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Chapter 138: Dignity of the Knight Corps

Translator: Tseirp

Three Healers, 3 Priest Knights and 1 Paladin.

We discovered a total of 7 people who were turned into undead.


“That’s more than I had expected. Are they still conscious?”

Even though they’ve been turned into undead, I was admiring the fact that they did not break their formation and voiced it out.


“If you, the S-rank healer, didn’t suddenly return, we would have been awarded a special promotion for being killed in duty … Luciel-sama, curse you.”

Isn’t that completely unjustified resentment?

I thought that the representative who would speak to me would be the Paladin but instead, it was the exorcist who was my successor.


“You’re the healer who took over my role of exorcist … are there others who are not happy with me as well? But I am surprised you guys could reach all the way here?”

” … It was expensive but we got our hands on a magic tool that could prevent abnormal states. Furthermore, we bought it in this Holy Capital too.”

I guess the guy talking happily is the leader?

While I continued to talk with them who had turned into undead, I began weaving my magic circle chant.


“I see. The fact that you guys have turned into undead means that it is alright for me to assume that you’ve met with the Evil God right?”

“You knew about it?!! Are you the Evil God’s henchmen?! How dare you … this is?!”

“Sanctuary Circle. I’ll return your undead body to a normal one and hold a burial.”

I slowly activated 「Sanctuary Circle」 while I was talking.


“You coward. The final battle should be by crossing swords and winning. That should be what the Knight Corps taught.”

The vitality of my successor exorcist and the 2 other healers gradually restored following the activation phase.

However, only the man dressed in Paladin armor retained his strength and consciousness from resentment.

I understand his words of wanting to fight fair and square but I wanted to welcome him as a human in the end.

That was the form of respect I follow. And I enlightened him, the Paladin, about the dignity he held.


“As an S-rank healer, if I do not stop you all who have turned into undead by any means possible, your consciousness would slowly thin and in the end, you would lose consciousness and hurt your compatriots, are you alright with being such an existence?”

For them who have turned into undead, what are they asking of me?

Even though I hold the title of S-rank Healer, are they hoping that I could defeat knights from the knight corps who hold overwhelming power?

Did the Healers want to exchange blows using magic?

Thinking up to that point, I naturally vented out.

“Either die as an undead or die as a human. Make your choice.”


While thinking that I didn’t sound like myself, I gave them their choices.

The healers returned to human and died while the Paladin and Priest Knights told me that they wanted to fight.


Cladding my whole body with magical power, holding the Holy Dragon Spear on my left and the Illusionary Sword on my right, the 1 versus 4 battle began.

Just in case, Estia acted as the referee and the safety net and I intended her to intervene if it became dangerous but I was confident that it won’t reach that stage.


“Then let’s begin!”


Without concern for the Knights who were beginning to release black mist from their bodies, I approached at full force and slashed with my Illusionary Sword and pierced with my Holy Dragon Spear.

Without any tricks or feints, I tore through their shields and armor.

Because I knew that they no longer felt pain after becoming undead, I split their bodies in half.

It was precisely an instant kill and the situation ended one-sidedly.


“Are you satisfied?”

“To think that it would be so one-sided …”

I knew that they were mortified but since they’ve turned into undead, their tears didn’t flow.

“The dead … once you become undead, your cognitive and physical abilities likely take an extreme dive. If you all were human, the one to be defeated would have been me.”

“Just like you’ve said … as expected, you’re not an S-rank Healer for show.”

The Paladin seemed to grasp that his own body was not responding and gave a slight nod.

” … I didn’t want to die.”

“So I’ll disappear as an undead without being able to even return a blow huh?”

“Even though I became a Priest Knight after so much trouble …”

The other Priest Knights were crying.

“From here, I will let you all pass away as humans. I pray that you all will be reborn as knights that will protect the church in your next life.”

I activated 「Sanctuary Circle」 and they disappeared after being wrapped in light.


After they disappeared, I retrieved the items that they left behind as usual.

“Let’s return once we recover their magic stones and equipment. Do not touch that magic stone there no matter what. You’ll be turned into an undead if you touch it.”

I warned Estia.


” … Nevertheless, so we’ve cleared the labyrinth just like that. It’s good that the final boss monsters at the end were weak.”

Estia did not identify those people as former humans or church personnel at all.

