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GC V3C76

Longer chapter today 🙂

(076) Marina’s second job

Translator: Tseirp

We left the border town and headed for Ferruit.

Because I didn’t have any time alone and I built a good relationship with Haru even though there were some slight misunderstanding yesterday, the doujinshis didn’t get a role to play.

Incidentally, my Philanderer level rose by 3 all at one go, reaching Lv16.

When Philanderer reached Lv15, it released the options for 4 kinds of jobs: Musician, Singer, Dancer and Artist.

Among them, Marina possessed 3 of the jobs.

When I looked at my status page, the moment I thought that there were too many jobs, I obtained the title 「Job Maniac」 and 「Job Organization」.


Incidentally, Haru was also in charge of coachman duty today.


“Marina, do you have a moment?”

“What is it?”

“Why did Marina continue as a Street Performer? If you wanted to become an Archmage, you could always change jobs?”

“I don’t want to become an Archmage because I am already an Archmage. Also, it’s impossible to change job even if I wanted to. Street Performer is apparently a Unique job and average Priests can’t do anything about it.”


Why’s she saying it so proudly? Well, so it’s the same as Temptress and Cat-user, they can’t change job unless it’s a special Priest.

Furthermore, hers is a job that was set by the Goddess, worst case scenario would be there aren’t anybody who can change her job.


“If I told you that you can change job, what would you do?”

“Nothing. I’ll continue the way I am now.”



“I have not seen the end to the possibilities for the path I am on now. I hated it at the start but the many smiles of the people who witness my extraordinary magic fuels my magical power. It’s a wonderful thing.”

“Possibility … huh?”


Carol muttered in a slightly reticent tone.


“I see. Then, what would you do if you could choose a second job?”

“If I can hold another job? If that’s the case, I’ll raise my Commoner level and aim to obtain the 「Bow Equip」 skill by becoming a Hunter.”

“Hunter? I thought that you would surely choose Apprentice Magician.”

“That will be what I do first. The performance of my arrows is nearly 100% due to my extraordinary magic. However, because I don’t have 「Bow Equip」, the offensive power can be said to be none. Piercing a helpless frog from behind is the most I can do.”


From behind? Looks like — at the street performance that time, the arrow didn’t strike the frog from the front but was aimed at and shot at it from behind.

I guess the technique of swindling is also part of being a Street Performer.


“It’s because I thought that I will also need to have a combat skill if I am to continue to travel together with my friend Kannon. But, why do you ask?”

“Ah … hn‒”


I was told to only tell those I trust about Second Job Setting — about Jobless skills.

Marina is kind of prone to chuunibyou delusions but I don’t think that she’s a bad person. But, what about Kannon?

I don’t really know much about her. At the very least, she’s someone who sells equipment using scamming methods.

I can’t deny the possibility of Marina telling what she knows to Kannon when she returns to being Kannon’s slave.


If that’s the case, shall I make a suitable lie this time?

In my mind, I crafted a consistent setting.


“Marina, in a fashion, I’m saying hypothetically, I am your owner so you must obey my command.”

“Indeed. However, if you perform any insolent act towards me, know that the day you no longer am my owner will be your death anniversary.”

“I won’t do such a thing! For now, it’s an order. Never look at my status.”

“I see. It’s because you don’t want to let me see you not having any job worth mentioning huh?”

“No. It’s because my blessing is slightly unique and have multiple abilities so I don’t really want to show it.”


While saying that, I winked at Carol. She’s good at guessing so she’ll probably understand.


“I am able to set 2 jobs for my party members. For now, I will try setting Marina’s second job as Commoner so check your status.”


I also tried checking but I can’t see if a second job is properly set or not.

However, because her status rose, it’s certain that some job was indeed added.


“Oo, my hidden power has decided to show itself now.”

“No, it’s my ability.”

“Don’t fret the details, you’ll go bald. From the top.”

