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IS B8C125

The start of a new volume and the return of the knight corps and the labyrinth! :D The chapter titles are updated in the ToC.

Book 8: The Holy Capital Knights’ Rapid Progress

Chapter 125: Church Headquarters’ reception

Translator: Tseirp

After arriving at the Saint Schull Allied Nations and before we complete the procedure to enter the Holy Capital Saint Schull, I stored all the horses except for Fornoir into the Hermit stable so the former slaves and Lionel and the others had to walk on foot.

I totally did not care for such appearances but everyone strongly requested for it so I complied.


“Deviant Saint-sama, welcome back.”

The gate guard called out, causing me to recall the fact that I was called Deviant Saint and gave me indescribably mixed feelings of nostalgia as I gave a wry grin.


I spoke to the gate guard in a hurry while holding such feelings.

“Thank you for the hard work. Has anything changed the past year?”

“Nothing in particular. There hasn’t been any appearance of very strong monsters and there’s not been any serious occurrences.”

“I see. Thank you.”

Without getting off my horse, I directly moved toward the Adventurer’s Guild first.


Within the bustling city, Fornoir’s proud strides drew gazes onto me and voices called out.

“Deviant Saint-sama, welcome back.”

“I’ll be in your care during the Whimsical Day.”

“I look forward to you buying my cooking in large quantities again.”


Hearing those voices, I felt my smile naturally broaden.

“You look like you’re in a good mood.”

“Luciel-sama, why are you grinning just because people called out to you nya?”

“Well, it’s natural since it feels nostalgic. Here, my life won’t be targeted, there aren’t any troublesome work and it is a life where the benefits you get is reflected by the amount of hard work you put in just like a mirror.”

That’s right. So to speak, for me, Meratoni is like my hometown and coming to Saint Schull Allied Nations is like moving to the capital.

Only then did I realise that my shoulder and elbows were feeling fairly stiff recently.


“I wonder why does Luciel-sama have the nickname of Deviant Saint.”

” … Kefin, I think it’s fine if you don’t worry about that, ah, it will be the Adventurer’s Guild after we turn this corner.”

While having such silly talks, I stopped in front of the Adventurer’s Guild, dismounted Fornoir, and stroked her for a bit before entrusting her care to the healers.

Well, I don’t think anybody will snatch the horse I ride in this Holy Capital but just to be safe.


I entered the Adventurer’s Guild together with the former slaves.

Possibly because it was evening time, the interior of the Adventurer’s Guild was crowded with quite a number of people.

Just by calling out from far away, the adventurers took notice of us.

I smiled and headed for the counter to request for the adventurer’s registration of the former slaves.


“Because these people are able to use magic, even without martial arts skills, would it be possible to register them as adventurers as a special case?”

” … The decision on whether registration is possible or not will be after I measure them. That decision will be up to the Guildmaster.”

“That’s true. By the way, where’s Granz-san?”

“Currently, he has gone to call the other staffs but the dining hall is slightly busy at this moment so you may have to wait for a while.”

“I understand. Then I’ll leave their measurements to you.”

“Certainly. Well then, the accompanying people, this way please.”


The receptionist began their adventurer’s registration and explanation.

I wonder if I inadvertently missed out on some of the contents when I just became an adventurer? I was also listening to the receptionist’s talk when Granz-san came.

“Long time no see.”

“Long time no see, Granz-san.”

“It’s really been a long time Luciel. Are you still continuing to cook?”

“I haven’t been able to do so much lately but I did acquire the skill without noticing.”

“I see. So, why are you here today? I thought you’re acting as the representative of Ienith?”

“My term had ended so I wanted to come home for now. After feeling depressed seeing how I could not do anything on my own for the whole year, I came back with the thought to train myself little by little.”

“Are they your retinue?”

“The 3 here are slaves but they are my retinue that I place my trust in.

The others are illegal and debt slaves that are able to use magic so I brought them along to ask if you can register them as adventurers.”

“I see. Alright, I’ll accept them.”

“Is it alright?”

“Yeah. Lately, the establishment of connections with the church has been advancing so it’s not bad to think of this as part of the business. Naturally, you plan to swing by here to check up on their situation right?”

“Yeah. I intend to spend a few days in the Holy Capital Schull. In the immediate future, I plan to travel between Meratoni and the Holy Capital so I will show my face as much as possible.”

“It’s fine then. Moreover, you’re shrewdly coming here first before going to the church.”

“Thank you. I’ll take up your kind offer. Also, here is a month’s worth of their food expenses and lodging fees.”

” … Why is Luciel the one paying?”

“I’m in the position I have now because of the kindness from everyone in Meratoni that allowed me to work hard in the Holy Capital Schull. I’m merely passing the baton to the next person.”