She only saw them as the enemy … While feeling troubled in judging if it was because she was being pragmatic or that she’s lacking common sense, I conveyed to her their impression on me.


” … If they turned into Specter Knight King and Wight prototypes after dozens of years later, there would be no guarantee of winning. Moreover, I told them as well but if they had their living body then I can fully imagine the possibility of me losing.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Since I am still weak.”

After we finished picking up the magic stones, a magic circle floated up in the center.

We confirmed that and cleared the labyrinth.


By the time I realized, we had returned to the first floor of the labyrinth.

“We’ve cleared the labyrinth with this. Let’s head to Pope-sama’s personal room.”

” … You’ve finally cleared it huh.”

” … Why did you switch at this timing.”

The Darkness Spirit replaced Estia.

“You did well noticing it. Estia is bad with places with a lot of people so I swapped places with her.”

“That’s convenient … perhaps it takes your all just to swap with her in a labyrinth?”

” … That’s not true. You’ve sure put a lot of thought into it.”

Looking at the anxious Darkness Spirit, I hypothesized that perhaps the magical power for spirits to manifest in labyrinths is not sufficient?

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go to Pope-sama’s personal room.”


I’ve left Fornoir to Pope-sama’s care since yesterday but I wonder if she’s alright?

Such a thought floated into my head as I immediately walked towards Pope-sama’s personal room.


“Pope-sama, it’s Luciel. I’ve returned after clearing the labyrinth.”


When I opened the door, the female attendants left at the same time.


While paying homage as a vassal, I began reporting about the labyrinth … about the boss room at the deepest 50th floor.

“Good job the both of you. Let me hear about what happened.”

“The cause for this incident is due to the church personnel clearing the labyrinth after all. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I imagine they turned into undead after they touched the trapped large magic stone and caused the Evil God to appear.”

” … To think that the Evil God truly exists … If father was alive then we would somehow be able to deal with it but …”

Pope-sama was lamenting but I couldn’t do anything about it.

Since I was also deep in thought.


Thinking if I could be like Sir Rainstar, as a Hero, as a Sage and as a Summoner, prepare some kind of measures.

I was regretting not talking with Sir Rainstar more at that time.

However, feeling that this wasn’t the place to talk about Sir Rainstar, I talked about my plans for the future.


“For the next several days, I will enter the labyrinth and confirm that the labyrinth is gradually losing its strength. If it seems fine then I will follow my plan and head towards Meratoni.”

“Understood. I’ll be lonely being away from Fornoir but you’ll probably come back so I’ll endure it.”

That lonely expression gave rise to a question within me.

Has Pope-sama ever left this room?

It was enough for me to question that.

But I also knew that I still can’t decide on what to do.


“Moreover, I’ve confirmed with my eyes that Luciel possesses a spirit’s blessing this time. I’ll be able to check on your condition like this and we’re able to stay in contact with the magic communication bead as well.”


I hope that Pope-sama doesn’t become something like a stalker.


“That’s all for my report. Darkness Spirit, do you have anything to say?”

“Fluna, Ane-sama and I have still not been able to save you. But we will definitely save you so please wait for us.”

“Thank you, I’ll be waiting.”

A seal? Or a curse? Or is there another reason?

What does she mean, saving Pope-sama?

I didn’t ask about it.


Fornoir was listening to this time’s report beside Pope-sama and after she licked Pope-sama once, she motioned a request for me to open the Hermit’s stable.

She entered the Hermit’s stable without any resistance even though she hated it so much in the past.


” … Then, Pope-sama, I will excuse myself … ah, Pope-sama, I have one wish.”

“What is it?”

“I wish to go to the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow and heal for the charge of 1 silver coin?”

“Okay. Is it the Whimsical Day that Luciel set up?”

“Yes. It’s been about a year but I wish to return to my foundations.”

“I’ll recognize it as a special case. Even so, as the party who established the guidelines, properly play your role and announce it as a demonstration for healing.”

“Yes, Your Holiness. I will serve to the best of my ability.”

“Umu. I pray that you will continue to do your best for the sake of the church.”



After we exited Pope-sama’s room, several Knights were waiting for us to exit.

“What happened?

“There’s a great number of people who immediately need treatment. Please quickly come to the large training ground.”

There are other Healers as well right!

Suppressing my feeling to shout that, I ran towards the large training ground.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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