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GC V3C69

(069) What happens twice will happen thrice

Translator: Tseirp

The first thing that I saw when we entered Dakyat was the statue of the Valkyrie-like figure.

I’ve seen it once in the church in Belasra.

If I remember correctly, she is called Setolance-sama. (TL: I translated her name as Setolans-sama but I’ll be changing it to this one given how the author describes it later)

It was a stone statue so I could not imagine the colours but her figure dressed in mantle and armour, as well as the long sword held in her hand, was exactly that of a female warrior.

Haru did mention that she was the Goddess-sama who governs over battles and victory …


(I’ve thought about it previously too but it would fit Setolance-sama better if she held a lance instead.) (TL: Setolance, get it? lance)


and such idiotic thoughts went through my mind.

Incidentally, an offertory box was gently placed in front of the Goddess statue.


“In the Kingdom of Arundel, the state religion encompasses the faith in all Goddess-sama of the 6 pillars but in Dakyat, the teachings of Setolance is the state religion. She’s the Goddess of Battles and Victory. It is said that it came about because the majority of this country’s citizens are nomads so since from long ago, the chances they come across monsters is higher compared to other country’s citizens and fighting has become a part of their lives.”


As usual, Carol showed that she has extensive knowledge.

Incidentally, because Korat is an agricultural powerhouse,  Koshmar-sama’s Goddess statues are apparently built in various towns of theirs.


Even though I am grateful towards Koshmar-sama, I was glad that we chose this country instead. As expected, I would only be able to give strained smiles if I see the figure of that statue placed everywhere.


Nevertheless, we’ve safely crossed the border and entered the town but my Commoner level has not increased at all. It seriously has become harder to level up.


If I’m not mistaken, Haru is a devotee that holds Setolance-sama in high esteem so including Carol, the 3 of us gave monetary offerings and prayed.

By the way, for certain reasons, Marina had holed herself up alone within the carriage.


“Nevertheless, to think that there would be so much change just by crossing the border. The scenery has changed to great plains in an instant.”


Currently, we were still within the town but since the fences surrounding the town were low, I could clearly see outside the town.


“Sosososososo, sorry, could you please return my mask soon?”


Marina appealed in tears. She seems to be a Japanese like me but we’ve still have not had a decent conversation together.

Today, I confiscated her mask.

After all, this girl, it was quite dangerous during the country entry examination.


『I am the Archmage Marina! I am the holy warrior who has descended to this world to defeat the great Demon Lord together with the hero, remember it well. Entry reasons? That’s right, while I escort this carriage with my great magic, we head to the capital with a deadly weapon to achieve an important — 』


She ended up saying all that before I snatched her mask away and we were allowed to pass after I told them our purpose as Peddlers and that we were merely requested to deliver a kitchen knife to an inn in Feruit.


“After we hand this over, you would definitely say something stupid in the Adventurers Guild as well. So stay put until we’re done with that. Also, don’t go around saying that you’re going to defeat the great Demon Lord.”


Firstly, the Demon Lord in this world has already been defeated by the hero. It’s impossible to defeat an opponent that has already been defeated.

Secondly, Haru feels indebted to the Demon Lord. It doesn’t sit well with me to let her say bad things about the Demon Lord in front of her.

Thirdly, we, who are around her, would be seen as fools as well.


Hence, I had decided to make Marina remain as she was now.


I’ll try to keep it moderate though.

Since she’s been crying the whole time.


Entrusting the carriage to the stables, we headed towards the Adventurers Guild.

We passed by the Adventurers Guild once before arriving at the stables so we knew the way.


It was already the third time I’ve been to the Adventurers Guild.

Passing through the door, it was as if it’s a tavern after all, with how the tables and chairs were arranged.


“Do you have any business with the Adventurers Guild? Or are you here only to dine?”


A pointed eared green hair onee-san asked.

She’s most probably an elf.

It seems like this place serves as both a cafeteria and an Adventurers Guild.


“We’ve come to apply for a party. Also … I think we would also like to get some drinks.”


We had our lunch at the stalls so I wasn’t hungry.


“Well then, this way please.”


The 3 of us sat down on our seats but for some reason, Marina didn’t sit down.


“Marina, are you not going to sit?”

“Eh … erm … is it alright?”

“Of course it is … wait, ah, is it because usually, slaves don’t get to sit on chairs?”


Now that I think about it, Haru was also bewildered when I asked her to sit on a chair for the first time.


“Slaves usually stand or sit on the floor. Like how it is there.”


