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IS B8C128

Chapter 128: Shadowing

Translator: Tseirp

After our mock battle with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps led by Lumina-san ended, we, including Catherine-san, came to the dining hall together.

Rosa-san, who was my nostalgic date partner, looked like she was busy working in the kitchen.


“Rosa-san, good evening.”

Upon calling out, Rosa-san lifted her face and greeted me with a smile when she recognized my face.

“Luciel-sama, it’s been a long time. Did you just return today?”

“Yeah. Nevertheless, the dining hall sure is calm as usual.”

“I hope that they would at least enjoy themselves during meals though … although it hasn’t changed since from long ago.”

“So I was the peculiar one right. Ah, is it alright if I request for the usual mountain-large serving?”

“Leave it to me, wait a moment okay.”

Rosa-san said so as she entered the back of the kitchen. At around the same time, I heard Catherine-san’s voice from behind me.

“Luciel-kun, you’re getting along well with Rosa-san as usual.”

When I turned around, Catherine-san and Lumina-san were standing there. (TL: Do I detect jealousy? xD)


“Well, that’s right … but it’s normal right? Since it is more pleasant to be harmonious. In work, in meals and in life, it’s better for it to be pleasant compared to dull right?”

When I replied so with a smile, Catherine-san and Lumina-san laughed.


While thinking that including the 2 of them, the Valkyrie Paladin Corps sure is a collection of beautiful women after all, I persuaded myself that I am now more interested in practicality over aesthetics so it is irrelevant to me.

While having such thoughts, I looked in the direction of Lionel and the others and saw that each and every one of the Valkyrie Paladin Corps members looked like they were flowers in bloom, delighted as they talked about various contents.


When I asked about it at a later date, apparently they were interested because usually, they do not have the opportunity to converse with a former general from the Empire and with beastmen.

In the meantime, Rosa-san called out to me.

“Here thanks for waiting. There’re more servings so come back again if there’s not enough.”

“Thank you.”

I took the dish from Rosa-san with a smile and moved to a large table which could sit everyone.


Catherine-san and Lumina-san sat in front of me and everyone else sat down after a little while.

Maybe because they were my retainers even though they were slaves or because they were overwhelmed by them during the mock battle, everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps did not show reluctance in sitting together with Lionel and the others.

Rather than that, they were hit with a barrage of questions and it was interesting to watch Lionel and the others answer while enjoying themselves even though they were slightly bewildered.


I also talked with Catherine-san and Lumina-san as we took our meal.

“I’ve not really heard of many changes this one year but have the impressions of everyone towards the established price setting changed slightly?”

“I’ve not left the church headquarters but from the reports, it doesn’t really seem like the healers think favourably of it. However, it looks like the children that have just become healers repeatedly continued to chant as taught by Luciel-kun, resulting in reports of their skill levels rising considerably faster compared to previous years.”

“We, the Valkyrie Paladin Corps also received complaints when we established the price setting and guidelines during our expeditions but they were all from those who have worked multiple years. Conversely, after knowing about the pricings, the cases where citizens thanked us was greater than ever and the crimes in places with church branches have also apparently decreased.”

“Why would the crimes decrease?”

I don’t remember doing anything to improve the public security so I couldn’t understand why.


“Because the healing fee is set, the fear towards getting injured has been eased slightly so the stress adventurers in particular feel have most likely decreased. The decrease in fellows who resort to burglary and thievery to earn gold seems to be a factor. The healer acquaintances I have belonging to other countries also said so.”


“I’m glad to hear that the fee revision and guidelines are getting accepted better than I had imagined. I was even considering new methods if it didn’t work out. Pope-sama didn’t contact me at all regarding it so I was slightly anxious.”

While giving a bitter smile, I brought the food to my mouth.


“Including Pope-sama and Archbishop-samas, I am also enquiring about the guidelines so you don’t need to worry. Leaving that aside, I’ve heard that the desk work you had in Ienith was dreadful but it looks like you still managed to continue your training.”

“That is the hard word required in order to live life safely. Furthermore, my retinue loves mock battles so thanks to that, there was almost not a day without training.”