“Don’t go to the extent of specifying the starting point! And don’t go cursing me to go bald! Either way, during our round trip between Ferruit and that border town, if possible, I’ll let you acquire Bow Equip and other simple spells. It’ll widen the scope of your performances.”

“Don’t refer to my extraordinary magic as performances. I’ll curse you.”

“That’ll not be magic but shamanic art.”


I cut in with the promised tsukkomi.

Don’t ask me about the difference between magic and shamanic arts okay?

The people who possess the Apprentice Magician job like me and the Magician job learn magic while Shamans like Schreyl use shamanic arts.


“Haru, so you have it, as what we’ve discussed this morning if you detect any monster scents, please actively head in that direction for us to hunt.”

“Yes. Even so, there aren’t many monsters around.”

“Hn? I thought that there are quite a number of monsters around?”


Due to my 「Presence Detection II」 skill, I can sense enemy presence but …?

What does this mean?


I thought as I looked out from the loading platform.

… Even though there really were monster presences, I totally did not see any figures.

There was grass growing but the grass wasn’t that tall so there shouldn’t be any place for them to hide.


“Perhaps it’s Tubifex worms?”

“Yarn worms?”


Carol asked as I tried to analyze it in my own way to slightly understand the 「Presence Detection」 skill better.

I see, I can indeed feel the presences below the ground.


“If that’s the case, we might as well just dig them up.”

“I can’t say that is a good method.”

“Won’t it leave us with the option of defeating fish-type monsters by catching the Tubifex worms and fishing with them? We won’t need sonar as well with my 「Presence Detection」.”

“Fishing … with the Tubifex worms?”


Carol gave a disgusted expression.

Looks like she is bad with earthworms.

Well, I don’t have fishing gear anyway so I’ll leave this entertainment for when I become an Angler.


“Master, I sense the smell of monsters from that cave. Would you like to try firing magic?”

“Magic!? If it’s magic then it’s my turn — ”

“Your street performance is not going to defeat any monster.”


I flicked Marina on her forehead.

She glared at me in tears while pressing onto her forehead.


After the carriage stopped, I looked at the cave Haru pointed out. It was in a hilly area so the cave was dug slantwise.

It did felt like it was a cave that was dug out by animals compared to a naturally-formed cave.


There were multiple presences.


“Alright, I’ll give it a try.”


I took out Asklepios’s staff and switched my jobs to Magician-type jobs and Apprentice Blacksmith.

Then, I pointed my staff at the cave —




and chanted. A ball of fire immediately appeared on the tip of the staff and it left burn marks at the cave surroundings before landing on the bottom of the cave. The explosion caused a roar, smoke and dust scattered and the cave collapsed the next instant.


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Apprentice Blacksmith skill: 「Blacksmithing」 obtained】

【Recipe obtained】


The combat ended without me knowing what exactly did I defeat.

It also looks like I learned recipes related to blacksmithing.

I’ve been thinking of raising it but I’ve been raising my alchemy as my main so I only learned Blacksmithing this late.

It looks like I can create weapons and armor from stone, bronze, and iron now.


“Looks like they were exceptionally high experience point monsters. My Commoner level rose to 7.”


Level 7 huh? Then she’ll be able to change job to Hunter or Farmer.

However, her level rose not because the experience points were high but merely because of the effect of my 20x experience point acquisition.


“If I go to the church … mu, Ichino. It would be fine if it is a normal job change but how would I go about changing my second job?”

“Ah, I’ll do it for you. I can at least change the second job.”


I mentally changed Marina’s second job to Hunter.


“Oo, my Luck stat became 50 … hn? Ichino, did you perhaps use your blessing to greatly raise your Luck stat so that you can earn via the gambling parlor slots and in Rock Paper Scissors with Suzuki?”

“Great insight. You do have some sharp moments occasionally.”

“The ‘occasionally’ is unneeded.”

“Very well, please defeat more monsters and acquire my Bow Equip for me.”

“Don’t speak so patronizingly with honorific language … or rather, it’s impossible. Since there aren’t any enemies.”