Carol flicked her gaze towards the table at the back. There was a Magician-type man with a Swordsman-type slave standing behind him.


“Sitting on a chair with the same height holds the meaning of having a meal on equal footing. Carol heard from Haru-san that Ichino-sama prefers to have meals while seated in similar chairs so I respectfully sit as well.”

“So that’s the reason huh. I believe Marina understands me since we’re Japanese, I don’t really understand that culture. You can sit.”

” … Thank … you.”


Marina sat while still staring downward.


Well then.


In Florence, I tangled with adventurers because of Haru.

In Belasra, I tangled with adventurers who wanted to steal the brown bears.


As expected of third time’s the charm.

I guess nobody would tangle with us here.

Just when I thought that,


“Ouou, onii-chan. What are you doing getting served by 3 slave girls.”

“Come share one with us.”

“A therithro’s sore appearance or a loli girl huh. Don’t worry, we hate discrimination after all. No matter who’s the opponent, our Magnum would be in top form after all.”


Three men with indecent smiles came to tangle with us.

I recalled the proverb that what happens twice will happen thrice.

It seems like to otherworld people, the Adventurers Guild is some sort of place to avoid.


~Side Story   Request to the Failures~


Red short haired, freckled boy Julio.

Black haired, short bespectacled boy Sutchino.


Happening in front of the 2, was the largest incident that happened since the founding of the Secret Society Massacre.


It was yesterday when a request came in unexpectedly for the Secret Society Massacre.

The vice president Sutchino arbitrarily accepted the request.

Normally, Julio would be enraged by the act of disregarding him, the leader, by proceeding with the talks without him but ultimately the person who takes the brunt of his anger, Sutchino, would appease him and the incident would be settled. That should have been how it would have played out.

However, it was different today.

That was because in front of them were 2 gold coins.

Gold coin … if one lived frugally, it was a large amount that one could survive on for a year.


Seeing the 2 gold coins placed down, the cowardly by nature Julio hurriedly hid the gold coins and looked at the surroundings.

They were at a corner of the tavern. It was the shop Sutchino’s father operates so he usually works there.

Apparently, it was currently his break time and he sat in front of Julio.


” … It’s not fake?”

“Nope, it’s real. Furthermore, this is the advance payment and the completion payment is 18 gold coins! He even introduced himself as an Earl from some place, it’s amazing. It’s the greatest job Secret Society Massacre has undertaken since the founding.”

“Amazing! It’s 20 gold coins in total. Very well, let’s quickly gather all the members —”

“Wait, Julio. Consider if we gather everyone. If we do that, the gold coins would have to be equally split among everyone. If 10 people do the job then each person gets 2 gold coins. But, if only the 2 of us do it? We’ll get 10 gold coins each!”


10 gold coins versus 2 gold coins, such a thing can’t even be placed on equal scales.

Anybody who can count would be able to tell which would have the greater value.

Even so, Julio was a little reluctant.

The responsibility as a leader and the sense of guilt towards betraying his companions … he felt absolutely none.


“The 2 of us meaning it’s a job that can be done with just 2 people?”


The problem was the contents of the job.

If it’s a job that can only be done by relying on numbers, he’ll have no choice but to convene all the members to do the job.

He calculated in his wicked head that at that time, he could lie that the reward is 2 gold coins and he could allocate 20 silver coins per person while after he uses his own 20 silver coins to hold a large banquet, Sutchino and he can split the remaining 9 gold coins.


“The request is extremely simple. It is only to dedicate this black globe in front of the Goddess statue in the west dungeon.”

“The dungeon that beginners head to huh. It’s a place we go to frequently. Certainly, it’s no wonder they requested for us if it’s to go there.”


For Julio’s Secret Society Massacre, once a week, to strengthen the members, they would split into 2 groups of 5 and stroll through the west dungeon to hunt monsters and earn small change.

As a country managed dungeon, the dungeon will not be opened except for when the soldiers enter for training 3 times a month.

However, by confirming the scheduled day for the son of the laundry place, Gurutchi, to collect the laundry from the barracks, the son of the locksmith, Julio, can open the dungeon and sneak in.


The reason why Sutchino didn’t monopolize the deal and talked with Julio was by no means because of his loyalty to Julio but because Julio’s lockpicking skill was required.


“Nevertheless, the person sure is a great guy.”

“By the way, what’s the name of the person who made the request?”

“If I’m not mistaken, Vanf? No, perhaps it’s Valf?”

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