The instant I replied with that, Catherine-san and Lumina-san asked about Lionel and the others with serious expressions.

” … It’s a serious topic but how did General Lionel become your retainer? In the first place, why did he become a slave?”

“He’s the Empire’s hero who rose to prominence with the name of General Sen’Oni you know? He can even be said to be a figure to the extent whereby the Elimasia Empire would have been swallowed up quickly by its neighbouring countries if he was not around.”

So both Catherine-san and Lumina-san knew about Lionel.


Since the 2 of them praised him like that, Lionel’s strength when he was serving as a general must have been amazing.


I’ve been reminded on a regular basis that he’s not of a regular class but to actually have acquaintances speak of his greatness once again reminds me of it.


“I don’t know if you will believe me but I did purchase Lionel and Cathy from a slave dealer. In particular, Lionel was in a condition where he could not move both his feet.”

“In the first place, why did you buy slaves? You should have departed together with a number of healers and Priest Knights.”

“Because the Healer’s Guild was buried in the slums district and you were attacked right?”

While feeling that I would like the 2 of them to talk slightly more gently as they were using military tones, I continued to conversation.


“Yeah. The public security was worse than expected and I felt that I can’t expect the Priest Knights to guard the place without sleep or rest. In addition, I wanted my own bodyguards so I went to the slave dealer. Then, Lionel stood out when he acted as if nothing happened when I applied intimidation and because luckily I could heal Lionel’s feet, I asked him to protect me.”

“Your luck was seriously good.”

” … The fact that slaves are also humans have not changed. Don’t forget that okay?”

“Yeah. I intend to interact with them as my retainers instead of as my slaves.”

I’ll not touch on the case where Lionel and the others told Catherine-san and Lumina-san how kindly/naively I treat slaves. (TL: This ‘kindly’ is with a slightly negative connotation. We all know how he treats slaves. Kind/naive/honest/innocent/sincere. There isn’t really a word to translate the Japanese word 甘い used in this context imo.)


“By visiting other countries, have you understood how Saint Schull’s Allied Nations is the headquarters for Healers?”

“Yeah. It’s really great that Meratoni was the first city I arrived at. If it was Ienith, my life as a healer would have checkmated. Thinking that in the future Ienith will become a city kind to Healers just like Meratoni somewhat gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

“I see. Speaking of which, regarding tomorrow’s mock battle, would it be fine if your retainers have a mock battle as well?”

Hmm? The conversation content somehow feels like it has changed quite a bit but I tried asking Lionel and the others.

“Lionel, Cathy, Kefin. Are you all able to participate in the mock battle?”

“If Luciel-sama wishes so. Personally, it is something I greatly welcome as preparation for my fight with Whirlwind in Meratoni.”

Lionel said so as the representative but was it because they have the ability so they didn’t complain?


Cathy and Kefin also silently nodded so it was decided that the 3 of them would participate but I did not miss the gleam in Catherine-san and Lumina-san’s eyes.

Probably because today’s mock battle was a complete victory, their flames seem to have been lit so our stay would most likely be a couple of days.


After dinner, because Catherine-san told me that my personal room was maintained as it was, I returned to my personal room and Lionel and the others moved to the guest rooms.

“It’s already quite late but maybe I’ll spend some time in the Labyrinth of Tribulations … Ah, Fornoir and the others are still in the Hermit’s stable. I’ll be having Yanbus-san look after them for a couple of days so I should head to the stable first.”

I began walking towards the Valkyrie Paladin Corps training ground.


When I first walked the path, the way to the stable felt like it was a maze but I just walked from there so I could completely remember it, just as I was about to reach the Paladin Corps training ground, I discovered Estia ahead of me.

“What on earth is Estia doing here? … Rather than that, why is she able to travel in this maze-like church without getting lost?”

Thinking that Estia’s movements were suspicious, I took my distance and shadowed Estia while making sure she didn’t notice.


Author’s note:

Happy new year. (TL: LOL I just only reached the first post in 2016. Omg author you release way too fast >.<)

I’ll be in your care this year as well.

Thank you for reading.


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