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GC V3C78

Time for the reward from battle!

(078) Dismantling ants

Translator: Tseirp

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Alchemist skill: 「Disassembly」 obtained】

【Magician skill: 「Ice Magic」has skilled up to「Ice Magic II」】

【Apprentice Practitioner skill: 「Shield Magic」 obtained】

【Apprentice Blacksmith skill: 「Inscription」 obtained】

【Recipe obtained】


Because the ants retreated, level up messages flowed through my brain.

Shit, they are quite decent despite being mere ants. Next time if they come out, I’ll block their nest.


Also, Jobless level reached until Lv79 without me noticing.

It seems like it will reach Lv80 with just a little more at this rate.


“How are the 3 of you doing? Did your levels increase?”

“Yes. Beast Warrior level rose to 10 and I obtained the skill called 「Blood of the Beast」. It has the ability to dramatically enhance my physical attack power and speed for just 10 minutes upon usage. However, it apparently has the demerit of not being able to move for a minute after the 10 minutes time limit is up.”

“It’s a skill where you have to choose the place and time to use it huh?”

“Yes. Also, Lumberjack level has reached 11. I would like to have my second job changed to Pugilist please.”

“Congratulations ‒ ! Now that I think about it, this time, Haru also defeated quite a number of ants.”


I mentally changed Haru’s second job into Pugilist.

I requested for Haru to check and it seems like it changed to Pugilist without problems.


“Ichino, I thank you for the help just now. But, I want to ask something. Aren’t you hiding something from me?”

“What is it?”

“My Hunter level reached Lv4. This time I didn’t do anything at all. Regardless of there being a party, the experience points that I can obtain should not be any more than 1/6. Army Ants are certainly tough when they form a group but I heard that their experience value is not that high. My level increased too much.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Ichino, at this point, I won’t comment on how you still assume that I am a fool. However, just now you said something to Carol. 『I’ll keep your first job as Harvester okay?』. In other words, you are also capable of changing the first job. Carol hid the truth but it’s probably Ichino who released Carol from the curse of being a Temptress.”

” … Marina, so you’re not an idiot huh?”


Well, I may have thought that it wouldn’t matter much if it was revealed but I seriously let slip too much.

If this continues on, I’ll be the idiot instead.


“It’s one of my blessings. From Koshmar-sama and Torerul-sama, I received blessings from the 2 of them … no, the 2 pillars. Experience points of beings defeated by me will be multiplied by 20 and I can freely change jobs.”

” … Is that all?”

“No, I still have plenty of secrets. Would you prefer if I show you my whole hand?”


When I asked with a smile, Marina silently shook her head side to side.


“No, I’m grateful that you told me that. But, there are some things that are better kept as secrets in the world. Like the source of my extraordinary magic. Also, I’ve obtained Bow Equip. I’d like to return to Commoner next.”


Alright … I reverted Marina’s second job to Commoner.

In spite of how Marina isn’t usually capable of reading the atmosphere, it seems like, in her core, she’s a child that can read the atmosphere.


“How about Carol? I ended up having to change Temptress to a suitable job halfway through but did your Temptress level change?”

“Yes … it was only active until the middle but my Temptress level rose to Lv5. 「Captivating Fragrance of the Moon」 rose to 「Captivating Fragrance of the Moon II」. It’s a unique skill so I could not confirm the changes. Also, I acquired 「Charm Magic」. It’s a magic that charms others. If I recall, it should be a magic used by Song Magicians.”

“Song Magicians?”

“An advance job released when both Singer and Magician jobs are raised.”

“So there’s such a job too …”


I didn’t know that.

Even so —


“Well then, it would be considerably easier next time since Marina can use the magic bow now but we’ll leave the continuation for tomorrow.”


I tried taking off my armor and my shirt.

Healing magic treated my injuries but that won’t work for equipment.

The portion of the iron armor that was hit with the acid was slightly deformed and the acid may have seeped in through the gaps of the armor so a part of my clothes had burned off too.

The shirt was probably no longer usable.

Thankfully, I bought multiple sets of the clothes I’m wearing now so I took one out from my item bag and changed.

Well then, what about my armor?

It’s fine to continue using it like usual but to be honest, it doesn’t look very presentable.


” Er … erm, Ichino-sama.”


Carol called my name seemingly wanting to say something.


“Looks like there’s one more thing to look forward to.”


“I’m currently training my Apprentice Blacksmith job so it should be able to easily mend armor of this extent. Rather, the ant’s poison was merely seriously painful. My HP almost didn’t drop at all so it’s alright.”

“From what I’ve heard, massive monsters like Dragons and Rocs purposely bathe their whole body in ant acid to exterminate parasites.”


Haru taught me.

Ant bath huh?

Even on Earth, I’ve heard that certain birds use ant formic acid to exterminate mites.

It’s the same as that huh?

But, to use acid capable of melting metal to remove parasites, the monsters of this world are amazing too.


“I’ve heard that the acid of Army Ants is used during the creation of metal alloys. For that reason, the Adventurers Guild also purchases the acid gland located within the ant’s body. Strong technique in dismantling is required though.”

“I see. Haru, Carol, Marina, sorry but please gather the ants. I’ll dismantle them.”


I changed my job to Hunter and Dismantler.

Dismantler is also a job that has increased experience gain from dismantling monsters.


Indeed, skill is required to make an incision in the abdomen and extract the acid gland.

Precisely because it is fragile.

30% of the ants we defeated already had their acid glands cracked due to the impact from the battle.

Touching the leaked acid would most certainly cause chemical burn so care had to be taken when dismantling the body.


Its weight was not even 10% of that of the Brown Bear but dismantling it felt like it was several times more tiring.

Normally, even after dismantling, delicate transport is required as well but in my case, it was easy as I could easily transport them by storing them in my item bag.

Also, the fangs and the carapace of the Army Ants can apparently be sold.

Ant meat could apparently be consumed too but I didn’t feel like eating it so I’ll sell that too.

In total, as a result of dismantling 30 ants,


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Dismantler skill: 「Food‧ Minerals ‧ Metal Appraisal」has skilled up to「Food‧ Minerals ‧ Metal ‧ Monster materials Appraisal」】

【Dismantler skill: 「Dismantling II」has skilled up to「Dismantling III」】

【Dismantler skill: 「Dexterity UP (minor)」has skilled up to「Dexterity UP (small)」】

【Hunter skill: 「Hawk Eye」 obtained】

【There are no further levels for Hunter】

【Title: 「Peak of Hunter」 obtained】


Well, the reward was perfect so all is well.

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        A dedicated hunter, meanwhile, will be spending hours, every day, hunting animals down. This is necessary for the hunters to not only feed their families, but provide income for other necessities. These hunters are going to be using any left over money to buy the better equipment that Ichino ignores, further improving their power. Everything they kill will give them XP, and then get more xp from dismantling monsters. Also, hunters are generally dedicated archers, allowing them to shoot monsters from a distance several times, effectively giving them more damage, as well as the potential for ambushes.

        As a beginner’s level class (on par with Apprentice Swordsman), leveling is fairly quick as well, so its not long before we’re talking some fairly decent stats. Haru, while admittedly a prodigy, was still a high level Swordswoman at age 18 before being purchased – 25 Apprentice Swordswoman, 23 Swordswoman. If someone who’s 18 years old can be that high of a level, it can’t be that long of a time for a hunter to get high enough level to handle a bear as well. 3 years to get to level 25 for an Apprentice Swordsman, I believe it was. Hunters, who get more xp per kill than a Swordsman thanks to Dismantling, and can track monsters thanks to their senses, should grow faster.

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