“You’re really a nice guy after all. But you’ll be exploited for that you know?”

“I have a pretty dry personality apart from when it involves the exchange of lives so it doesn’t matter.”

“Alright then. I’ll look after these guys.”

“Thank you.”

With my introduction of Granz-san to the former slaves, I bade farewell to the slaves here.

The slaves were extremely grateful but I told them that their future will depend on their own hard work from now on before leaving the Adventurer’s Guild.


“It looked like you got along pretty well with him.”

“That’s because he was my cooking mentor. In addition, I helped him and was helped by him, giving rise to our relationship now.”

As I replied with a smile, we began walking toward the church headquarters together with Estia and the others who were waiting.

For the sake of when the need arises, I informed Kefin and Cathy of the accommodation locations before arriving but I was still anxious as to what kind of reception they would receive as we head to the entrance.


“This sure is nostalgic too.”

Lionel and the others acted their part as slaves and Estia and the others had strained expressions on their faces so nobody reacted to my murmurings.

There were 2 receptionist ladies but they were both acquaintances so I gave some simple greetings before jumping straight to the topic.


“Could you please help me call Catherine-san and Granhart-san?”

“Certainly. Please wait a moment.”

Both of them held separate magic communication beads and began communicating by shutting their eyes and concentrating.

While feeling surprised that there were 2 magic communication beads, I waited for the receptionists to finish their correspondence.


“We have received the message from Catherine-sama and Granhart-sama requesting that you wait here.”

“I see. Thank you.”

It felt like a weird time to pass souvenirs to the 2 receptionist ladies but I still decided to hand them honey candies from my magic bag.

Even though I’m not hated by other receptionists, it would be a huge shock to be hated by my own company’s receptionists.


“Ah, that’s right. These are some candies made from honey but if it’s alright with you, do you mind tasting it and letting me know what you think of it?”

“”Are you sure?””

“Yeah. Since I’m thinking of releasing it as a new item made from honey in Ienith. Here you go.”

『Thank you very much!』

The 2 of them immediately placed it in their mouths and they smiled broadly at once.

I don’t know the cause as to why the sweet taste wasn’t promoted in this world. However, I made a guts pose in my heart thinking that the decision to make the honey factory wasn’t a wrong choice.

After listening to the receptionist ladies’ impression on the honey candies, Catherine-san and Granhart-san arrived.

Then, Catherine placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.


“It’s been a long time, the 2 of you. The 3 people here are slaves but they have already cleared the slave contract dispel conditions and are my retinue. The people on this side are not slaves but they are the people affiliated with the church that I spoke of with Pope-sama.”

After I conveyed that, Catherine posed a question to me without changing her posture.


“Luciel-kun, welcome back. Nevertheless, do you know who is the person next to you that you have brought here?”

Next to me? It would be Lionel.

“Yeah. Ex-General Sen’oni from the Elimasia Empire. I purchased him when he was sold as a slave in Ienith.”

” … But there has been rumours about General Sen’oni rampaging on the battlefield lately?”

“That can’t be true. Because for this whole year, he’s been acting as my guard without rest. Nevertheless, so Catherine-san is acquainted with Lionel.”

“I’ve seen several of his battles. If one mentions General Lionel of the Empire, him running across the battlefield on his horse and the sight of him swinging his spear is truly like an Oni.”

“That’s true but what about it?”


I have heard of such things regarding Lionel but it’s not like such rumours can dispel what has happened the past year.

“That was my job after all. It can’t be helped that I’m seen as a mass murderer from the eyes of other countries.”

“In addition to you being a combat maniac right. Catherine-san, what is wrong with bringing them into the church headquarters while they are still slaves?”

I finally heard what I wanted to hear.


” … There’s no problem. Since slaves are defined as a person’s personal belongings. Well if there was a problem, Luciel-kun would not be able to escape punishment regardless of your rank as S-rank healer.”

“What about the 2 beastmen here?”

“Although there are a lot of pro-human activists, the church itself does not endorse such behaviour in particular so I guess there are no problems.”

“That’s great. Then, I’ll leave their hearing to Granhart-san. If there’s no issue, I would like Catherine-san to lead me to Pope-sama. Since I still can’t reach Pope-sama’s room on my own even until now …”

The atmosphere calmed down slightly after I said that laughingly.

“To give me orders, Luciel-kun sure has become admirable. But to not be able to go to Pope-sama’s room on your own … you sure haven’t changed in that aspect. Alright. Will your retinue be coming to have an audience too?”

“Yes. Thank you.”


While feeling grateful that Catherine-san showed concern for me, I discerned that the silent Granhart-san was a person who does not speak in front of his supervisors as we were led by Catherine-san and began moving to Pope-sama’s room.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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