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(077) First round of Temptress battle

Translator: Tseirp

Becoming a Temptress and raising that job.

To those words and to the meaning behind those words, Haru and I wondered if Carol was trying too hard.

The only person who didn’t know about the Temptress job, Marina, tilted her head and asked.

She’s most probably making a puzzled expression behind her mask.


“Ichino. What’s Yuuwakushi?” (TL: Yuuwakushi is the pronunciation for Temptress)

“Hn? Ah, I’ll tell you another time.”


The Temptress job should be nothing but a trauma to Carol.

I hesitated from talking about what merits and demerits that job has in front of Carol.

However, Carol silently shook her head.


“No … I’d also like Marina-san to listen. The Temptress job is — ”


Carol begin talking about her own job.

About the Temptress job.

The merits and demerits of a Temptress.

About how much she was used by other people and about the unpleasant memories she had experienced.

To Carol, the greatest suffering was hurting anybody apart from herself due to her ability — for example, her parents.


Even Marina who usually gets carried away silently listened to the story.


Finally, she slightly obscured the reason why she was no longer a Temptress now.

She most likely recalled my request that it would be better to not mention that I changed her job.


“But, why do you suddenly want to raise your Temptress job?”

“Marina-san said it before. She has not seen the end of the possibilities for the path she is on. Carol is the same too. Carol has been averting her eyes from the ability of a Temptress and has always been running away. Even though, perhaps … if my level increases I might be able to control this skill.”


Carol further continued.


“Furthermore,  if Carol ever meets a child with the same Temptress job as her, Carol wants to leave something behind for the sake of that child. About the possibilities of Temptress — .”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Fortunately, this is the middle of a wide grassland. I don’t think that people would get involved even if the monsters swarm over and I don’t think that the smell would reach until the Tubifex worms underground.”

” … Haru, this is my own selfishness but please lend a magic bow to Marina. Once Marina’s level rises, she would immediately acquire the bow equip skill. Also, I will revert Carol’s job whenever I decide that it has become dangerous.”



Haru lent Marina her Wind Bow and explained to her the way to use it.

She might not be able to use it now and can only equip it but … once her Hunter level rises and she acquires the skill, she should be able to use it immediately.


“Very well … then, I’ll change your second job. I’ll keep your first job as Harvester okay?”


“Alright, here we go!”


I mentally changed Carol’s second job to Temptress.

… It should have been set with that.


Silence dominated the field.

I stared intently in the downwind direction from us.


“Nothing’s coming.”


That’s anticlimactic. Seeming like she wanted to say that, Marina lowered the bow she that she drew even though she couldn’t use it.

However, Haru was the first to notice.


“Master, here they come!”

” …. ! I’ve sensed them too! It’s ants ‒ !!”


I was late in noticing because of the shadows made by the grass and it was night time.

Black ants — Huge ants the size of wild dogs were approaching us in large numbers.


“Petit Ice! Petit Stone! Petit Dark! Petit Wind! Petit Water!”


I would be troubled if lightning or fire caused the grassland to burn so I couldn’t use them. Light magic only has an effect on the undead in the first place so I didn’t use it either.

Ice chunks, stone gravel, dark beads, wind blades and water balls collided against the approaching ants.





From Haru’s 2 arms holding daggers and from my 2 empty arms, a total of 4 arms released 4 vacuum waves that hit the ants.


But, it didn’t look like the number of ants decreased.


“Carol! I’ll tentatively change your second job to a suitable job!”

“Ye, yes!”


I changed Carol’s job to Farmer.

But, it’s not like the ants will disappear just because of that.

Since the ants were already here.


I leaped into the center of the ants and while seated,


“Rotational Slash!”


recited the name of the skill.

With me as the center, the surrounding ants were shredded.


“Rotational Slash!”


Haru also copied me and shredded the ants using rotational slash.




Since 10 seconds had passed, I once again defeated 2 far away ants.

It should be doable if it’s like this.

Just as I had that thought.

Something was expelled out from an ant’s mouth.


“Marina, danger!”


I flew in front of Marina who was beside Carol.

A certain liquid was spit out by the ant and hit my back.


Regardless of the light armor I had on, severe pain greater than I had imagined ran through me.




It seemed like Haru defeated the ant that spat acid at me. It’s presence disappeared.



“I’m alright. Petit Heal!”


I used Petit Heal on my back.

It treated the pain but was my armor fine?

It’s the armor I got from Margaret-san but it might have melted.




I rained Slash in the direction of the enemy.

After that, we continued to fight until the remaining ants fled.

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    • My impression of the job system is thst the exp accumulates according to the job at any point in time. Its just that the accumulated exp will only come in after a fight ends. So she will still get exp for the first few monsters defeated when she’s still in her temptress job

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      i think he should have killed a lot of ants before he change it , so the “temptres” should get a lot of exp too

      • I think he’s still testing the water. Especially, because the monsters won’t stop coming as long as she remains Temptress.

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