natural since he’ll be meeting King Rockwell.

“But, are you really going to come along?”

“If grandpa is going along then of course!!”

“To observe the enemy’s intentions!”

Most likely he’s the enemy because he caused them to become slaves.

Even so, it’s really good that these 2 people really get along well.


The 2 of them could establish a relationship most likely because Dolan accepted the elf Rician.

“I’ve received a new idea as well so I’ll keep watch over the workshop.”

Toretto-san smiled and made a wink but the target was not me but Lionel, causing Cathy to puff up and bare her wariness.


“It will take roughly about 3 months to complete the equipment for the 3 of them. I’ll return the extra ores.”

“But didn’t you say that you needed the ores?”

“I remembered something important due to the incident this time. After I finish creating the armors, I plan to head to the mine.”

“Elder Brother Grand.”

“There’s somewhat too many fetters if I work at Luciel-dono’s place like Dolan. Once you all have tidied up everything, will you all be returning?”

“If Grand-san wants to work together, we can purchase a wide piece of land in Ienith and it might be interesting to build a new town.”

“Oh dear, if that’s the case I would also join in. Creating a new town sure makes one tension rise up high fo~.”

“Ten years or more later … it might be a conversation much further in the future but would it be alright to have such a dream?

If we would be able to create a haven similar to this Rockford where I won’t encounter much interference, I feel like I might be able to somehow work hard for it.”

Everyone laughed as they gave their approval.

My heart was feeling lighter for some reason after such a long time and while thanking everyone, I aimed to someday actually realise that dream as we head toward the Dwarf Kingdom from Rockford.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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