I once again surveyed the grassland.

There wasn’t even a single child of a monster.


That day — in the end, we didn’t encounter any other monsters as we greeted a night of staying outdoors.

At the time when we were eating the cooking we ordered from the Adventurers Guild that we moved to another container and placed into my item bag.


“Erm … Ichino-sama. You wish to raise your level right?”


Carol looked at me with entreating eyes.

It’s rare for her to show such expression.


“Hn? That’s right. Maybe I should look for a labyrinth or something. Does Carol have a job you want to raise?”

“It’s just as you say … I do have a job I wish to raise … ”


Carol said hesitantly while casting her eyes down but she resolved herself and looked at my eyes.


“I’ve been thinking if you would like to raise Carol’s Temptress job!”


~Side Story   Journey of 5 people and a donkey~


The time was when Ichinojo and gang were watching the street performance on the bridge connecting the borders.

Jofre, Elise and Centaur, as well as Julio, Sutchino and Milky, 5 people and a donkey,  were headed towards the labyrinth in the northwest direction.

Jofre and Julio were walking in front.


“Eh, Jofre-san and gang were Uncle Narube’s subordinates?”


When he was introducing himself to Jofre and Elise, Julio shouted excitedly when he found out that his own uncle was Jofre’s former boss.


“That’s right. My, so coincidental, to think that Julio is the boss’s nephew.”


It was true that Jofre was Narube’s subordinate but his first meeting with Narube was after Ichinojo defeated Narube and he had quickly changed his attitude.


“I admire you! Jofre-san! You’re seriously great!”


Julio was the leader of the secret society.

However, because Jofre was the subordinate of his respected uncle and also rescued him in a dramatic fashion, the usual Julio — showed an underling temperament and even his tone changed.


Sutchino was looking at those 2 from the position of one step behind.

Impatience could somewhat be felt from him.


And then, Milky and Elise who were staring at the 3 of them.

Because of ‘Ladies first’, the 2 of them were moving while riding on Centaur.



“You look like you are enjoying yourself, Milky.”

“Yeah, Elise-san. Please look at those 3. Julio who admires Jofre-san. Sutchino who’s wondering if Julio has been taken from him. What a wonderful love triangle.”


Milky had an ecstatic expression with a bleeding nose.

Centaur didn’t notice at all the nosebleed falling on his own back.


Normally, if one had a nose bleeding at such a location, the smell of blood would attract monsters but it didn’t happen at all, it was the picture of peacefulness.


Incidentally, what Sutchino was anxious about was if Jofre and Elise continued to come along with them, how would they split the share?

For Sutchino who faced death a few moments ago, it was clearly reassuring to have 2 people who are stronger than themselves but it was troubling to have their share cut in half — was what he was thinking.


That common expression painted on Sutchino’s face became a nosebleed-inducing painting after it passed through Milky’s maiden filter.

For her — Pinky Pants, 3 men would most likely appear in her next work.


“There it is. The labyrinth for beginners but — it looks dangerous from here so let’s carefully — eh?”


In front of the labyrinth building, Julio tilted his head.

Usually, at this timing, the soldier on guard duty would be patrolling around until their time to change shift but that soldier’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

An experienced Adventurer would have a bad premonition from this but,


“We’re lucky, looks like we will be able to easily sneak into the labyrinth now.”


He had such optimistic thinking.

However, with 5 people around, somebody else should likely stop him.


“Let’s quickly go in and return. Then, we’ll be rich men.”

“We sure are lucky, Elise.”

“My good fortune was meeting Jofre.”

“The new work will be Joff x Juli x Sutchi … no, Sutchi x Juli x Joff … ah, but ‘Hit by jealousy Sutchi x Joff’ can also work …”


A slave to gold, an idiot couple and a pervert. As well as a donkey.

Without a single person to stop Julio, the 5 people and a donkey didn’t think anything as they entered the labyrinth.

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