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IS B8C126

Chapter 126: Luciel’s desire

Translator: Tseirp

Estia and the others were led by Granhart-san and we parted with them at the magic-driven elevator.

Me, Lionel and the others, and the former slaves followed behind Catherine in that order and we arrived in front of Pope-sama’s room. (TL: I thought the former slaves were left at the Adventurer’s Guild? The author didn’t mention the former slaves after this so it’s most likely a typo.)

Catherine knocked on the door before conveying her business.

“Pope-sama, this is Catherine. S-rank healer Luciel-sama has returned so I have guided him here.”

I didn’t know why I was affixed with sama by Catherine-san but I heard Pope-sama’s voice before I could ask.


As usual, after hearing the dignified voice, Catherine-san opened the door to Pope-sama’s private room.


“Excuse me.”

“Excuse me.”

I entered the room after Catherine-san and Lionel and the others entered silently.


The interior of Pope-sama’s room was the same as before with blinder partitions installed in the middle so that her face couldn’t be seen.

While paying homage, I waited for Pope-sama to speak.

“Luciel, it’s been a long time. The mere thought of how much effort you’ve put in for the church the past 1 year gives me an immense sense of gratitude towards you.”

“Your words are wasted on me. I somehow moved about in confusion and was able to overcome the odds together with my retinue behind me.”

“I see that your humility has not changed. What would you like as a reward for going to Ienith and firmly re-building the Healer’s Guild?”

This time, I told people that I returned to the church headquarters to report but I have been reporting to Pope-sama for almost every single step of the way.

Because of that, I came here just for the sake of requesting the content of my personal reward.

Also, I had already decided on what I would request for.

But, whether it would go through or not depended on Pope-sama’s mood.


” … Then I will say it without reserve. I wish to travel to the city in the sky, Independent Magic City Nelldal, once.”

” … For what reason?”

“It is related to the labyrinth I cleared previously.”

I can’t speak of the dragon seals and of information relating to the Spirits to people other than Pope-sama and Catherine-san.

Also, since I have not memorised any magic other than Holy attribute magic, my desire to be able to attack from a distance was also included.

” … It can’t be done immediately but are you okay with that?”

“Yes. I don’t intend to rush it immediately but I would be happy if the preparations to enter the country is done ahead of time.”

” … Is it also related to the increase of activity for the labyrinth in Ienith? I guess because the surrounding monsters also became stronger too … so, what are your plans hereafter?”

“Yes. I plan to temporarily travel to Meratoni and train by returning to basics.

Once that is over, I will travel to the Dwarf Kingdom once to collect my retinue’s equipment and head to Nelldal if I get authorization or if that can’t be done, head to Labyrinth Nation Grandol.”

“I see. If the transfer arrangements to Nelldal can be done, it is possible to transfer from the Holy Capital.”

” … That way of saying it means that I would only be able to travel to Nelldal from the Holy Capital?”

“Transfer is possible from all major cities of each country but similar to job change, approval will take time.”

” I see … speaking of job change, I became rank X in my Healer job the other day. If it’s possible, could I request for a job promotion this time?”

“Oo! As expected of Luciel. To elevate the Healer job so such a high degree. Everyone else can leave. Could I be alone with Luciel for the time being?” Catherine and the attendants bowed and left the room.

Similarly, Lionel and the others looked at me and bowed before leaving.


After the door closed, Pope-sama came down from her throne and walked over.

She’s beautiful after all but I felt that she vaguely resembled Sir Rainstar as I spoke.

“I am extremely delighted to be bestowed the opportunity to lay eyes on your countenance. Thank you.”

“Your face looks a lot more like an adult compared to a year ago. There’s also the case with Ienith but by protecting Rockford, you’ve indeed helped me.”

“It was thanks to my retinue as well.”

While giving a wry grin, I requested for a lecture regarding job promotion.


“During job promotion, is there anything required of me to do?”

“There isn’t any. If anything, it would be to choose the job you wish to have from the multiple job choices you have.”

“Could I still use Healing Magic without problems if I choose a different job?”

” … It is a risk depending on the job. It might even become weaker compared to now. However, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t choose another job so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I see. Please go ahead then.”

“Sit here and close your eyes.”


I followed Pope-sama’s words and sat down in a meditative posture and waited.

Pope-sama placed her hand on my head and weaved a chant but I completely could not comprehend the meaning of the words.


” … You may open your eyes.”

It felt like only about one minute had passed before I was spoken to.


“So may I know what were the possible job promotions?”

” … There was only Spirit Knight. Sorry, but could you put your job promotion on hold for the time being?”

Normally speaking, Spirit Knight should be a rare job without a doubt so it should be something to be happy about but Pope-sama lost the vigour she previously held.

I tried asking about it just in case it meant what I thought it meant.


” … Is it because I would not be able to use Holy attribute magic if I become a Spirit Knight?”

“Yes, that will happen because the Holy attribute does not exist among Spirits. It’s a great pity even though I had expected to see the Philosopher/Sage job but I would like it if you give up on your job promotion.” (TL: I always thought that Philosopher was a title which was why I translated it as such but now that it’s mentioned as a job … it would be wiser to translate it as Sage … so from now on Philosopher would be changed to Sage. I won’t have time to change all the older chapters so it’ll start from this chapter.)

” … As expected, it would hurt to not be able to use Healing Magic so I would also like to request to remain how I am now.”

“I see. It might be possible that the Blessing of the Spirits is interfering with it but long ago, I heard that the Sage was promoted automatically. It must have certain conditions.”

It might be possible to become a Sage if I release the seals on the dragons and obtain the blessing from all Spirits but … to achieve that, it would be insufficient no matter how many lives I have.

Apart from that, the thought of the future where I would not be able to use Healing magic crossed my mind for a moment so maybe I should make preparations for when that future arrives?

It was vague but I began thinking about it.


“If you are in Meratoni, it would be fine to send in a scheduled report once every month. At that time, I will most likely also speak of the progress of the negotiations to Nelldal.”

“Understood. Ah, that’s right. Regarding the hearing of the 5 former slaves that has begun, they are connected to the Elimasia Empire so if you obtain any background, please contact me as well.”

“Fumu. Alright. Don’t try to do anything too irrational.”

“Yes. In the future, I will still commit to the goal of dying of old age and to work hard for the sake of the church.”

” … Luciel, I am truly sorry for saddling you with this burden. If there’s anything I can do, you can depend on me okay?”

“Thank you. I plan to not take such flashy action in the future but if I need aid I will consult you first and foremost.”

“I’ll entrust it to you.”

As we both exchanged smiles, I was unusually offered to shake hands and left the room.

The feeling of Pope-sama’s hand was really nice but it would be rude to keep holding on to her hand so I conveyed my thanks and left Pope-sama’s private room.


After opening the door and exiting, I heaved a sigh that diverted my tension but the sensation remained intact.

“That was nerve wrecking~, eh, Catherine-san, what’s wrong?”

The strange situation of Catherine-san lowering her head to Lionel as if begging was happening.

The person who spoke out about the phenomenon in front of me was not Catherine-san but Lionel.

“Luciel-sama, would it be okay to accept the request to have a mock battle with the Paladin Corps?”


I held my head for Lionel’s battle mania that did not betray my expectations as well as the fact that I completely forgot that Catherine-san was also a combat maniac.

However, I had no choice but to permit their decision to feel each other out.

Since Catherine-san’s eyes were serious.


With the conditions to not die and to not cause death, I reluctantly gave my approval for the mock battle.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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